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Chelsea Manning is now hanging with the alt-right

Hola. One wonders if Chelsea Manning completely flipped-out while in prison. It’s quite understandable if she did considering how she was mistreated. After her release from prison, she moved to the US state of Maryland. She lives in North Bethesda which is a suburb of the District of Columbia. (Related: “Is the District of Columbia in the US?”)

Chelsea recently announced that she’s running for the Maryland state senate as a Democrat, although I’ve read from multiple sources that former military lawyers agree that Chelsea is subject to Pentagon prosecution for running for office while still on active duty. Yes, she’s still on active duty — despite corporate media reports to the contrary — although she’s on excess leave and in a non-pay status while her appeal of a general court-martial for violating the Espionage Act and other orders is underway. Nevertheless, she must remain in an active-duty status while the appeal process continues. And apparently, one cannot be on active-duty status and be involved in any type of political activity, and especially a run for a state’s senate. Should she be prosecuted by the Pentagon for her senate run, the orange man has made it clear that he can’t stand her and called Chelsea “an ungrateful traitor who should have never been released from prison.” Considering all of this, in my opinion, Chelsea is stupid to run for political office. Instead, she should be keeping a low-profile. (What is wrong with the woman?)

And what qualifies her for that position in the Maryland senate? Does she think it’s her name recognition? Does she have a law degree to be a “lawmaker” in the Maryland state senate? (Related: You can land a job without education or experience). Most recently, according to this article, she’s been hanging out with the fascists (commonly known as “alt-right”). Yes, she attended their sold-out event in Manhattan. 650 people attended their event buying tickets that cost between $139 to $999 each. One wonders why Chelsea would go to such an event. She’s also been having communications with several fascists/right-wing media personalities who live in the District. While hanging out with the fascists at this event in NYC, she introduced herself to some right-wing media personalities. All of this while running as a Democrat in Maryland. Something seems very suspect about this to me. After she left this event, she got on millionaire/billionaire-owned “social media” — the one that lets the orange man say absolutely anything regardless of how heinous, threatening or violent in nature — and she lied and claimed she had “crashed” the event. But the writer of the article I’ve linked to who was there disagreed with that. He wrote, “…she seemed to mingle freely and be welcomed with open arms.” Meanwhile, speakers at this event made anti-trans and anti-women comments throughout the evening.

From my research, regarding her Maryland senate run, I read that Chelsea said that, “The Establishment needs to be challenged” and that “she’s pushing for radical change.” Yet at this fascist event in New York, “radical” Chelsea remained silent and didn’t speak up to challenge any of their anti-trans or anti-women remarks during the 2 hours she was there. Silence = complicity or agreement. Or, it can also mean a lack of interest, which would not be the case with Chelsea.

Chelsea seems to be very naïve as well as confused, if not broken. Not all there. When one attempts to challenge the US Oligarchy/The Democratic and Republican Establishment, one is minimised, pushed over into the corner and told to sit down and shut up. Think Dennis Kucinich as well as wet-noodle and Hillary Clinton endorser Bernie Sanders. You see, there’s a lack of scrotums or more precisely testicles and ovaries (the female equivalent) in the US congress for challenging the US Oligarchy, which of course the congress is part of. Chelsea claims she’s in the mold of Bernie Sanders. Oh lawd. Just what we need. Another fake-progressive who in the end is part of The Establishment right-wing and misnamed Democratic Party, regardless of what he (Bernie Sanders) calls himself. I also noticed that even though Chelsea says she’s pushing for radical change, there’s nothing “radical” looking about her. In the pictures I’ve seen of her, she dresses as conservatively as the orange man’s best enablers, Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein. In the case of enabler Pelosi, in December 2017 Pelosi took impeachment of the orange man “off the table” when the majority of House Democrats joined with the House Republicans against impeachment. “Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement, shortly after Green introduced his articles of impeachment.” One wonders when the time might be right, Democrat Pelosi? After your international-bully friend launches a nuclear attack on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea killing millions and millions of people worldwide? Or would the time not be right then either? (Sigh) One might recall that Democrat Pelosi took impeachment “off the table” for her friend illegitimate George W Bush. In the case of enabler Dianne Feinstein, she has said that she thinks the current occupant of la casa blanca/the white house can be a good president if he changes some — one wonders what set of standards la mujer/the woman was using for that? — and that we should expect him to serve his full term. Was she implying with her help as the “senior senator?”

The “Proud Boys,” as they’re called (presumably the NYC/Manhattan chapter) whom I even hesitate to mention, should really be called the Ignorant Boys. They were at this fascist event too in their clone-look Fred Perry shirts. I read that Fred Perry does not approve of them wearing his shirts as he doesn’t agree with their politics. I was wondering how many closeted, heteronormative “discreet” and “down low” Queer/GTQBL boys were at this fascist event? Proud Boys are white supremacists/white nationalists but their founder denies that, and of course he would deny that. That’s because we are awash in denial, lying, deceit, and hypocrisy these days. Their founder can deny that they’re white supremacists/white nationalists but I’ve seen pictures of Proud Boys giving a group “white power” (aka “white nationalist gang”) hand sign which you can see them giving in this image here as well as in this image here. As well as here. Proud Boys support a wall at the southern la frontera/border of the shithole US. Here is an image of a shirt worn by one of the anti-fascists which tells it like it is about the anti-ethnic, heteronormative and for-the-rich agenda of el hombre naranja and his supporters the Proud Boys. From his website: “They are a politically diverse group, but have in common a love of Tr**p, a hatred of immigrants, refugees, and leftists, and a tolerance of neo-Nazism. Their blog hawks Western Chauvinism, anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia on a daily basis.”

