Rotten to the Core

….with arrogance.

Hola a todos. The latest as of this writing is, “We don’t know where the body is.” That’s according to the Saudi International Minister. How many different stories have we heard so far regarding the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi? The latest version is that he died in a “fist fight” in the Saudi consulate. That’s a new one, which only the orange despot believes. Perhaps he came up with that lie? Did he order Jamal’s torture/murder? Put nothing past him. Up until now, mysteriously no one knew anything about Jamal, including the Saudis with their new fresh paint all over the walls of the consulate and the floors spotlessly cleaned with all the new cleaning equipment and buckets of solvents that were delivered the day after the murder. If there were a fight in the consulate, then where’s his body? No where to be found. Where are the people he was fighting with and what do they look like and what is their medical condition? Nothing here, moving along. I believe the version that Jamal was tortured and murdered shortly after entering the consulate and the forensic expert who had been brought in was there only to dismember his body into pieces from what was reported on the France24 network, and he told those there to listen to music while he cut up Jamal’s body. And the orange despot — who I wouldn’t doubt is responsible for the whole thing — seems quite comfortable being complicit with the Saudis. Before this, he had excused the death as being accomplished by “rogue killers” roaming the country. (roll eyes) Well, I’d like to point out that the shithole US is the #1 rogue nation on the planet with a reputation of killing innocent people. How stupid does this fucking asshole think we are? As stupid as he? Did the orange despot have him murdered? That is what I expect from this scum. There is no “bottom” or level that this guy won’t stoop to when it comes to heinous and depraved actions, policies and behaviour. I see headlines saying that the orange despot has reached new lows. No standards of human decency at this point with this scum. I read a comment mocking the orange despot. It said that he would likely say this about 911 and the Saudis involvement: “It was merely a building inspection gone wrong, nothing more than that” with the collapse of the Twin Towers in Manhattan and other buildings. Yes, that’s likely what this despicable subhuman piece of trash would say. Rotten to the core.

It was a disgusting sight to see that evangelical “pastor” (who looks like a closet case to me; mi amigo/my friend said the same) who was released from Turkey after serving his time for terrorism charges make a dash to the White House for an immediate photo-op visit with the orange despot. Yes, Mr Closet Case “pastor” with his wife (a wing-woman?) was rushed from Turkey to DC (that’s District of Columbia for the stupid people who don’t know what DC stands for and apparently many people don’t) via Deutschland/Germany. What was the rush to get this guy on camera en la casa blanca? His visit couldn’t wait a week or so to have him examined mentally or “debriefed” as I think they usually call it after being a prisoner for — what was it — two years? While in the presence of the international bully and orange despot, this closet case “pastor” got down on his right knee — he looked like he was getting in position to give the despot a blow job (yuck, just the thought of that is something I can’t even imagine and I’m gay) — and with this “pastor’s” left arm on the orange despot’s right shoulder he was preparing for prayer with this fake-Christian White House resident. When the camera pulled back, it looked like most of this despotic regime was present observing this tacky spectacle. In reality, the orange despot doesn’t give a damn about prayer. All he cares about his dinero/money. His church is the golf course on Sunday. He’s not a Christian at all, he just pretends to be in order to play his proudly-stupid evangelical base, some of the most stupid and proudly willfully-ignorant you’ll find anywhere on the planet. They wallow in their proud ignorance. And the despicable way the orange despot lives his life with absolutely no sense of decency whatsoever, and his behaviour are not at all demonstrative of the teachings of Jesus. The orange despot is a “Christian” fraud/a fake Christian. He’s the scum of the Earth, frankly, and that feels as though I’m being polite. He’s one of the worst and most despicable human beings on the Earth. He’s rotten to the Core. Jesus would want nothing to do with this piece of trash.

Here in the shithole US where our political system is rotten to the core, politically speaking we find ourselves in a most stagnant and septic rut of corruption, deceit, constant lies and rot led by a despot which both corporate parties enjoy catering to and granting respect. Basura does not deserve any respect regardless of what position they hold (especially illegitimately so). And it’s all getting worse by the day. Our politics are now at an epidemically loco/crazy level. This can all really wear a person down and be quite depressing if one is not careful to keep some distance from it all, as I try to do.

I detest both corporate big business parties/cults in the US. I’ve seen how the “Democratic” Party Cultists — the brainwashed supporters of the fake-opposition party — constantly engage in wishful-thinking and delusions of grandeur about what their corporate parasite celebrity politicians are supposedly going to do, according to them. None of which ever happens so they always end up looking like wishful-thinking fools each and every time. They love to make excuses and apologies for their celebrity politicians. They never learn that their politicians work for everyone but them (meaning they work for their corporate owners and the MIC, et al). This is, in part, due to their partisan brainwashing and our corrupt voting system.

