Sacrosanct Mother Russia and the SEP Cult

Hola. Someone e-mailed me asking why I think the Socialist Equality(?) Party (SEP) is so staunchly pro-Russia that they continue to deny the increasing evidence of Russia’s influence, interference and collusion in the US 2016 presidential s-election. And no, I did not support war criminal Hillary Clinton, so let’s get that out of the way (nor did I support war criminal Obama).

So I began to think about this. Why would the SEP Cult — where they and their cultist supporters behave no differently than the blinders-on “Democratic” Party Cult and the Republican Cult — remain so unconditional in their support of what they appear to see as Sacrosanct Mother Russia?

The history of the SEP is not something I’ve given much if any thought to, to tell you the truth. You’ll find these topics on their site, among others related:

1917 – 2017: Russian Revolution Centenary

Socialism and the centenary of the Russian Revolution

Lenin, Trotsky and the Marxism of the October Revolution

From my understanding of these one-track-mind class-obsessed people at the SEP, their belief system comes out of Russia with Leon Trotsky. The Chairman of the US SEP Cult is a devout Trotskyist.

“Trotskyism is the theory of Marxism as advocated by Leon Trotsky. Trotsky identified himself as an orthodox Marxist and Bolshevik–Leninist and supported founding a vanguard party of the proletariat, proletarian internationalism and a dictatorship of the proletariat based on working class self-emancipation and mass democracy. Trotskyists are critical of Stalinism as they oppose Joseph Stalin’s theory of socialism in one country in favor of Trotsky’s theory of permanent revolution. Trotskyists also criticize the bureaucracy that developed in the Soviet Union under Stalin.” [Source]

This is all beginning to make sense now. When one’s cult-party’s belief system and origin comes from their lord and saviour, the Almighty Leon Trotsky (a Russian) and out of Mother Russia — which the SEP see as sacrosanct by all indications — it’s as if the SEP Cult signed an agreement with the Trotsky Estate and or the Kremlin to never, ever be critical of Sacrosanct Mother Russia because of their god Leon Trotsky and other Russian connections to the origin of their SEP Cult.

I now completely understand where this “Rah, Rah, Russia” SEP Cult is coming from and their absolute worship, adoration and glorification of Sacrosanct Mother Russia. Regardless of evidence to the contrary, through their perpetual denial, it now makes sense that they will forever adamantly reject Mother Russia’s collusion in the US 2016 presidential s-election or anything else negative about Sacrosanct Mother Russia. They might as well call themselves the (Russian) Orthodox Church of the SEP. At this point in our Liturgy, let’s stand and chant the Nicene Creed: “We believe in one SEP Cult …. ”

For a Trotskyist Cult-Party that describes itself as “Left Wing” (I presume they’re being sarcastic), they hold a very extreme, simplistic and simple-minded point of view that all the problems in our society are because of one’s social class, which is ludicrous thinking. Many problems have nothing to do with one’s social class at all. The example I usually give of that is that I have known people in all social classes who are anti-Queer/anti-gay. Anti-Queer feelings/homophobia are not based on class. All hate is brainwashed into people regardless of their social class or “social-standing.” But this is not something that the SEP Cult will admit. Their “mind” is closed to this. I know from experience. When I tried to explain this to them years ago, I got nowhere with the SEP Cultists. I was trolled and subjected to the old, tired “Attack the Messenger” routine. I was met with a wall of resistance and their usual tripe, “Identity politics are a distraction from the class struggle.” I find it pretty damned offensive to dismiss an entire group of people (Queers) who continue to be discriminated against as “identity politics,” simply because it doesn’t affect the elitist Trotskyist SEP Cultist, who are mostly breeders? I suspect if they were all Queer they wouldn’t hold such an offensive, flippant, dismissive attitude toward Queers/GTQBLs.

Their extremely simplistic way of thinking — that it’s all about class — I suppose is great for people who like simple slogans for simple minds and who are straight, white (or white Latino), mostly male and sexist, including sexist females. I mean, when literally everything is class-based, what else is there to think about? With the SEP, one has the Ruling Class, the Ruling Elite Class, the Working Class1 and other class language. Meanwhile, the rest of us try to live in the real world which is filled with a multitude of many topics that are related and inter-related, and where life is not all about class and one’s social standing. The way they at the SEP Cult go about avoiding any topic that’s not their precious one-track-mind topic of “social class struggle” is to deem it “identity politics” which means it’s outright dismissed, not worthy of discussion and considered to be “a distraction” from their constant “class” theme.

