San Francisco is unrecognisable to former residents

Referring to San Francisco: “The whole City sucks. We don’t recognise this City.”—spoken by two former gay residents (a gay couple) of San Francisco

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend saw an acquaintance today who is friends with a gay male couple who moved to Hawaii a number of years ago. They came back to San Francisco recently (octubre 2017/October 2017) to visit, thinking that they would like to move back to San Francisco and The Castro, but after seeing the new-conservative San Francisco and The Castro, they’ve decided they will remain in Hawaii.

They said, “We don’t even recognise San Francisco or The Castro today.” They also commented on how snotty it is here now. Yes, as I’ve said before, New York City, specifically Manhattan, (which San Francisco has sometimes been compared to) has nothing on San Francisco today in the Snooty/Snotty Department. This gay couple’s biggest complaint was about the Millennials and how terribly snotty they are, as well as the breeders who have taken over this former gay mecca. They said “it’s bad enough in Hawaii,” (they said it’s too conservative there), but The Castro has been so changed to conservative — deliberately so — that it’s nothing remotely like it was. They could not believe how this City has changed since they left.

As for the majority of Millennials (notice I said “the majority,” and not all), don’t get me started again on those snotty assholes. Can’t stand them! And I don’t hear anyone speaking positively about them. They act like lobotomised phone zombies. They have no social skills. They can’t talk. They’re fucking rude. They can’t even smile. “Excuse me” is not in their vocabulary. Polite? Never heard of it. When they’re talking with other Millennial trash, their vocabulary consists of, “I’m like, she’s like, he’s like, it’s like, like, like, like, like, like.” Listening to them, they are some of the most stupid people on this planet. They act as if they own the place with a chip on both shoulders. No personality whatsoever. Their idea of “social skills” is typing up to 140 characters on some corporatist so-called “social media” site. Basura. (Related: The Millennials: The Generation with a Dress Code).

Mi amigo and his acquaintance also talked about how stupid it was for Queers to leave Queer areas of major cities where they had safety in numbers. Well I would like to remind readers that it was the conservatives — who have never liked gay areas of major cities to begin with and pejoratively referred to them as “ghettos,” although I’ve personally never seen ghettos with million-dollar plus homes and bougi status-symbol vehicles, have you? — who lectured the Queer community that “gay is now mainstream, gay people can live anywhere, there’s no longer a need for gay meccas.” Fucking idiots. Just before or around the same time that the conservative merchants decided to sanitise/ruin The Castro, the owner of Café Fl*r* was quoted as saying “there is no longer a need for gay meccas (referring to The Castro) because gay people can live anywhere now.” At the time, I called that delusional wishful-thinking, and it still is. That piece of basura also led the hateful/anti-homeless sit-lie law campaign. He and other conservative merchant trash in The Castro are directly responsible for ruining The Castro. Under the orange man’s sidekick who thinks gays should be hung, one wonders if the conservatives who said that “gay is now mainstream and gays can live anywhere” are possibly re-thinking their ludicrous thinking about now? Chau.—el barrio rosa

6 comments on “San Francisco is unrecognisable to former residents

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola Wes, how are things over in the District? (Just thought I’d ask). From what I can tell it’s mainly wealthy snooty Millennials who are moving in here. That’s mainly what I see. I also see it in the men-for-men sex ads on CL. I saw one recently. He said he had just moved here. He was a snotty piece of Millennial work according to his ad. Ugh. Late 20s. He had to say, “I’m a no BS guy.” Lovely guy. That ought to get you lots of responses. He came off as the utterly clueless but typical Millennial asshole. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

      1. Wes in Arlington

        Thanks for that. How are things in the District? Ah, Mayor Bowser is running for re-election and she’ll probably win. Seems like most District residents like her. She’s for DC statehood and wants more funding for Metro. Just like out there in San Francisco, they’re building glass boxes for the wealthy in places you’d never expect it – down in SE and SW DC. Who wants to live down there?

        1. Wes in Arlington

          Meant to ask you –

          Have you ever thought about moving back here?….I mean in the District.

          1. el barrio rosa Post author

            Hola again Wes, I’ve often thought of what it would be like living there again reminiscing on my days there. Then reality sets in and I realise that what made living in the District special at that time was the people I knew and worked with — some are dead now and the rest I’ve lost touch with — others have moved, what was there at that time, and of course my symphonic choral experience in the Kennedy Center. The Choral Arts Society of Washington is still there, but the superb University of Maryland Chorus is not, as you know. Most if not all of the gay bars I went to are gone. A friend from my apartment building was there a year or so ago and told me when he got back, “the District is nothing like it was.” That was disappointing to hear. Sounds like San Francisco. So, I won’t say I won’t move back there, but no plans to do so anytime soon.

  1. Former San Franciscan

    Exactly my reaction when I was in SF awhile back. The skyline has changed, the view of much of the Bay Bridge is now blocked on the City side by luxury condo towers. The snotty people? – yes, that too. They’re packing the City with as much cement as possible and allowing developers to run rough shod over the City and throw up the same glass boxes you see in any other major city. The corrupt planning department doesn’t believe in sea level rise considering what they’re planning for the waterfront. A total of 3 major sports stadiums on the waterfront? That’s landfill. They’ll enjoy those in a major earthquake. The same for the glass boxes. This is insane. I read about the Millennium tower that’s sinking and tilting. When I was in the Castro it felt like anywhere else in the City – nothing special about it. Gone are the days where the Castro felt like a very special safe gay place. When I lived in San Francisco, I hated to leave the City for any reason, but on my last visit there I was glad I was leaving. Because of greed, corruption and money they’ve ruined what was once such a wonderfully special Bohemian City, and you’ll never get that city back. It’s gone.

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