When Sainthood Status is bestowed on Corporate Trash Politicians

Hola a todos. Well, these days, one can lie about running for office and ruin a once-proudly Bohemian international city of global communities in a matter of less than two terms with a Class Warfare Agenda, and then nearly become a saint upon death. Loco. This disgusts me, and I don’t quite understand the phenomenon of extreme ass-eating, revisionist history and stopping short of bestowing sainthood status on some very mediocre basura politician upon their death. One reads extreme revisionist history eulogy articles of how a corporatist who was owned by the parasitic and predatory Tech Industrial Complex and the Real Estate Industrial Complex et al was the greatest of politician after he ruined a city and allowed his billionaire corporate owner to dictate policy during his tenure. He raped the city and turned it into a conservative city for the super wealthy. Of course the monied-interests and Democratic Party Establishment/Oligarchy career parasitic politicians all pile on with their accolades of praise consisting of lies, disinformation and half-truths about this scum of the Earth politician’s political life. You know that when conservative Dianne Feinstein calls someone “an excellent mayor” you’re in trouble. Corporate sites and so-called “progressive” sites — the latter being nothing but fronts for the utterly corrupt and imperialistic Democratic Party — describe the deceased politician as something other than what he was: Corporate basura. Even the so-called “progressives” pile on claiming they’re in tears and grief-stricken and how “he was like an uncle to me.” Really? Other so-called “progressive” politicians go on about how “he was such a nice person to hang out with and go have a beer with.” WTF? How can anyone have a beer with some corporate scum who is ruining your city? What is wrong with you? That speaks to one’s lack of personal genuine-progressive principles and convictions. And so-called “progressive” politicians like that — I call them the fake-progressives — are no different than all the other trash. Then there’s the gullible fake-progressive with a website — who is nothing but a shill for the right-wing Democratic Party — feels the need to speak kind words about the deceased and how the deceased supposedly cared about the poor and homeless people. Just the opposite was the reality. How could that fake-progressive forget that the deceased supported the draconian sit-lie law criminalising homelessness in his city and wanted homeless tents removed from the sidewalks? That shows a care for the homeless and poor in your fucked-up mind, Mr Fake-Progressive? WTF is wrong with people? Answer: What is wrong with people is this widespread thinking in our society that one must only speak pleasantries/lies about the person who died. One is supposed to rewrite their history. I guess I could never be a politician because I couldn’t conceive of partying and hanging out with a piece of corporate trash who is ruining my City. That would go against my convictions. But clearly, the Cesspool of PoliticsTM is just a game to most people wallowing in it and it takes a special person with a tongue for rank sewage to be in politics. When one reads these gushing eulogy articles about this supposed-stellar politician’s time in political office — who some people pump up and make him out to be like a rock star — these articles have no basis in reality. And one name is conspicuously omitted from these articles: The name of his billionaire venture capitalist owner. Not a word about him. I wonder why that might be? Then, to continue pumping up the deceased scum of the Earth politician, they have him “lie in state” where the sheeple pass by his rotting corpse. They call it, “Showing their respects.” How does one exactly “show respects” by passing a dead body in a quickly moving line? “Showing their respects” is a sanitised cliché for “Showing their curiosity” over death and to see up close what the deceased looks like in death. Many people will say, “Oh he looked very good.” Does it matter how he looks when he’s dead? What is this fascination that the public has with rotting corpses? People are so fascinated with it. Sick people obsessed with death and caskets enjoy doing that type of thing of “Showing their respects.” And all of this for un alcalde? I don’t think they even do a lying in state for governors or US representatives or senators. Isn’t that usually reserved for presidents? The local oligarchy thinks he was that hot, do they? How about some reality: At one point, el alcalde was being investigated by the FBI for corruption. I’m sure that would be mentioned as part of the memorial service, aren’t you?

