San Francisco’s Baby Explosion and The Stroller Brigades

The New San Francisco: A city of copycat pregnancies and where the “straights” love to breed like mosquitoes, and where no one “wears their baby.”

Hola. All the babies and baby stroller brigades. Ugh. Everywhere you look. jesus fucking christ. Is no one using birth control anymore? Obviously not. We’re going backwards in that regard too, are we? Oh yes, why not! Due to (tech) gentrification, San Francisco has gone from the former “Proudly Radical and Alternative” City that once cared about social issues such as overpopulation to this New City that doesn’t give a fuck about anything but greed, corporate sports teams, being sanitised and mainstream like every other place.

There are the gigantic baby strollers. One thing is clear: Parents of this New Conservative Lobotomised Techie San Francisco — where did these (techie) zombies come from? — do not want what is best for their child otherwise they would be “wearing their baby.” You can read about “wearing your baby” here and here. The mother would be “wearing” one baby and the father would be “wearing” the second baby. As you’ll read at those links above, “wearing one’s baby” is healthier and much better for the child. But what’s better for the child doesn’t seem to concern or interest these parents because I rarely see anyone “wearing their baby.” Instead, we have brigades/fleets of baby strollers clogging our sidewalks which wouldn’t be the case at all if parents “wore their babies.” If I had a baby, I would not put my baby in a stroller because the stroller would make me feel distant to my child and vice versa, rather than “wearing my baby” which encourages the bonding (among many other things) that is critical between parent and child. How does a parent bond with a fucking stroller that is being pushed around like a shopping cart, or have these clueless parents never thought about that? Strollers get in people’s way all the time. But as mi amigo/my friend said: Isn’t that’s the main reason people use strollers? I think so. So that they can get in people’s way thereby giving the parent and the baby attention that the parent (usually the needy-mother) craves and expects from people. Why bother having a baby if nobody is going to look at it?! And of course everyone’s baby is “special,” and “different” than anyone else’s, and above all other babies. That’s the thinking of most parents. Some of these strollers look more like condominiums in size. Then there are the (what I call) Podium Strollers. That’s where the baby is propped up — halfway between a sitting position and a lying position — on the stroller as if the stroller is a podium and the needy and narcissistic mother is trying to display her child so she can get full advantage and all the attention she desperately craves from others as — if all goes as planned — people gushingly “oooo and aaaaaah” over her baby. In reality, it’s just another baby. But again, the thinking seems to be: If nobody gives my baby attention, why did I even bother going through all that work and effort to have a baby?! I think much of this is “copy-cat pregnancies,” which goes something like this in this New City (and elsewhere):

Short, stupid-sounding Valley-Girl her says to tall-him: “Honey, I like talked with (fill in name of friend) today and like she like told me she is now like pregnant. Isn’t that like totally like cool like? She’s like going to like have a like baby. I’m like so like totally like happy for them. I’m like wouldn’t it like be cool like if we like had a baby like too like and I could like be like pregnant like at like the same time like she is and like she and I could like compare our pregnancies like and our pussies? (A copycat pregnancy). And I’m like our little one could like play with their’s. Totally like cool like, huh, honey? I’m like it will like totally be sooooooooooooo much fun like, honey. And I’m like we like will be sooooooooooooo totally much like happier like with a baby honey. I’m like this is totally like cool like. Let’s like have a like baby too, honey.”

(Woman, where did you learn to talk and how do you hold a job talking like that? Unfortunately, that is a common style of speech in this new city. The obsession with the word “like” or “I’m like” is about every-other-word, or with other people it’s about every fourth or fifth word. These parents also walk in la lluvia/the rain – what little la lluvia we have had — with their babies without umbrellas. We locals have never seen anything like it before).