These people are a piece of work.

And don’t dare think of bringing up the topic of Queer persecution in Mother Russia because you’ll be slapped down/reprimanded. The Cultists will come at you with, “We at the SEP oppose any discussion about identity politics! Class is all we care about. Any discussion about identity politics is a distraction from the class topic.” Yes, their one-track “mind” can only handle one topic: Class. Their thinking smacks of absolute straight white male privilege with some homophobia mixed in which they try to conceal. All of this the female Cultists consistently go along with as well. Everyone is in fascistic SEP Cult lockstep. I think the SEP Cult is mostly dominated by (older) straight white males. That too explains a lot. Might there be some closet cases as well? Since to my knowledge no one on that site has ever admitted that they’re Queer, especially among the Cultists. The impression I’ve always come away with is that they’re straight, white, mostly male and come with that special privilege.

The so-called “Left Wing” Trotskyist SEP Cult is obsessed with “The Ruling Class” and “the working class struggle” as they call it.

For some time, I had erroneously thought that socialists were rather “rad” (meaning radical, and I’m using that in a positive way) and on the left. Perhaps some are, but that’s not the case with this cult. I’ve never known genuine Left Wing people like these people. Ever. Which is why I had concluded sometime ago that they were/are conservatives overall, regardless of what they call themselves. People call themselves anything these days. It doesn’t have to have any basis in reality.

The Trotskyist SEP Cult say that “the Ruling Class” is terrified of an impending revolution by “the working class.” Really? There’s an “impending revolution” by “the working class?” Where’s this happening? What drugs are these people on who dream up this delusional caca? They come off as wishful-thinking and delusional as the “Democratic” Party Cultists. An “impending revolution?” Nonsense. Even the employees of corporate Amaz*n who are exploited and treated like basura show no sign of “rising up” — because they know they would be fired and quickly replaced with new employees because employees are seen as commodities by most corporations — with an “impending revolution.” The only “impending revolution” by “the working class” or anybody else would be if everyone’s phone went dark all at the same time worldwide because The Cloud collapsed. (I’d like to see that happen. What would millions of dopamine-addicted phone-zombies do then? Their entire life which is all on that phone would disappear because their phone went dead.)

The SEP say they oppose The Billionaire Class, but not when it’s the Sacrosanct and Billionaire-Owned Sexist and Male-Dominated Tech Industrial Complex, which they promote on their site with tech icons. Interesting that the sexist and male-dominated(?) SEP promote a sexist and male-dominated industry, isn’t it? I guess that’s what one should expect. These SEP hypocrites write articles about FB censorship, while they promote FB on their site (particularly over there on the right side in the “social media” box). I’m sure I’m not the only person to notice their glaring hypocrisy. When they’ve been called on it, the SEP Cultists claim that they have to use “social media” because “it’s so engrained in our society just like one’s electricity company.” (roll eyes). One needs electricity to survive. One does not need to vegetate on billionaire-owned fucking FB or Twi**er to survive. The only reason these SEP Cultist idiots refuse to get off of billionaire-owned “social media” is because that would require them having to change their own behaviour — which they’re not about to do — and their addiction to “social media.” It would require them to disturb their own comfort level, which they’re not about to do. It would require them to stand for something such as principles such as their genuinely opposing the billionaire class and I mean all of it, not just selectively based on their comfort level and the things they want to use because they have a dopamine-addiction to them. These SEP Cultists are such fucking hypocrites.

The Trotskyist Socialist Equality Party? They don’t believe in equality, so why have the word Equality as part of their name?

Maybe they should remove the word Equality from their Cult’s name. I have to say it’s ironic no, hypocritical that a Cult-party that pretends to be “Left Wing” and uses the word “Equality” as part of their name is so rampant with inequality in their thinking, such as their dismissive attitude of Queers as “identity politics.” Or their dismissive attitude of feminism and women’s issues as “gender politics” and “a distraction from the working class struggle.”

