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Marketing Pussy to Gay Guys

“Pussy is the gay cure.” That’s what the anti-gay bigots are pushing. Why is so important to them that everyone have their sexual interests? Well, this is really about a very specific anti-gay agenda.

There’s an update near the bottom of this page.

Hola. The idea that “sexuality is fluid” is heavily promoted by gay conversion sites to market pussy to gay guys. Most unfortunately, “sexuality is fluid” is also being promoted by at least one Queer site that I know of, as well as by some conformist, mainstream sheeple Queers who mindlessly regurgitate stupid clichés they’ve heard or read, such as “sexuality is fluid.” Of the gay conversion sites, the term “The Gay Agenda” is used pejoratively by at least one of these sites that I’m aware of. In reality, there is no “gay agenda” and there never has been. But there most assuredly is a Breeder Agenda. And that’s the agenda of all of these sites trying to market pussy to gay guys, and the Breeder Agenda is the agenda of our heteronormative society.

Even in places where gay marriage is legal, images of “him and her” continue to be shoved in our faces 24-hours a day as if Queer couples don’t exist and neither does gay marriage. That’s also part of The Breeder Agenda promoting a heteronormative/breeder/straight society.

The term “sexuality is fluid” means that a person can change his/her sexuality, or that a person’s sexuality changes without the person having any control over it. As I said, gay conversion sites say that “sexuality is fluid” in order to promote their anti-gay agenda of encouraging gay guys to “turn bi” or preferably “turn straight.” The “Sexuality is Fluid” Card is nearly always used in a straight-superiority, anti-gay context to promote breeder sex including pregnancies without the responsibilities that come with pregnancy ever mentioned.

I recently asked everyone I could think of if their sexuality had changed over the years. Each person I asked looked at me as if I had egg in my hair, and as if they thought I were crazy. They shook their head and said, “No, why?” I explained to them that some people with an anti-gay agenda are using the innocent-sounding cliché “sexuality is fluid” to encourage gay guys to “turn bi” or “turn straight.” According to the gay conversion sites, because “sexuality is fluid,” all a gay guy has to do is to start watching only “straight porn” and then “find the right girl” to fuck pussy for the first time. Then, after “getting pussy,” he will realise what he’s been missing all of his life (you think?), he will have experienced the “ultimate satisfaction of pussy” (roll eyes) and he will become a “pussy hound” and “give up his gay life and put that Rainbow Flag away.” Sigh. Breeder brainwashing. Of course the gay conversion sites never mention that many, if not most, gay guys started out by fucking pussy in high school — due to peer pressure — when they were still in the closet so it’s not like they’ve never done it before. After which, they quickly ran to dick because they knew they were into guys.

I ran this “sexuality is fluid” bull shit by my straight neighbour. His reaction was a combination of rolled eyes followed by “oh, good gawd! Are you serious?” He’s told me many times how he wish he were gay because of his many problems with women especially in their emotional department which is something that these gay conversion sites rarely-to-never talk about. To them, it’s all about “getting pussy.” Very shallow. Well, there are many other things in a “relationship” with a female than just pussy. My straight neighbour told me, “Pussy is not all that it’s marketed to be. It’s really over-hyped by our society; it can be satisfying but so is jacking off, and each woman is built differently so fucking pussy does not always feel the same. If the couple is fucking in the missionary position, it can be exhausting for the guy having to hold himself up by his arms. All she does is lie there. I know from experience.”

I was on a bisexual guy’s blog recently. He’s a genuine bi guy — and not one of the thousands of heteronormative gay guys lying about their sexuality and calling themselves “bi” instead of gay — when they have zero interest in females — to try to sound more straight. I’m specifically talking about the overwhelming majority of gay guys with gay shame on CL (ClosetList) in men-for-men sex ads regardless of which city it is, from San Francisco to Manhattan/NYC. The bisexual blogger wrote: “It seems there’s no shortage of gay guys who fantasize about not being into men anymore. If you’re looking for that trip, look elsewhere.” Sad. I was pleased to see he’s not part of the agenda of converting gay guys to being bi or straight. He used the word “trip” as in head trip or fantasy. That’s a good description. Now in fantasy, people’s fantasies can be literally anything since people have all kinds of fantasies — including fantasies about changing one’s sexuality, I suspect — but that doesn’t at all mean that someone wants to act out their fantasies and try to change their sexuality in their real life. I’ve heard some gay guys say on occasion that they had the most bazaar fantasy to the point where they were critical of themselves for having it, and after they came they asked themselves “WTF was I thinking about?” As if it were so twisted and unacceptable to them in real life. Personally, I think fantasies are usually best left as fantasies because rarely does a fantasy play out in real life exactly as the fantasy plays out in a person’s main sex organ: one’s brain. Trying to play out a fantasy in real life can most often turn out to be a disappointment. I sometimes think that most ClosetList ads are purely fantasy and for pic collecting (to jack off to) with most people having no intention whatsoever of hooking up. Because “send pics, or expect no reply” is one of the most common requests in sex ads.

The main reason I’m writing about this is because unfortunately some Queers/GTQBLs have already adopted this “sexuality is fluid” bull shit, and I’ve not seen it mentioned or used solely in any fantasy context. Yes, some Queers are already mindlessly falling for it without thinking it through and the consequences. For example:

I read a comment — supposedly a true story — on a message forum from a lesbian who got drunk one night and she came onto and had sex with her best friend (a straight guy) but did not understand why she did that. He didn’t understand why she came onto him either and he asked her “Are you sure you want to do this?” After the fact, she seemed to be asking for advice on the message forum she posted on. The comments to her from other conformist/mainstream Queers were: “Relax, just remember that sexuality is fluid.” Ugh. Sigh. Not one person said anything about the drug alcohol and the drastic effects it can have on people’s behaviour. To my fellow Queers: Why don’t you think before you speak and show your stupidity and/or ignorance? It was the drug alcohol that caused her to be a different person, not her sexuality, you idiots. The next day when she was sober, she was at a loss why she had sex with her best friend. She’s that dense too? Obviously it had nothing to do with “sexuality is fluid.” El mundo/The world is going insane in case one hasn’t noticed. Has she never heard what can happen to people under the influence of the drug alcohol? She’s never heard that people can become completely different people under the influence of alcohol? Sigh. Well, stupid is in. On the gay conversion sites with their “anonymous” testimonials gushingly thanking the blogger (“can’t thank you enough for your blog”) for their site, the drug alcohol is frequently mentioned in the scenarios or made up stories involving some gay guy supposedly being hit on by a girl at a party or in a bar and then intoxicated him having sex with her and miraculously “turning bi or straight” overnight. It should be pointed out that many, if not most, guys who are drunk can’t even get a hard-on.

If the Queer/GTQBL community falls for this “sexuality is fluid” bull shit as a unified group and promotes the idea that one can change one’s sexuality or one’s sexuality changes on its own, then we can kiss our Queer rights — the ones we still have — goodbye. Fin. The End. Period. And that’s likely the intent here. The anti-gay closet cases of the far-right and these gay conversion sites with their anti-gay agenda will say, “There’s no need for Queer rights because Queers can turn straight. They even admit it!!!!!”

And with that, we’ll be right back where we started from Day One decades ago at the very start of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement with the sheeple thinking that, “Gay people choose to be gay,” as the ultra-conservative/far-right proudly-ignorant trash have claimed for decades. They will smugly say, “Well even gays themselves after all these decades have finally admitted that they can change; they call it ‘sexuality is fluid.’ So, since that’s a fact (they will say) why don’t they just ‘turn straight?’ Problem solved. The gays will have any and all rights they want with straight privilege.”

Any thinking person should be able to see where this is going.

For the closeted gay guys who fell for the marketing of pussy, in recent years in San Francisco the one thing some of us have noticed are the gay closet cases who are married to females who have moved to San Francisco. (I think they are the techie trash, but I’m not positive). They keep breeding, such as the very fem closeted gay guy on my street and his wife and screaming children. My straight neighbour talked with the guy briefly and told me it was obvious to him that the guy is a closeted gay guy with a wife and children. Yes of course, following The Family Breeder ScriptTM per our heteronormative society’s dictates. But there are multiple children living/screaming over there for all the neighbourhood to hear. It’s most curious that these breeders moved to San Francisco’s Castro-Upper Market area, the former Gay Mecca. Did they move to this particular area of The City so he could more easily cheat on her and “get some dick” on the side as “Mr Totally-Closeted, Discreet and Down Low?” Presumably they keep breeding so that the closeted gay guy in this breeder couple can prove his masculinity and to show just how “straight” he is to his jock bro buds. The thinking being: “The more babies you pump out means the more straight you are.” And lately we’ve been seeing so many pregnant breeders, and she’s showing this huge beach ball-sized stomach completely uncovered. Don’t the prudes in The Castro who can’t stand to see any “skin” have a problem with that? Doesn’t that somehow violate the city-wide nudity ban where everything has to be all covered up? If it were a (gay) guy with his shirt off, some busy-body would likely call the cops. And most of the time, these breeder females are pushing a Millennial black baby stroller. They just can’t get enough of being pregnant (they love the attention), squeezing out babies and over-populating our planet to the number of: 7 billion, 5 hundred million PLUS as of this writing. Our planet can only handle a little over 1 billion people in a rationale and sane world. But people don’t talk about that much. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (enero/January 2018):

How is that “gay assimilation” shit and that gay conversion shit working out about now? Mi amigo/My friend found this article (link below) and as soon as he brought it up I said: Oh that idiot. I remember him and that pathetic story. I guess his “gay conversion to being straight” didn’t work (imagine that!) since he’s getting a divorce from his esposa/wife and has finally come out of the closet. I guess pussy didn’t “cure” him the way the anti-gay asshole gay conversion sites like to lie and claim it does:”

This Gay Mormon Man Who Got Famous For Marrying A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced
“The couple is now apologizing to the GLBTQ community for how the “publicity of our supposedly successful marriage” has been “used to bully others.”
Josh Weed, who made headlines in 2012 for coming out as a gay Mormon man in a straight marriage, announced Thursday that he and his wife, Lolly, are getting divorced.”

