Why many GLBTQs resent “straights” coming to gay areas

“Straights” completely ignore the generations where gay people have been repressed, depressed, suppressed, oppressed and hated-on by “straight” people. “Straights” have been demonising us, minimising us, pushing us out of the way even out of our own neighbourhoods (as they are currently doing in many US cities) and disrespecting our gay culture to impose their sterile, bland and prudish conservative “Family-Friendly” nonsense. Indeed “straights” have been hating-on us and on occasion killing gay people for generations.

Hola. ¿Qué tal? This post came about from a discussion I had recently with some amigos.

For those who haven’t kept up, many of the gay areas in major cities of The Empire (also known as the US, The Cesspool, los Estados Unidos) have already been or are in the process of being invaded/taken over by heterosexuals/”straights.”

Some examples: Manhattan’s Chelsea barrio/neighbourhood in New York City comes to mind as well as West Hollywood in Los Ángeles County, The Castro in San Francisco (see San Francisco’s Fading Gay Mecca) and Dupont Circle in the District of Columbia. They are four gay areas that come to mind that we talked about in our discussion.

What’s the reason for “straights” pushing gay people out of our gay areas? Well, I’ll tell it like it is, which I like to do: Among the many reasons for this (including Immense Greed of the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars), Queer boys and girls fixed up their barrios and made them fairly nice places to live. Then the “straights” heard about this and they decided that, “hey, maybe the gay area is not such a bad place after all and a nice place for us to live too with ‘the gays’ (as they call us).” Of course the “straights” could just fix up their own dumpy neighbourhoods, no? No, that would require too much work and energy on their part. It’s much easier to push “the gays” out of their areas. So the pushy “straights” decided to take the easy way out. They come barreling into the gay barrios to live, to hang out and get drunk/party in gay bars and then they begin to squeeze out babies (after which time they often become a conservative prude; it’s strange how having babies can change some people 180 degrees). But they’re not satisfied with just moving into the gay area. No. They decide they want to change the barrio to the way they want it to be (Question: why did they move to the gay area if it wasn’t already the way they wanted it to be?), so that means sanitising the barrio and making it—what they call, using Newspeak— “Family-Friendly.” Ugh. The translation of this: Make the former mostly gay area (that the “straights” have now pushed their way into) like any other area. Well there goes the neighbourhood! And if they wanted the gay area to be like any other neighbourhood why the fuck didn’t they just stay where they were? Are they that fucking out-of-it? Then unfortunately, the heteronormative gay conservatives (often displaying self-gay hate) rush to defend and support the prudish “straights” because they too now want to sanitise the area and make it like the heterosexual place they fled from decades ago when they moved to San Francisco, for example. The gay conservatives use Newspeak to describe their agenda. They call this: “the gay community maturing.” It’s the gay community becoming (more) conservative, that’s the reality. So the gay conservatives are not fooling anyone with their bull shit and Newspeak.

Also, the conservatives/right-wing nutjobs—including gay conservatives with their fucked-up heteronormative thinking—insist there’s no longer a need for “gay ghettos,” as they call them. They’re using the term “ghetto” as a pejorative obviously, and deliberately so. But how many “ghettos” do you know of that come with million dollar homes and come with status-symbol “Keeping up with the Joneses” black, silver, tan or white SUVs and other pretentious-type vehicles? That’s what one finds in these so-called “gay ghettos.” And despite the false impression and phony picture that some people like to paint about “straights” and GLBTQs now being so lovey-dovey together, many of us don’t fall for that bull shit either. I invite the gay conservatives to go to a gay bar and try to approach a “straight” guy who has parked his ass in a gay bar—what the fuck is he doing in a gay bar to begin with if he’s not a fucking closet case?—and ask him for a date or to come over to one’s place, and see what type of reaction one gets. One might just see how lovey-dovey he acts then as he’s foaming at the mouth with hostility and being resentful that anyone would think he’s gay—and his reaction clearly demonstrates that he thinks there’s something wrong with being gay—even though his ass is parked in a gay bar. Hypocrite/Closet Case! From my research, some lesbians have said the same thing about “straight” females being in lesbian bars and the problems that arise from that. There are many good reasons to have separate “straight” and gay bars. Duh. And historically, gay bars have existed for very good and viable reasons. I’ve never known any gay people to deliberately go to a “straight” bar, but in these loco days many supposed “straights” are wandering into gay bars. There must be something in the water. Or are they closet cases and trying to come out? Or are they using a gay bar for cheating purposes (to cheat on someone and they think they won’t be discovered there?)

I’ve noticed many times how the conservatives like to go on about how the “straights” bring so-called “diversity” to gay areas. Oddly, they’ve never claimed that GLBTQs bring “diversity” to “straight” areas. Instead, the “straights” have said, “Go back to the (gay) Castro.” The conservatives/right-wing nutjobs have mocked, made fun of and hated on diversity during the decades when San Francisco was known as a “Left” city. The conservatives despised diversity and mocked diversity at every opportunity. But now that they and their corporatist conservative parasites are in power as part of San Francisco’s Corporate Fascist government (or using the sanitised word Oligarchy), where a techie billionaire is unofficially el alcalde/the mayor and corporate greed interests run and own the city government and determine its policies, the conservatives now pretend to be all for so-called diversity. Again, it’s more bull shit. We’re living in an Age of Bull Shit and Lies. Because in reality, the conservatives/right-wing don’t give a fuck about diversity and they never have. They hide behind the word “diversity” when it means “straights” taking over a gay neighbourhood and sanitising it, and San Francisco becoming a conservative/right-wing city and the opposite of what it was. It’s just more of their Newspeak and bull shit and the conservatives are not fooling any thinking person.

