San Francisco GLBTQs celebrate the US Military Industrial Complex

Hola. As I’ve said many times, there’s got to be something en el agua/in the water and I’ve also said that the now-conservative GLBTQ populace has completely flipped out. And that’s especially been the case under GLBTQs darling: messiah Obama.

For my own health and sanity, I no longer read the local conservative gay rag — which shall remain nameless on this site — because I know all about la basura who run the thing. and for sometime they have been directly responsible for the conservative wave having ruined San Francisco and The Castro.

Un amigo was on their site earlier on my behalf and said he read that there’s a project now to “Queer The Castro” — who would have ever thought we would read that? — because many people feel The Castro barrio is losing its GLBTQ identity. Well I can confirm that. Mi amigo was in The Castro this afternoon (Domingo/Sunday) around 3.30pm and came back and told me it was very crowded and all “straight.” What he saw was mainly young white couples with their mandatory hand-holding, their baby strollers and their required two dogs. He said he saw two Queer couples the entire time, and that’s it. With the “straight” couples, he said they acted very snobby. He said, “these wealthy ‘straight’ couples who have moved in here recently are very snooty and self-entitled. They do not have any manners and they’ll cut people right off and cut right in front of you.” (The same way they drive; very aggressively). A paragraph from the article about “Queering The Castro” said that someone (Santiago is his nombre/name) moved here from New York City a year ago and, “he was surprised to find the Castro all sanitized and cleaned up and lacking diversity.” I would like to point out that the very conservative rag your comment was published in is directly responsible for that, Santiago. Un amigo also scanned that rag’s “election” endorsements. Ugh. They are completely as I expected: Conservative. Including their endorsing the current conservative el alcalde/mayor who has ruined this city in less than 4 years with his conservative billionaire venture capitalist owner. Their endorsements should tell everyone that they too are part of the anti-gay agenda in San Francisco (techie gentrification forcing more and more Queers out of this city to be replaced by more and more wealthy snooty, snobby, self-entitled, self-absorbed, elitist basura: young/white wealthy “straight” couples with their uncontrollable desire to breed like mosquitoes).

So what’s this about: San Francisco’s GLBTQs celebrate the US Military Industrial Complex? For the first time, there was a GLBTQ reception during that Fleet Week nonsense. Ugh. So GLBTQs are now all “rah, rah” over corporate sports teams and the US Military Industrial Complex.

Now do you understand why I have said that the GLBTQ populace has completely flipped out? And are they aware of any of this (or do they even care?):

(Under Obama): Leaked documents: vast majority of those killed in US drone strikes not intended target

(Under Obama): The Afghan hospital bombing: An imperialist war crime
OR are war crimes perfectly acceptable under your messiah Obama regime? You do recall when you protested war crimes under the illegitimate George W Bush regime, don’t you?

(Under Obama): Obama extends unending US war in Afghanistan

Fucking Proud Hypocrites is what these GLBTQ sheeple are.

In the Old City (meaning the Alternative and Proudly-Radical San Francisco) and before these GLBTQ sheeple fell for their messiah Obama and his phony “Hope” and “Change” marketing bull shit, GLBTQs were anti-US Military Industrial Complex, anti-war and pro-peace. We saw a lot of peace signs around here in the Old City and the Old City was a very activist city. Now we have none of that. GLBTQs have completely flipped just because (supposedly) open GLBTQs as part of the US Military Industrial Complex can go kill people of a brown-skin orientation anywhere in the world. That’s something to celebrate, be proud of and be all excited about, is it? Some people have some pathetically shallow priorities.

Is this a partisan thing? Are GLBTQs all “rah, rah” US Military Industrial Complex just because their saviour Obama is in office?

My point is: When president Donald Trump (R) is parked en la casa blanca, will these same partisan GLBTQ sheeple be all “rah, rah” US Military Industrial Complex? Or because there’s a Republican en la casa blanca, will they flip back to being the pseudo-liberal and pseudo-progressive sheeple they were before their messiah Obama used them as bait for his political agenda and his political gain? (Related: Obama backs gay marriage and also this The strange death of the antiwar movement).

Mi amigo/My friend also noticed these two headlines on that site:

“Beating, robbery incidents reported in Castro”
“Man knocked out in Castro fight; bank robbed”

As he said (and I agree), expect more of this as The Castro barrio becomes more and more “straight.” Chau.—el barrio rosa

12 comments on “San Francisco GLBTQs celebrate the US Military Industrial Complex

  1. Azúcar

    Hola – I went to the world socialist website from the links you gave. Quick question, why does it take their comments awhile to load. The thing spins and spins. It’s a little annoying. Yours don’t do that. Thought you might know the answer. Gracias.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Azúcar, yes it is annoying when that happens. They’re using a 3rd-party comment system (which is not recommended) so their comments are not native to their site the way they are on here. The comments here are part of the site and they are stored here. They don’t have to load. Their comments are coming from another website where the comments are stored so that’s why they’re having to load. But they’re not using WordPress. People use the comment system they’re using to help deal with trolls because their system requires registration from commenters, but that turns me off. There’s also data-mining involved with that comment system. And if that third-party company ever goes out of business they lose all their comments. I would think that whatever website software they’re using (maybe Drupal?) has a built-in/native comment system which they could just turn on and use instead. Many WordPress sites use the comment system they’re using (I think because they don’t know how to set up comments properly in WP) and then they abandon it in disgust and go back to using WP’s native comment system. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  2. Ed in the Castro

