Straight Exhibitionism in The Castro (San Francisco)

“Let’s go make-out in The Castro and annoy the remaining Queers here.” Is that what straight couples say among themselves these days? It seems that way to many people. Why do breeders get a thrill out of making out in The Castro? That’s something some of us cannot understand.

Hola a todos. Some regular readers of pink barrio are probably saying to themselves about now: “Oh not this again. When are you going to get over this, pink barrio? When are you going to let this go?” Answer: Never, probably. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the annoying sight of seeing obnoxious breeders — nearly always Millennials — engaged in their Straight Exhibitionism by making out in what remains of the former gay area known as The Castro.

What do these Millennial breeders think the Rainbow Flags around here are for? Or are they trying to take over the Rainbow Flag too?

We don’t see Straight Exhibitionism anywhere else in The City or Bay Area. It’s just in The Castro, on Market Street near Castro and in Upper Market. Why The Castro? And that is why this Straight Exhibitionism makes no sense to some of us. But these obnoxious breeders absolutely love coming over here to The Castro and giving their morning, matinée and evening performances in Straight Exhibitionism, considering the number of breeder couples that give performances here.

Nearly every time we’re in or around The Castro we see it. For example, there was a breeder couple at the corner of 18th and Castro — “ground-zero” of what was once The Gay Mecca — last Domingo/Sunday afternoon (el 16 de julio de 2017/16 July 2017) giving a matinée on the corner for everyone to see. The usual him-tall/her-short Millennial couple beginning their Straight Exhibitionism display. Their performance began with a drippy make-out session right there on the North-West corner. There they were inconsiderately standing in people’s way and seemingly utterly oblivious to that. Needy-her needed attention once again and immediately so. As she gazed up at him with limpid eyes and he looked way down at her — wouldn’t it be easier if you pendejos were the same height like most gay couples?! — with droopy, limpid eyes and with a slight back and forth head shake, they began their delicate but cautious telenovela-style approach to their quivering lips for a long beso/kiss at the corner of 18th and Castro. Ugh. I WON’T HAVE IT!

The irony here is that for years breeders whined about Queers. They said, “why do ‘the gays’ have to shove their sexuality in our faces?” The reality was that Queers were not “shoving our sexuality in their faces.” We were not barging into straight areas to make-out in front of them because we knew it would not be safe to do so. But for years now, breeder Millennials have been coming over here to The Castro especially on weekends into our own little gay area (what’s left of it) in what seems to be a very deliberate and concerted campaign in Straight Exhibitionism to “shove their straight sexuality in our faces.” And some of us are fucking tired of it!

Also, as part of their Straight Exhibitionism performances in The Castro, these breeder Millennials enjoy walking down the sidewalk in their required hand-in-hand mode, again, “shoving their breeder sexuality in our faces.”

That hand-in-hand routine they do seems to be a security blanket that needy-her requires of him whenever in public, and/or whenever another guy is on the sidewalk within a few feet of her. Is insecure her of the ludicrous thinking that a gay guy is going to rush over and steal her guy from her, or does she think that another breeder guy is going to rush over and steal her from him? (roll eyes). Mis amigos/My friends have told me that they’ve seen and experienced that many times with breeder couples. Here’s the scenario: On the odd occasion, a breeder couple will not be holding hands while walking down the sidewalk. When one of my average-looking, non-threatening-looking guy friends gets closer to them while walking on the sidewalk, she (Ms Breeder) quickly grabs the hand of the guy she’s walking with — sometimes starling him — as if to signal to the guy (my friend) approaching that they are a couple. WTF? Who the fuck cares that they are a couple? Then about 15-30 seconds later after one of my friends has passed them walking in the opposite direction, he covertly looks back at them to see what she does and to observe their behaviour. They go back to not holding hands. So what was that about? What head trip is she on that she needs the security of holding her guy’s hand when another guy passes on the sidewalk? Loca. Is she that terrorised by having another guy pass on the sidewalk? What is wrong with the woman and females like her?

Also, as part of their Straight Exhibitionism, they are sometimes in their arm-in-arm mode. Most gay couples do neither the hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm routine. Gay couples are more secure with their relationships. Or, as part of their Straight Exhibitionism, they walk with his arm “cupped” around her and she’s laying her head on his chest as they walk. That’s quite a sight! I have to say that looks damn uncomfortable to me as a walking position, but they’re usually walking in-step. These breeder Millennials can also be seen standing on street corners, again in people’s way of course and seemingly oblivious. And/or on occasion as part of their Straight Exhibitionism act, tall dominant him has little submissive her — she’s never heard the word feminist — pinned up against a building in a parking lot where they are making out. So he’s bent way over trying to get to her face because of their extreme height differences. Or, they can be seen by the parking meters often exhibiting their raging hormones. These breeder Millennials often look like they just met through some sex app and are desperate to have sexual intercourse right there on the sidewalk as part of their Straight Exhibitionism performance routine. His Millennial small-to-average penis becomes difficult to hide as it’s engorged and tingling in his (usually) super-tight conformist black or gray Millennial Hipster pants with her face only reaching up to approximately his waist level when they are both standing upright.

Some local residents have remarked that they feel like screaming at these breeder Millennials: Take that back to the Marina, los pendejos! These straight exhibitionists also make out in restaurants. Some restaurant customers have complained in their restaurant reviews about them and told them to, “GET A ROOM SOMEWHERE! THERE’S A MOTEL RIGHT DOWN THE STREET!” The problem with that is that Straight Exhibitionist can’t be seen in a motel room and this is all about being seen. These breeder Millennials always seem oblivious to anyone watching them and that’s often the case with people who are into exhibitionism. But their hypocrisy is noted: It’s okay for them to shove their breeder sexuality in our Queer faces, but we Queers were/are not supposed to do the same to them.