In-your-face “straights”

Then we have the large condo-sized, ubiquitous baby-strollers that “straights” love to bring into gay areas in their very determined and pushy attempt to continue to make the gay area (what they call) “Family-Friendly” so that some gullible gay guys will gush and fawn over their little niño/a with the perfunctory, “Gitchi Gitchi Goo” script. This scene happened a few days ago: Three white young “straights” couples came into The Castro and congested the sidewalk on the south side of Market Street so that nobody could get around them. They each had a condominium-sized baby stroller (the pretentious “Keeping up with the Jones-es” type). So that’s 3 big baby strollers blocking the entire sidewalk. Have these morons never heard of “wearing” their baby? Apparently, being inconsiderate assholes they expected everyone to walk out in the street to get around them. They seemed to be under the illusion that nobody else lives here but them since they acted typically oblivious and with a lobotomised facial expression as if they saw no one and felt nothing. Assholes.

Some of us—including mi amigos—say we didn’t move 3,000 miles (from the East Coast to the West Coast) to live among “straight” people in San Francisco’s Castro, for example. Just as some muchachos say they didn’t move from Brooklyn or one of the other boroughs to Manhattan’s Chelsea so they could live among redneck, anti-gay “straight” people who have moved into Chelsea. (Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes). If we Queers had wanted to live among “straight” people we would have stayed where we were decades ago.

The Sanitising of San Francisco’s Castro

The sanitising of San Francisco’s Castro as a Queer barrio seems to be almost complete unfortunately and this has come about with the complicity of that useless, conservative and totalitarian merchants association in The Castro. They’re the same basura that sometime ago expressed, “mounting concern about the Castro losing its GLBTQ identity.” Their only “mounting concern” was losing dinero/$$. They don’t give a fuck where their dinero comes from so as far as most of them are concerned let’s help to turn this into a “straight” barrio and maybe that would work out better for us financially. The merchants association are indeed part of the problem/reason that the Castro is losing it’s GLBTQ identity. To me and mi amigos, it looks like the Castro is going to completely sanitise so as to focus on a “straight” identity. In other words, The Castro will be like any other barrio. Question: Why will people want to come to The Castro when it will look like where they came from? I can see national and international tourists saying upon arriving here: “Well there’s nothing here to see. This looks like home. This looks like any place else. What exactly am I supposed to be seeing here?” Yes, that’s the problem with lobotomised cities and areas. Following the Castro sidewalk expansion—which erased/tore up/got rid of the sidewalks of the former Castro of the Gay Mecca Days (and there were decades of Queer history in those sidewalks) and of The former Alternative and Proudly Radical San Francisco—and to help sanitise The Castro, they took down all the rainbow flags on the utility poles on Castro (just like the “gay” gym on Market Street near Castro removed their rainbow colours). Castro Street now looks like any other area of the city, and that’s the intent. There are now only a few gay symbols remaining in the sanitised Castro. A couple of bars still have rainbow flags, for example, there’s the rainbow crosswalks which were recently installed at Castro/18th. Those crosswalks are already getting dirty with tire marks and parts of them are already coming up and they can’t be seen easily at night. All that remains after that is the big rainbow flag at Castro and Market. But some of us are wondering how long it will be before that comes down too. The Castro has a very different feel now since the sidewalk expansion. It feels impersonal/colder and it feels like one might be in the suburbs with wide sidewalks (like at a mall) and palm trees and the “straight” couples walking hand-in-hand or arm-in-arm.

Many “straights” whine about “gays being so in-your-face with their sexuality.” But “straights” have no problem with coming into our barrio (The Castro, for example) and making out at the bus stop or anywhere else and being “in-your-face with their sexuality” to let us all know that they’re “straight” (as if anyone gives a fuck). I and others feel like screaming to them: “get a room somewhere!!” as the saying goes or “take that back to the Marina or North Beach,” (the heterosexual areas of San Francisco). When “straights” come to sashay their asses through The Castro with their required hand-holding and their perfunctory arm-in-arm around each other (is she really that insecure and desperately needy for attention that she must have his arm around her at all times?…jesus!) and their making sure everyone knows that they’re “straight” (in what is supposed to be a gay area) with their in-your-face “straight” affection, and also by their giving some of us GLBTQ strange/anti-gay looks in our own neighborhood, some of us do get fucking pissed off and we’re sick of it.

With average rents today in San Francisco at about $3,500.00, the reality is that San Francisco is now completely unaffordable to the GLBTQ people who throughout the past four decades escaped to San Francisco to get away from anti-gay harassment and violence. Also, San Francisco’s District 8, which includes The Castro and is the district that conservative Politician Cocks pretends to represent—in reality he represents his corporate owners and the Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars—has the highest rate of evictions through the Ellis Act (a state law) and it’s one of the means used by greedy speculator$ for evicting long-term rent controlled tenants in order to flip their buildings and make huge profit$. Greed. Many GLBTQ people have already been evicted or made homeless because of mostly “straight” young, white, lobotomised, stupidphone-addicted techies taking over San Francisco. (Related: Smartphones are transforming society into a sea of stupid).