Assuming her partner got any of that with all that stupid-sound Valley-Girl “like” nonsense in there, at this point a red light should go off in his head, but it usually doesn’t. He usually goes along with this “copycat pregnancy” scheme. Yes muchacha, it’s a lot of fun to get up in the middle of the night multiple times at all hours to change diapers and to deal with a loudly screaming child and then try to work the next day with interrupted sleep. You’ll love it, you’ll really love it! You don’t know what you’re missing by not having that, muchacha! Who wouldn’t want that? And because someone you know is following the “Copycat Pregnancy Stroller Brigade” Script because it’s the latest fad and thing to do, you have to also, correct muchacha? You could adopt, you know, if you’re so desperate for a child and have been brainwashed by your family and society that you must have a child or you’re not anybody or you’re not a “complete person” without a child (roll eyes). There are two things one must have to be anybody today: A loudly screaming child in a huge condo-sized stroller and a smartphone stupidphone (and this New Techie San Francisco believes that everyone should: “Live their lives in and on their phone” and “Never take your eyes off that screen” even when you’re being mugged). Mi amigo has noticed that the baby can be screaming at the highest decibel level, but the one thing that will take the mother’s attention away from her screaming child in that huge stroller is that stupidphone the mother has her nose buried in. She then becomes oblivious to her child.

My message to these people:

ALTO/PARE/STOP. STOP RIGHT THERE. You shouldn’t be squeezing out babies to “be so much happier” in your relationship. Work on your relationship — or split up — first before you squeeze out a baby. If your relationship needs to, “be so much happier” you need to work on that before you pop out a baby. Don’t use a baby as psychotherapy for your (dysfunctional?) relationship because the child will end up suffering. Having a baby is not all “fun,” and about self-absorbed, self-entitled and needy you, la mujer. But you know, so many idiot parents do just that. Thousands of relationships end in divorce with him paying child support payments for roughly the next 18 years in many cases because of this thinking. And let’s tell it like it is: the baby is really all about getting tax breaks and subsidies from the government.

Some of us are wondering: Has the condom industry completely collapsed? It is obvious that no one believes in birth control in the New Conservative, Lobotomised and Techie San Francisco. The parents here today are mainly young and white or Asian, and many of them (if not most) sound just as stupid as my example up above.

The Daily Baby ReportTM

Every time mi amigo/my friend comes back from his walks or going to his gym or anywhere really, he gives me The Daily Baby ReportTM. And it’s nearly always the same, except for one thing. The number of babies and stroller brigades he’s seeing each time is increasing in number. These parents have their babies out for display in la lluvia/the rain without umbrellas and out en las temperaturas frías/in cold temperatures. The baby is getting soaked with lluvia because the oblivious parent is on her stupidphone in la lluvia. Loco. These lobotomised basura are oblivious to rain and cold weather and they’ll do anything for attention and to show off that baby. Mi amigo says that sometimes the baby has a stupidphone too so it can get addicted to the thing at a real early age. (Aren’t most children today by the age of 7 addicted to a stupidphone?) Then there’s the ubiquitous and required two Golden Retrievers or two Black Labradors — these sheeple have to choose the same dogs everyone else has — tagging along behind the baby stroller(s). Also, with these people, everything has to be big. They come with this “US Big” mentality that they been brainwashed with probably from the US corporate media. They have to have the biggest and tallest black SUV (the things look like a tall hearse), the biggest sterile-looking cookie-cutter condo, the biggest dogs, the biggest stollers. It’s all about Big with these people.

These self-absorbed and self-entitled parents also live under some illusion that they have private ownership to the sidewalks in San Francisco and are entitled to use every space on the sidewalk so that nobody else can get by these assholes without walking out in the street, which I and mi amigo often have to do.

In the Old “Proudly Radical and Alternative” City — which I can confirm no longer exists because the lobotomised and culture-less techies and their predatory venture-capitalist billionaire-owned companies have ruined San Francisco — I often heard it said that there were very few children in San Francisco. No one can say that now.

Who Would Deliberately Move To A Drought Area?

Answer: Stupid people.

Our historic drought is continuing and I and others are wondering where these self-absorbed assholes who are pumping out babies think they’re going to get agua/water for their babies or themselves in the future? The people I’m talking about are the new zombie residents of San Francisco. And why would someone deliberately move to a drought area? Are these people really that fucking clueless and oblivious? Don’t they listen to any noticias/news at all? Deliberately moving to a drought area doesn’t sound very intelligent does it? And aren’t some of these people (or most of them?) the techie zombies who we are repeatedly told are such “geniuses?” Well, supposed “geniuses” and intelligent people wouldn’t have a hobby of breeding like mosquitoes in an already over-populated mundo/world nor would they deliberately move to a drought area.