This divorce comes after pumping out 4 children — was he trying to prove how supposedly straight he was ?? — with one child still in a stroller. If he had come out to begin with as a Queer boy that he is and stopped lying to himself he wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with, with upcoming child support payments, the possible emotional consequences on and damage to his children, etc. Is he still in that Latter Day Saints church? Get out of it! They are one of the worst Christian denominations around. A bunch of fucking mostly white bigots. Most religions — especially fundamentalists — can really fuck up people’s lives. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Well, pussy must not be all that hot considering all the emotional baggage and financial demands that come with it. Here’s something they don’t talk about at these gay conversion sites:

Cost-benefit analysis: girlfriend vs. fleshlight

Gay guys self-induced conversion therapy

Queers (GLBTQs) worked for decades for gay rights/equal rights. After achieving some rights — with gay marriage apparently being the ultimate goal ?? Who knew that was the ultimate goal ?? — some gay guys not comfortable being gay because of self-hate have decided to return to the closet and are pretending to have gone straight. Some completely flipped-out gay guys are engaging in (what I call) self-induced conversion therapy by getting themselves the GF (girlfriend), marrying a female (so they too can “fit in” and talk about “the wife” and pretend to be a breeder and be “normal”) and “smother themselves in pussy” thinking that will make them straight/a breeder, with some gay guys pumping out babies with their new GF or wife. Loco. So what exactly was the point of these gay guys working for equal rights/Queer rights here in the former Gay Mecca during the decades of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement when they were going to ultimately conform years later to satisfy their deep-down desire to not be gay but rather be straight/a breeder and “settle down with a female and have babies?”

Hola a todos. The above paragraph is a summary of the topic that came up at our most recent meeting of local Queers here in San Francisco during abril/April 2017.

This topic came up because I told our little group that earlier in the day mi amigo/my friend went to his gym in San Francisco’s Castro. As seems to be happening more frequently, mi amigo came back telling me about yet another gay guy he’s known from the past from his former gym who he saw on Market Street holding hands with a female in clearly a romantic/relationship type way. I thought: Oh that again. A rather frequent occurrence. Because on his walks around the neighbourhood and trips to the gym he’s seen other gay guys from his past who are now clearly in a relationship with a female. Some of them are with their GF or wife pushing a baby stroller, seemingly trying to “fit in”/conform with the continually invading breeders taking over The Castro.

One person in our group asked if this is a case of self-induced conversion therapy? As he explained: where these gay guys are now forcing themselves to be with a female to finally be considered “normal” and “smothering themselves with pussy” thinking it will make them straight — while their real sex organ (their brain) is thinking about having sex with a guy as they did all during the decades of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement — but now he’s fucking pussy to be a “real man?” (roll eyes) And finally feels proud to be able to walk down Market Street showing off his trophy GF or wife and holding her hand in his former Queer area now as a straight guy, or rather pretending to be straight.

Another person in our group said: The vagina is just another hole. Sadly, it would appear that these gay guys that your amigo keeps seeing in The Castro holding hands or making out with a female have succumbed to the societal brainwashing that all guys are taught which is: “you as a male are supposed to love pussy, and love the smell of pussy and love eating pussy.” I pointed out that: Some guys even brag about eating pussy when she’s having her period and how macho that is in their mind.

At this point in our discussion, everyone in our group sat silently and looked absolutely disgusted contemplating the sad state of things that we had just discussed. Understandably so.

A few minutes later: One person pointed out something I’ve said before: It seems like the Queer community has flipped out since gay marriage was made legal in the US. As if it’s backfired.

Mi amiga (obviously frustrated) said: I just cannot understand this. From their gay meccas, Queers worked for decades for equal rights. After we achieved some rights and have mostly abandoned our gay meccas because they’ve been taken over by breeders, now we see gay guys going to the extreme of dating and marrying females so they too can be a breeder or be seen as straight. WTF? Was being straight the goal of these gay guys all along during the decades they were fighting for Queer rights? Who knew that deep down some gay guys wished they were straight to begin with?…while they were fighting for Queer rights? This is really crazy.

I strongly agree with this:

Another amigo at our table sees a lot of insecure Queers caving to peer pressure to “fit in” with the breeders. To be just like them. As more and more breeders move into San Francisco’s Castro, the more Queers feel pressured to be just like them to conform/”fit in” and to be in a heterosexual relationship just like these breeders so they can finally think of themselves as “normal” for the first time in their life, even though they are Queer but going back in the closet. We’ve seen this with the obnoxious “bro” jock obsession in San Francisco and other cities. From what I could tell, it was around the same time that gay marriage became legal that the obnoxious jock fad began in The Castro with gay guys trying to be just like the obnoxious breeder jocks — and cheer-leading over corporate sports teams at that new supposedly gay sports bar — as breeders moved into the area with their “chicks” and “bitches.” We saw one breeder couple after the other making out at Harvey Milk Plaza under the big Rainbow Flag as if that somehow turned them on with their message being: “We breeders are taking over The Castro. You Queers (they are probably thinking “faggots”) get out of here.” What we’ve seen from the local Queer community was: Conform, conform, conform with the breeders and be the exact opposite of who and what you were during the decades of the proudly radical and alternative Gay Rights’ Movement.

There seems to be something in the agua/water. Loco.

I saw my straight friend the other day while writing this article and was telling him about our meeting. I’ll add something he said. He asked:

Have these gay guys never thought about what kind of emotional baggage comes with that pussy as well as the entrance rights to that pussy? Guys by comparison are pretty emotionally stable and rarely have emotional meltdowns. But with females, I know from years of experience that there can be hourly emotional meltdowns with them. They can be emotionally stable one minute and an emotional wreck the next minute, and you have no idea what you did or said to cause it, if you did anything. If you point this out to them they have no idea what you’re talking about. Gay guys are not used to this, so when they say they want to try pussy as conversion therapy to see if they too can be a breeder, to conform, and no longer be gay (they think), they need to realise there’s a lot of emotional baggage that comes along with that pussy that they are not ready for or aware of. Watch out gay guys! And if pussy were so great, the divorce rate for straight couples in the US wouldn’t be well over 50% (I believe that’s in the first year). If pussy were so great, you wouldn’t see all these sex ads from straight guys looking for sex with other guys and you wouldn’t hear macho straight guys at the gym talking with each other about “their bitch” and her smelly pussy and how he told her to go in there and wash the thing out before he’d fuck her. Maybe after these gay guys with their internalised homophobia try pussy, if they’re for real, they’ll conclude that the grass is not greener on the other side.

Good points made, mi amigo. Muchas gracias.

Our meeting ended with someone bringing up something I had written here before: Why didn’t these gay closet cases — in dire need of psychotherapy with a highly-qualified Queer (sex) therapist — move to a traditionally straight area years ago? They could have moved to San Francisco’s Marina district or North Beach or Cow Hollow or Pacific Heights, the Avenues or you-name-it if they wanted to be a breeder and live a lie in the closet and call themselves “normal” and “straight” and brag about having “the wife” and being Mr Heteronormative? Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE: On the topic of closet cases, I continue to see this: Over the years that I have been paying attention to men for men personal sex ads, I have seen countless ads from closet case Queers living in New York City (especially as compared to other US cities) and their ads are written with this small-town mentality. These closet cases say in their ad that they’re “not out.” I have to ask: Why would anyone be in the closet in New York City, of all places? They also write: “If anyone were to see me on the street they’d never think that I was into guys.” Well in NYC, who the fuck would care who you’re into? Other closet cases write, “If people were to see us on the street they would think we are just jock buds or workout buds; they’d never think we’re sex buds.” People will think what they want; why do you care what people think? And again, who the fuck in all of Manhattan/NYC would care what you do sexually and with whom? These ad I’m talking about sound like they’re written by someone living in some provincial small-town hamlet in the deep south rather than a major US city with a population of 8,550,405 (as of 2015). Again, who in all of NYC will care what these fucked up in the head closet cases do sexually when the overwhelming majority of the 8 million people in NYC don’t even know them? I’ve never understood this mentality because during the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement, Queers moved to major US cities to come out of the closet because we were anonymous in major cities. Unlike today where closet case Queers are moving to major US cities to stay in or go back in the closet with their gay shame. This is loco/crazy. My suggestion to these closet cases: There’s no shortage of credible (Queer-GLBTQ) psychologists in Manhattan and the other boroughs so why don’t you closet cases clearly in need of psychological help get your ass to a therapist and work on your gay shame issues? Because it’s not healthy being dishonest with yourself and other people and living a lie about who you are and your sexual orientation, and living in that unhealthy, repressive, depressive, suppressive closet. Chau.—el barrio rosa

San Francisco’s Straight Mecca (November 2016)

Often this New Conservative and Lobotomised City of San Francisco feels like a City of Shallow and Superficial, Bougi and Pretentious, Elitist Lah-Tee-Dah Wealthy “Straight” Assholes who feel the need to show off their wealth, particularly in The Castro.