I didn’t know that in order to be a so-called “socialist” — or at least a so-called “socialist” of their septic variety — that one is required to be sexist, misogynistic and chauvinistic. When I was on their site on a regular basis this Cult that uses the word “Equality” as part of their name refused to even acknowledge that racism exists in our society. They were reprimanded on this a few times by some commenters, although by none of the regular Cultists commenters as I recall. Instead, according to the SEP Cult, racism was all about class and not about the colour of someone’s skin-pigmentation. So if a Black person were discriminated against, it was because the person was poor and of the “lower class.” Not because the person was Black. Ludicrous.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I see a person, I do not think, “What class is this person from?” I just see another human being. I never think about what class anyone is from. I mean, who does that? Well, I would assume the SEP Cultists do that since they’re absolutely fixated with class. I can’t imagine what their day must be like having to “scan” everyone they see and immediately run them through the “what class is this person from?” mental process. That would be mentally exhausting. But since the time that came up on their site — the thing about racism doesn’t exist — I think the racist and sexist male fossils that run this so-called “inEquality” Cult (they remind me of the fossils who run the LDS Church) had to be brought into the 21st Century in order for their god writers to appear to have any credibility at all and acknowledge that racism even exists to some degree. I think that’s how they put it now. That racism exists to some degree.

And hasn’t every article they’ve written at this “(in)Equality” Cult about the #metoo movement been dismissive of the women who have come forth? I think so, with their Cultists — including the anti-feminists, pro-sexist females — all commenting and genuflecting to their sexist male god writer with gushing praise for his rank brainwashed sexism.

Is this what one would expect from a genuine Left Wing site? No. It’s what I’ve come to expect from a conservative, right-wing site, regardless of how they label themselves.

The Trotskyist SEP Cult is strongly supporting Julian Assange. He’s one of the insane Orange Alien’s supporters. Julian had private communications with the Orange Alien’s 2016 presidential campaign. The SEP Cultists are certainly in good company, while they charade as “Left Wing.” I read that e-mails have been revealed showing Julian Assange to be racist, antisemitic, homophobic, and transphobic. Well, upon reflection, that’s exactly the type of person I would expect this “(in)Equality” Cult to support since all of those negatives would fall under the “identity politics” category, and not worthy of discussion because they are “a distraction from the working class struggle.” Oh give it a rest!

Below, if you can stand to read them, are a few of the comments from the Cultists on their most recent article about the #metoo movement:

One of the Cultists (a guy, I think) wrote this in the comments:

“We have to be careful not to offend working class women in critiquing feminism and even #metoo (though we must defend due process and related rights). At first I was a big opponent of both, and in my own mind, still am, but now I think one must be incredibly careful not to offend working class women. Right wing Feminism is more popular than socialism. There’s no reason to fight it head on. It is a peripheral, religious expression of capitalist politics. And it is true that men and women have divisions, discrimination and distrust which however can only be addressed by socialism. It took me much thought on the issue to get here. The same can be said, I might add, as a strategy with other identity politics.”

One of the male Cultists wrote:

“Opposing feminism and #metoo does not offend working class women, it offends bourgeois and middle class women.”

As you can see, they are just absolutely obsessed with social class.

A female Cultist wrote this in response which received five thumbs-ups as of this writing:

“It doesn’t matter who it offends. Feminism by its nature is hostile to the class struggle. If some feelings get hurt in promoting that view, recall that the consequences of the working class failing to pursue the class struggle to a conclusion will hurt more than feelings.”

My response to that: It does matter who it offends if you’re trying to attract others to your offensive sexist SEP Cult. Or are you so damn thick that you fail to understand that, Ms Sexist? Feminism by its nature is hostile to the class struggle? How’s that? Where did one get brainwashed with that thinking? Aren’t women about 50% of the “working class?” How does one derive such moronic thinking? jesus, what is wrong with these people? It’s not as if women just sit home and dinero/money, food, housing and other necessities automatically show up in their credit union or corporate bank account. This is what makes the SEP Cult sound so ignorant. Upon reflection, I suspect it was on the SEP Cult site that said brainwashing occurred.

(Sigh. These people! Where on Earth do they live?)

One of the male Cultists wrote this drivel:

“The working class is just as susceptible to bourgeois ideology as anyone else. Working for wages does not automatically defend you from alien class pressures. This is also in response to the other responder here who said that working class women wouldn’t get offended. Such “workerism” claims detract from the need for a serious revolutionary understanding and theoretical development as a real defense against bourgeois ideology. Anyone who is offended by this analysis is falling victim to those aforementioned petty-bourgeois moods, whether they are working class or not.”

Another comment from one of the male Cultists:

“I am still researching that question… maybe working class women are offended…. I have reason to suspect as much. I also have even better reason to suspect that some men dislike feminism and #metoo for the wrong reasons…. I.E. they are engaging in their own kind of gender politics… which is also a negative.”

