San Francisco’s hate for the homeless closes Jane Warner Plaza

Jane Warner Plaza - mayo de 2015.  Where are the tables and chairs in this deserted area?  (I see yet another "straight" couple in this picture coming into The Castro...ugh.  Are they coming to get drunk like all the other "straight" couples that seem desperate to come over here?).

Jane Warner Plaza – mayo de 2015. Where are the tables and chairs in this deserted area? (I see yet another “straight” couple in this picture coming into The Castro…ugh. Are they coming to get drunk like all the other “straight” couples that seem desperate to come over here? All the “straight” bars closed in the city? What happened to the many gay couples walking together over here, or have most of them been evicted from this city due to techie gentrification?)

Hola, awhile back I suggested in this article that the Jane Warner Plaza in San Francisco’s Castro barrio be closed. Now, it looks like they’ve essentially closed it although perhaps not officially.

Jane Warner Plaza - mayo de 2015

Jane Warner Plaza – mayo de 2015

After the Castro Street sidewalk widening project was completed—which was a major waste of la plata/money and which also removed/sanitised/erased all the history in those sidewalks from the Gay Mecca days—they fucked around with the Jane Warner Plaza for awhile. Some of us couldn’t tell what they were trying to do with it, if they even knew. They removed the tables and chairs from the plaza (you can see the tables/chairs in the video below from 2013). The chairs were always stacked up and locked around 9.00pm each night by one or more of the hateful anti-homeless business owners in the barrio to prevent the increasing homeless population around here from having anywhere to sit. So very humane, isn’t it? And by locking the chairs up, no one could sit there. Officially, in San Francisco the homeless are not allowed to sit or lie on the sidewalks between 7.00am and 11.00pm because of the city’s hateful sit-lie ordinance which criminalises homelessness. When sit-lie/Proposition L was passed by a majority of those who voted in that election, that told me and others that this city had changed in the wrong direction and had become conservative. And things have only gotten worse since then. The elitist, conservative, corporatist, anti-homeless politician who pretends to represent The Castro made sit-lie a major part of its campaign when it ran for office the first time.

The Cancer of Class-ism and Class Warfare in San Francisco

Picture 088It looks like the corporatist elitist parasites (the “haves”) around here have finally closed the plaza so that the homeless (the “have-nots”) have no place to rest, sleep and/or hang out. From what I’ve observed about the way things work around here, I suspect the closure of the plaza was led by one of these useless, busy-bodied elitist barrio groups who serve as self-appointed authorities on all matters and who claim to know what’s best for The Castro. The group (which shall remain nameless) that I have in mind is run by an excessively overpaid la bruja who, from what I’ve read, doesn’t even live in San Francisco. La bruja lives in Pacifica on the San Francisco Peninsula. So why the fuck does she give a damn about anything in the city/The Castro when la bruja doesn’t even live here? But that is so typical! Meddling in a place where she doesn’t even live for a bloated paycheck. Why doesn’t she keep her elitist ass in Pacifica and stick her busy-bodied nose into Pacifica and fuck things up there? I can’t stand these elitist corporatist basura currently running this city and these conservative busy-bodied neighbourhood groups who eat the upper colon of the corporatist parasites of the San Francisco Oligarchy. They are the same conservative prudish scum who have sanitised The Castro and tried to turn it into Walnut Creek. (Related: Naked muchachos in San Francisco – Page 1). Many, if not most, of the conservative, prudish and hateful/anti-homeless residents of The Castro live under the illusion that they live in the fictional hamlet called “Mayberry,” or they’re determined to turn The Castro into “Mayberry.” If they want to live in “Mayberry” why the fuck don’t they just move to “Mayberry,” if they can possibly find a place like that somewhere? From what I’ve seen of these rabid conservative residents they are afraid of their own shadow.

Jane Warner Plaza - mayo de 2015

Jane Warner Plaza – mayo de 2015

I talked with someone who went to a neighbourhood meeting about this plaza. You couldn’t pay me to go to one of these meetings considering what I know about the conservative pretentious/elitist residents around here. I can’t imagine being in a room with them. I can’t stand to be around conservative elitist snots whose not-so-covert agenda is to hate on the homeless using newspeak. From what he told me, this meeting was exactly as I would expect it would be. He said they spoke “in code” at this meeting. They claimed this wasn’t about the homeless—then that means it was/is about the homeless—and that’s exactly what he said. He said they used code words such as “anti-social behaviour” taking place in the plaza without using the word “homeless” as their way of scapegoating and hating on the homeless while pretending this wasn’t about the homeless. These hateful Castro residents are a piece of work. They’re very transparent in their hate of the homeless and consistently so; they’re fooling no one. From what he said, the room was full of elitist, lobotomised residents of The Castro who only care about themselves (self-entitled homeowners?) and who do not possess the capability or humanity of putting themselves in anyone else’s position. In their self-entitled minds, it’s all about them. According to him, he sensed that most residents want the plaza closed. But the attention-craving conservative corporatist politician of the San Francisco Oligarchy who pretends to represent the residents around here (that piece of work certainly doesn’t represent me)—and whom many Castro residents worship and adore and see as The Holy and Indivisible Trinity—doesn’t want the plaza closed. But to me and others, it looks like the plaza is already closed whether it’s officially closed or not. The plaza area (closed 17th street at Castro and Market), which was later named the Jane Warner Plaza, was a good idea initially until they made it clear—again by using newspeak—that only certain people were welcomed there (the unspoken part: of a certain income bracket). Fucking class-ism. Then I remember when they posted this long ridiculous list of things that one could not do in this plaza. [roll eyes]. Ugh. It was at that time that I said: Just shut the thing down. Why even have it?! These pretentious, class-ist people around here are a fucking piece of work. They live in a major city but they have this hamlet/small town mentality. MOVE! Go to your utopian “Mayberry,” if you can find it somewhere. I don’t know whatever made them want to move here in the first place. So they could change it to the way they wanted it? If so, why didn’t they just stay where they were and change that place? Sigh.