After that breeder Millennial make-out spectacle/performance I wrote about earlier at 18th and Castro on Domingo, I saw my straight neighbour on my way home. I was feeling very annoyed and I told him about it. He gave me his thoughts. He said (I’m paraphrasing):

I’ve never felt comfortable making out with a woman anyway in this City in public. I’m just not into doing that, and particularly in The Castro for two reasons: 1. Gay guys are not into watching straights making out and some find it offensive considering The Castro is their little “gay area.” 2. I personally feel it’s disrespecting to the gay community. We straights have anywhere in the world to make out, we don’t need to do that in The Castro. Many or probably most gay couples would not feel comfortable making out in any other part of San Francisco for fear of being hassled, harassed or even being subject to anti-gay violence. I and a woman can make out anywhere so we leave The Castro to the gay community. But personally, we (a woman I’m with) prefer to make out in our homes and not out in public. We don’t need a public audience. We’re not into exhibitionism.

Well, these obnoxious breeder Millennial couples are certainly into exhibitionism. There’s no question about that. It’s surprising that they haven’t thought of setting up multiple cameras on the sidewalk with a production crew — maybe I shouldn’t say this as I don’t want to give them any ideas — and video record their Straight Exhibitionism performances and then upload them to some “porn” site and get off on it, as much public attention as they seem to need and demand.

But gracias to my straight amigo. I found his comment very respectful, as I expected from him.

Queers don’t have the same freedom to go over to Pacific Heights, North Beach or Fisherman’s Wharf or the breeder Marina or any other area of San Francisco and have the luxury of making out without fear of being harassed, hassled and/or subject to violence and/or hearing some anti-gay bigot scream at us: “TAKE THAT BACK TO THE CASTRO!” And I should point out that we Queers can be harassed in The Castro and Upper Market by anti-gay bigots. That’s been happening lately as the Straight Exhibitionism breeder basura continue to move in and take over, and some of them make anti-gay and anti-trans remarks. A couple of months ago, I was walking behind two guys (my gaydar told me they were gay) in The Castro/Upper Market. They started holding hands, and as they did so one of them did what I would do: He turned around and looked back to make sure it was safe to hold hands. Good idea, because San Francisco is not what it was.

Before that performance at 18th and Castro, I saw what looked like to me a Millennial gay guy (closeted?) holding the hand of what looked like to me a Millennial lesbian — but they were pretending to be a straight couple — as they walked down Market Street.

Moments later, I saw another (closeted?) Millennial gay guy, according to my reliable gaydar, walking down Market Street holding hands with a Millennial female, and they too were pretending to be a straight couple.

Then just before that breeder spectacle at 18th and Castro, I saw another Millennial couple in all-white clothing. They looked like tourists, or maybe they were from conservative Walnut Creek? It was clear to me that he was a gay guy despite him holding the hand of the blond female with him. As I passed them, I looked at him and thought: “Who do you think you’re fooling Queer boy by holding her hand and pretending to be a straight couple?” What I saw was another closet case. Maybe he came over here to check out the guys out of the corner of his eye while she wasn’t looking under the guise of, “Let’s go support the gays.”

I later told mi amigo/my friend about all of this. He said: That’s why I don’t like going into The Castro on Domingo/Sunday because of the obnoxious Straight Exhibitionism breeder Millennials making out, as well as the heteronormative gay closet cases. I just get too annoyed.

Earlier that same day, mi amigo told me he saw an unusual scene: another Millennial Straight Exhibitionism couple. He said both were on their phones while making out. They were kissing but both had one arm extended so they could still see their phones while kissing, which is critically important to phone-zombie Millennials. Their phone has replaced their life.

I was wondering: Is this Straight Exhibitionism happening in West Hollywood (WeHo) or Silver Lake in Los Ángeles? I would think so. Why wouldn’t it be? The last I read from down there, Queers were gradually leaving WeHo as breeders were invading and disrespecting their gay area too. Sounds very familiar. So some Queers were/are moving to Long Beach. Here’s what’s happened to Chelsea in New York City (Manhattan): The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes.

Another observation: On a well-known business review site owned by the techie/venture capitalist dooshes and known for its fake/paid reviews, I’ve certainly noticed all the pictures of breeder couples (they’re usually cheek-to-cheek) for their profile pics. And often, they don’t live anywhere near here. They’re from Tennessee, Texas, New Zealand, the District of Columbia, Vermont and elsewhere. Maybe it’s just me, but I fail to understand why someone who doesn’t live here (as in from another state or the District) would be gushing with 5-stars over a restaurant in San Francisco and writing these article-length reviews to promote a business in another city (and 3,000 miles away on the other coast) that they supposedly have no financial interest in. I suppose some of these reviews could be legit and if so, that could explain some of this Straight Exhibitionism some of us are sick of around here.

Some locals — including myself and mi amigo — think that many breeders come to The Castro to cheat on someone. They do so because they think that The Castro would be the last place that the person they’re cheating on would look for them. The thinking being: “Let’s go fuck in The Castro. My wife (or husband) would never think of looking for me there.” Fin./The End. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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  1. Alejandro

    Hoooooooooooola. Seen all of that many times which is why I don’t hang out in the Castro much anymore.

    Gracias y saludos.

  2. D8

    Don’t think you left out a thing. Count me as one who’s sick of it as well. It’s one reason why I avoid the Castro.

Fin. The End.