One of the longtime senior-citizen sexist female Cultists wrote this in response to their latest article about #metoo, thanking their god writer:

“Thank you for clearing the air in regard to these highly shabby and sleazy characters. [Ed. She's referring to the women who have come forward, and as always is in agreement with their sexist messiah god writer.] They stain everything they touch. It’s all so sordid.” This comment received eleven thumbs-ups as of this writing.

As of this writing, they had received only 40-some comments on their most recent #metoo article, and most of those were the Cultists commenting repeatedly back and forth with each other. Looking back, their earlier #metoo articles got lots more comments. I think that their sexist god writer has worked this topic to the max and people have reached a saturation point where there’s nothing more to be said about it that they haven’t already written numerous times in their attempt to discredit the women and support the guys accused of sexual harassment and or sexual assault.

Many of the Cultist commenters have identified themselves as being, “I’m in my 60s” or “I’m in my early 70s.” Yeah, that’s what I had expected. An older generation where all of these topics that they would call “identity politics” were “shoved under the rug” and where racism, homophobia, sexism and other negative “isms” were seen as perfectly acceptable “back in my day.” Perhaps that, in part, does explain their outdated generationally-brainwashed sexist thinking, particularly when it comes to gender equality.

Anytime a commenter’s handle/screen name does not indicate a gender, the SEP Cultists automatically assume the commenter is male — I’ve seen this repeatedly — reinforcing the sexist thinking of this male-dominated “(in)Equality” Cult.

One wonders why the so-called “Left Wing” Trotskyist SEP Cult chose to write article after article about the #metoo movement because that’s “identity politics” or “gender politics,” which they oppose. Aren’t their #metoo articles “a distraction from the class struggle?” Despite their hypocrisy, the reason they did so is because these articles fit perfectly into their sexist, chauvinistic and misogynistic way of thinking, so therefore, they make an exception for this. Just like they make an exception for the sexist and male-dominated billionaire tech industry while saying they oppose the billionaire class out of the other side of their mouth. Hypocrisy is in these days, especially among the Socialist “(in)Equality” Party Cult.

And again, all of this from a site that pretends to be so-called “Left Wing.”

The SEP Cult goes by a whole string of names: The SEP, the ICFI which stands for The International Committee of the Fourth International (Dahling), Leon Trotsky Fourth International, Trotskyist, Marxists, Communists, and some of their Cultists refer to their god writers as “comrade,” which from my research: “Ever since the Russian Revolution, popular media in the Western World have often associated it with Communism.” [Source]

Some of the Cultist commenters constantly gushingly thank their god writers for every article they write by commenting with drivel such as: “Thank you, comrade [name of writer] for this essential socialist perspective of the ‘social class struggle.’” (roll eyes)


“Thank you [name of writer], for this valuable update on the increasing censorship being carried out by the likes of G**gle, FB and Twi**er. As you say, the international working class – ‘must fight for the expropriation of the social media monopolies under public control as a key component of the fight for socialism’. Given that the originators of G**gle, FB and Twi**er were probably relatively well intended about providing a world wide social service, their ultimate subjugation to a dominant, profit driven state power is an important lesson for the international working class. Part of this lesson is the awareness that the same level of labour, intellect and purpose that invented our social media platforms still exists among the international working class. Moreover, it is this level of relatively independent technical productive force that could/should prove to be critical throughout the ‘fight for socialism’.”

Note to SEP Cultists: It’s the writer’s job to write articles, no? They don’t need to be thanked for each article they pump out. They’re just doing their job. If you have a job, does anyone thank you every single day for doing your job? I suspect not. The occasional thanks is fine, but not every single time you write a comment on their site worshipping the writer.

Their god writers are also seen as sacrosanct and not to be criticised under any circumstance otherwise one will be subjected to the wrath of the extremely thin-skinned devout SEP Cultist commenters. They remind me of the thin-skinned “Democratic” Party Cultists. It’s the same, partisan brainwashed mentality, just with a different party/viewpoint.

The SEP internationally is in 7 countries. Despite that, they seem to have accomplished little to nothing. Most people have never heard of them, I suspect. That’s a good thing from my point of view, as off-putting and abrasive as they are overall. There’s certainly nothing warm, friendly, welcoming or “community-like” about them or their site. Cold-assed best describes them. I think in previous articles I’ve referred to most of them as being abrasive assholes.

