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Do you use Firefox?

Hola a todos. I use Firefox. Maybe you do too. Something I’ve noticed many times on their search page is their begging for donations, such as this language that appeared on el 14 de marzo de 2017/the 14th of March 2017:

“Celebrate Pi Day with some pie. Then burn off those calories with a donation to Mozilla. We’re pretty sure giving to keep the Internet awesome totally burns calories.”

They had about five donation buttons of various amounts for one to choose to make a donation, or one could check this box to choose to make a monthly donation.

Can someone tell me why this huge corporation (Mozilla) need donations when they have millions of dollars, based on their financial information:

Type of Company: Private
Founded: August 3, 2005; 11 years ago
Headquarters: Mountain View, California, US
Products: Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, more…

Revenue: $329.5 million (2014, last year available)

Number of employees: 1000+
Parent: Mozilla Foundation

Then there’s their relationship with Google which you can read about here.

There’s also this, although current figures not available:

Combined income of Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation
2011 $163.5 million (proportion derived from Google) 85%

Here’s their 2013 Tax Return Form

Question: Why are people so gullible to donate dinero/money to people who don’t need it? How many people take the bait given by Firefox? Because of their begging with their donation scheme language, before I researched them I had the impression they were this struggling, poor, barely-making-it, non-profit type of organisation. In reality, they’re a private company with millions of dollars.

Why would the average person donate to a private corporation that has or makes millions of dollars? That makes no sense to me. If one is not a millionaire why would one donate to millionaires? To me that’s loco. That’s as ludicrous as donating to a millionaire corporate politician in one of the two parasitic corporate parties in The Cesspool (Democrat and Republican). Is this more of that far “right-wing” math where the low and middle-income people are supposed to fund and support millionaires and their corporations? I just wonder how many gullible people fall for this scheme? I think they’re typically called suckers. Chau.—el barrio rosa