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Aretha Franklin’s death and the hypocrisy of celebrity politicians

Hola a todos. With the death of Aretha Franklin and the celebrations of her life come the hypocrisy from corrupt celebrity politicians. Aretha was a very talented artist. She was of the Arts Community and I suspect she strongly supported funding for music and The Arts, which likely served as a catalyst for her to get where she got musically in life. It did for me. Exposure to time-honoured classical music and The Arts at an early age can indeed unveil and reveal hidden talents in young people. And having talent is one of the most critical aspects of being an outstanding and gifted musician.

Mi amigo/My friend said he always thought of Aretha as a disco artist, rather than “the Queen of Soul” as she’s being called. Well, she wasn’t one of the major disco artists like Donna Summer, for example. Some of Donna’s albums were played in their entirety nonstop (I’m thinking of “Love to Love you Baby” and “The MacArthur’s Park Suite,” as two examples) — rather than just one or two tracks from it — on the Technics turntables in the Lost & Found discothèque in SW DC where mis amigos/my friends and I enjoyed years of Friday and Saturday nights dancing on the packed dance floor. Also, the discothèques sometimes played a special extended version of someone’s hit single available to them only. Fortunately, I was able to get some of those extended versions which were better and more elaborate than the commercially-available versions played by radio stations, because Gary’s Records near Connecticut Avenue and K Streets NW in the District of Columbia where I lived had them or could special order them very quickly (“We’ll have it in at 4.00pm today for you” his mother who worked with him would say). Aretha released a disco dance music album in 1979 which, according to Billboard, was “a flop,” selling less than 100,000 copies here in the shithole US. Billboard also described 1979 as “the twilight of the disco era.” The twilight? I don’t think so. I think the twilight came a little bit later. It wasn’t the twilight of disco music in the District. Things were still hopping in DC with new music. Then when I moved to San Francisco in August 1979, they were pretty much playing the same music here at the gay bars as they were playing in the District’s gay bars. Aretha got involved in house music which came after disco. You can read about that here: Aretha Franklin’s Impact on Dance Music Over The Years.

Well, following Aretha’s death, the tributes for Aretha started pouring in:

Mr Nobel Peace Prize messiah Obama who is obviously quite stuck on himself and his celebrity status (can he look any more arrogant?, and is anyone else tired of his left-to-right, right-to-left robotic head movements whenever he’s talking to a group of people?), and who left office with 8-9 wars in progress (I’m sorry I lost count; it was hard to keep up with his wars) despite the hypocrisy of that Nobel Peace Prize he had to use Aretha’s death to get attention for himself — one wonders what political office he is planning to run for at some point? — with a tribute to Aretha. But it occurred to me that when he was in office messiah Obama cut funding for The Arts. Did Aretha know that about “Mr Hope and Change We Can Believe In?” (What a bunch of marketing bull shit that was!) The guy she endorsed for president? For example:

Information on Obama’s budget:

Good for DC museums, not for NEA and arts grants

Obama reduces Arts funding

Then, the thin-skinned, literally-insane Orange Alien and international bully had to stick his narcissistic nose in it. Did he even know who Aretha Franklin was? Had he ever heard of her? Or did that b/witch Sarah Huck have to tell him who she was? Mi amigo told me that the Orange Alien later came out and said that Aretha had worked for him on one occasion. Is that another lie? As is typical with him, he had to exploit Christianity once again for his stupid-is-in evangelical base by pretending to be a Christian. Mind you, the “church” he attends each Domingo/Sunday is his course golf. Of course the man-child Orange Alien is a Christian fraud, like many other fake-Christians including “Democratic” and Republican politicians who are Christian in name-only. They break/violate the Fifth of the The Ten Commandments — “Thou Shalt Not Kill” — with their imperialistic Military Industrial Complex war agenda. The Orange Alien is the exact opposite of Jesus from what we’ve been told about the teachings of Jesus. The Orange Alien called Aretha “a great woman” (I think the words “great” and “so sad” are the only words he knows to describe things) and mentioned her gift from God [sic]. Since when does this basura ever have any interest in god, other than to exploit “him” (god) for his far-right agenda? He’s very selective about when he mentions the Floating Cloud BeingTM to play to his stupid, gullible, brainwashed evangelical base.

