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Black, Black, Black, Black, Black, Black and more Black

Hola a todos. The other day I received the following e-mail and thought I’d respond to it here. The e-mail was in response to several articles I’ve written about the sheeple’s obsession with wearing cult-looking and conformist all-black or black and grey clothing head-to-toe 7 days a week. Here’s the e-mail followed by my response:

“I wanna answer your question about why you’re seeing people in black, black & gray. I wear all black all the time every day, sometimes black and gray. Its [sic] to show that I’m morning [sic] because the orange man as you call him is in the White House. All the people I know are doing the same. Lisa.”

My response: Hola Lisa. A rhetorical question: How are people supposed to know that’s why you’re wearing all-black or black and grey? I assume you don’t wear a sign saying, “In mourning because of the orange man.” I suspect most people are wearing all-black because “everybody else is wearing all-black.” They’re just copying each other because that’s what sheeple do. They’re conformists and they’re proud of that.

Another rhetorical question: Are you planning to wear all-black or black and grey every day for eight years or longer? That’s going to get pretty old. Frankly, from where I’m sitting here in San Francisco it already is pretty old. What I see looks like a lot of very depressed people out there and looking at their faces they look depressed, or angry. Everywhere I look I see this all-black clothing rut that most people are in. But you all can take comfort in knowing that you’re dressed for a funeral upon any moment’s notice.

I’ve noticed that many pedestrians and cyclists (with no lights) when they’re crossing the street or riding on the street at night in their all-black clothing looked annoyed when a car or truck nearly hits them because the motorist can’t see them. I don’t know how pedestrians and cyclists expect motorists to see them at night in all-black, especially in some dangerous intersections. I take it that it has never occurred to these conformist people here in the stupid-is-in shithole US that it’s intelligent to wear something reflective/colourful on one’s person at night in order to let motorists see them. That’s something I was taught as a child, but presumably that basic education is not being taught any more considering the people I see out there. One might think that would be “common sense,” but if “common sense” were common we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in.

Also, you and others might want to keep this in mind: I assume that the people wearing all-black don’t care if they are mistaken for a white nationalist, a white supremacist or a nazi because all-black is also the clothing colour that many of them wear from some online images I’ve seen.

Politically speaking, there’s no reason to think that the electoral college results will be any different in 2020 than they were in 2016. Our corrupt s-election system — which most people choose to live in denial about — will be unchanged. A partisan brainwashed Democrat will want to tell me, “I think the Democrat will win next time.” Well, the war criminal Democrat won last time — she got 3-4 Million more votes that we know of than he did — but nevertheless she’s sitting at home these days popping up every now and then seeking attention before she runs again in 2020. And assuming this septic and deranged man-child-bully is still in office by 2020 or even if the other guy has replaced him, I suspect you and others will be wearing your all-black for eight long years if not much longer. Won’t that be a bit boring to wear the same drab depressed colour every day for eight-plus years? I should think that alone would cause someone to go into a deep depression, if not possibly insane. Pretty bright (Latin) colours lift the spirits. All black or black and grey are depressing to one’s spirits. I understand you can’t stand the basura. I can’t stand him or the vp either, but I’m not about to change what I wear because this heinous regime is in office. That’s seems ridiculous to me. Also, this black and grey cult-looking rut that people are in with their clothes has been going on long before the orange man took office. I first noticed it four years ago for the Latin Grammy’s that I wrote about here. It was mostly the (stupid) Millennials who were doing this, but in recent months I’ve noticed that this absolute conformity is across the board regardless of one’s age in order for more sheeple to “fit in” with the masses.

If one were going to mourn for the country, the mourning should have begun the night of the Judicial Coup back in 2000. That came following the Bush Crime Family’s stealing of the 2000 election, and Al Gore and the corrupt Democratic Party acted like the usual complicit wet noodles. I remember saying to mi amigo/my friend that night: “It’s all over for this country” and I meant that. Then Obama expanded on the despicable neocon policies of the illegitimate Bush II regime so one would have worn all-black during the eight years of Obama as well to continue in their “mourning for the country.”

This “dress code” of wearing all-black seems extreme to me. It also seems shallow and purely symbolic, because there are other more effective and productive ways to show one’s disapproval, especially when it’s not common knowledge why you’re wearing all-black. I’ve looked this up many times and found nothing on it, other than one person saying they were wearing all-black because Obama had left office. For others, it’s more of a moda/fashion thing. A more effective and productive way of showing your disapproval of the orange man-child would be by visibly and openly supporting the mayor of Oakland and her commendable efforts in trying to help undocumented residents by warning them of an imminent ICE sweep, as one example, of many examples I could give. Gracias for your e-mail. Chau.—el barrio rosa