The way it worked in past decades in San Francisco is that when children got to a certain age the parents moved out of the city citing various reasons, such as: (Short-her said to Tall-him): “Honey, you know I’ve been thinking, don’t you think it would be better for our little (fill in name of child or children they’ve already pumped out) if s/he had a bigger house to play in, had their own rooms and a nice open front and back yard with lots of room to play in with the other neighbourhood children (unspoken: of the same income bracket of course) and better schools? (Also unspoken: A nice ‘wholesome’ conservative and white area.) At which point, tall-him is supposed to answer: Well yes honey, that does sound quite appealing and much better than where we’re living now. Maybe we should move to the country to get all that. (Why the fuck didn’t you move to the country to begin with? Duh.)

Assuming these new residents repeat much of that script of the previous paragraph, el barrio rosa/pink barrio says to them: GOOD IDEA. CAN YOU LEAVE TOMORROW? You don’t have to live here to have a real estate liar sell your $1MILLION PLUS USD Luxury Designer Condo (Dahling) for you or that excessively over-priced moldy home you suckers fell for when you moved in here. Take your bougi, expensive status-symbol vehicle(s) with you. Now, how soon can we expect you assholes to be out of here? By the end of the week, possibly? With your excessive, lavish wealth that you enjoy throwing around (on $3.00 cake-cutting fees, for example) and all the dinero/money you claim to have in your corporate “portfolio” (Dahling), you could hire a company to pack your bougi/pretentious things for you. So all you really have to do is pack up all your strollers and all that baby paraphernalia/gunk/mess — I do realise that could take weeks in itself — and then get the hell out of here, no? We indeed look forward to it, I can assure you.

But the problem these days seems to be that as soon as one group of “straight” basura leave, here comes another group of “straight” breeders who are hell-bent on repeating the entire process all over again. This seems to especially be the case in The Castro and Upper Market areas, the former Gay Mecca. (Related: Why many GLBTQs resent “straights” coming to gay areas).

Yes, the “straights” move to San Francisco — of all places — to squeeze out babies. WTF is that about? Why do they feel they must move to the most expensive city in the US — San Francisco — to fuck and have babies? Or have the corporate media on the East Coast or somewhere heavily promoted that the latest trend — meaning stupid fad for shallow and superficial people who live their life by the latest fad — is for “straight” couples to move to so-called “Innovative San Francisco” to pump out babies? I have read that expression (“Innovation San Francisco”) in articles about how tech has ruined this city. Is that what’s going on? Or, is this their way of “marking their territory” and helping to change/erase the gay reputation that San Francisco once had (and still has to some people who haven’t been paying attention)?

Note to self-absorbed and self-entitled “straight” basura: It’s okay to have sex/fuck, but birth control is highly advisable as well as “wearing your baby.” Where have you heard or read information to the contrary? Unfortunately, birth control and “wearing one’s baby” is not part of the repertoire of these assholes. Chau.—el barrio rosa

22 comments on “San Francisco’s Baby Explosion and The Stroller Brigades

  1. The Str8 Makeout Report (Castro in San Francisco)

    As you’ve written lots about the str8s coming into the Castro and making out in front of us queers I thought you might be interested in this. It doesn’t have anything to do with the baby explosion and strollers per se although it could lead to that.

    Yesterday walking down Market Street from Castro I saw three str8 couples making out in a two block area. They were young, white, and the tall and short that you talk about. They were giving quite a show yesterday. I’m surprised they didn’t try to sell tickets to their matinée. Like you wrote, they look like they just met and that’s how these three couples looked. They didn’t act like they knew each other well at all so I presume they came here to meet and likely cheat on a partner.

    Today walking down Market Street from Castro I saw two str8 couples making out. One couple was under the gay bar across from CF heavily making out. The str8 couples seem to like that block. The other was at Castro & Market. Both couples were young, white, tall and short. They looked like they were cheating. The couple at Castro & Market looked like they were about to fuk right there on the sidewalk.

    These str8 couples are always the same. They’re young, white, tall and short. I go all over the city for my work and I don’t see this anywhere else. It’s a Castro thing. Is word of mouth spreading it? Maybe. However it’s spread someone is telling str8 couples who are cheating to go the Castro and you won’t be found out there.