Sometimes when GLBTQ people write what I’ve written here some “straights” get offended at what they call the snide remarks about “straights.” (Well I haven’t even gotten warmed up). And let me put it to you this way:

The very worst I think I’ve ever seen or heard from GLBTQ people is—what one would call—to make a snide remark about “straight” people. But by comparison, “straight” people have killed gay people for being gay, “straight” people have driven gay people from their homes and from their jobs and anything else they wanted to remove gay people from. “Straights” have made life a living hell for GLBTQ people historically. Not all “straights” have done this or do this today. But for “straight” people to whine about some perceived negative remarks from GLBTQs regarding “straights” is for “straights” to completely ignore the generations where gay people have been repressed, depressed, suppressed, oppressed and hated-on by “straight” people. “Straights” have been demonising us, minimising us, pushing us out of the way even out of our own barrios/neighbourhoods (as they’re doing now), disrespecting our (proudly-radical) gay culture to impose their sterile, bland, boring, prudish-conservative “Family-Friendly” agenda. Indeed “straights” have been hating-on us and on occasion killing gay people for generations.

So I’ll start criticising my fellow Queers for the occasional remarks about “straights” when all “straights” reprimand other “straights” for demonising Queers and making our lives more difficult literally on a daily basis. How’s that? Chau.—el barrio rosa


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46 comments on “Why many GLBTQs resent “straights” coming to gay areas

  1. michael mcgee

    Thanks for informing me about the conservative fascism tha is happening gin the gay world ,Especially in San Fransisco.The anti gay conservative fascist wealthy and big business is attempting to exterminate the gay wold by buying out all gay property to drive out the gay and lesbian business and devices and home dwellers knowing that they can’t afford the rent .Also they are driven out the straight working class and low income and middle in too on many cities . Government is run by Republicans and tea party Nazis as well as Demo publican Commies,who are in cahoots with the republicans since Jimmy carter.The high rate of unemployment cause by both parties in wall street is now affecting gays as well. I went to San Fransisco in 2004.When it wasn’t that bad .Although i did smell some arrogant attitudes against me .One lady almost accuse me of stealing something from her store .i had my street car pass .I went the euros in market street I don;t know if that still exist .I also went to one in Market street.I also visited the one in Berkeley waterhole? .I recently check dandy it still exist.I stayed at a hostel.If Fransisco got bad then probably no more hostels neither .I’ll have check I will never visit this city again.It’s now Alfred Hitchcock vision of San Fransisco

  2. castro local

    the thing that gets me is when str8 couples come to castro/market and make out under the rainbow flag or stand on the edge of the street corner as if they’re trying to get hit by a car in a heavy make-out session. what are they trying to tell us? whenever my partner and i are standing around and see that we leave the area. we don’t go to str8 areas and stand at major street corners and make out but the str8s love coming over here and putting on a show for us. i’m not sure what they’re trying to tell us? my partner says it’s their way of saying “fuck you, we’re taking over the castro whether you like it or not”….and they’re doing that.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola castro local, an amigo saw something similar to that yesterday (Domingo/Sunday) afternoon on his way to the drugstore. A couple of blocks from Castro on Market while waiting for the light to change a young, white “straight” couple had to put on a make-out show on the sidewalk. He said, “they had to come over here to do that, did they?” As he said, my partner (he’s gay) and I don’t purposefully go to the “straight” Marina or North Beach areas and make out on street corners, but the “straights” love coming to The Castro to let everyone know they’re “straight” as if anyone gives a fuck. And historically, “straights” have been the people who have whined, “gay people are so in-your-face with their sexuality” while they (the “straight”) make out on street corners in and near The Castro. Sigh. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  3. SF-Resident

    Hola to you. A local gay activist wrote on his blog last year (i think it was last year) that the Castro will be straight in 10 years. When I read that I said to myself oh long before then. He wrote about walking out of his apartment in the Castro and seeing as many straight couples holding hands as he sees gay couples. Lots of baby strollers.

    You’ve said (where did i read it on here?) that the Castro will be straight in 5 years, not his 10 years estimate. From what I’m seeing your estimate is much more accurate. Yesterday I wrote a comment about going to the farmer’s market in the Castro. That thing turns me off. It has a Disneyland feel to it. Mostly straight (we’re talking about the Castro here, not the Marina) and mostly young and white with some Asians. Lots of children with balloons, baby strollers, more balloons. There was a singer singing “Puff, the Magic Dragon.” I got what I went for and got out of there as fast as possible, but I was thinking to myself that this is what they’ve wanted to turn the Castro into: Young white straight baby-factories. We’ve gone from gay “Turn the Beat Around” to straight “Puff, the Magic Dragon,” and where I was the Castro was already mostly straight.

  4. Lance

    At first I questioned why you put the word “straight” in quotes. I realized you do that for a reason. It’s another way of saying supposedly straight. I get that now. Are these “straight” people barging their way into the Castro really heterosexual or are they gay closet cases? Cuz every time I see a “straight” couple sashaying hand in hand down Market St or on Castro I feel like screaming to the guy oh come the fuck on, go get the dick. What other reason is there for you to be over here? That’s why you’re over here. What other reason would there be for someone who is really heterosexual to like to hang out in a gay area? I feel like screaming so you came over here with that girl and her as your cover as she hangs all over you and you’re really looking at guys and then when you get back home she’ll beg you to fuck her while you fantasize about all the hot guys you found attractive over here. You’ll fantaize about fucking one of them while you’re fucking her. Do us all a favor and go get the dick! Stop the fucking games your playing with females.

    That’s why they’re over here or as this blog has said, either that or they’re cheating on someone and think they wouldn’t be caught in the Castro.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Lance.

      “At first I questioned why you put the word “straight” in quotes. I realized you do that for a reason. It’s another way of saying supposedly straight. I get that now.”

