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Closet Cases are Depressing

Hola a todos. It depresses me to see closet cases. They and their wife or girlfriend with babies deliberately move into a gay area to continue taking it over whether it be Chelsea in Manhattan (Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes), West Hollywood (West Hollywood’s Gay Pride Fading?) or San Francisco’s Castro (formerly the Gay Mecca, now The Breeder Mecca). Closet cases in breeder relationships come with straight privilege and they can live anywhere but they deliberately choose to live in a gay area or a fading gay area. These adamantly conformist closet cases are doing as they’ve been taught/brainwashed to do by our society and by their family. They’re ditzy, they’ve been taught that he must have a girlfriend or wife (even when he’s gay and in the closet). After acquiring “the girl” then he must get married and begin squeezing out babies to satisfy his and her family’s requirements for them for “Starting a Family.” Translation: Breeding. What’s the big deal about breeding? Mosquitoes can breed.

I’ve seen the aged faces of breeders. In the case of my neighbours, I remember how young they looked roughly 13-14 years ago (“before breeding”). Now, after having two children, they have the wrinkled faces and posture of grandparents (“after breeding”), even though they’re not close to being grandparents. Breeding has aged them both tremendously.

These breeders (with their closeted husband or boyfriend) must also have the expensive house and the expensive cars and other expensive materialistic junk. This is all programmed into them by corporations, the corporate media, our conformist society and particularly The Family ScriptTM, which is what they’re following to “the T.” They’re following The Breeder Agenda.

Even in places where gay marriage is legal, images of “him and her” continue to be shoved in our faces 24-hours a day as if Queer couples don’t exist and neither does gay marriage. That’s also part of The Breeder Agenda promoting a heteronormative/breeder/straight society.

Many of the techie trash who have helped ruin San Francisco are Queer — according to even the most unreliable gaydar — but they live in the closet, get “the girl” to please their family, and then the baby factory opens. Mr Closet Case wears a baseball cap thinking that will make him look less gay and more macho, more “straight”/breeder-like and like the other Jock Bros. With these breeder couples, Mr Closet Case often looks unhappy — as if he’s thinking “how did I get myself into this mess?” — while pushing the baby stroller behind his constantly-needy-for-attention and giddy female spouse or girlfriend. She is giddy with happiness because she’s gotten what her Family ScriptTM requires: The guy (even when he’s really gay and in some instances deep down she knows that), at least two screaming babies in a two-seated stroller to help give her attention, the expensive house, the expensive status-symbol cars, the expensive phones, and other expensive required materialistic junk to “Keep Up With The Joneses”, even when they don’t know The Joneses. That’s why corporations push this stuff on unthinking people. Maximum materialistic capitalist consumption.

In San Francisco, there’s long been strong friction between the homeowners and renters. The elitist homeowners think they are entitled to special rights just because they own property. As soon as a homeowner learns that someone they’ve been talking with for awhile is a renter, the conversation shuts down immediately. My neighbour is the most recent person to experience that from a homeowner. The homeowner will put her/his nose in the air and walk off in a huff because there is such prejudice against renters in San Francisco. Also, the conservative Queers (wealthy homeowners) have warmly welcomed the breeders with their screaming babies to take over our gay area. The conservative Queers prefer to live among wealthy breeders rather than poorer Queers. To them, it’s a class issue.

So it does depress me whenever I see these closet cases, and I’m seeing more and more of them these days in San Francisco — they’re usually young and white Millennials — as San Francisco’s Castro (formerly the Gay Mecca) has become The Breeder Mecca with closet cases.

Some of the newer techie arrivals are quite anti-gay (related: Gay people are now thought of as “funny” in San Francisco).

I don’t know why breeders are so adamantly intent in living in a gay area or where there are still some Queers living, although at this point, damn few. Is it because the closet case guy in the breeder relationship thinks it will be easier to get “gay sex” on the side living over here? Again, these closet cases and their families could live anywhere on the planet or anywhere in San Francisco, but they go out of their way to live in a fading gay area. Either these closet cases come with an anti-Queer agenda of making The Castro/Upper Market a sea of breeder couples — although it looks like that now frankly — or they’re hoping to get “gay sex” on the “down low.” I’ve seen sex ads from the techie trash on CL (they brag that they’re in tech), and they are some of the most closeted guys on CL. Of course they lie and call themselves “straight” while they’re looking for sex with a guy. The closeted words “discreet” and “down low” are overly-saturated throughout their personal sex ads. They are clearly quite uncomfortable with their Queer sexuality. Insecure Millennials.

Also, with San Francisco having become a playground for the super-wealthy (the Bay Area is now known as Billionaire Bay), our crime rate in The City is now through the roof, unlike during the days when The City was known as a Bohemian, progressive Gay Mecca on the West Coast. In those days, our crime rate was relatively low by comparison. But with bougi wealthy breeders comes crimes.

With world overpopulation in general, when will these breeders with their Breeder Agenda realise that they are contributing to severe human overpopulation? I suspect they couldn’t care less. Or are they not paying attention to anything outside their phones? Oh I know in their mind they say, “My baby is special.” Yeah that’s what they all say. But at 7.5 billion people (as of this writing) and rising, we are all going to starve to death because there is not enough comida/food and agua/water for all of these humans that these obnoxious breeders are mindlessly squeezing out, as if they’ve never heard of birth control. The planet can sustain a little over one billion humans. Best to ignore in denial?

Maybe at some point, some of these young techie trash closet cases we see around here will decide that they’re tired of living a lie, tired of their dishonesty, tired of being a fraud, tired of pretending to like sex with females (he’s likely thinking about the guys he “discreetly” cruised at the gym when having sex with her and when he JO behind her back), he’s tired of pretending to be someone he’s not, and finally comes out of the closet. He’ll tell her that he’s gay and was gay when they met. She will either already know that or will have lived in denial about it for years. Then comes the legal mess and dividing things up and child support payments and whose lives have been harmed, damaged, and/or ruined/destroyed as a result of his lies and dishonesty, with needy-her serving as his accomplice all along when she knew he was gay from Day One. But she was desperate for someone to marry her at that point to fulfill “The Family ScriptTM.” Only because he (Mr Closet Case) didn’t have the courage, the integrity and was too weak of a person to be himself: The Queer boy that he is. What a mess. Wouldn’t it have been easier to come out of the closet to begin with even if it did disappoint his anti-gay family — who any other time claim to “love gay people,” except when it’s their own son who comes out — and their Breeder Script and Family ScriptTM plans for him? But unfortunately, this story has repeated itself thousands of times worldwide and will continue to do so. Chau.—el barrio rosa