Jane Warner Plaza - mayo de 2015

Jane Warner Plaza – mayo de 2015

And it’s not as if these la basura want the homeless problem solved. No, I’ve heard no one say anything about that. They just don’t want to see the homeless and mentally ill. These pretentious class-ist snots think they are above seeing, hearing or being around homeless and/or mentally ill people. These la basura belong in their own gated community where all these snots afraid of their own shadow can live together, maybe on some island somewhere. I’m not saying that a pristine island should be overrun and ruined with pretentious “people” like them, but maybe then they would be satisfied, no? Or what they then start whining and moaning about each other? Humans! Ugh.

Today, the Jane Warner Plaza looks like the images shown on this page. It is now mainly cement with some planters and the Muni (our public transport system) F line street car running through the middle of the plaza (as has always been the case). There’s nothing in the plaza now. I don’t know where the conservative Castro and this city expect the homeless to go? All this city does it to move the homeless from one place to another. Loco/crazy. Well, expect more homeless people here and throughout this country as the divide between “the haves” and the “have-nots” continues and increases. Chau.—el barrio rosa


The Jane Warner Plaza in San Francisco’s Castro barrio as seen el 17 de marzo de 2013.

6 comments on “San Francisco’s hate for the homeless closes Jane Warner Plaza

  1. Gay Pride has been turned into Corporate Pride

    Yep, hate closed it. Nothing there but cement planters, more cement and asphalt now. It still looks as it did in your pictures from May and this is June 19th. It’s just a deserted area.

  2. SF-Resident

    Hola to you, I read this article last night but didn’t comment. I walked through the plaza this afternoon on the way to the farmer’s market. I agree, the plaza looks closed to me too. Didn’t see any homeless there. But that farmer’s market turns me off. They should put up a sign that reads, “Welcome to Disneyland.” That’s what it feels like. Mostly heterosexuals (young white with some Asians), lots of children holding balloons, strollers, more balloons and some woman singing “Pop the Magic Dragon.” I got in and out of there as quickly as possible but I kept thinking to myself that this is what they’ve wanted to turn the Castro into eh? We’ve gone from “Turn the Beat Around” to “Pop the Magic Dragon.”

  3. D8

    Thanks for helping to expose what this city has turned into.

    I remember that campaign. The right-wing/conservative supporters of sit-lie couched that law in newspeak terms of “civil sidewalks.” Who the fuck could vote against anything with the word “civil” attached to it. They played the Civil Card with the sheeple and they fell for it, well, the majority of those who voted did. I think it was a close vote maybe by 5 percentage points. Then came the city-wide nudity ban which no one voted on but the Board of Sups. and as you’ve pointed out the person casting the deciding vote for that no longer lives here.

  4. Ed in the Castro

    Picking up on something Alejandro said….years ago I went to this piano concert downtown. I talked with the pianist after the concert and he remarked how San Francisco is a very provincial town. I had never thought about it because at that time SF had our liberal-progressive reputation, but regardless of that he was right.

    I read an article about that meeting you wrote about. That politician whose name I sense you don’t want on your site complained about seeing one person using 3 chairs to sleep in the plaza and no one else could sit there. Hmmmmm. I had a couple of thoughts on that….The person sleeping was only taking up 2 more chairs than anyone else so that was only depriving 2 people of sitting there. Put some more chairs in the plaza. Put a stack of chairs over in one corner and people can get them as they need them. Hey here’s an idea….your condo is right up the street so when you’re not using your bed why don’t you let the person sleeping use your place and then they won’t be taking up the three chairs if it bothers you so. Deal? Or better yet go back to New Jersey where you came from.

  5. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooola. I walk through the plaza pretty often and it looks closed to me. I used to stand around there talking with amigos when they had the tables and chairs and there would be some homeless people there but I never saw them bothering anyone. I expect to see any and all kinds of behavior in a major city but I think the residents you’re talking about came here with this very provincial mindset or they adopted provincialism** after becoming homeowners. I know that some people around the Castro make up and exaggerate a lot of hateful stuff for their anti-homeless agenda, including that politician “The Holy & Indivisible Trinity” LOL, yeah!! (I got a good laugh out of that because it’s so true). That politician is a text book example of provincialism.

    **narrowness of mind, ignorance, or the like, considered as resulting from lack of exposure to cultural or intellectual activity. (from the dictionary)

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Alejandro,

      “I expect to see any and all kinds of behavior in a major city but I think the residents you’re talking about came here with this very provincial mindset or they adopted provincialism** after becoming homeowners.”

      I agree. I’ve lived here for decades and nothing I see here or in any other major city shocks me in the least. I’ve seen it all. And I expect to see anything here and elsewhere. About a year ago I saw that la bruja I talked about in the article and she was talking to dos chicos in the Jane Warner Plaza. I sensed they were supporters of The Holy and Indivisible Trinity as she is. She was leaning over one of the cement planters talking to them as I watched. From what I could tell they told her something that had happened in the barrio and she stood there for the longest time with this shocked look on her face and her mouth hanging open completely shocked about something that had happened. Probably some “anti-social behaviour” as she would call it. Her reaction was very small town and not that of a major city resident, and of course Pacifica where I’ve been told she lives is not a major city. One of the reasons I moved to San Francisco during the Gay Mecca days was because I was told at that time, “You’ll love it; you will see anything there – anything goes.” And they referred to “Liberal San Francisco,” and at that time the word “liberal” was not a “dirty word” in San Francisco and elsewhere as it is today. Gracias to everyone for your comments. Chau.

Fin. The End.