      Well that’s partly the reason I do it. I don’t like the word “straight” as applied to heterosexuals. And that’s also why I put it in quote. I don’t like the word heterosexual because that sounds too clinical to me. But I don’t know what else to call them, other than closet-case when it applies! Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  5. D8

    Thought I’d pass this along to you. You’ve written about that conservative gay supervisor in SF who’s going to the state level for his next job? I know you were speculating about that but you’re correct. I read that Scott Penis is in campaign mode running for the state senate. He’s appealing to the city’s conservatives and one of the pictures he’s using for his campaign literature is of a straight white couple with kids supporting him. You’d think that a gay guy would show a gay couple (with kids) wouldn’t you? No, not heteronormative Scott Penis. Someone said that it will be good to get that slimeball out of city politics and that he can’t do that much damage at the state level. We’ll see.

  6. ConcernedResidentIn94114

    I’ve meant to comment on this before now. I know of one bar that’s considered mixed, meaning hetero and gay. I’ve never been in it and only read that it’s a mix of conservative and preppy looking people. Even though it’s “mixed” I would think it would have a hetero feel to it which could make gay people feel uncomfortable esp if they felt the urge to make out or kiss. There could be anti-gay heteros there that aren’t aware they’re in a mixed bar. I don’t really understand this mixed concept when our society still has so many prejudices and hang ups against gay people. The idea of heteros going to gay bars, well, that completely escapes me unless as others here have said, the people who do that are not really heteros but closet cases.

  7. Miguel

    Cool comment section. Cool colors, never seen one like it.

    Really sorry to hear what’s happening to San Francisco. I lived there in the 1990s and have a couple of friends there. They’ve told me a lot about the things you’ve also written about. The class warfare and all. They say they knew the city had definitely changed when the anti-homeless sit-lie law was voted in. They couldn’t believe San Francisco would vote for that. That was stunning. Followed by getting that conservative city wide nudity ban put in. They said that’s when they realized the conservatives were taking over the city.

    They’ve told me about the heteros moving into the Castro and coming into the Castro to party. They say the heteros are trying to make it their area and don’t care about the gay history of the Castro or know about it. They said there was a small memorial set up for Harvey Milk in the Castro on the anniversary of his death and they watched some young woman ask the guy she was with who Harvey Milk was. She’d never heard of him.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Miguel, you wrote, “Followed by getting that conservative city wide nudity ban put in.”

      Yeah, that law passed the Board of Supervisors by one vote and the corporate parasite that voted for that is now leaving San Francisco to go do more damage in Sacramento, but we are stuck with the nudity ban. That’s the way these conservative corporate parasites work. They work for their corporate owners and their conservatives to guarantee their votes. Then they leave, but we are stuck with their mess. If this muchacho with body image issues was so opposed to nudity, why didn’t he leave San Francisco during that time rather than impose a law on the city where he in the near future would no longer live? And I suspect he never saw the nudists because there were only 1-3 nudists in a one block area around The Castro on any given day or on occasion. And The Castro is not his district and I’ve never seen that politician in The Castro. Gracias for your comment. Chau.—el barrio rosa

  8. Liz

    I hope this is not considered spamming since I wrote a comment about this on one of your other articles, but I just wanted to say that we’re having straight couples coming into the gay gym in the Castro and they act like they’re afraid of gay people. If they’re afraid or not comfortable around gay people why are they in this gym and in the Castro? They walk around holding hands, touching and they make sure everyone can see that they’re a couple. I’ve seen some straight couples making out in the gym. They stay with each other during their workouts like they are afraid or concerned about being left alone with gay guys working out. Him sitting right up against her or vice versa during their workouts. I don’t see this behavior from the gay guys or gay couples. I’m getting more and more turned off. I’ve never felt this way in my own city. Maybe that’s their goal. Maybe they think that the more gays and lesbians they turn off that we will leave the Castro or SF and move.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Liz, it sounds like the presumed “straight” couple you described in the gay gym needs intense psychodynamic psychotherapy to me. It sounds like they have some issues to work through. And/Or they’re both extreme gay closet cases pretending to be “straight” as so many fucked-up “straight” couples do.

      People who are well-adjusted, secure with themselves and their own sexuality don’t act like that at all. If I saw what you described it would annoy me too. I’m probably repeating myself (from the article), but I don’t understand why so many “straight” people/couples feel the need to come to a gay area to be “in our face” with their “straight” sexuality. The same thing they whined about gay people doing for years when they said, “why do gay people have to be so in-our-face with their sexuality? We don’t want to see it.” Well I’m not hot on seeing “straight” couples suck face either or do any of the other stuff they do. I’m really sick of seeing. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  9. The Faux Heterosexuals

    Heterosexuals going to gay bars? That’s a new one on me. There’s only one reason that faux-heterosexuals are going to gay bars and that’s to explore their (secret) gay or lesbian urges and feelings. THey’re not straight and have likely known for years they’re not straight but they go through the act and possibly fooling each other. I can hear them now:

    The scene: A gay bar in the Castro

    Her: Honey, this is not such a bad place is it?
    Him: No, this is pretty cool. NIce music. Nice eye candy.
    Her: What do you mean?
    Him: I’ve accidentally noticed some hot guys in here.
    Her: Oh really? I think there’s a lesbian over there, she’s cute. Don’t take this the wrong way but I could see having sex with her.
    Him: Well (clearing throat), don’t take this the wrong way and I’m not like that but that guy over there at that table, he’s hot and I might let him give me a blow job or give him a blow job.
    Her: Oh would you? That would be hot to see.
    Him: Would that turn you on?
    Her: Hell yeah, I’ve been thinking how hot it would be to see you with a guy.
    Him: You have? Well you know how ‘discreet’ I am and I’d probably want no one to see it.
    Her: Just you and him?
    Him: Well (clearing throat again) That’s what I was thinking. You could have sex with the lesbian by yourselves without me watching.
    Her: That sounds hot.
    Him: I’ve been thinking more and more about guys lately.
    Her: Yeah I accidentally saw you on a gay website the other night. Do you think about guys when we have sex?
    Him: Well (clearing throat again) don’t take this the wrong way but yes.
    Her: I’ve never told you but I think of girls when I’m having sex with you.
    Him: Aaaah. Maybe we should explore this on our own more. I could come over here to the Castro to try to hook up with a guy and you could find a girl to have sex with.
    Her: We can think about it…oh she’s so hot….I’m just dying for her. Yeah, maybe we could do that this weekend.
    Him: I’ve thought about this a long time but didn’t think you would be open to it. Yeah many of the guys in here have given me a boner.
    Her: Well to be honest, I’ve thought about girls since a very early age.
    Him: The same with me and boys.
    Her: Oh, she is making me so wet. We can’t go yet. Let’s get another drink.