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/my friend and I first noticed the “straight” takeover of The Castro a number of years ago, although I think it was happening some time before we even noticed it. What told us that The Castro barrio/neighbourhood was changing was when we saw the first “straight” make-out session around the Harvey Milk Plaza under the big Rainbow Flag. Why would a “straight” couple want to make out under a giant Rainbow Flag? That pattern has repeated itself countless times since. It was startling and very annoying to see that because I had never seen any “straight” couple make out in The Castro during the Gay Mecca Days. It just didn’t happen. Yeah, well that was then. And “straight” (the required him-tall/her-short, subservient and desperate for attention) make out scenes are pretty much all you see around here now. They even make out in restaurants and some restaurant patrons have written in their restaurant reviews that they have felt like screaming to these obnoxious los pendejos: “Get a room, somewhere! Who wants to be eating dinner at a table where ‘straight’ basura are making out at the next table over? Can’t you control yourselves and your hormones long enough to eat dinner? This restaurant is not your bedroom!” By contrast, it’s rare to see a gay couple making out in The Castro today. It can be rare to see a gay couple, period. It’s so rare to see a gay couple making out that I do a double-take when I see that and stare at them a bit to enjoy it and appreciate them. But I’ve read comments from other GLBTQs asking, “Must you make out in The Castro, straight couples?”

I heard some Queer tourists the other day on Market Street in San Francisco talking with some locals. The tourists had stopped to ask some locals sitting out front of one of the many coffee stores around here: “Where are all the gay guys that are supposed to be here?” I stopped to hear the response to that question. I didn’t hear the tourists say where they were from but I could sense they were very disappointed with what they had seen of The Castro and the so-called gay community they had expected to see here. (I say so-called gay community because there’s no sense of “community” here anymore; The Castro feels very fake, cold and unfriendly today with class warfare. Snooty, elitist wealthy basura living right beside the poor and homeless). I heard one of the tourists say, “We expected to see hundreds or thousands of gay guys in the streets and around the City like we’ve heard so much about over the years. I thought this was the Gay Mecca. [Ed. Well it used to be]. Since we’ve been here we’ve seen “straight” couples with baby strollers, and with everybody else, we can’t tell who is “straight” and who is gay.” [Ed. That's exactly what I've said. They're very observant.] It was interesting to hear that because I’ve often wondered what tourists think when they visit here now. Are they disappointed at what they see? Clearly these tourists were. I suppose if one never saw videos or images of the former Gay Mecca, one wouldn’t know exactly what to expect. But I suspect most tourists visiting The Castro today don’t expect The Castro to look like any place else which is how it looks, except for the Disney-fied palm trees, Rainbow Flags and one intersection with dirty/stained Rainbow crosswalks. I heard the locals trying to explain to these disappointed tourists that San Francisco is now the “Straight” Mecca and no longer the Gay Mecca. One local said to the tourists, “Welcome to the heterosexual Castro,” to the disgust of the Queer tourists. I heard one of the tourists say, “Then what’s up with all the Rainbow Flags and the Rainbow crosswalks down the street there?” The local said, “It’s all marketing; it’s to exploit people just like you but you don’t sound like the type that can be exploited.” Yes, as I’ve said: You can put up Rainbow Flags and do a shoddy job installing Rainbow crosswalks in one intersection for Brand LGBTTM marketing purposes to exploit the gullible tourists, but that won’t make the area gay. And when the tourists see the many fleets of baby strollers and one young, white “straight” couple after the other holding hands, embracing, making out and looking desperate to have sex right there on the sidewalk, GLBTQ tourists are not fooled. Instead, it gives a false impression/a lie/it looks deceptive which is what these tourists were saying. Before I left, I heard one of the tourists say that they had already been to one of the gay bars only to see “straight” couples in there making out. Uh huh. (Don’t get me started on that!) They asked about the “mixed bars” (where “straights,” gays and these so-called hipsters go) and what they were about? They said they didn’t understand the concept of “mixed bars.” Well, they’re not alone; I don’t understand that either. Why would GLBTQs want to be in a bar hanging out with “straight” people? I couldn’t hear the response to that question, but from reading reviews of one of those bars, it seems that heteronormative gay guys like to go to the “mixed bars.” I suspect it’s the same conservative GLBTQ basura that has welcomed “straights” to take over The Castro. It reminds me of being a Queer boy and wanting to go into a “straight” bar instead of a gay bar. WTF is that about? It’s about being heteronormative and a closet case with some gay shame. Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s and Going Backwards: More Gay Guys Getting Married To Females and I want to go back in the closet. While researching “mixed bars,” I read that the gay, heteronormative, political opportunist and corporate parasite Scott Penis had his recent victory party — el pendejo won by only 2% as of this writing; no mandate, no landslide — at one of the “mixed bars,” instead of a gay bar. Considering that this conservative gay prude has helped sanitise and turn The Castro into a “Straight” Mecca, that should surprise no one that he chose not to have his victory party in a gay bar. El pendejo has “issues.” He says he’s gay and has done all he can to exploit the “gay community” for his rabid, anti-homeless, elitist conservative agenda), but I’ve never seen him with anyone. His phone seems to be his partner. Every time I have the misfortune of seeing that basura he’s hunched over mesmerised by his screen. And frankly I don’t know who would want to be with that prudish pendejo. Since he first ran for public office here, I and others have had the sense that he’s uncomfortable being gay and would prefer to be “straight.” He certainly has done all he can to make The Castro “straight.” So again, the bar that he had his victory party in is what amounts to a “straight” bar that some gay people go to. Some locals have asked: Is this guy just here to use and exploit the gay community for his agenda? It won’t surprise some of us that after he leaves San Francisco to go to Sacramento we hear that he’s gotten married to a female and has kids. The guy obviously has issues and enjoys exploiting people for his agenda, as so many of these fucked-up-in-the-head political corporate parasitic basura do.

Here in the “Straight” Mecca — which is mostly comprised of super-wealthy, bougi, elitist, white/young shallow and superficial techie trash who I’ve heard say to their tech bros: “if you’re not putting out product, you’re nothing!” Phew! (Asshole: The #1 Requirement For Being A Techie) — there are also the many desperate-looking-for-sex “straight” couples around. They are very obvious and obnoxious. They come to The Castro to cheat on their husband/wife or partner. Their thinking seems to be: “Let’s meet in The Castro. My wife/husband never goes to The Castro so we’ll be safe over there for cheating/meeting for the first time (and the unspoken part: then go to that motel to have sex.)”

San Francisco has two major industries today: The City is a Baby Factory (these people have never heard of birth control?) and the City has been raped by the billionaire-owned tech industry, and one will see the techie zombies (they think they are too good to see homeless people) wherever one looks.

I’ll never quite understand the Baby Factory phenomena. The way it usually works is that these young, “straight” white couples move to San Francisco seemingly to have babies rather than move to their final destination. Then after the child has started walking, she whispers in his ear, “Honey, don’t you think it would be nice if little (fill in name of child) had a bigger place to play, and a nice big back yard to play with the other children in the neighbourhood (unspoken: of the same class and income bracket of course)?” Him: “Well yes honey that does sound nice. Maybe we should look for a bigger place in the suburbs or elsewhere.” Maybe you should have done that before you moved in here and helped to push out the GLBTQ community, los pendejos! So, these “straight” couples leave San Francisco and go to a bigger house where the child has a back yard to play in so that the child doesn’t grow up in “that nasty big City.” We’ve all heard that “nasty big City” stuff, I suspect. Well, you didn’t seem to have any problem with “that nasty big City” when you moved in here and helped change San Francisco and sanitised it to the prudish conservative way you wanted it to be.

After I walked away from listening to this Queer tourist couple, I began wondering whether they planned to go up to Twin Peaks to see the view of the City and Bay Area. If so, they should expect to see the same thing up there. But that didn’t used to be the case. Twin Peaks has changed too, unfortunately. I’ve been going up there recently and the “straights” now go up there to make out with their mandatory hand-holding, and their arm-in-arm routine. I’ve seen the same in-your-face stuff one sees in The Castro. Twin Peaks has always been mostly “straight” even though it’s right up the hill from The Castro, but in the Old City the “straight” couples were not so in-your-face with their sexuality as they are now. Something changed here around the time that GLBTQ marriage equality was achieved in the Cesspool/the US, and that is around that time the “straight” couples must have decided to be as in-your-face with their “straight” sexuality as possible, because that’s the way it’s been since that time. It’s as if they want to send the message: “We now own this City and The Castro. Get out of here, GLBTQs. You can live anywhere (in the closet, maybe). This is now our City.” Up on Twin Peaks, I see the neediest and most helpless females. They can’t seem to do anything for themselves. They can’t even hold a blanket around themselves to stay warm. The needy female needs, expects or demands her subservient guy to “cup her” with the blanket around her. As one of my “straight” friends reminded me again recently: “Guys are required to do all these things for their needy female as part of entrance rights to that smelly pussy.” Occasionally I see gay guys up on Twin Peaks (according to my reliable gaydar) but they act like closet cases as if they don’t want anyone to think they’re gay. I have not seen any guys or females making out or holding hands up there. I don’t see that even though we’ve been repeatedly assured by the conservative corporatist idiots of Brand LGBTTM that “gay is now mainstream” and “gay people can live anywhere.” Utter nonsense! If that were the case, gay people/gay couples would feel comfortable and safe holding hands and making out on Twin Peaks right here in the geographic center of San Francisco and right up the hill from the former Gay Mecca.