For your search engine: Tr*mp federal budget 2018: Massive cuts to the arts, science and the poor

Then attention-craving Hillary popped up, as one might expect:

It seems that Hillary feels she must keep herself in the spotlight — might that be for her upcoming 2020 presidential run to re-run/re-hash 2016 all over again? (not that anything would be different the second time around) — by commenting on Aretha’s death. I won’t bother writing what she said.

But as the following site says about Hillary:

QUOTE: I spent more than a month conducting research, including reading the campaign websites of Clinton, Johnson, Stein and Tr*mp — and doing research on each of them. I did not find a single word in the campaign websites of Clinton, Johnson and Tr*mp about their vision of the The Arts (funding, education, use in diplomacy, First Amendment issues and more). In Jill Stein’s platform it says, under the section on education, “Restore arts, music and recreation to school curriculums.

Ms. Clinton’s site addresses some 38 issues and, as of Aug. 31, includes by my count 164 “fact sheets” on her positions. I read all of this as thoroughly as one could and did not find a single mention of The Arts. In 2013, just as she ended her tenure as Secretary of State, Clinton wrote a short article in Vanity Fair praising the State Department’s Art in Embassies program as a tool of diplomacy. Art, she said, “reaches beyond governments, past the conference rooms and presidential palaces, to help us connect with more people in more places. It is a universal language in our search for common ground, an expression of our shared humanity. END QUOTE [Source.]

Too bad Hillary didn’t insist she and the interviewer talk about funding for music and The Arts in this and any other interviews, rather than what she did talk about: Death and killing with her repugnant, “We came, we saw, he died” line:

La mujer/The woman is quite a piece of work. I thought all these people pretended to be Christians, no? Genuine/Real Christians believe in and honour the Fifth Commandment which again is, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” What part of that commandment do these war criminal corrupt corporate parasite basura fake-Christians not understand? And I’m speaking of war criminals Hillary, Obama and the Orange Alien. They’re all Christian frauds. Fake Christians, including that far-right, lobotomised-looking Pen*e guy who looks like he’s not all there. Nobody home. Wrapping oneself in the bible with a US flag ribbon doesn’t make one a Christian. They’ve all violated that Fifth Commandment and pretty much anything else that’s in that bible that they pretend to believe in. They only drag it out when it’s politically expedient and to their advantage to do so to sway their stupid cultists, and there’s clearly no shortage of them. Just look around.

I can’t stand hypocrites, and some of them were popping up to give themselves attention and using the opportunity of Aretha Franklin’s death to do so. Although I suspect most partisan-brainwashed “Democratic” Party Cultists said: “I think it’s wonderful that our messiahs Obama and Hillary wrote a tribute to Aretha. They’re such nice people and good ‘Democrats.’” Oh give it a rest, you gullible “Democratic” Party Cultist fools.

Yes, that’s what the easily-deceived and gullible “Democratic” Party Cultists would say. These corrupt politicians — both D and R — wrote a tribute for a reason: To give themselves attention. They’re opportunists. They’re narcissistic of various degrees. That’s what they are. They could have written a very moving and personal private tribute to Aretha’s family including their memories of when they had the pleasure of meeting her and hearing her music performed live in their presence, but no, that wouldn’t give them the attention they crave, would it? Of course not.

I really liked the sassy clothes chosen for Aretha’s lying in state in Detroit. You can see her in the link below. She was wearing a red dress and red dancing shoes with her legs cross in the casket. You go girl! You go Ms Thang! I had thought they were her burial clothes. Apparently, her clothes were later changed for her funeral to match her gold casket. Her funeral was a celebrity event with the attendance of corrupt politicians including Bill and Hillary Clinton. Sorry to see that.