As for our fraudulent voting system in the US, most voters pretend that there’s nothing wrong with it. They enjoy living in denial and with false “hope.” Hoping that “everything will be fine” and that their “Democratic” Party Cult politicians will win. By taking that approach, they don’t have to try to do anything to correct our fraudulent system. Even when one pretends everything is fine, the problem doesn’t go away. Denial doesn’t solve the problem.

There was a time — during the illegitimate Bush regime years — where some of the “Democratic” Party Cultists seemed to be concerned about our fraudulent “election” system after the 2000 stolen “election.” But that all disappeared after their lord and saviour “Mr Hope and Change We Can Believe In” messiah Obama was allowed to play the role of “president” for 8 years — only because he greatly expanded on the neocon right-wing agenda of the illegitimate Bush regime — and the concern about our s-election system was completely erased from the memory of the “Democratic” Party Cultists.

So today, they’re back to their denial and in their minds our s-election system is fair, honest and legitimate, or at least that’s the impression one gets from them when they say, “just vote, just get out and vote.” It doesn’t matter to them that the entire system is corrupt. “Just vote!” they say. Bring this topic up in a comment section today and their response is silence. They refuse to talk about it. Then, on cue, they also repeat that brainwashed drivel about “gotta get out to vote because every vote counts.” Who among us still believes that “every vote counts?” If voters acknowledged that our voting system is a farce, those with critical thinking skills would have to question why they’re even taking part in the system because they would say if they’re thinking clearly: “I don’t knowingly and willingly take part in corruption in any other aspects of my life, so why am I doing so in this instance?” They willingly take part in the corruption in this case in order to keep their corrupt corporate parasitic celebrity politicians in office. The most devout brainwashed partisans cheer lead and make excuses for their “Democratic” politicians no matter what they do for the Republican Party Cult.

Brainwashed partisan allegiance is far more important than what these basura politicians actually do in office.

Put another way and to be a bit redundant (for the thick people), the political cultists (voters) take this approach that “everything is okay” because if they admitted the realities of our sham system to themselves, accordingly they would have to question why they’re knowingly taking part in corruption and a corrupt voting system. This would burst their fairy tale bubble of so-called “democracy” in the US. So, it’s easier to deny there are any problems, and with denial there’s nothing to think about. Just vote by partisan loyalty per one’s cult partisan brainwashing and somehow expect things to be different. But doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. These days it does certainly feel that we have entered what I call the Century of Insanity.

But most people don’t care. Both corporate right-wing Cults — the “Democratic” Party Cult and Republican Party Cult — are like a church/religion to their devout believers. Some (but not many) of the “Democratic” cultists complain about the “Democratic” Party Cult most of the year and naïvely ask, “Why are the ‘Democrats’ not doing such and such?” But then at s-election time, the same naïve people can be heard saying: “Gotta vote Dems in, Gotta vote Dems in.” Why would one say “Gotta vote Dems in” when you’ve railed against and complained about them all year? Are you insane too? People like that — mi amigo tells me that devout partisan Mike Malloy whom he checks in with every now and then is the poster boy for that — having been so thoroughly partisan brainwashed earlier in life, and it’s so cemented in their personalities that they will never change. And consequently, there is no positive change in sight.

In case you’ve not noticed, there is no shortage of examples of rotten to the core:

Speaking of rotten to the core, I was glad to see that piece of work Nik*i Hal*y has resigned as US ambassador to the United Nations. I can’t stand her. At the UN, she could best described as an asshole and a bully and she seemed to relish both roles. Anyone else sick of seeing her face? Obviously qualifications for positions in the orange despot’s regime mean nothing to the orange despot man-child and I never understood how this b/witch was at all qualified for the position of UN ambassador with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. There’s nothing wrong with that degree in itself, but WTF does a degree in economics have to do with the United Nations? That’s like being a Professor of Music at a Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Horticultural Studies. What does that have to do with music? Loco./Crazy. One would think that a more advanced degree would be required at the UN such as a Doctorate in International Relations, no? But right on cue, the orange despot claimed Nik*i Hal*y had done “an incredible” job at the UN. He just says anything, throws out adjectives at random to pump himself up. What was “incredible” about what she did at the UN? She was merely an extension of the orange despot. Certainly nothing “incredible” about that. No people skills required for bullying. Genuine diplomacy requires people skills however, and from what I could tell, she has none.