A ratio of 4 gay couples to 40 “straight” couples

Mi amigo walked along Market Street in San Francisco on Sunday morning (27 November 2016) and this is what he saw: Four gay couples not holding hands and about 40 “straight” couples holding hands. About one-third of the “straight” couples had babies or baby strollers. And the sound of crying, screeching babies and children filled the air. Most of the “straight” couples had a phone in their hand whether they were talking with someone or not. The him-tall/her-short requirement is even more extreme now. It seems that it is required that the guy be a foot and a half taller than needy her, whereas a difference of 6″ in height was their previous requirement. I’ve suggested in past articles that these needy-for-attention las chicas carry step ladders with them so that they can more easily beso/kiss their chico when they reach the corner of Castro/Market under the big Rainbow Flag (that flag is only there for tourist purposes at this point). As mi amigo was walking down Market Street, there was a “straight” couple behind him (of course tall-short). If I were to transcribe their conversation it would be the following: “Like, like, I like, like, like,” with the second “like” much higher in volume and pitch than the first “like” as they’re trying to point out that he needed a coffee. She answered back with even more “likes” that sounded more like “lick” about the quality of the coffee at a particular “like” coffee shop “like.” Mi amigo said it was so nice to get away from these “like, lick” basura. It was frustrating having to hear that, he said. Fuck these techie trash. They are the scum of the Earth. And this City eats the ass of tech — giving corporate welfare (tax breaks) to billionaire-owned tech companies based in San Francisco — and look what a mess it’s turned into. For example, the street I live on has turned into a stop-and-go parking lot during rush-hour every day. That was not the case in the Old City. People all over the Bay Area are complaining about the Los Ángeles-style traffic we now have due to the techie trash who have taken over the entire Bay Area.

Speaking of which: Often this New Conservative and Lobotomised City of San Francisco feels like a City of Assholes. That makes sense, since San Francisco is the Tech Capital having been raped by the obnoxious and self-absorbed and self-entitled techie trash — who only care about themselves — and where being an asshole seems to be the #1 requirement for being a techie. Most techies are very elitist “straight,” young and white (with some Asian) and many are very immature from what we’ve seen. Ageism and sexism are a well-known part of the billionaire-owned tech industry.

The Him-Tall/Her-Short “Straight” Height Requirement

Oh by the way, I did a little research on this him-tall/her-short height requirement that “straight” couples now have and from what I read that’s a head-trip on her part. Not surprising. I can easily believe that considering what I’ve seen from these desperate-for-attention/needy females. (jesus fucking christ, get some therapy, la perra!). The guy is usually not that concerned about “his girl’s” height. It’s the “high maintenance” and needy-for-attention female that (for psychological reasons) must have a guy that’s at least a foot or more taller than herself. These needy-females have never heard of feminism and see the guy as a “tall protector” of delicate/wet-doily/submissive little her who seems to enjoy being a boot licker for “her man” if he lather$ her with lot$ of attention and expensive gift$ including “wining and dining” her on a regular basis. (I don’t know how guys can put up with this shit! I know I couldn’t. I wouldn’t have the patience for it.) Personally, I think this him-tall/her-short is also a learned behaviour (learned from television) since I see it all the time with “straight” couples on the corporate media. One of my neighbours is of an older generation and she was telling me that she and her esposo are the same height and all the male-female couples of her generation were/are the same height. She finds this him-tall/her-short requirement very strange. In fact, she brought it up with me and that’s how we got talking about it. By contrast, as I told her, most gay and lesbian couples are the same height. They don’t have this fucked-up-in-the-head dominant/submissive nonsense going on with them. They may have it sexually as a sexual turn-on, but it’s not part of their public life.

Last febrero/February 2016, I read an article which gave these numbers confirming San Francisco’s “Straight” Mecca:

The article started out by lying and saying that “San Francisco is still extremely gay.” No it’s not. Why do people lie? The same article went on to contradict itself by saying that 6.2% of the population identifies as GLBTQ, according to a poll from a well-known pollster. 6% ??? That’s all? 6% is not “extremely gay.” That’s barely anything. Add a zero to it (60%) and I’d call that getting closer to the “extremely gay” side. As an analogy, if a politician received 6% of the vote s/he would be dismissed as irrelevant. 6% is nothing while they go on about “San Francisco is still extremely gay.” And I sense that what remains of the “gay community” that is still here has gone back in the closet. I can’t remember the last time I heard the word “gay” spoken here. Mi amigo/My friend often walks by some gay bars on his walks around The Castro and many times he has talked about how obnoxiously “tough guy, macho, jock and heteronormative” the guys are behaving outside of the gay bars. They make him feel uncomfortable (that didn’t use to be the case), and he’s usually comfortable around most people.

I wish I could remember where I read/heard this, but it was said that out of all the gay areas in major US cities (Chelsea in Manhattan, West Hollywood, Dupont Circle in the District of Columbia, The Castro, etc) that it was thought that The San Francisco’s Castro would be the only gay area to survive a “straight” takeover. Unfortunately, The Castro has not survived its “straight” takeover. The Castro is now the new Straight Mecca. Someone may be asking: Aren’t there any gay guys there now? There are some, depending upon the day or night and time of day or night. But one never knows whether the gay guys/gay couples we see are from here or elsewhere. But often on his walks, mi amigo comes back and tells me that he saw all “straight” couples holding hands and maybe one or two Queer boys (and they were on their phones) and one Queer couple holding hands. That’s it. And as many gays and lesbians have said, these days it’s hard to tell who is gay/Queer and who is not unlike the Gay Mecca days where thousands of gay guys were not ashamed of “looking gay,” they did not have gay shame and they were out of the closet and they didn’t try to pretend to be “straight.” These days, gay guys are trying to look like “straight” guys and lesbians are trying to look like bougi “straight” females with long blond or brown hair (out of a bottle?) having mostly abandoned the butch “dyke” look of the former Gay Mecca decades). I also read recently that the Dykes on Bikes event which is held in Dolores Park on the Saturday before the corporatist mobile commercial known as “SF Pride” has been ruined by obnoxious frat guys and their girlfriends. As I’ve said many times before, we’re quickly heading backwards: Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s. But most people don’t want to acknowledge that it seems.

While writing this article I read a headline with its hyped description about an upcoming “amazing” television programme which will be on one of the US corporate media networks about LGBTQ GLBTQ rights. Now let me take a guess: All the commercials shown during this programme will be what they always are: Heteronormative. “Straight” couples holding hands and/or making out. Despite the bull shit spewed by Brand LGBTTM that “gay is now mainstream, “straight” couples in commercials is all I ever see on my television no matter which channel of the US corporate media I’m monitoring. I never see a gay couple or a lesbian couple (and the lesbian couple is more acceptable to the prejudiced/bigoted public). But from what I see and sense around San Francisco, there would be no interest in this television programme. Of all the articles I’ve written about GLBTQ topics, it’s the sex-related articles that people are interested in and not the GLBTQ-rights related articles. I get the sense that most people are bored by that. For their television programme, one would hope they would get the order of the letters correct to reflect the original gay and lesbian rights’ movement. So they would use GL for Gay and Lesbian and not that ass-backwards LG which is that corporatist and conservative Brand LGBTTM rewriting of Gay and Lesbian/GLBTQ history where the former Gay Rights’ Movement Legacy has been hijacked by Lesbians). But I suspect that “amazing” television programme will follow corporatist Brand LGBTTM and their revisionist/rewriting of GLBTQ history. (Related: Corporatist Brand LGBT (TM) deserve what they get and PrEP and “Our Sexual Revolution ?”).

In many ways today, it feels as though we’ve come full circle in going back to where we were near the beginning of the former Gay Rights’ Movement despite some pro-GLBTQ laws having been passed … and which some people are currently working to overturn. As I’ve said many times, I see more and more gay guys — according to my reliable gaydar — going back in the closet. They’re holding hands and making out with females trying to pretend they’re “straight.” Again, I get this sense that most people including GLBTQs are disinterested and bored by gay-related topics. They’re bored by and/or ashamed of the Rainbow Flag, as if the Rainbow Flag today is considered to be “too gay” for the now-conservative and heteronormative GLBTQ “community.” The obnoxious and supposedly gay sports bar near The Castro has always refused to fly the Rainbow Flag (except on Pride Sunday to exploit the tourists, then their flag goes back in the closet the following Monday). Apparently the owners of that bar feel that the Rainbow Flag conflicts/clashes with their macho jock image. That heteronormative bar flies the flags of corporate sports teams outside instead. Then awhile back across the street from that bar, a “mixed” bar (translation: “straight” with a few heteronormative gay guys there) took down their Rainbow Flag outside. This was presumably done so as to not offend the “straights” of the Straight Mecca and the heteronormative gay guys. Originally, before that bar opened it was posted on its windows that this bar was planned to be a gay bar, but those plans were quickly changed. They removed the word gay. Also, awhile back, the gym in The Castro unofficially known as “the gay gym” sanitised the interior of the gym. They took ugly drab gray paint and painted over the Rainbow Flag colours that were originally painted on the columns in the gym, presumably to cater to the increasing “straight” clientele. “You don’t want to offend any bigoted/anti-gay ‘straights’ with Rainbow Flag colours!” [It's always good to cater to bigotry and prejudice, isn't it?....sarcasm intended.] “The ‘straights’ have priority here now, you know!” seemed to be the message coming from the heteronormative management of this gym. After receiving a few public complaints about this, that gym put up a small “token” Rainbow Flag near the inside entrance to the gym. I walked by that gym recently to see if that flag is still there. It is, but barely. It’s hanging crooked.