This is for Aretha, should she read this from wherever she is: I suspect that at your funeral some of the “Christians” made the statement that you’ve gone to heaven to be with god. That’s intended to be comforting to the grieving person, that’s why they say that. It sounds nice and pretty and all, but in reality it’s impossible. Because it contradicts the Christian beliefs about Judgment Day. It’s one of the many holes in the Christian belief system. Judgement Day has to come first and we haven’t had that yet. That’s the big day that trumpets will sound (remember all that?) and the verdict on where people will go (Heaven or Hell) will be announced. Well, it will take months for god to get through the names of all the people who have died and where they will go, so you’ll have to be patient. In your case Aretha, after Judgment Day when you get to Hell/Hades where all the good people will be (including the fine jazz and soul musicians) — I mean you certainly don’t want to go to Heaven and be among all those stuffy prudes and be swimming in a river of milk and honey; what a gooey mess that would be! — lay some of your music on them in Hell/Hades. You’ll most assuredly liven up the place. They’ll love ya! Oh and by the way, the late Robert Shaw (formerly of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus on Earth) will likely be there too and he can conduct your Orchestra for you if you’d like if you’ve not made previous arrangements with someone else. The late Margaret Hillis (Founder and Director of the Chicago Symphony Chorus on Earth) can help prepare your backup singers/choral forces for you. Robert Shaw could do that too, but Ms Hillis could probably use the work. Or will she be busy preparing the Hades Symphony Orchestra Chorus for performances? Nevertheless, you will sound wonderful, Aretha! Everyone will enjoy you.

I’ve deliberately not said a word about another memorial/funeral taking place at the same time as Aretha’s. Music is the international language so it’s completely understandable why some international news sources have given her death so much coverage. But I fail to understand the international eulogising, the revisionist history and sainthood status having been bestowed on some guy from the US senate who recently died, who most people (even many/most USians) had probably never even heard of until now. I mean, how many MPs in the British Parliament (or anywhere else in any other world governments) when they die receive international attention, constant accolades and genuflecting based in ugly revisionist history and canonising? I think his butting heads with the Orange Alien — who was told not to come to his memorial — generated part of this interest in this instance. Yet some international news channels gave this guy wall-to-wall coverage. Loco./Crazy. Then at his by-invitation-only memorial service in Washington National Cathedral (a cathedral church of the worldwide Anglican Communion) in the District of Columbia, where the corrupt US Oligarchy was seated for this memorial liturgy, illegitimate George W Bush and messiah Obama stood up there and claimed that this guy had “made me a better president.” Some people just say anything, don’t they? But the word they both left out was “made me a better WAR president.” And the word “president” only applies to perhaps Obama and certainly not to resident Bush when he was illegitimately occupying la casa blanca/the white house, because he (Obama) was supposedly “elected” on the same corrupt sham of a system with easily-hackable electronic voting machines and tabulators that got illegitimate George W Bush in office along with the Judicial Coup of course (where the US Supreme Court’s Bush family friends selected Bush), and before that with extensive help from the Bush Crime Family, such as his brother being governor of Florida at the time where the s-election was stolen with the complicity of Katharine Harris. Remember that piece of work? It’s as if the US Oligarchy wanted Obama in office knowing full-well — and despite his meaningless words during the campaign of “Hope” and “Change We Can Believe In” drivel for the sheeple — that he (Obama) would continue and expand on the neocon right-wing agenda of the illegitimate Bush/Cheney regime just as he did. Did anyone else notice how snugly and cozy as if best of friends George Bush and Michelle Obama were, as usual and here. I also saw this: “George W. Bush Slipped a Piece of Candy to Michelle Obama at McCain’s Funeral.” Isn’t that wonderful. I can’t tell you how much that warms my heart. (roll eyes) In reality, these people are just one big happy family despite the theatrics of partisan divisions and so-called “opposition party” bull shit. All of that stuff is just pabulum and bait for their D and R partisan-brainwashed gullible “Democratic” and Republican Party Cultists. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Aretha Franklin ‘honoured like a Queen’ as she lies in state
Dressed all in red – with matching lipstick and nail varnish – the Queen of Soul lies in repose inside a gold-plated coffin. [Source.]