Another example of rotten to the core, I read while writing this article that two of the world’s most narcissistic celebrities — Bill and Hill(ary) — who are absolutely in love with themselves and think everyone else is in love with them as well: finger-pointing Bill Clinton and I’m-planning-to-run-in-2020-because-of-revenge Hillary Clinton are launching a US speaking tour. Super! Aren’t you excited? Can’t wait, right? Frankly, I wouldn’t walk across the room to see either of them. Yes, these two pieces of basura refuse to go away. They love and adore the attention, but they especially are in love with dinero/money and greed. I found this about them: These two political parasites combined are worth $240 MILLION. But I guess they think that’s not enough money, so they plan to exploit “Democratic” Party Cult suckers — not at all difficult to do! — who want to hear Bill and Hill rattle on for a hour or so feeding them partisan drivel and probably some jokes about the orange despot, even though they’re all friends aren’t they, or used to be? (Related: How Bill And Hillary Clinton Made $240 Million In The Last 15 Years).

Another example of rotten to the core is the newly installed Injustice Kavanaugh who was rapidly placed in the Express Lane for the confirmation process and he is now parked on the US Supreme Court to do any and all the damage he can for the orange despot.

Injustice Kavanaugh has “vowed” (have you noticed that these political scum are constantly “vowing?”) to be “impartial” and a “team player.” Of course that’s bull shit. When one votes one way or the other one is not being “impartial.” And this caca about being a “team player” is not what the Supreme Court is about. Each Injustice votes a certain way which begs the question which “team” he will be voting with. I can take a guess: the far-right conservative majority. The orange despot came out and apologised to the Kavanaugh family for the ‘pain’ they had suffered, and that this confirmation proves that Kava is innocent of the allegations against him. Imagine if courts of law operated in the same way. “You got a promotion in your job, so you must be innocent of any and all sexual assault allegations against you.” These fake-Christians are the scum of the Earth with no sense of decency whatsoever.

And we have the US Senate giving the orange despot any piece of trash he wants to sit on the US Supreme Court for decades to come. These politicians went from distancing themselves from a reality TV show host when he announced he was running for “president” to being his best boot lickers. Being desperate to get this lying/perjuring scum on the court and after the rushed confirmation vote, mi amigo/my friend checked the fake-progressive sites (the “Democratic” Party Cult sites) — the ones that serve as cheer leading front sites for the “Democratic” Party Cult especially at s-election time — to see what commenters were saying. He reported back to me that the comments were identical to what he’s read literally thousands of times over the past 18 (EIGHTEEN) years since 2000. That’s what I would expect and that’s why I wouldn’t have the patience to even look at them. The commenters were the usual drivel: “Gotta vote, gotta vote Dems, don’t dare vote for anyone but Ds, gotta get Dems in.”

Yes, “gotta get Dems in” so they can work for the Republican Party Cult most of the time.

He and I reflected on this pathetic state of affairs and the stagnant rut that “Democratic” Party Cultists are in and refuse to extract themselves from.

Until the partisan sheeple deprogramme their partisan brainwashing — which is not about to happen — and until our corrupt, easily-hackable voting system is changed to a system that is fair, honest and legitimate, nothing is going to change for the positive in this shithole country, the US.

For voting, and unless I’m missing something, it seems to me that using paper ballots with ink pens (ink can’t easily be erased) and with the votes monitored by independent international sources and counted by hand would be the best idea. The counting of the votes can take as long as it needs to take as is the case in other countries. What’s the rush to determine the winner(s)? Why do we need instant gratification in our s-election system? Why do we need “instant” (fake, fraudulent) results from a rigged system?

Being a realist, I’m aware that none of that is going to happen. So, we will continue in this rotten to the core and septic system indefinitely. Because again, both corporate right-wing parties are like a religion to their devout faithful and therein lies part of the problem. Along with the sham voting system and the outdated electoral college.

The fake-progressives and fake-liberals and partisan-paid trolls can saturate comment sections with cheer leading for the “Democratic” Party Cult, but nothing is going to change for the positive in the big scheme of things. That’s just being realistic — which most people don’t want to hear — as opposed to delusional, wishful-thinking like the “Democratic” Party Cultists engage in as they fawn over their corrupt right-wing celebrity politicians. Yet they (the Cultists) pretend to be “progressives” and “liberals.” They’re not.

The fact is: If a person is voting for and supporting a right-wing corporate party (such as the “Democratic” Party Cult), regardless of what the voter calls him or herself, that person/voter is right-wing too. One is neither “progressive” or “liberal” when voting for a right-wing party. That’s a contradiction in terms.