    Until the day that the decreasing gay community here in the Castro looks up from their phones, they won’t know that the str8s have taken over our Castro.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola, mi amigo/my friend walks down Market Street from Castro and he sees the exact same thing as you described on a daily basis. I generally avoid Straightsville (Market Street) from Castro if I can, depending upon the time of day or night. I see enough of that “straight” make-out shit on television without seeing it when I’m trying to enjoy myself on my bike or on a walk. Short, needy and desperate her trying to climb up all over tall him and craving attention. jesus, why don’t these people get a room somewhere? Gracias for your report. Chau.

  2. Don

    I’ll try to make this brief despite having much to say. Re the hand holding that heteros do… need to understand what that’s about. Hand Holding = Key To That Pussy. If you don’t hold her hand AT ALL TIMES you won’t get pussy. I’ve had girls tell me that when I wanted to have sex with them. They complained that I didn’t hold their hand enough or at all, or when I was in front of her mom or something. I’m not big on holding hands because it makes my hand hot and sweaty and her hand is often cold and like a clam, so I’ve tried to glide through hoping the girl wouldn’t notice – BUT THEY DO NOTICE. I wish I were gay, I think it would be easier than dealing with women. They are so much work. “A High Maintenance+ Bitch” puts it mildly and I’ve had women tell me what a bitch they can be and they’re proud of that. I’ve learned a lot from your blog. You say things that are taboo and that make people think and I like your writing style. Nothing boring about that. It’s a shame what’s happened to SF & I’m sorry I never made it there before your city changed for the worst. That’s all I wanted to say. But remember that slogan: “Hand Holding = Key To That Pussy.” That’s why you see so much of that in what little is left of your gay area of SF. Almost forgot – re gay is now mainstream? Not where I live in the U.S. Someone is smoking something that says that. I hear a lot of anti-gay shit at work and in other places & I’m in a major metropolis. Regards.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Don,

      “Hand Holding = Key To That Pussy.” I think you must have missed this article I wrote awhile back specifically about that:

      “Entrance Rights Into That Pussy”

      And the female is all about getting dinero/money from the guy, and they’ll even say that (you probably already know that). If the guy doesn’t have any money, the female won’t have anything to do with him. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  3. Bulging Bellies in the Castro

    The baby explosion is far from over in case anyone thought it was. In the Castro there’s another new fad. It’s been going for a while. Pregnant women making sure everyone knows they’re pregnant. They’re wearing these tight t-shirts even when it’s cold out that don’t fully cover their stomach so their stomach is exposed and sticking way out. I’m seeing more and more of that. I guess the nudity ban doesn’t cover that? It’s in tune to what we need – more world-wide population of humans. 7 billion 300 million and rising quickly.

  4. D8

    Good news:

    Sams**g hit by slowing stupidphone sales
    Ap**e warns stupidphone sales set to fall

    Market saturation?

    Bad news:

    FB doubles 4th quarter profits (from ad revenue)

    Who clicks on ads??
    1.59 billion active users do, (or as pink barrio would say “sheeple” in the fourth quarter )
    1.44 billion “sheeple” accessed FB on stupidphones – that’s a 21% increase.

    That’s billion. The holiday season was during the 4th quarter so perhaps that has something to do with this craziness. I can’t comprehend this fad called FB, and I didn’t know that people are still clicking on ads.

    “FB in particular is the most appalling spying machine that has ever been invented,”….Julian Assange

    Just wanted to pass this along to you and your readers.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola D8, Had not read about FB. Maybe part of that has to do with the CEO and his partner squeezing out a baby in the fourth quarter, and the mother and baby instantly becoming celebrities. And because of this “celebrity culture” nonsense, did that cause the sheeple to think that “to be anybody” they need to rush over to FB and vegetate there, click on ads and get heavily spied on and data-mined to fit in with the herd because it’s the latest fad and thing to do, especially since all 3 were “in the news” as celebrities now? Wouldn’t surprise me if that were the case.

      It would appear that the veneer in tech is starting to crack and some tech is struggling (Good!). Yah**o is one. Twi**er is another. That useless 140-character company laid off 4 executives recently and had previously laid off 8% of their tech zombies. The other day they hired this woman from AmExpre** for marketing, but from what I’ve read the company is in trouble. It grieves me so to hear that. LOL. And they’re still receiving generous corporate welfare from the City and County of San Francisco through tax breaks. Ugh. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  5. I'm the L in GLBTQ

    I do a lot of walking and the “fleets” of baby strollers have become a pain in the fucking ass. The mothers act just like you describe. I’ve couldn’t have said it better. So frustrating. What I find surprising is how late I see mothers out with their babies in strollers, 9 and 10:00pm sometimes and they’re on their phones as they lean on the stroller. They make themselves a perfect target for anyone who wants to cause trouble. They don’t come with “city smarts.” Like you say: Stupid is in. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks.