It’s a shame that our culture has such difficulty with reality and the truth. Even in death, one is in denial and feels the need to rewrite the history about some piece of trash politician who was nothing like what he is made out to be in death. I’m of the opinion that the truth about someone should be told even after their death (such as here, and here and here, here, here and also here), which I know is not popular in our septic culture. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Update: I’ve seen pictures of this lying in state nonsense. A US-flag draped casket. Why a US flag-draped casket? The city’s flag would have been more appropriate. He wasn’t a member of congress. I saw Pelosi looking like she was trying to give the appearance that she was in tears standing before the flag-draped closed casket. Of course Scott Penis, that corporate, conservative, parasitic politician I refer to as The Holy and Indivisible Trinity (since that’s how his rabid conservative/redneck minions saw him when he was in office here), was there in conservative all-black. Looking like a Millennial Zombie (he wasn’t on his phone for the first time I should add). He’s also known as Mr PrEP. Every time I have the misfortune of seeing his face he’s in this city. What’s he doing here? He’s supposed to be in Sacramento at his new job, ruining things at the state level, like he did here. A group of cops were bowing to the casket. Some guy was genuflecting to the casket. (roll eyes, oh good lord people!). Two giant US flags hanging up by cranes outside city hall. Why? He wasn’t a politician at the national level. In fact, I suspect most politicians at the national level couldn’t tell you who he was. He was a politician in a major US city. Again, shouldn’t the flag of the city be hanging instead, if one feels the burning needs to hang up any flags. I saw no long lines of people from the pictures. It looked like they brought in city workers to give the appearance that someone was there and cared. The impression I get is that very few people in this city even give a fuck about this man because of his rampant ruining/gentrification of this city. They couldn’t care less about him, because this guy was not very popular.

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  1. castro local

    fyi – i would advise you not to go back over to that ‘progressive’ blogger’s site unless you want to be annoyed. i was just there for about 2 minutes. he wrote, “while everyone is being appropriately respectful of the legacy of the mayor…”

    then he wrote what was wrong with the legacy such as soaring rents, tech boom, etc. that “everyone is being appropropriately respectful of.”

    this guy seems to have two personalities.

    of the 50 plus comments there, they looked like the same people again and again trolling for tech and the dead mayor.

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola castro local: Gracias for that. No, I have no intentions of going back over there. I can’t stand him and didn’t like him when he was at the BG. Just like Scott Penis, he’s such an Establishment ass-eater, wanting never to offend anyone in the Establishment. He’s such a mealy-mouth. Mi amigo wrote one comment on his site the other day about how The Castro had been turned into a Straight Mecca with baby strollers. The anti-Queer conservative trolls who dominate the site called mi amigo a bigot for his reference to “straight make-out scenes” in The Castro and continued to troll him for “not wanting to walk on the sidewalks with parents of a different sexual orientation preference (that’s the word they used) than his own and their children,” although mi amigo had said nothing about walking on sidewalks with breeders. He signed out and left the site. Fin./The End. Gracias to everyone for your comments. Chau.

      1. Y

        Why would a local blogger eat the ass of the establishment if he doesn’t have his own political ambitions and want endorsements from some of them?

        1. el barrio rosa Post author

          Hola Y,

          You would think that might be what’s going on, wouldn’t you? I don’t think so though, although he could announce his candidacy for mayor tomorrow. You never know. I think he does it so that they will take his phone calls and grant him any interviews he’s looking for as part of his blog. He’s the type of fake-progressive who would hang out and have a beer with the trash who are destroying his city. He takes this timid, mealy-mouthed approach when it comes to being critical of these politicians — as I recall he was a devout Obamabot — and then tries to cancel his criticism of them out by praising them all in the same breath. As if he’s trying to have it both ways. I don’t think he has political ambitions. I hope not. When I was over there someone asked him to run for mayor. I can predict how that would turn out: Lots of feet shuffling from him, “awe-shucks guys,” followed by “I guess I can give tech and the developers what they want this one time,” then the time after that, and the time after that, “well I’m really against that but go ahead and do it and see how it turns out.” He has no backbone. Too busy trying to be a “nice guy” so that everyone will like him, or at least that’s the way he talks/writes. And people lose themselves and their principles and convictions, if they have any, with that approach. That’s not what we need. He would never take my approach because of concern of turning the Establishment completely off and not being “in” and “well-connected” with them. He took the same “I want everyone to like me and grant me interviews whenever I need them” at the BG. Although I remember him writing that some people wouldn’t call him back, but Scott Penis always called him back and they became buddies. He had positive things to say about Scott Penis as if he was trying to ignore his draconian agenda. He even referred to Scott Penis as “a moderate” in order to eat Scott’s ass. I remember thinking that this guy stands for nothing. He’s so damn gullible, he acts so naïve and so easily swayed by people (corporate trash). Yes, the BG even had Scott Penis as their guest for some of their forums. That’s how close they were, and probably still are. And I remember they endorsed Scott Penis the final time they did endorsements. Many of their readers said they couldn’t believe they would endorse him, but that’s how cozy they had become. That’s when I lost all respect for them and realised who and what they were, and the BG had been losing itself for years. It’s just as well that they’re gone. Gracias for your comment.