There’s also no shortage of ignorance on their site among their Cultist commenters who often present themselves as know-it-alls. They at the SEP are never wrong, are they? One of their willfully-ignorant conformist commenters wrote:

“At a time of rising Human Rights for the LGBTQ, and beyond, community we have the #metoo movement. A movement where people look over their shoulders when dealing with the ‘opposite sex.’”

Ah, but that’s a no-no. Did he forget that what he’s talking about is “identity politics” and you don’t do that on their site without repercussions? No one responded to him and his comment only received one thumbs-up. And I noticed he had to use the conformist and corporatist Queer revisionist history acronym “LGBTQ.” Ugh. But rising human rights for Queers? Where on Earth has this person been not to know that’s not the case overall:

Queer rights are being eroded, see here and here.

Support for Queer/Gay people suffers ‘alarming erosion,’ report finds

The thin-skinned, insane orange nazi’s anti-Queer/GTQBL record

And they would never dream of talking about or writing an article about this, because it’s “identity politics:”

Paris: Five charged with murdering transgender sex worker who was reportedly trying to stop a robbery

Aren’t trans people “the working class?” Trans people are targeted for violence all over the world, with 16 having been murdered in the US in 2018 alone. [Source]

Like with the other cult political parties — I’m thinking of the “Democratic” and Republican Cults specifically — there seems to be some differences of opinion over what they at the Socialist “(in)Equality” Party Cult stand for. For example, one of their writers and politicians is for open borders (which I agree with) but the overwhelming majority of the SEP Cultists seem to oppose open borders. Also, some of their Cultists use the word Communist to describe themselves and others will come along and say “We are not Communists.” Well maybe you’re not, but some of the others are according to them. Some of the Cultists write “we are not on the Left.” Meanwhile some of their god writers write that certain search engines “are censoring Left-Wing sites such as the SEP site.” But there’s one thing they all seem to be in agreement over: Sexism and their support for it with their female Cultists leading the way, along with their hate for what they call “identity politics” and “gender politics.” One female Cultist was mocking the glass ceiling, as if it were to be dismissed as unimportant. These people are quite a piece of work and best to be ignored and avoided.

Speaking of “identity politics,” the Trotskyist Socialist “(in)Equality” Party Cult is supporting Chelsea Manning (related: Chelsea Manning is now hanging with the alt-right). It seems there’s a ban on her speaking in Australia. Chelsea is transgender which they mention nothing about in one of their articles about her presumably so to avoid talking about the Queer so-called “community” and to avoid looking like hypocrites with their rabid anti-”identity politics” agenda. In another article, they wrote that she had planned to talk about her prison time, transgender issues, privacy and W*k*leaks. Hmmmmmmmm. But transgender issues are “identity politics” so why would they even support her going to New Zealand to talk about that? Once again, their hypocrisy is rank. And, why do they support someone (Chelsea) who has been seen associating with the alt-right? What is it with these people? It makes their claim of being “Left Wing” look like a complete fraud.

May I presume that the Trotskyist Socialist “(in)Equality” Party Cult would not want any talk about the violence against Queers (as seen in the video below) because they would scream “Identity Politics!! Identity Politics!!:”

A video from France Vingt-quatre (pronounced: vehn katr):

The Trotskyist Socialist “(in)Equality” Party Cult should instead be focused on the human struggle regardless of class which includes all humans, rather than their misguided and selective class struggle, wherein they dismiss, disregard and disrespect many humans in the name of “identity politics” and “gender politics.” Loco./Crazy. Chau.—el barrio rosa

1 To my knowledge, they never define who constitutes or who makes up “the working class” that they drone on about, or the income bracket (minimum to maximum) for “the working class.” I’ve never seen that on their site. So really “the working class” is a rather nebulous group.


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8 comments on “Sacrosanct Mother Russia and the SEP Cult

  1. Queer boi

    They’re doing it again…..writing about Chelsea Manning again. This, from the party….ooooops, I mean cult that hates “Identity Politics” & calls it “a distraction from the class issue” then writes about IP and transgender Chelsea. No mention of her corralling around with the alt-right.

  2. Witch Hunt Obsessed

    Couldn’t agree more. Many years ago I came to the SEP with an open mind thinking maybe I’d join their party but I started seeing many of the things you saw and they started losing credibility with me. I still go to their front page a few times a week to read headlines to see what they’re writing about. I don’t usually read the articles. I know exactly what yhou mean about the commenters. One thing – they love the term witch hunt. They’ve used it for the #metoo movement and now this …….”Ha’aretz joins witch-hunt against UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn”. Try putting this “wsws, witch hunt” in your search engine and see all the things that come up. It’s amazing. They love “witch hunt.”