All of this pisses me off. I and thousands of other Queers didn’t pick up and move 3,000 miles away (I moved to San Francisco from the District of Columbia) leaving everything we had to have this happen. One local Queer boy asked some years ago: “Can’t we Queers at least have this little gay mecca area of San Francisco for our own? You ‘straights’ have the entire world and the rest of this City?” No Queer boy, the “straights” want it all! They’re never satisfied. The basura. The conservatives will tell us in an arrogant and patronising way: “Well things change, you know.” Oh fuck off, basura! The conservative trash whined, moaned and complained the entire time the Gay Mecca existed. They couldn’t stand the Gay Mecca. They wanted The Castro to be what it is today: A sterile Straight Mecca. If I had run into any of these conservative basura when I moved here and heard them whining about The Castro becoming a Gay Mecca I would have told them: “Well things change, you know.” Los pendejos. Observing their sour, cold, unfriendly and nasty depositions today, they certainly don’t seem to be happy with the Straight Mecca either. Maybe they’re sour because the place is so sanitised that there’s nothing here anymore other than overpriced mediocre meat-based restaurants, that useless conservative theatre that helped to sanitise The Castro and that features Disney “sing-alongs” for the breeder “straight” couples and their children complete with silly hats given to the audience, and there are some gay bars for the conservatives to get drunk in. That about covers what is here today.

When, if ever, GLBTQs come out of their coma and realise that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, it will be too late. And frankly, being thoroughly disgusted with what the GLBTQ so-called “community” has become: pro-corporate and conservative Brand LGBTTM, the way I feel about it at this point is that they deserve what they get. Fin. The End. Chau.—el barrio rosa


UPDATE (5 de diciembre de 2016/5 December 2016): Mi amigo/My friend saw two long-time San Francisco residents/homeowners yesterday. They are of the Old City (the once proudly-radical and alternative San Francisco). They’re moving away. They are a gay couple. Mi amigo stopped to talk with them and he began his conversation with them by saying, “Not another gay couple leaving The City?” They told him they are leaving San Francisco because of the threat of the “Donald Trump Jackboots invading San Francisco and imprisoning all the gays.” They said that their friends are all leaving too. They told him the reason why there are so many gay people moving out of San Francisco is because of the Trump threat. They are moving 3 hours north of San Francisco to live in a small cabin until Trump is out of office and the threat is gone. They also said they’re moving because The Castro/the neighbourhood has changed. It is no longer gay-friendly. Chau.—el barrio rosa

My thoughts on this: This seems a bit extreme to me. If the Trump regime wants to go after “the gays” one easy way to do so would be by using their “paper trail” and their phone records. That’s one negative with having all of your information in one place, smartphone stupidphone addicts, in the case of surveillance/data-mining and/or being rounded up. The Trump regime could look at one’s memberships in and donations to the many corporatist Brand LGBTTM organisations as well as gay marriage licences, and the Trump regime could obtain those records from San Francisco City Hall. The Trump regime could also go after people who didn’t vote for him, so that would include the gay Hillary-bots in San Francisco. But I wouldn’t think this “round up” would happen for awhile. I don’t know that one would be any safer in a cabin in the woods than in San Francisco’s Straight Mecca. These days one cannot run anywhere to get away from our many problems. And the “gay community” has been moving out of this City long before Trump ever showed up as a presidential candidate. The “gay community” seem to have completely forgotten the reason for gay meccas in major cities. One of the reasons for San Francisco’s Gay Mecca was that thousands of us fled from bigotry, anti-gay prejudice and repression to live together safely all in one place (San Francisco’s new Gay Mecca) — rather than spread all over the anti-gay/prejudiced/bigoted US — because the thinking was “there’s safety in numbers” as a safe place for us to be and to be with each other. We were all together in one place when there was a need to come together to protest injustices. For example, when cops came into The Castro to fuck with the gay community la policía/the police got hell for it. They had their cop cars burned along with massive protests from the gay community. Gay guys didn’t act like subservient, obedient-to-the-Establishment/wet-doily, heteronormative, conservative, corporatist cop bootlickers in those days as they do today. Gay guys didn’t put up with any shit in those proudly-radical days. I miss those days and it disgusts me what the gay community has turned into. But nobody seems to care, or very few. So fuck it! That’s how I feel about it now. But today, with the former Gay Rights’ Movement dead they — corporatist Brand LGBTTM — seem to be in a collective coma having erased our history from memory and/or abandoned it. We’ve heard repeatedly from conservative corporatist Brand LGBTTM that “gay people can live anywhere now because gay is now mainstream.” As I’ve written many times, only a delusional wishful-thinking idiot would believe that nonsense. And it would seem that the “gay community” no longer believes that lie otherwise they wouldn’t be “running to the hills” at this time. But I thought, “we can live anywhere now,” no? So why are you running from San Francisco’s Castro because the Trump regime will take office next month (even though one gets the distinct impression by his actions/behaviour that he’s already the president)? It’s obviously easier to round people up if they’re all in one place in major cities. If it were the US military that began rounding gay people up, which side would the San Francisco Police Department take considering there are many gay and lesbian cops in the SFPD? Would the SFPD fight the US military to stop the rounding up of gay people in San Francisco? I don’t know. I do know that the response time from cops to gay people being rounded up would be much faster in San Francisco than out in a rural area. The SFPD has a fast response time. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Going Backwards: More Gay Guys Getting Married To Females
The fucked-up and hypocritical US public: Gay legal rights = good. Gay guys kissing in public = bad.
Queering The Castro (A futile effort at this point)

Then there’s this:

A Republican politician who sent sexual text messages to a teen boy said in an interview that he is “not gay.” This politician who is the president of Jefferson Parish in New Orleans and who is married to a female, admitted to exchanging “improper texts” with a 17-year old boy last month. This politician called it a “bad decision.” Why, because you got caught? He says he regretted his actions. Again, only because you got caught having your gay fantasy text messages? Why don’t you fucking come out of the closet? He was the mayor of a town in Louisiana at the time he texted this teenage boy. But this closet-case politician says “To simply say it, I’m not gay.”
[My response: Of course you’re not gay, Mr Republican politician. No one would want to allege that because we all know it’s “bad to be gay,” correct? That’s the message you’re sending, and we can’t have that! And this is exactly the closet-case mentality I talk about in the article above and in many other articles I’ve written. And I’m sick of it while corporatist and conservative Brand LGBTTM lie and tell us that “gay is now mainstream” and “gay people can live anywhere” (yeah, maybe in the closet like this politician in denial).]

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Straight guys who actually suck dick ?

Straight guys who actually suck dick ? That’s Bull Shit. They’re living a lie. The reality is that they are closeted gay guys.

Hola a todos. Nearly every week, someone comes to pink barrio from doing a search for “straight guys who actually suck dick.” Since many people are interested in this topic, I decided to make it easier for people by writing this article specifically addressing that topic.

Okay Class, everyone pay attention now:

To begin with, the premise is wrong. “Straight” guys don’t suck dick. Now does everyone understand that before we proceed on? Gay and bi guys suck dick. Understand?

I see this all the time in the men for men personal sex ads. I don’t know who they think they’re fooling. Any guy who tries to prove how “straight” he is but is looking to suck dick is a liar and is being heteronormative/pretending to be “straight”. The guy is ashamed of being gay just like many other gay guys these days and that seems to be getting worse from what I’m seeing, and that includes here in now-conservative and lobotomised San Francisco. These guys have gay shame despite all this supposed progress that Brand LGBTTM likes to go on about that we’ve supposedly made. The so-called “straight” guy who is looking to suck dick or get fucked (I’ve seen that too on ClosetList) is either gay and in the closet, or he could be bisexual in the original definition of that word (meaning sexually into both guys and females). What I mean by that is that unfortunately these days many heteronormative gay guys with their gay shame are using the word “bi” to describe themselves even though they have no sexual interest in females. They use the word bi because to them bi sounds more masculine, more macho, heteronormative and closer to being “straight” than the word gay. I think to these heteronormative guys, the word gay has negative meanings. For example, it only means fem, even though intelligent people know that there are thousands and thousands of masculine gay guys out there.