  6. FedUp!

    You’ve asked many times what’s with the straight couples and their extreme height differences, and required hand holding. One, it’s what society and the media program into people. That’s why they do it. Two, I think it’s male dominance over the woman and she loves it and that’s also society programming. You are correct in that feminism is long dead. It’s not common to see a straight couple where he and she are the same height.

    The hand holding comes across to me as ownership and even insecurity in the relationship which is how you described it. If they just met, it indicates “I’m interested in you” so they hold hands. They haven’t gotten to “first base” yet. All of this is mostly a straight phenomenon. Most gay couples don’t behave this way, thank the goddess.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola FedUp! Re feminism being dead. I read an interview recently with Helen Reddy (well-known for the feminist anthem, “I Am Woman”) who I listened to a lot and enjoyed in the 1970s. She said in a 2012 interview: “A lot of things that women have gained during the `70s have been lost. And I think it is time to put woman forward in more places.” Glad she’s noticed.

      Based on the behaviour of the “straight” couples I see around here, they’ve never heard of feminism. They both behave very chauvinistically, and the female (as you correctly say) is quite content with it. Most of them act like “daddy’s little girl” (as if she’s looking up at daddy begging for attention while standing on one foot and her other foot up in the back) with the guy she’s with. We’ve noticed that sometimes the guy she’s with does look embarrassed by her as if he’s thinking but knows not to say, “get a grip.” Why don’t they just get a room somewhere and be done with it! It’s one of the many things that annoys me with these “straight” couples who have decided they want The Castro too. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

        1. rosa_barrio Post author

          Hola FedUp! Delta Dawn was the first song I heard Helen sing. I have a story about that. At the time that Delta Dawn was Helen’s hit, I was driving to work and had the radio on and they played Delta Dawn but I didn’t hear who the singer was. So when I got to work I asked around if anyone knew who sang that and they told me it was Helen Reddy. I went and bought her record of that, because I liked it alot. I also thought it might help me have more in common with the people I worked with. I was on Summer break from the school of music where I was training and none of the people I worked with had any interest in classical music, so I thought my interest in Helen Reddy might help/come in handy. It did to some degree, but it turned out that some of my co-workers preferred Delta Dawn sung by country singer Tammy Wynette instead, so this was a case of me not liking the “correct” singer and the singer they preferred. And that experience repeated itself over the years where I’d mention Helen Reddy to someone as my favourite and the person would say, “oh yeah, she’s good but I much prefer Tammy Wynette” or some country singer. Even a relative said that to me. It was a little frustrating because I was thinking that even with pop music we couldn’t be in agreement when it came to the artist. I got used to that after awhile with other things as well. From the interview I read with Helen: She came out of retirement awhile back (she’s in her 70s now) but she’s not singing the “greatest hits.” She’s singing the songs that didn’t get much or any air play but are still gorgeous songs, she said. She lives simply in Sydney. She had cataract surgery about 3 years ago I think it was. She seems to be doing okay. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

          1. FedUp!

            Appreciate that very much. Thanks. She’s not signing “I Am Woman” anymore, even that’s what she became known for?

            1. rosa_barrio Post author

              Hola, Oh I’m glad you asked about that. I meant to mention that. From what she said she’s not singing I Am Woman any longer. She’s reciting the lyrics of I Am Woman instead at the end of each performance she gives. She said that often the words get lost in a song (which is true especially if the singer has sloppy diction, which Helen doesn’t have), and so she ends each set with the spoken lyrics. She acts them out although she didn’t describe how she does that, but she said she’d not known that those lyrics lend themselves quite well to acting them out. I don’t know why she’s not singing it. Maybe it has to do with her voice not sounding the same as it did in the 1970s and as people became accustomed to hearing it so she feels it’s best to speak the lyrics. Sort of like when many opera singers know when to retire and they do so just before their voice “sours” on them and the public notices. Gracias. Chau.