  3. Helen

    They have an article about McCain passing. To support your writing just wanted to point out 1-2 things. They wrote,
    “Honoring the arch-warmonger McCain, a fervent supporter of US aggression from Vietnam to Syria and Yemen, were presidents, vice presidents, senators, congressmen and national security officials of the two parties of American imperialism. They sat side by side in the pews of the National Cathedral, Democrats with Republicans, Clintons and Obamas with Bushes, giving a living demonstration of the unity of the American ruling elite.”

    senators *are* congressmen. They don’t know that the senate is part of the congress? I read somewhere on your site that’s one of your pet peeves too so wanted to mention that. You wrote about their sexism which their word “congressmen* is a good example of. I take it that all the women in the congress stayed home?

    That’s all I wanted to say right now. Thanks.

    1. Helen

      Ah, forgot to say……….. if they were going to say senators they should have said “senators and representatives.” That’s how I taught it and that ‘s what they’re called. Not the stupid way they wrote it with “senators and congressmen.” Where did these people go to school? (I was a school teacher back in my day so when you write about language and your pet peeves I’m right there with you). :-)

      1. el barrio rosa Post author

        Hola Helen, gracias for that. You’re correct and you have a good memory, that is one of my pet peeves because it’s so easy to get right (senators and representatives; Senate and House of Representatives), yet so many people don’t, even those who should know better. And that congressmen shit is so typical of them. The sexist basura at the SEP Cult continue to show their utter disrespect for women. I hope you didn’t waste your time trying to correct them on this because I can predict the outcome based on my experience. When I was on their site commenting, I called them on it and immediately became the subject of a very vicious attack (“Attack the Messenger” – me) from their SEP Cultist commenters because I had committed the “sin” of criticising one of their god writers. I wrote pretty much the same thing you did. Obviously my comment had no bearing on them since years later they’re still writing it the same (wrong) way.

        I went over there and I came away with the impression that they have no clue what Washington National Cathedral (WNC) is. That’s the name WNC uses for it although the official name is the Cathedral Church of St Peter and Paul, a cathedral church of the Anglican Communion. When I was writing about them I think I used both names. The SEP Cult writer referred to “the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.” Considering their very conservative writing style — example: “US President Donald Tr*mp” or “US President Tr*mp;” clearly they consider him to be legitimately in office — as a matter of form according to USPS, there are not supposed to be periods between DC, which has been the case since 1963 according to USPS. I guess the outdated fossils at the SEP Cult missed that too. And I guess they couldn’t write the District of Columbia which is the official name, since there is no “Washington” in DC. They mean the same thing; they are synonymous. Another one of my pet peeves from having lived there in the District years ago. It was rare to hear “Washington DC” unless it came out of the mouth of a tourist. We called it the District, or DC, or here in the City, or here in town or Washington (by itself). Gracias. Chau.

        1. Helen

          Appreciate the respond. Btw, I lived in the District years ago, one of the many places I lived. It was nice back then. Spent many a lunch time at Sholl’s Cafeteria.

          I didn’t comment at the SEP for fear of receiving the same hostile treatment you received.

          1. el barrio rosa Post author

            ” Spent many a lunch time at Sholl’s Cafeteria.”

            Me too, the one on Connecticut Avenue NW. Ate there with an amigo. Then we’d walk over to the YWCA Bakery for one of their famous Chocolate Chip Cookies, with lines out the door. I also liked their brownies. They closed/moved to SE (I think it was) after I moved to San Francisco. They stopped making their famous cookies because, as I remember it, the new location didn’t have a commercial bakery in it. (Stupid decision not to put a commercial bakery in the place). Many people tried to duplicate the cookies, but none were able to match them. When I was back there in the early 1990s, someone was selling “YWCA Cookies.” I bought one. It wasn’t the same at all and I remember thinking that it didn’t look quite right even through the wrapper. The recipe was never written down and only 1-2 women made them in the original bakery, as the story goes. They didn’t have a long shelf life though. You really had to eat them the day they were made because the next day they were not quite the same.

            1. Helen

              Thanks for that brief trip down memory lane. Those cookies! They were special. I’ve never had anything like them since. I walked over there too after having lunch. I hadn’t heard the story about them….interesting. Such a shame the recipe was never jotted down. I guess the women made the same amount of dough every day. They did sell out so I suspect so. Thanks again for all that.

Fin. The End.