These closet case “straight” guys have the usual closet case language in their personal sex ads, such as the words “discreet” (translation: a closet case and/or he’s cheating on someone, and they also use the letters “DL” meaning “down low” or in the closet). There’s clearly this obsession with “being straight” within the gay population which is part of gay shame. That’s why I and others say that despise decades of work during the now-dead Gay Rights Movements, it’s as if little was accomplished really. During those days, gay guys were “Out and Proud,” they were not “discreet” and “down low.” It’s quite sad what the gay population has become since the Gay Rights’ Movement died which occurred during the years of their messiah “Mr Jock” Obama. It’s as if “Out and Proud” went back in the closet when the corporatist idiots of Brand LGBTTM gave their “assimilation” orders to “assimilate” (translation: blend in and disappear like a wall flower) with the “straights” and try to be as much like them as possible. (Why? Who wants to be like the obnoxious in-your-face “straights” who love to come to San Francisco’s Castro and make out under Rainbow Flags and in front of what’s left of the Queer boys here? Queer boys are not into watching “straight” basura make out. Take your “straight” make out sessions to The Marina or North Beach or Union Street. You own the entire fucking city, what are you doing over here? Are you trying to show Queer boys how you make out? We don’t care! And I and the people I know don’t make it a point of going down to The Marina to make out in front of “straight” couples and nearly fuck on the sidewalk. Although admittedly, you have taken over The Castro as I wrote in this article about the “straight revolution,” and that’s what you’re doing over here, I presume.

I’ve written many articles detailing all the closet cases with their gay shame on the site I call ClosetList. To read those personal sex ads, one would come away with the conclusion that little progress has been made at all for GLBTQs and the gay population. Either most of those ads are purely fantasy or we have thousands and thousands of sexually fucked-up people out there.

Some guys say they’re “straight” and looking to suck dick. What they mean by that is that they are in the closet and everyone thinks he is “straight” because 1) he may have some needy-girlfriend hanging all over him like we see around The Castro and she’s tagging along with him as his “cover,” or 2) he is married to a female. But he’s still a gay guy in the closet. And these gay closet cases will sometimes say in their ads, “I don’t do this often” (meaning trying to hook up with a guy). Does it matter how often he tries to hook up with a guy? He’s trying to do so now. I wish they would stop trying to make excuses for themselves and stop down-playing what they’re trying to do. They want to have sex with a guy — and there’s nothing wrong with that — because they’re either gay or bi. So stop this “straight” phony act and stop lying about who you are. Other guys try to down-play what they’re doing by using the word “curious” as if they’re not sure about their sexual feelings. That could be the case with some people and I’m not dismissing that. But I think sometimes the word “curious” is meant to be heteronormative and to sanitise/downplay what the guy is trying to do. Can’t you hear him now: “I”m not really gay, I’m just curious because I think about sucking dick and getting fucked all the time.” Well it sounds like to me you’re a little bit more than “curious” if you’re thinking about sucking dick or getting fucked all the time. Something pretty intenso is going on within you and you should accept your gay feelings, stop living a damn lie to yourself and others and go enjoy yourself having sex with a guy of your choice. If someone has a problem with your Queer sexuality, that’s their problem, not yours. They are the ones who need psychotherapy, not you. Stop all this closet case nonsense that so much time and energy is wasted on. I have a short fuse for that at this point.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. It’s an excerpt from one ad I saw while writing this article:

“If you are mostly str8 like I am, under 33, and white, let’s meet and play — grope my bulge, grind, unzip, feel my monster cock boning. Then we’ll get naked and mess around … Most evenings, I stay at home with the wife and kids. Sometimes I can get a pass at night, but not till I know you’re reliable. …My 7 day load is gonna be a big one when I blow.”

First, your language “the wife” sounds so warmly affectionate [sarcasm intended], as opposed to “my wife and kids.” Secondly, you’re not “mostly str8″ dude. You’re bi but mostly have sex with your wife, although based on your 7 day load you’ve built up that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case either. But this dude calls himself “mostly str8.” Is that because he thinks that if he uses the word “bi” he’s getting too close to that dreaded “gay” word? We can’t have that! Then the guy said, “I’m 190, 6′ 1 “, athletic bod and white. Seeking only another white guy — no offense, that’s what I like. I’m more relaxed if you are curious or mostly straight.” What do you have against gay guys, chico? Why don’t you want to have sex with a gay guy since that’s what you’re looking for? You’re specifically looking for gay sex/sex with another guy.

Some things have been accomplished on a legal basis for GLBTQs, but some/many of those things have not translated over into most people’s daily lives when you see gay guys still married to females, and the thousands and thousands of gay closet cases still out there and gay guys with their gay shame who are still keeping of the charade by marrying females to give the appearance they’re “straight.” That reminds me: On television, are females required to be in all images with a guy where they are cheek-to-cheek? That’s what I see on my television (fútbol being the only exception to that that I know of). When was the last time you saw images of two guys cheek-to-cheek on the heteronormative corporate media networks? Observing the corporate media, one gets the strong impression that they think that everyone is “straight,” everyone should be “straight” and that “straight” is the desired and “normal” sexuality. And it appears that the corporate media have a rule that all guys have to be shown with a female to give the heteronormative impression to the public that this guy is “straight” even though everybody knows he’s a Queer boy in some cases and gossip about it online. I’m thinking specifically of some Latin musicians and actors. While writing this, a male Latin singer — who shall remain nameless — that I follow from time-to-time, was interviewed by TV Azteca. They played part of his new video. His new video is really no different than the old videos. It’s always the same old thing: Guy with female. Predictable. It shows him making out with the typical white Latina. Nothing new there. Then it shows him down on his knee (oh here we go with that tired and predictable routine) of asking her to marry him. Nothing new there. He opens up the box to the engagement ring. Nothing new there. She jumps up in the air with joy and hangs all over him. Nothing new there. My very reliable gaydar has told me for some time that this artist is a Queer boy. I’ve also observed his behaviour around other guys on other networks when he’s been interviewed en studio. I did a little research on him and found that he did a concert at a gay bar “to show that he supports the gay populace.” Might it be a little bit more than “supporting the gay populace?” Might it be because he’s a gay boy himself (Mr Closet Case)? And he doesn’t want to come out of the closet because he thinks it will hurt his career? So he only takes it so far as to say, “I support the gay populace.” I’ve not heard of any “straight” Latin artists who have gone out of their way to go to a gay bar to give a concert there or to do anything else there, have you?

When was the last time you saw two guys holding hands in a programme on your corporate media where the camera did rush off quickly? Yet the ubiquitous “straight” couples of tall-him and short-her holding hands and making out are shoved in our faces constantly. And of course there’s the hate for transgender people. So don’t come at me with this Brand LGBTTM nonsense that “we’ve accomplished so much now” bull shit and “we’re damn-near in Queer utopia.” It’s nonsense. It’s a lie when you look at most people’s lives and how they write their sex personal ads. In reality, little has been accomplished when I see all the closeted gay guys out there which is continuing to this day including right here in heteronormative and conservative San Francisco, the former Gay Mecca.

So reviewing class: Anytime you see “straight guys who actually suck dick,” keep in mind that the guy is not “straight.” He’s a liar. The very definition of “straight” is men going with and having sex with females. The “straight” guys I know have no interest in sucking dick. Hope this helps. Chau.—el barrio rosa


With Bi and Str8 guys the GF is always out of town

Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s

PrEP and “Our Sexual Revolution ?”

Corporate Brand LGBTTM wants to help a mega-pharma corporation make billions.

Hola. PrEP is a strong pharmaceutical drug specifically for barebacking. PrEP has a long list of side effects. Leave it to pro-corporate Brand LGBTTM to come up with another marketing scheme to help big pharma make billions of dollars from GLBTQs. The big-pharma corporation that makes PrEP (Truvada) in collaboration with Brand LGBTTM is marketing PrEP using the language, “Our Sexual Revolution” and targeting GLBTQs. As of this writing, their large corporate ads are covering the walls of San Francisco’s Muni Metro Castro Station as well as some sidewalk signs around here. Although I suspect most people entering or exiting the metro don’t even see these ads because people are glued to their phones. The purpose of these PrEP ads is to get as many people as possible in The Castro and elsewhere on this drug. Currently, in the Bay Area there are 192 men-for-men sex personal ads with the word “prep” in them on the site I call ClosetList. Anyone taking PrEP still has the possibility of getting pozzed/HIV as well as other STIs/STDs. When taken every day, PrEP has a 97% effectiveness rate. From my understanding, it takes two weeks to reach that level of effectiveness when one starts PrEP or takes a break from it. Condoms are effective in protecting against other STDs, and latex condoms are very effective in preventing HIV transmission. No one is required to bareback. Just saying. Someone on PrEP essentially becomes an HIV patient with the required routine office visits to one’s physician, the blood work every 3 months to check kidney function, HIV status and other things that one’s physician will look for while one is on this extremely expensive drug. People who bareback may not get HIV while on PrEP, but they can get other sexually transmitted infections/diseases although nobody seems to care about that from reading sex personal ads. Previously, from corporate Brand LGBTTM, we had: Do you have pride in your HIV Status?

Ever since a local conservative gay corporatist parasitic politician (Scott Penis) received some campaign dinero/money from the corporation that makes PrEP, he’s been heavily promoting PrEP. He says he’s taking it himself. Why? One would have to be pretty desperate to want to have sex with that conservative prude. And since he has body image issues and is opposed to nudity, prepare to keep your clothes on when having sex with that piece. He said it was difficult telling his mother he’s taking PrEP. That’s hysterical! I didn’t know that guys in their 40s had to tell their mothers what drugs they’re taking and what they’re doing sexually, did you?