  10. Virginia

    I live in the Castro and I’ve seen straight couples going into the gay bars. It looks really stupid to me. Is this some silly fad that is passed around by word of mouth among straights? Are they doing it to appear “open-minded” or “enlightened?” If that’s the case, ask them if they prefer their child be gay or straight and I know what answer they’ll give (straight) as they’re going into a gay bar with their anti-gay feelings, otherwise they’d answer that question by saying it doesn’t make any difference to us. As others have said here, I don’t understand why anyone who is straight would go out of their way to frequent a gay bar or be attracted to such. It must be some sort of silly fad. I’ll be glad when it plays itself out.

  11. Dan

    I was walking down 17th Street yesterday morning going to the Castro. When I got to the building where “Politician Cocks” lives, a straight couple was in front of his building heavily making out on the sidewalk. They were blocking the sidewalk. No one could get around them. I walked out in the street by the parked cars to continue on. I assumed they had just met by the way they were acting and came over to the Castro to finally get it on.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Dan, sounds to me like another case of “straights” coming to the—what is supposed to be the gay—Castro to cheat (“Straights” come to the Castro to cheat). Cheating is one reason that “straights” go to gay areas since they think no one would look for them there if someone were suspecting them of cheating on them. That condo building where “The Holy Trinity” lives is a block away from Castro/Market. Of course that “straight” couple had to come there! Although sorta appropriate they’d be making out in front of his building considering that conservative, heteronormative, Politician Cocks favours and is responsible for the “straight” invasion/gentrification of The Castro. As some people have said, “he’s thrown the gay community under a Google bus.” I’ve seen that scene you described too many times, unfortunately. I often say, “oh there’s another ‘straight’ couple cheating. They came over to The Castro to do that.” Their behaviour and actions tell me they just met because most people who have been together for even just a little while don’t act like they can’t wait another moment to fuck. You didn’t say, but the way these things go, I’d guess she was roughly 3 feet (or more) shorter than he was? Gracias for your comment. Chau.

      Related: Chauvinism in The Castro (San Francisco)

      1. Dan

        Thanks for your response.

        You said,

        “You didn’t say, but the way these things go, I’d guess she was roughly 3 feet (or more) shorter than he was?

        LOL. Close to that, yes.

  12. strangetimes

    straights going to gay areas and to gay bars….that’s fucking strange. i don’t know, maybe i’m out of the loop but aren’t bars still places for people to ‘pursue’ others they’re hot for? or are one night stands or meeting someone for pursuing a possible relationship totally relegated to the “cloud services” now? people who are on the “cloud services” tell me those things are a fucking waste of everyone’s time. nothing but flakes. nobody hooks up with anybody after wasting hours flipping through fucking profiles. instead everybody hooks up with rosy palm every night. i’ve asked some straight couples where i live why they go to gay bars but they never have an answer. it makes it more difficult for gays in their own bars because if he wants to hook up with a guy he’s hot for he would have to say ‘excuse me, are you straight or gay? the reason i’m asking is that i find you cute and i’d like to talk with you, but if you’re straight i’ll move along.’ who the fuck wants to go through all that when gay guys didn’t have to before? straights going to gay bars are making it more difficult for gay guys to meet and connect in their own bars.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola strangetimes. I think gay people still go to (what-are-supposed-to-be) gay bars for the same reasons we have over the past decades, including for sex, for possibly meeting a partner or amigo. Mi amigo was reading the reviews of one gay bar in The Castro on the site I call pley and the review was written by a “straight” guy who had been to this gay bar. He wrote that even though it’s a gay bar that 20-30% or more of the couples in there were “straight.” (Don’t let me get started on this!) “Straights” have the overwhelming majority of bars in all cities. But I guess that’s not enough for them. I guess they want the gay bars too. Ugh. The Assholes. And I agree with you, I can’t imagine the hassle of trying to meet another gay person in a gay bar when there are fucking “straight” people in there. I’m sick of it. How the fuck is one supposed to know who is gay and who is “straight?” Even if they look like a “straight” couple (assuming they’re not sitting there making out), he could be Queer and she’s just an amiga tagging along. Is it too much to ask that they go to their own “straight” bars? Why are “straights” hell bent on coming to gay bars? I and many others don’t get this. Are they fucked up CLOSET CASES? Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  13. Ed in the Castro

    >>>The gay conservatives use Newspeak to describe their agenda. They call this: “the gay community maturing.” It’s the gay community becoming (more) conservative, that’s the reality. So the gay conservatives are not fooling anyone with their bull shit and Newspeak.<<<

    The gay community maturing? LOL. They're getting older but sure as hell are not maturing mentally from what I hear out and about. It's going the opposite way. I go to the gay gym in the Castro and when I"m there to workout most of the guys are older and probably over 60. Many walk with canes. I hear them talk with someone and there ain't any maturity there. They sound small-town-ish…like what I heard yesterday, the guy said "I saw him with his arm around HIM the other night." I'm thinking so? Does that matter? Is that a big deal? Then he said "and I came home sober" as if that was bad. For these guys, it's all about bragging about how much they had to drink and how drunk they got. Teenager type shit is what I hear from them. There's no maturity upstairs, and it's hard for me to relate to them. I can't relate to people whose life is alcohol, partying and getting drunk with maybe some sex mixed in. I look at their faces and they're really bright red and unhealthy looking in the face from alcohol. I think they come to the gym so they can say in their online profile "I work out 7 days a week." They're not there for health purposes.