    Most of the time, the Castro is straight and there’s no mistaking that when they walk around as you say “with their required-mandatory holding hands.” I agree, it does look required when they all do it and I am sick of seeing it. The Castro looks gay sometimes. Depends upon where you are and the time of day or night but as many people around here are saying “we’ve lost the neighborhood.” Many people are responsible for this and you’ve talked about that. I hope all the people who supported sanitizing the neighborhood are happy now. You’ve turned it into what you wanted: another fucking Walnut Creek.

  3. FormerSanFranciscan

    Some of my friends in SF forgot to tell me about this. I too stopped reading the gay paper because of their conservative agenda. I remember when they endorsed sit-lie they tried to excuse it by saying it would be different in San Francisco and not like it is everywhere else, which was a lie. One of my friends in SF told me that it looks like the reason Castro St sidewalks were widened was to make them wide enough for re$taurant$ to put out tables and chairs in front of their business which some have done. But by doing that, the sidewalk is back to being closer to the width it was originally in places. So, it was to benefit the merchants. Then there’s all this “furniture” on the sidewalk which clutters it up, removing space.

  4. E in Sunnyvale

    Here’s an interesting video I just found regarding main driver of change in the bay area. Warning, this is infuriating:

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola E,

      Insanity. I think the comments from that real estate liar at the end of the video were the most infuriating. So smug, elitist and the exact script from the Class Warfare Agenda, including that “just work harder” nonsense. Obviously he worships and genuflects to tech and the techies (with their big heads; “hyper-intelligence”…ugh) and puts them on a pedestal because he’s making his millions from them. Gracias for posting that. Chau.

  5. Y

    “GLBTQs have completely flipped just because (supposedly) open GLBTQs as part of the US Military Industrial Complex can go kill people of a brown-skin orientation anywhere in the world. That’s something to celebrate, be proud of and be all excited about, is it? Some people have some pathetically shallow priorities.”

    I think calling them pathetically shallow is being most generous. I don’t understand this thinking — at all — where simply because some business, politician or organization says something remotely positive about gays and lesbians or has a “gay day” or something along that line, that the (now insane?) gay community feels they must now give sweeping support for said politician, organization or business. I forget where I read it but little has changed in the U.S. military environment despite the legal removal of DADT. I would imagine there are loads of gay closet cases in the U.S. military so how is this any major victory? Doesn’t the gay community have any barometer for standards or requirements other than the “you now love us so we’ll support anything you do,” no matter how heinous it is. I think conservative insanity is a more accurate description of what we’re witnessing from the gay community today.

  6. castro local

    my how things change! it wasn’t that long ago that this city protested fleet week (including members of the board of supervisors) and those damned jets flying over with their eardrum-piercing noise. i remember when the castro metro station would be packed with gay guys going to the anti-war protests down at embarcadero. mention a protest around here today and you’ll get looked at as if you have shit in your hair.

    re “queering the castro” – they’ll have their work cut out for them, and the gay supervisor would oppose that. it’s counter to what he’s already done to sanitize castro and make it hetero.

  7. E in Sunnyvale


    Wait, there’s still some gay people in the Castro? Sure doesn’t look like it. Not many left-leaning pro-peace folks anymore either; the few that haven’t left in disgust are quickly being priced out or harrassed out by police and yuppie transplants.

    I’ve given up hope for San Francisco anyway (the entire bay area including Santa Cruz, for that matter). Since we know the tech companies are aggressively recruiting from out of state, and since most of the out of state license plates I see are from typically very conservative states, one can speculate that it’s an intentional attempt to “conservatise” the bay area. Bringing in people more likely to be conservative means they are more likely to be friendly to the interests of big business and politicians. It’s starting to look like more than mere coincidence.

    On another note, I had an appointment yesterday and, while driving home from it, the blue devilsangels were flying over south bay (probably near the damned levi stadium monstrosity). Traffic was swerving all over the road because drivers were too busy watching the flying war machines instead of watching the road. Glad I got home in one piece.

    ~ha det!

  8. David in Bedstuy

    I thought the headline was a joke until I read the article. Can’t believe it. Man, has the gay community changed….for the worse. “Flipped out” sounds accurate to me.

  9. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooola. I stopped reading that gay paper after they endorsed the anti-homeless sit/lie and the nudity ban. Unconscionable that a gay paper would endorse those things. That clued me to their agenda. Like you say “something in the water.” I know that the publisher is well connected to the mayor. I’m sure that had nothing to do with his paper’s endorsement of the mayor, aren’t you?

    I can confirm what your friend saw yesterday afternoon in the Castro. It was crowded and straight. How many of them were there to go to the theater for “My Fair Lady” which was playing? That’s the crowd that would like that. From where I was I didn’t see the gay couples. Saludos.

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