So I wish that these fake-progressives and fake-liberals would stop lying to themselves about who and what they are and stop this fucking charade. Do the fake-progressives and fake-liberals understand what I just said?

For example, in the 2016 s-election, a genuine progressive and genuine liberal voter would have supported a candidate such as Jill Stein, MD. See her genuinely progressive platform here. But in the 2016 s-election the fake-progressives and fake-liberals rallied behind and voted for right-wing war hawk Hillary. And the pathetic fake-progressives and fake-liberals of the right-wing “Democratic” Party Cult said (as always): “But Jill Stein can’t win.” What they meant by that is that they had no intention of voting for her — even though she was the most genuinely progressive candidate who ran — because she didn’t have a “D” for “Democrat” next to her name. Partisan brainwashing causes so many problems. Instead, the “Democratic” Party Cultists preferred to continue to wallow in their septic cesspool with their corporatist, pro-war and imperialistic “Democratic” Party Cult, while at the same time pretending to be “progressives” and “liberals.” These “progressives” and “liberals” are frauds! They are part of the problem and will remain so indefinitely.

Oh and by the way, the wishful-thinking “Democratic” Party Cultists will be “shocked and amazed” when they hear that their Republican-enabling fake-opposition party has no intention of impeaching Injustice Kavanaugh. They’re already backing away from any talk of that. Anyone surprised? One wouldn’t be. And did I hear correctly that Injustice Kavanaugh is now planning to sue Dr Ford? The scum always floats to the top.

This is the partisan drivel one hears on cue at this time of year before the midterms: “Gotta get Dems in, gotta get Dems in.” Oh fuck off, “Democratic” Party Cultists! Here’s another example of a gift to the orange despot from the fake-opposition party:

“Senate Democrats just gave a huge gift to president Don*ld Tr*mp: They agreed to expedite votes on 15 of his nominees to lifetime … Of the 15 nominees, six were confirmed by voice votes on Tuesday.” [Source]

These basura think they deserve to win any seats in the midterms, do they?

Also, before the midterms is when some of these “progressive” and “liberal” sites — who serve as front sites for the “Democratic” Party Cult throughout the year — exploit their readers for dinero/money using the Fear Card: “We can’t do our work without you, our reader.” They’re trying to instill fear that if one does not donate to their site that their site will go away! To that I say: Fine, then shut down. Nobody asked you to start a website to begin with. Things will continue to spiral downward whether you are around or not. The site I call Common Dems is a perfect example of this and they are always using the Fear Card. I don’t know if they will do it this time, but usually they start banning commenters just before the s-election who are not in lockstep with the “Democratic” Party Cult. Then after banning commenters, Common Dems sends the banned person an e-mail begging for dinero/money, asking for a donation. That happened to me some years ago. I felt like telling them to fuck off, but instead I just ignored the e-mail and said nothing. But I have to wonder: Does anyone really donate to these sites? If so, who would do that?

Rotten to the core can be found all over the world, including in the UK. What is PM Theresa May working on other than Brexit? I couldn’t tell you. Brexit — Britain existing/leaving the European Union for those who have no idea what I’m talking about — appears to be all that Theresa May is working on. Whenever I see a news story about her it’s about Brexit. It’s as if everything else that she would be doing in the role of Prime Minister is on-hold and being neglected as Brexit drags on and on because the EU don’t agree or approve of her Brexit Chequers plan.

Also, speaking of rotten to the core, the orange despot made yet another despicable comment. He defended Representative Greg Gianforte from the US House of Representatives (for the US state of Montana) who assaulted a reporter. The orange despot said about this Representative, “Any guy that can do a body slam … he’s my guy.” (Sigh). What a disgusting thing to say, but so typical of him. There’s nothing remotely “presidential” about such a despicable comment encouraging violence of a reporter. But this is the kind of juvenile material one has come to expect from this piece of trash, and one should expect much more of it. They’re just getting warmed up. Then, Eric Tr*mp said that his dad was “just having fun” when he praised the assault of a journalist by Gianforte. You know, this is one fucking sick, septic family. Chau.—el barrio rosa


[Note: After I published this article, in fact it was the same night, mi amigo/my friend came to me and said "Rachel is now stumping for the 'Democrats' in the midterm." Yes, that's what I would expect her to do. That's one of the problems I have with her. I think most of the time she tries to be closeted about being a "Democrat" until just before a s-election. Wasn't she a devout Obamabot? I think so.]

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