  14. Grace Elena

    Sorry for being slightly off topic. You write it “GLBTQ.” Most people write it “LGBT.” Why is that, and is there a difference? Apologies for being off topic.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola Grace Elena. Oh you’re really not off-topic so need to apologise. As for the LGBT thing. Where’s the Q? They leave that off. Why? I wrote about this in this article. I don’t have the time right now to read what I wrote in that article but I think I wrote that the Gay Museum on 18th Street in San Francisco uses “GLBT” (like me, they don’t follow the herd), and their sidewalk sign uses the word Queer. So they sort of cover all bases. But that article explains it that I’ve linked to. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  15. I'm the L in GLBTQ

    I have a question….you could probably tell me….how many of the locals from what you call the former San Francisco do you still see in SF, like from the gay mecca days? I hope you understand my question.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola “I’m the L in GLBTQ”. How many? Well not many. Hardly none at all that I see. For the most part, it seems like a completely new city. Evictions are still soaring and the average monthly rent is outrageous now at $3,500.00 for a one-bedroom, the most expensive city in The Cesspool/The US/The Empire/los Estados Unidos. I rarely see anyone from the former San Francisco other than the few people who are from the former city who live around me. Nearly everyone on one street near me is new. It’s become rather bougi, young and white. Ugh. No shortage of babies and children. The condom industry must be dead. We’re losing our ethnic diversity. There are 2 Queer couples who have lived across the street from me for years and they are still here, perhaps because they own their own condos. There’s one or two Queer couples on another street but most of that street has changed too. My area used to be Queer and now it’s mainly “straight.” Specifically in The Castro, I hardly ever see anyone from the former city. I do on occasion and when I do my instinct says, “oh he’s still here.” But that’s rare. And many of us don’t like the new city or what they’re trying to turn San Francisco into: a bougi city—are they trying to turn it into The Techie Capital?—for the wealthy and 1%. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  16. E

    You wrote about this in one of your articles, I forget which one it was…but anyway that new gay(?) bar just opened in Duboce Triange, but they’re calling it the Castro. When the straight(?) owners announced they were opening a new bar in the Castro it was billed as a new gay bar. Since then, the word gay has been missing. I read an article about it opening and no where in the article was the word gay. I assume they don’t want to offend the straights coming in here who will go take over this gay(?) bar so they’re leaving the word gay off. It’s the continued sanitizing of the Castro that you’ve written about. I know you’re sick of it. Me too.. I wouldn’t have thought that the businesses in the Castro or Duboce Triangle would be the first to help sanitize these neighborhoods but like you say they don’t care where their money comes from so they don’t give a damn if the Castro becomes straight. As long as they can make money off of booze, coffee, and crappy food they couldn’t care less who’s here.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola y gracias for that, E. To my knowledge, the owners of the new gay bar are “straight.” They own that other bar on the north side of Market Street nearby down near Church Street. I noticed the same thing you did. They announced it as a gay bar but when they held the meeting to get feedback from the neighbourhood, the word gay was missing. Now that the bar has opened, in the bar’s description on pley, the word gay is missing, which tells me they want a “straight” bar or perhaps what they would call “mixed” like their other bar down the street. If that’s the case, why have two “mixed” bars near each other? The owners of the new bar are also close amigos with the owners of the obnoxious so-called gay “sports bar” across the street, which tries to hide that it’s a gay bar, if it still is. All of this is happening in the New Conservative Corporatised Lobotomised Techie San Francisco where some business owners and others are now ashamed of the word gay, considering this city’s GLBTQ history. Incredible! Chau.—el barrio rosa

  17. Will

    Gee, San Francisco has really changed. Bummer. My partner and I were there last month on business (not tech…we share this blog’s feelings about tech). SF is really a different place and the city has a different feel now. It felt rather emotionally dead when we were there compared to how the city used to feel and we understand why they refer to some cities, including San Francisco, as lobotomized. That’s a very appropropriate description. Oh there were plenty of people around mostly “in-your-face” heterosexuals around at times depending upon where we were even in the Castro at that gay???? sports bar we walked by and stopped briefly to look in (oh gawd that loud place we couldn’t believe it….we see why this blog asks what has happened to the gay community) and sometimes the traffic was horrendous which is new for SF and we understand that’s from the tech invasion. It’s like the mayor doesn’t like San Francisco so he’s trying to turn SF into some other city that he likes better (Hong Kong?). Really fucking weird. We heard that the mayor wants at least 30,000 more people there? Is he nuts? But it’s a very different city now. A shame really. They’re ruining the San Francisco that we all came to love. We saw that some of the views are being obstructed by the building craze of luxury condos for the wealthy.

    we read the comment from “Out and Proud.” Couldn’t agree more. My partner and I have talked about that which is why we don’t watch much television. When it’s on, we’ve noticed the hetero ads. You can’t miss them or some hetero couple is making out or doing the usual stuff heteros have been taught to do by that box.