What Revolution?

In reality, there is no GLBTQ revolution — sexual or otherwise — in today’s conformist and conservative Castro barrio/neighbourhood, or anywhere for that matter. The concept of a legitimate GLBTQ revolution is absolutely dead in conservative, conformist and lobotomised San Francisco today. The concept of revolution is the opposite of what this conservative, conformist and sanitised neighbourhood (The Castro) is about. The former Proudly-Radical/Alternative City was about revolution. This New Tech-Zombie City and The conservative Castro seem to be trying to erase the former City from history as if it never existed. This new Castro is about ultimate conformity and being pro-EstablishmentTM.

The Castro today feels fake, cold, impersonal, unfriendly and “straight.” On occasion there are exceptions to that. It really depends upon the day and the time of day or night. On the odd occasion, one gets hints of the Old City and when that happens I hang around and appreciate it knowing that it’s a rare fleeting moment and a nice reminder of the former Gay Mecca decades. The party atmosphere of the Gay Mecca decades is long gone. And since there is no feeling/no sense of community here, the language “the gay community” is outdated. It’s inappropriate for corporate Brand LGBTTM. The language “the gay community” should be changed to the more sterile “the gay populace” since that’s what it is. That’s more accurate. What one mostly sees in The Castro today are cold lobotomised tech zombies glued to their phones as they walk around in their conformist ash-tray gray and/or all-black clothing (guys in black jeans with black or gray t-shirt, females in all-black dresses or ash-tray gray dresses). Ugly, and conservative looking. Or the third clothing option: Black and white. Frankly, based on what the masses are wearing, it looks like a case of mass depression around here. Maybe that’s what’s going on considering the state of things. But considering that the conservatives have more than accomplished their goal with The Castro — completely sanitised it — one would think they would be feliz/happy and not sour and depressed which is how they seem. Today’s Castro has been corporatised, “Disney-fied” — they even installed non-native palm trees on Castro to give the Disney “feel” — and hijacked by pro-corporate and heteronormative Brand LGBTTM with their obnoxious corporate advertising, such as these PrEP ads in the metro I mentioned earlier, and the corporate beer ads splashed all across a gay bar’s windows. It seems that as long as a corporation “plays/works” the gay populace by saying the word “gay” every now and then in sorta a positive way, Brand LGBTTM immediately becomes a life-long supporter of them.

From what I’ve seen from sex ads, most guys on PrEP are barebacking. They say nothing in their ads about using condoms. The language they use is: “BB neg/PrEP” (that means bareback, HIV- and on PrEP). Guys on PrEP used to be more covert about it when the drug first became available (claiming it was “one of the tools they use to prevent HIV” and Scott Penis repeated that lie too), but now guys are quite open about their intentions. I’ve seen maybe 2 ads over many months where the guys expressed a distrust for PrEP even though they are on it and insisted on using condoms. But the overwhelming majority of people on PrEP don’t use condoms — despite the chance that they could get pozzed — based on what they say in their personals ads. So far, there’s been a least one documented case of a guy on PrEP getting HIV. Then there are the many side effects of the drug which people also like to dismiss (Denial?) and they go on about how safe it is and say things such as “I feel better than ever!” There’s lots of hype attached to this drug, as if people hyping it work for the corporation that makes it.

The long term effects of being HIV negative and taking a drug originally intended for HIV+ people are not known. Some people are questioning whether at some point this is all going to blowup/backfire with other health issues arising in the people taking PrEP. Some people are allergic to PrEP. Can HIV-negative people take a drug intended to prevent HIV without any long-term consequences? I have read that should one get pozzed while on PrEP, that one builds up a resistance to other HIV drugs.

Upon reflection, there is a “straight” revolution with the ubiquitous baby strollers (these people have never heard of birth control?) taking over The Castro, as has been the case for a number of years now.

We’ve been told repeatedly by Brand LGBTTM and their corporatist conformists that “gay is now mainstream” and “gay people can live anywhere.” Of course that’s nonsense and they need to be called on it. Gay people/GLBTQs might be able to live anywhere in the closet, but even that’s questionable depending upon where the GLBTQ person is living. Have these people in denial not heard about the rise in (violent) hate crimes against GLBTQs since marriage equality was made legal here in The Cesspool? On my recent bike ride up to San Francisco’s Twin Peaks, I noticed some “straight” couples holding hands. But I saw no gay guys or gay couples holding hands. The gay guys who appeared to be a couple were instead being heteronormatively “DL” (down low) and “discreet” (pretending to be “straight”).

As for the “straight” revolution in The Castro, it seems that “straight” couples are still coming to The Castro to meet each other for the first time (to cheat) that I wrote about some time ago. Their thinking seems to be that the person they’re cheating on won’t think of looking for them over here. Yesterday outside one of the gay bars, mi amigo/my friend heard this strange noise. It sounded like a loud sucking sound and it kept getting louder. He looked around and behind him he saw a young “straight” couple. The guy was tall and probably 300 pounds (he was enormous in size mi amigo said). And the female was extremely short — here we go again with that silly him-tall/her-short height requirement that these “straight” couples have — and her head came up to about his waist. She looked like his little daughter. We’ve seen that before too. Needy-her was hanging on him with her arms around his neck, desperately wanting his attention and dangling over his huge stomach like a doll hanging off of him and he was leaning way down to get to her face. They were having this passionately loud make-out session. Question: They had to come over here — outside of a gay bar — to do that, did they? They couldn’t go down to the “straight” Marina, or over to “straight” North Beach or to “straight” Union Street and be all “straight” over there? But that’s what the sucking sound was. Mi amigo said he had never seen such an extreme height difference before with a “straight” couple over here.

There does seem to be a concerted effort to make The Castro as “straight” as possible, and for years the conservative GLBTQs have favoured that and have even helped to sanitise The Castro to please/pacify the obnoxious in-your-face “straights.”

They could put up new Rainbow Flags in The Marina on all the utility poles and they could install rainbow crosswalks at intersections down there, but that wouldn’t make The Marina barrio gay. That’s how The Castro feels here at the beginning of noviembre/November 2016.

It’s pathetic that Brand LGBTTM would stoop so low as to equate the taking of a rather toxic HIV drug with a supposed “sexual revolution.” It’s ludicrous, but that is what some of us have come to expect from corporatist Brand LGBTTM. Chau.—el barrio rosa


PrEP: Gay guys like giving money to Big Pharma

Taking PrEP is an excuse for barebacking

Brand LGBT(TM)

Brand LGBTTM: The pro-corporate, pro-mainstream and heteronormative branding of the gay community, making us more acceptable and palatable to the preferences and priorities of the in-your-face Heterosexual Mainstream Society.

Hola a todos. Our little local group of GLBTQs here in San Francisco got together last week as we do from time-to-time to catch up and talk about various topics. It’s usually something we all find important and not a pre-planned topic.

This time we talked about the widespread use of Brand LGBTTM. We’re referring to the cookie-cutter acronym “LGBT” that one sees everywhere (although not on pink barrio) and which is used worldwide. It’s as if this “LGBT” acronym was issued by a US congressional Declaration from on high and/or by some international governing body to be used throughout el mundo/the world. What was wrong with using GLBTQ in their thinking? Except for purposes of this article, I don’t use “LGBT” at all since it is ugly dishonesty and corporate branding. It indicates a revision of GLBTQ history. I and the amigos/amigas in my group use GLBTQ, including las lesbianas/the lesbians in our group. We’ve noticed that the conformist and heteronormative Brand LGBTTM is used worldwide especially by corporate websites when writing about, promoting, for the commercialisation of and the co-opting of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement. The movement was originally called the Gay Rights’ Movement. It was not called the Lesbian Rights’ Movement therefore the G should be first and not the L. Brand LGBTTM reflects the co-opting of the Gay Rights’ Movement by lesbians, and again, even the rewriting of the movements’ history. Also, conformist and heteronormative “LGBT” is not inclusive. It omits the Q at the end for “Queer” for some odd reason. Whoever created this Brand LGBTTM nonsense didn’t like the more radical Queers? How long before there’s a revision and they decide that the T is really not appropriate? As I wrote in this article, back in 1979 the movement was called The Gay and Lesbian Movement. Period. But Brand LGBTTM has even gone back into history and taken the name of a major march that took place in — where I used to live — the District of Columbia and renamed that march “The Lesbian and Gay March on Washington.” It wasn’t called that. It was called the Gay and Lesbian March on Washington. This is ugly, cheap and tawdry revisionism. The heteronormative Brand LGBTTM marketing acronym is really very dishonest because it gives top credit to lesbians for a movement where they were not the dominant group of the movement, but now giving them “top billing” and top priority in the acronym. I thought most people knew that gay guys were the denominate/activist group of the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement.