  2. San Francisco Resident

    As soon as I saw the title and the words “corporate trash politicians” I immediately knew who this was about. :-)

    Thanks for providing this forum for those of us who couldn’t stand him, glad he’s dead and for us to say exactly what we feel without being censored or told “you’re being disrespectful…you’re supposed to respect the dead.” FOAD is what I’d say to that. I had no respect for him when he was alive so I sure as hell have no respect for hijm when he’s dead.

  3. Former San Franciscan

    What I’m most impressed about is that you have the talent to write an entire article about him without ever mentioning his name. LOL! That’s pretty good, pb. Good for you!

    As a former San Franciscan, I couldn’t agree with yhou more. I was back in The City not that long ago and it was unrecognizable. That man ruined it! I felt so sad to see what he had done to it. My friend there had warned me of the changes but I still wasn’t fully prepared. Those new residents are some of the coldest people I’ve ever experienced. I read your diary all the time and most of what you’ve written about I saw there. When I lived in San Francisco, I hated to leave The City, even to go to the East Bay or South Bay. It was such a special place for me and I’m glad I got to live there when it was that very Bohemian (that’s a very good description btw) and special City . I loved it there and was so sorry I had to move away. When I visited the last time, I didn’t feel the same feelings at all of needing to stay there. I was ready to leave at the end of my visit, and with sadness that the City I once lived in is long gone and will never come back. Like others have said, I’m glad he’s gone. I wish my City had never heard of him.

  4. castro local

    i agree with everyone who has commented here so far. as a longtime castro resident, let me say that this mayor’s policies have completely changed my neighborhood for the worse. this was the gay mecca. today it’s a str8 neighborhood where anti-gay and anti-trans comments can be heard from the str8s who have moved in and taken over. i read an article a year or so ago where a castro resident was quoted as saying that they heard some of these new str8 residents say that there are too many gays in the castro. sounds like they would have preferred another neighborhood. why didn’t they move somewhere else?

    when i heard the news that he had died, i said yes, finally, some good news!! i think i share the opinion of many people. i was on the site of that progressive blogger you mentioned and he wrote that the city is in a state of civic shock over this. speak for your fucking self asshole!! i’m not in a state of civic shock and i haven’t seen anybody that is. since he died it’s been like any other day around here. i’m glad he’s gone.

  5. D8

    Thought I was the only one who feels as you do. Glad you wrote this. I haven’t heard anyone talk about it or mention his name. Saw my neighbor twice since then…..nothing from him about it. This is just a media thing to, like you say, pump him up. Some of the media adored him because he changed the city to how they had wanted it to be for a long time and they finally got their wish.

    Will be interesting to see what London Breed does as things play out.

    1. Queer boi

      Yeah, then some of the media types had to leave sf ‘cuz they could no longer afford to live here after finally getting what they had wished for, the assholes.

      Was reading about him and how he was so for equality. ????????? What about when he refused to fly the trans flag from the balcony of city hall but had no problem flying sport team flags, the flag of israel, and all other flags. The thing that galled me about that was that his trans liaison supported him for refusing to fly the trans flag. She had to eat his ass.

      I couldn’t stand him.

Fin. The End.