  18. Out and Proud

    Not only do I resent straights coming into my gay area and going through calisthenics to let every one know they’re straight even in restaurants, but every time I turn on my television no matter what channel it is I’m bombarded with heterosexual programming, including all the ads. It’s brainwashing. It tells the viewer that heterosexual is the way to be and straight is the only way to be. No wonder so many people stay in the closet. A gay guy is forced (by society and family heterosexual brainwashing) into marrying a woman, they have children and then he later confesses he’s gay and he knew he was gay all along. No wonder the divorce rate in the U.S. is so high. Despite some progress the gay community has made you wouldn’t know any of its happened by looking at my television’s programming and the ads. Straight is the only way to be is what my television tells me and like you I am sick of it. All of these networks are heternormative. I see these phone ads on television which are another type of brainwashing and it’s always some guy and a girl together or a group of guys and girls looking at a phone and smiling meanwhile brainwashing the viewer that they can be as happy as this straight couple if you buy this phone.

    I really appreciate your article because finally someone wrote what I’ve felt a long time. Thank you/muchas gracias.

  19. jim

    i think most of the straights who are invading sf’s castro are the wealthy young and white techies who think they are better than the locals. they come in here with their asshole attitude & they are ruining sf.

    the conservatives love them and the conservatives love tech and they love the corporate welfare that sf is giving to the tech companies because tech is helping to evict the locals that the conservatives have wanted out of sf for a long time. the conservatives only want wealthy people in sf.

  20. Ed in the Castro

    I live in the Castro. I walked by the Edge Thursday night and their white shades were down so no one could see the jock-strapped clad dancers on the bar.

    Twin Peaks Bar = first gay bar in U.S. (San Francisco) with glass windows so people could see in.
    The Edge = first gay bar in U.S. to install shades so people CAN’T see in. They’re doing their part to help sanitize the Castro for the straights and the conservative gay prudes.

    Despite some progress, we’re going backwards with the help of the gay community. I’m as disgusted with them as you are.

      1. Ed in the Castro

        Yeah I did read that….that’s where I got it. I’ve been spreading that around to friends. Some of my friends have had to move away but we’ve stayed in touch so I’ve been telling them about what’s happening to SF and the Castro.

  21. FedUp!

    Straights going to gay areas. WHY?

    Reminds me of something I heard…

    It’s like a straight guy hanging out in a lesbian bar. Why the hell would he do that?

    It’s like a rightwinger who hangs out on a left website. Why?

    I have a thought: The straight guy would probably irritate the lesbians like a troll. That’s why he’s there to irritate. The rightwinger would irritate people on the left website like a troll and that’s why the rightwinger is there, so maybe these straights that are hellbent on invading gay areas are also trolls. They just come to irritate gay people and try to get a rise out of them. They have nothing better to do?

  22. Roberto

    I was going out to eat with a friend in the Castro and he wanted to go to this restaurant I’d heard iffy things about. I went online to see what’s up and one of the reviews said “if you have a problem with seeing two girls kissing you might not want to come to this restaurant.” I took that as a message to str8s. The restaurant is on Market St near Castro, which is becoming or has become “Str8s Central.”

    I’m with you on this. I think of all the str8 bars in this city that are available to str8s to go to and where do they come? To the Castro to gay bars. I think they need to examine their sexual orientation because I think one or both of them are paired off wrong. He should be with a guy. She should be with a female. If not, why are they here?

  23. Bittersweet Chocolate

    You know you’re in big trouble when they start using words like “Family Friendly.” I don’t know who started that but I read about some gay event in New Orleans and they said it would NOT be like Mardi Gras as if there was something wrong with Mardi Gras. It said “Family Friendly.” I pictured gay closeted men at this “GAY EVENT” and heterosexuals with children running all around and the heterosexuals asking the closeted gay men if they have a girlfriend and them answering “yeah she couldn’t come she had to work.” I know gay and lesbian couples have children too and maybe that’s who they were talking about but I’ve seen what having children does to many people no matter what their sexual orientation is.

  24. Pat B.

    A gay conservative seems like an oxymoron to me. Like you say….there’s gotta be something in the water.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola PatB. A gay conservative seems like an oxymoron to me too. I didn’t know such a person existed until recent years when I heard about Log Cabin Republicans (gay guys belonging to a political party that hates them and that made a lot of sense to me [sarcasm intended]). But as San Francisco has changed and become conservative, I can assure you that gay conservatives most assuredly exist and they seem to be in the majority here. I think part of this has to do with that gay “assimilation” nonsense promoted by the corporate GLBTQ organisations. And how does one “assimilate?” Well, many GLBTQs think it means being as much like “straight” people as possible and being heteronormative, and some also going back in the closet and being a hateful right-wing nut. In other words, as I’ve said before the gay populace has become the opposite of who they were. Someone wrote me awhile back and said that the “privileged white heteronormative gay community is now very conservative,” and I agree with that. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

  25. Mike

    I didn’t know this was going on. My brother is gay and I heard him with his gay friends talk about going to the gay-straight bar and drawing a line down the middle with gay guys on one side and straights on another but I thought he was just fooling around. I now think he was talking about straights coming into some of the gay bars he goes to. As a straight guy, I don’t go to gay bars unless I’m invited and as I’m sitting here writing this comment I’m trying to figure out why a straight guy or a straight woman would go to gay bars. I don’t know that I’ll ever figure that out. The points made in your article are well-taken.

  26. RUkiddingmeChico?

    Off-Topic (sorry): For two blocks of Market St near Castro they put holiday lights on the tree trunks of all the trees. Looks like they’re trying to make the Castro look like the Embarcadero Center area.