  7. strangetimes

    the article asks: who would deliberately move to a drought area?

    i think possibly insane people would do that. they may not look insane to look at them but something is not “right” about them. they’re not all there.

    i read this headline this morning i thought i’d pass along –

    “Feds: California reservoirs only half full after big storms
    FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — The recent onslaught of storms only slightly increased the levels of California reservoirs that now stand at half of historic depths for this time of year.”


  8. Alejandro

    Hooooooooooola. Along with the copycat babies and strollers, there’s also the copycat new car buyers in this new SF. The funny thing is that they look like all the other cars after they get the license plate. You wouldn’t know it’s a new car, so what’s the point? One new car on my street sat parked with dirt and leaves on it for 3 weeks waiting for the license plate. The owner didn’t bother to clean it at all. Bored with your new toy already?


  9. Former San Franciscan

    All I can say is that I’m thankful that I got to live and experience the San Francisco that the city was known for over the many decades. It was an amazing city and I’ll never forget those times, including my treats from Just Desserts. You mentioned JD in your previous article. I was a regular customer at the Church St. store and JD was a major part of the old city. It was rare to see a baby stroller in the old city. When I did see someone with a child, the parent was “wearing” the child. Every child I’ve seen being “worn” has looked content or sleeping and I can’t recall seeing any child that was being “worn” in a crying state. But with baby strollers? Crying and screaming is the norm.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Former San Franciscan, your experience with seeing parents “wearing” their baby is the same as mine. I’ve never seen a child crying either. Another thing I didn’t see in the Old City was the “straight” make-out sessions as I did this morning. Ugh. There were 5 “straight” young white couples making out in one block at Castro. In this case, they were all cheating on someone by their behaviour. As I’ve written before, they come to The Castro to cheat on someone because they think it’s the last place the person they’re cheating on would look for them. They looked like they had just met and couldn’t wait to fuck. One of them was particularly embarrassing to watch the way he had to “cup” her face and rub her cheeks repeatedly as she swooned in orgasm-style over him. Get a grip! The few gay guys walking by didn’t see them because they were embedded in their phones. I walked down to Church Street and then came back by and one of the “straight” couples had fortunately completed their passionate make-out scene and were doing the perfunctory “skip to my lou” hand-holding/swinging arms dance that is so common around here with these people. The immaturity of these “straight” couples is that of no more than a 2-year old child. I won’t have it! You can go to Marin and do that, or go to the Marina, or North Beach or Union Street. There’s no shortage of places in the world for “straight” couples to make out and nearly fuck on the sidewalk without coming to The Castro. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

      1. Nobody You Know

        I can’t recall seeing such a drastic change to one major city in such a short time. I wonder if first-time visitors to SF with a short attention span and no sense of historical perspective think SF has always been the way it is today?

      2. San Francisco Resident

        As I asked on your previous article, I’m wondering how many baby deliveries UCSF is doing a day. Would be interesting to know the number of babies being born each day at hospitals and medical centers in SF and around the Bay Area. From what we’re seeing in SF, that number would be staggering. I would think these facilities are educating parents about the benefits of wearing their baby and parents are dismissing the information. 🙁

  10. D8

    I’m also pleased you wrote this. I have my own stories to tell of experiences in dealing with them. They really are clueless. If it’s any comfort regarding tech, I read that one of the investors at Yah** wants to oust the CEO and sell the company, and another investor previously called for firing as many as 9,000 Yah** employees. Their directors are leaning toward selling it outright.

    Are any of them the str8 breeders with their strollers? It might be a good time for them to leave the Bay Area.

  11. castro local

    pleased you wrote about this. somebody’s got to and the corporate media won’t. i’m sure they support the baby explosion and what lee has done to this city. the local blogs i know of who say they’re progressive wouldn’t touch this either. they’re so mealy mouthed to the point that they annoy me. they’re so afraid they’ll offend the establishment. i can personally confirm the baby explosion in upper market. a friend of mine lives on corbett and mentions it every time i talk with him. no need for me to relay what he says because it duplicates what you wrote. most days he walks up to twin peaks for exercise and tells me he’s constantly switching the side of the street he walks on to get around or avoid the baby strollers, their dogs and the large groups of people. as he says “it wasn’t like this until tech and lee got in office.” i’d like to know the answer to that question – where ARE they going to get water for their babies?

Fin. The End.