One of the strange rules for being a Proud Boy is that they can only jack off once a month — which I should point out is very unhealthy for the overall well-being and health of a guy’s prostate, I guess they don’t know that — and their rule is that when they do masturbate (once a month) it must be within 3 yards of a woman with her permission. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP! Here’s what I don’t understand: Why does the Proud Boy have to be in the presence of a woman — especially if he’s gay — considering that they claim they’re not anti-gay and that they have some gay members? A gay guy would have no interest in jacking off in the presence of a woman; he’d probably lose his hard-on. But the “within the presence of a woman” rule does indeed send the strong message that “we’re heteronomative and anti-gay,” while they say out of the other side of their mouths that they’re not anti-gay. Uh huh. Is anyone fooled? And if they’re not anti-gay, then why did the founder of Proud Boys say at this fascist/”alt-right” event in Manhattan, “Doesn’t a gay like a giant erect cock?” A gay? Who uses that language other than anti-gay bigots and/or a gay closet case himself? Oh yes, that most assuredly sounds like someone who is not anti-gay to me. And we all know that fascists love gay people, correct? (roll eyes/sarcasm intended).

Proud Boys are all about being “a real man” in the frat-house jock sense. A “cisgender straight white male” is what they are about. In fact, I saw a shirt reading that language worn by one of the Proud Boys in his first-step initiation process and I’ve heard that same language used by one of their guys when they were interviewed by one of the US major corporate media networks.

So again, Proud Boys can only JO once a month in order to supposedly “save it up” for a woman — to get her pregnant? — because they “Venerate the Housewife.” That’s part of what they believe. Does that mean that “the housewife” is supposed to be barefoot and pregnant? At this fascist event, the piece of work founder of Proud Boys referred to, “women who allow themselves to be a ‘colostomy bag for someone else’s cum’” and he made numerous other derogatory references to women. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Proud Boys and its founder are proud “Western Chauvinists.” That’s what they call themselves. Proud Boys also think that “the West” (meaning the shithole US) is the best. HA! Ludicrous! That’s one reason I refer to them as the Ignorant Boys. It would appear that they’ve not traveled much or at all internationally otherwise they wouldn’t think that the shithole US is the best. One cannot fix stupid. And of course they adamantly support el hombre naranja/the orange man. He’s their cultist messiah figure. The first step of the initiation process for a guy to become a Proud Boy is to name five breakfast cereals — they must spend weeks trying to memorise those! — while the other Proud Boys playfully punch the prospective Proud Boy on his back and chest area, pretending to beat him up. Just more frat-house jock stuff. The fourth part of their initiation to be a Proud Boy is to literally beat up one of the anti-fascists who sometimes protest Proud Boys at their events.

I read this to mi amigo/my friend and he said, “Is there anyone out there who’s paying attention that doesn’t believe that a civil war is coming or is slowly already happening as of this writing here in the shithole US?”

So one wonders why Chelsea Manning wants anything to do with the fascists (“alt-right,” as it’s commonly called) if she doesn’t somehow agree with them? Did she not realise she was financially helping them with their agenda by buying a ticket to their event? Why would she want to hang with that fascist crowd? Why would she use her time and dinero/money going to their event in Manhattan when she lives outside of DC? That’s not exactly a short trip from the District to New York City and back. Did she go to promote herself among the fascists who would be at this event from the District? Does she think they might promote her to get the “alt-right” in Maryland to vote for her? Because District residents can’t vote for candidates in Maryland; only residents of Maryland can. Why would she want to be promoted by the fascists (“alt-right”) of all people! Loca./Crazy. And as for her senate run, why would she want anything to do with the corrupt and imperialistic right-wing Democratic party as their “leadership” is protecting and enabling el hombre naranja/the orange man? They are not “the left” or radical whatsoever.

(Sigh) Crazy times. You know at this point and the way things are playing out these days, it won’t surprise me in the least if and when Chelsea Manning comes out as being pro-fascist/”alt-right,” pro-far-right and even anti-trans (even though she’s transgender) and running as a fucking Democrat. A complete flip. A “180.” No, that wouldn’t surprise me. I say that because I’ve seen that happen with many people, such as California governor Jerry Brown who was on the left years ago when he had his show on KPFA in the Bay Area, and now he’s on the right. Bill Clinton is another one. The same for John Kerry and there are others. Reading about some of these Proud Boys, some of them were once on the left, now they’ve flipped and are fascists/on the far-right. We are witnessing wide-scale insanity. Loco/crazy times. Chau.—el barrio rosa