    1. rosa_barrio Post author

      Hola RUKiddingmeChico. Yeah I saw those. That’s the best they could come up with? I’m a “lights person” and especially like LEDs (and I use coloured lights year-round). Would it have troubled them to do the trees in rainbow colours (one tree in all red, the next tree in all orange, the next tree in all yellow – you get the idea)? That would look pretty. Or even all multi-colours. But what the fuck is “holiday-ish” about all white? I haven’t seen them up close but it looks like they’re using white LEDs, and not the cool white either (that would look better). I think they’re using what’s called the warm white. Regardless, it looks cold, bougi, sterile and corporate with every tree in white but I guess that’s their intent as they try to make The Castro into a bougi barrio.

      I suspect that useless merchants group put them up to try to get people over here to buy junk they don’t need to put under their Holiday Shopping Tree next month.

      It does look like what one would see around the corporatist Embarcadero Center. They’ve had clear lights outlining all of those buildings and the tree trunks every holiday season for decades. It’s become so predictable/boring. No coloured lights allowed down there?

      Gracias for your comment. Chau.

      1. RUkiddingmeChico?

        Thanks for letting me be off-topic, and I’ll stay off-topic and ask you this….have you seen the new LED colored lights on Castro between Market and 19th? You like? I’m a lights person too, that’s why I was asking you. I like talking with another lights person. Muchas gracias pink barrio.

        1. rosa_barrio Post author

          Hola RUkiddingmeChico. Yeah I like them, as limited as they are. For those who don’t live here, both sides of Castro Street between Market and 19th Streets now have coloured LED fixtures (two per pole; one on each side). The problem is that the brightness of the street lights near them overpowers the coloured LED lights. The LEDs mainly shine on an area of the sidewalk around the pole they’re connected to (near the parked vehicles). It doesn’t shine on the entire sidewalk. Did they not test these first before they put them up? So far I’ve seen both blocks synchronised and going very slowly through the rainbow colours. Blue, red, pink and orange look good/bright on the sidewalk, but green and yellow look washed out. I know that true yellow is hard to get in LEDs. I rode my bike down Castro the other night and noticed that you can’t see the LED colours on the sidewalk at all because the cars block the sidewalk and the street lights are too bright. So they’re really meant only for sidewalk enjoyment, I guess. The other night both blocks were stuck on red. Were they programmed to do that or was that a glitch? But it looks better than it did because now there’s colour on the sidewalks for those two blocks. It also looks better than the lame stuff people are putting up around here that they call holiday lights. The sheeple are putting up clear transparent midget lights. One house after the other copying each other with clear midget lights. I guess that’s part of that shallow “Keeping up with the Jones-ses” bull shit. What happened to being original? (Oh I know that was part of the former San Francisco, whereas “fitting in” and being like the herd is “what’s in” these days in the Lobotomised and Corporate-Fascist San Francisco). Clear transparent midgets are: boring, dull, cold-looking and corporate-looking. No imagination at all is used in the way the sheeple use them/put them up here. Why are so many people afraid of colour? While this city pretends to be “green” (ha!) the clear midget lights that the sheeple are putting up use more electricity than LEDs. I don’t see many LEDs being used. I guess people like having their electric bill go up. Idiots. I do see a few people using coloured LEDs or coloured midgets but most are using boring clear lights. I like red and clear together or blue and clear together, but clear by itself is so ugh. What the fuck is holiday-ish about clear lights? So you’re a “lights person” too. Cool. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

          1. RUkiddingmeChico?

            Exactly. I saw my neighbor in the hallway and we were talking and she said she was putting up some holiday lights. I said “all clear?” She laughed and said hell no, I hate those. She got some really nice color changing LEDs she’s putting up. They’re super pretty.

            The sheep putting up all clear lights or all white LEDs (on Market St) like I wrote in a comment up above is just so meh. Fucking boring. In Upper Market the sheep put clear lights on their deck railings so from a distance you see all of these clear or white lines on decks on Twin Peaks, decks that people never use any other time of year. The Castro St LEDs were frozen on red and green when I saw them.

            Back on topic….I usually hang out around 18th St in the Castro because there are more gay chicos down there than up on Market with the encroaching in your face straights trying to take over our gay area. Assholes. I think they’ve taken over all of Market St to Castro. Fucking pisses me off.

            1. D8

              Adding to that…

              The Castro tree has what lights on it? CLEAR.
              It looks the same every year. Why do they even bother to put it up?

              Wouldn’t you think they would put rows of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple on it to give it the rainbow flag colors?

              As others have said, so much imagination around here!!!!! especially as the straights push their way in, let everyone know they’re here ….and take over.

  27. D8

    Every day I ask: Where can I move to? Which as a longtime Castro resident, I had thought I’d never ask.

    I know exactly how you feel because I feel the same way. As I was reading this I was nodding my head in approval all the way through it. Half the time when I see these straight couples in the Castro the guy she’s with looks gay to me.

    I don’t know where I can move to where it won’t be the same or worse. Any place you move to you’ll see nothing but straight people.

    I’d like to leave the country because this is not the same country we grew up in.

  28. SF-Resident

    I wasn’t sure how I felt about the sidewalk expansion and I really didn’t understand why it was needed. We both know who it was for. It seemed like a waste of money to me. I agree it feels more impersonal and less of a community now. The only positive about it is that if I want to stand and look around I can do that now until they ban that, whereas before it was more difficult to do that without being in someone’s way. Although i would stand over by the parking meters and didn’t have any problem there standing and looking. I hadn’t thought about all the history lost in the removal of the old sidewalks. They do some stupid things around here.

    Good article. You made some excellent points. I’m sending the link to a friend of mine who will completely relate to it because he often talks about this when we get together. He can’t stand what’s happened to the Castro and he was here during the gay mecca days too.

Fin. The End.