So what’s the reason for Brand LGBTTM? Our group concluded that it’s heteronormative branding. The “L” is first in our opinion because lesbians are considered more acceptable than gay guys to “straights” and especially to “straight” men in our sexually dysfunctional heteronormative society. GLBTQs apparently love to cater to and please “straight” people — don’t ask me why — so that’s why they listed the “L” first. The thinking seems to be: Our society still has many problems with and prejudices against gay guys, but our society seems to see lesbians in a more positive way so (to please the “straights”) put them first in the acronym to cater to our bigoted, anti-gay heteronomative society. Of course it’s much more acceptable to see two females holding hands and kissing than seeing two gay guys holding hands and kissing, which many people would say they find repulsive. For example: Fucked-Up US Public: Gay Legal Rights Good; Gay Kissing Bad. Many people have no problem seeing two women kissing but they can’t bare to see two guys kissing. Yet the same people have no problem seeing two guys being violent with each other, beating each other up and/or killing each other and they’ll pay to watch that. But don’t show them two guys kissing. They can’t handle that. Sick-assed people. Even as children, no one blinks an eye seeing two little girls holding hands as amigas/friends. People say, “isn’t that cute?” But when two boys do the same thing they’re scolded, they’re not considered “cute.” They will be screamed at: “you two boys stop holding hands; boys don’t hold hands. Stop it!” No, boys are supposed to fight and beat each other up seems to be the preference/thinking. So Brand LGBTTM is a very sanitising acronym to cater to the “straights” to make being gay and lesbian all the more palatable to delicate them. Also, when the corporate media (are required to) show a same-gender couple kissing, the overwhelming majority of the time it’s predictably two females. Two guys kissing are rarely shown, and when that happens it’s only very briefly by comparison. While writing this article I glanced at my television and saw a very heteronormative ad from a corporate box store which I think pretends to be “gay-friendly?” It was all about dancing while trying to unload some item. I saw a guy and female (implying they were a “straight” couple) were dancing together wearing conformist black and gray clothing. Two females were dancing together holding hands, reinforcing what I said earlier about two females being “acceptable” to the general public. But you know what I didn’t see? Two guys holding hands and dancing. No, they just couldn’t bring themselves to show that. And yet wishful-thinking GLBTQ idiots have told us repeatedly that “gay is now mainstream.” Not on my television it isn’t. I don’t know what network you’re watching where that’s the case. All I see are heteronormative obnoxious in-your-face “straight” couples making out, fawning over each other, short needy-her looking up at tall-him with limpid eyes begging for his attention, him holding her chin going in for the beso/kiss, him and her holding hands and then the two having a major dysfunction.

My Question: Why do “straight” people get top priority/preference by pleasing and catering to them versus pleasing ourselves as GLBTQs? Did the idiots who came up with Brand LGBTTM not think of that? Fuck the “straights.” I don’t need their fucking approval for my sexuality. Nobody appointed them as “god.” What is wrong with GLBTQs who feel the need to boot lick, cater to and emulate the “straights” and be like them? Get some self confidence, damn it! Stop licking the boots of the “straight” community. Shouldn’t we GLBTQs please ourselves and be true to our history, rather than sanitising our history to accommodate “straight” people? I find it disgusting what has happened. And apparently most gay guys know how society still feels about them because as I’ve previously written, many gay guys (if not most) are labeling themselves “bi” (even though they’re not bisexual) in their personal sex ads on the site I call ClosetList and probably elsewhere. And they’re doing this worldwide. Of course there are genuine bi (bisexual) guys out there. But I’m not talking about them here. I’m talking about gay guys who are lying about their sexuality in their personal sex ads and calling themselves “bi.” Why are they doing this? As a way to appear more heteronormative and to give the impression of being more “masculine” than a gay guy because he is supposedly into females as well as guys. These days, it’s rare to see a guy use the word “gay” or even GWM (gay white male) in their ads on ClosetList.

Mi amigo/My friend has experience with gay phone sex and he’s told me repeatedly about the many guys who start out by saying “I’m bi” and then when mi amigo plays along and tries to pursue that in a phone sex conversation by casually asking the guy when was the last time he was with a “girl” or what type of “girls” he gets into. At that point, the supposed bi guy immediately hangs up on him. These supposed bi guys have no interest in talking about females because they’re really gay and they want to talk about gay sex. But they lie and put that “bi” label out there to falsely describe themselves to try to appear more manly, masculine and heteronormative as I wrote about here. They think bi sounds masculine and gay sounds feminine in their minds, even though there are millions of very masculine gay guys out there. But there are still negative connotations with the word “gay” even in the minds of many gay guys. It’s part of self-hate. The big lie here with gay guys dishonestly calling themselves bi is that human sexuality does not change so drastically where millions of gay guys all over the world miraculously became interested in females or “bi” nearly overnight. That just doesn’t happen. Human sexuality doesn’t work that way people. It does on ClosetList.

I’d like to talk about this a little bit more even though it’s not directly related to Brand LGBTTM, but it’s still connected to GLBTQs: On ClosetList, the category is called “men for men” but even in that category it’s rare to see any guy use the word “gay.” I mostly see “bi” or “WM” (white male). And WM is neutral and does not at all identify the sexuality of the guy so its as if they are in the closet even though in their sex ads they’re usually looking for gay sex. It’s as if most guys on CL are ashamed of the word gay, even today after all this time. Well, I shouldn’t say “even today” because as many people know we’re heading backwards very quickly. It won’t surprise mis amigos/my friends if the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement will need to be started all over again at some point in the future. Mi amigo said: “I think this would be a horrible time to try to get a boyfriend or a partner.” Yes, I think it would be too; quite frustrating these days considering the lying and dishonesty one reads in gay personal sex ads. Not that “straight” ads are any different. They too are full of dishonesty and lies such as the closet case gay guys who are calling themselves “straight” and looking to suck dick and they “have a girl and she doesn’t know so need to be discreet.” I’ve read that countless times. In other words, he’s cheating on her. That’s a common theme on ClosetList. Most of the gay ads and phony bi ads are saturated with the words “discreet” and “down low,” which clearly imply that the guy thinks there’s something wrong with being gay and what he’s doing sexually otherwise he wouldn’t need to be “discreet” or “down low” (DL) about his behaviour. And/or he’s cheating on someone and doesn’t want them to find out. “Discreet” is usually code language for a closet case and going by the ads on ClosetList, most guys on there are still in the closet and that’s why I call that site ClosetList.

Back to Brand LGBTTM: Previously when I researched this, from what I read the “L” was first in Brand LGBTTM to show that the gay community supports women’s rights. Isn’t it a given that the gay community supports women’s right? Therefore, no need to put the L first. We also support trans rights but we don’t put the T first at all. I think my first explanation about this order of the letters is more accurate than the women’s rights explanation.

As some of us see it, Brand LGBTTM is unfortunate tacky commercialism and the entire world is using it. I and the people in our little group cringe every time we see that “LGBT” branding. It is indeed the “branding” of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement, and unfortunately many self-described “progressives” (who are really nothing but Democratic Party hacks and shills at s-election time) have fallen in lockstep with this and they use the cookie-cutter Brand LGBTTM whenever they write about GLBTQs topics. They do so to be conformist, because “everybody is doing it.” I would point out that genuine progressives are not conformists.

Unfortunately, the original Gay Rights’ Movement became corrupted by Brand LGBTTM and has lost itself with favour given to the preferences and priorities of the Heterosexual Establishment and what they want for the gay community, rather than what we GLBTQs want for ourselves. Chau.—el barrio rosa

I’m Dreaming of Dick While I’m Drowning In Pussy

The Heteronormative Gay Guys Living A Lie

Hola. This is about yet another Queer boy married to a female. How tiresome. I’ve watched a family over the years and the son who went from elementary school to the university level. Then he abruptly got married to a female. That came out of nowhere. Then they immediately had a child. Did that process begin the wedding night? That’s often the case because the families have asked: “When will you be starting a family, and do you want a big family?” Translation: Get on with fucking immediately — to put it bluntly — as soon as those rings are on your fingers. Keep popping them out. That’s the standard script for families who are heavily into organised religion, fundamentalist especially. But I’ve been acquainted with this guy for years and know him to be a gay guy and religious. All of his mannerisms are stereotypically gay and the sound of his voice is gay. As a Queer person, one detects these things as one Queer person to another (it’s called gaydar). And he’s also into gardening as are many Queer boys. But instead of going the direction his body and emotions will eventually pull him in and because of his religious beliefs — he’s always going on about how “blessed” he is — he made the mistake of going into a “straight” (male/female) relationship. His esposa/wife looks like a lesbian to me. A lesbian married to a gay guy? So this is quite a relationship. This type of thing has happened so many times in my life experience. And at some point he’ll start the “Honey, we need to talk” routine. He’ll explain to her that he’s gay and has always been gay. She will scream in anger, “How can you do this to me?” or “I’ve always known honey.” Although many females like to live in Denial about this. He will tell her how much he loves her but that he’s going to go live with his boyfriend and will see her in court regarding la casa/the house and los niños/the kids. What a mess. And this mess could have been avoided if he had come out to begin with, but unfortunately he followed The Heterosexual Family ScriptTM that’s expected of everyone in our heteronormative society. And “What about the Children?TM” All of this is something for other Queer boys to consider who are currently in a similar situation. It’s takes courage to go against The Heterosexual Family ScriptTM. You will come out sooner or later and those that do not can get very violent and end in tragic consequences and hurt a lot of people.

With this guy, he’s constantly thinking about dick but when he gets in his bed he’s drowning in pussy, and she wants attention while she swoons and lactates at him. But he’s really thinking about dick and that’s what he really wants. And as a suspected lesbiana, she’s probably thinking of pussy. This is one hell of a relationship. Chau.—el barrio rosa


Going Backwards: More Gay Guys Getting Married To Females