So now it’s the LGBTQIA+ community ?

(Venting article)

Hola a todos. When are people going to stop this nonsense? So now it’s the LGBTQIA+ community? Jesus fucking christ. When it this going to stop? LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ. Start it all over again: ABCDEFGHIJK.

Just fucking use the word QUEER or GAY and be done with it as in the QUEER Community or the GAY Community. Is that so difficult to do? Insipid people. Stop it with these silly alphabet-soup acronyms. What is wrong with using the word QUEER or GAY? Or is QUEER or GAY considered too “radical” and “out there” and “leftist” for the now-conservative and heteronormative QUEER/GAY community today? If so, sit your ass down with a credible psychotherapist until you’re able to call yourself QUEER or GAY and come back out of the closet. This is ridiculous. I see gay guys writing this in their personal sex ads: “WM (instead of GWM; ashamed to be gay?), discreet and down-low.” Other gay guys also say: “straight-looking, straight-acting.” That doesn’t sound the least bit “Out and Proud” but rather more like Gay Shame.

Or are you afraid to use the word QUEER because it makes the breeders uncomfortable? Who cares what the breeders think and their comfort level? They don’t give a fuck about ours the way they flaunt their sexuality in our faces especially around San Francisco’s Castro and Upper Market. Why is it important for QUEERS to bow and scrape to the breeders? When did they become superior to Queers/Gays and the “end all” and to be looked up to as the Model Sexuality? WTF? If the breeders have a problem with the word QUEER, it’s their problem. They too can get their ass in a credible therapist’s chair, and many of them can come out of the closet while they’re at it!

When I use any letters, I use GTQBL. Why that? The first two letters “GT” (gay guys and transgender individuals) because they started the movement (not lesbians). GTs led the movement so they’re the first to be seated on my QUEER or GAY bus, not Lesbians. Lesbians with their “top-billing” have hijacked, disrespected the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement by revising our history causing me to be very annoyed — even though they didn’t do most of the work of the Movement — so their ass can be last on my QUEER or GAY bus. And there were more radical Queers involved in the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement than the (often-closeted/”discreet”/DL – down low) bisexuals (I’m thinking of closeted bi guys here) so they come after gay guys and trans people on my QUEER or GAY bus. Say it and use it: QUEER Community or GAY Community. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. And fuck this LGBTQIA+ community nonsense, as well as that cookie-cutter, corporatist and sexist/chauvinistic “ladies go first” LGBT(Q) shit that most people mindlessly use and I see on damn-near every website I go on. I’m sick of it! Gracias for reading my rant. Chau.—el barrio rosa

7 comments on “So now it’s the LGBTQIA+ community ?

  1. Travis

    What’s wrong with gays being in the closet?

    What’s wrong with straights flaunting their sexuality as YOU call it????

  2. Alejandro

    Hooooooooooooooooooola. Well said, pink barrio. I agree with D8. I also like it when you rant. You should do it more often! I can definitely feel you’re pissed.

    I don’t have much chance to use it, but I’ll start writing Queer or Gay and not the alphabet soup mixture. It’s become so asinine.

    Gracias y saludos.

  3. Former San Franciscan

    Not another acronym. I won’t ask what the “IA+” stands for.

    I like your suggestion….just use Queer or Gay.

  4. D8

    Couldn’t agree more. I like it when you rant :-)

    It feels therapeutic to me ‘cuz I usually feel the same way.

    I’ve seen that LGBTQIA+ a couple of times and thought how many more letters and characters are they going to add to this thing.

Fin. The End.