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Doomsday Clock at 2 minutes to midnight

Hola. As regular readers may know, I can’t stand to talk about politics. I’m always sweaty after doing so. After writing an article related to politics, I feel like I have to go take a shower. That’s usually not the case with anything else I write. Mi amigo/My friend tells me he’s the same way after reading any political articles.

Nevertheless, I feel the need to vent. Here in febrero/February 2018, today’s politics feel hopeless and futile mostly due to Democratic and Republican Party devout faithful partisan brainwashing. We’re at 2 minutes to midnight according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. And what does one read in the comments — if one can stand to read them — on most political websites and in political video comments on YT? Childish partisan arguing, ignorance, hate, one-upping and bickering over whose team (political party and candidates) was and is best, with self-appointed authorities “presenting their argument.” Most of which one has heard or seen thousands of times before, especially since 2000. It’s nothing but recycled partisan-brainwashed pabulum. Disgusting. I can’t stand it. I don’t doubt that many of these people are paid operatives of the two corrupt corporate parties who hang out in comment sections day and night getting paid to spend their time trolling for their party. The brainwashed partisans among us — and they are in the majority — are absolutely unable to get past their brainwashing. This is particularly true for brainwashed Democrats and Republicans, and bots of El hombre-niño naranja/the orange man-child. This is also true for a certain cultist group of fake-socialists/fake-leftists whom I’ve written about in the past where their one-track mind is brainwashed on “class.” For them and their simple minds it’s all about “the ruling class” versus “the working class.” The far-right can’t stand the #metoo movement. That’s the same position that the sexist, chauvinistic and misogynistic male-dominated SEP has on the #metoo movement. As I was telling mi amigo/my friend, overall from what I’ve seen of them, the SEP has far more in common with the far-right than they do any “Left” while they pretend they’re on the “Left” (rubbish!) and refer to their website as “Left-wing.” As I’ve written before, people call themselves anything these days. It doesn’t have to have any basis in reality. Related:

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With brainwashing, any logic or critical thinking skills one might have possessed to begin with are erased. Brainwashing overrides both logic and critical thinking. I would say that I’ve never seen anything like this before but that is not true. I’ve been reading this partisan drivel since at least 2000 following the Judicial Coup and the stealing of that election by the Bush Crime Family and with the complicity of the corrupt Democratic Party and their wet-noodle Al Gore. That’s when I began seriously paying attention to the septic swamp called US politics. What has changed since that time? Nothing really. Only the names of some of the players/corporate parasites. And of course things have gotten worse.

With the brainwashed Democratic Party thin-skinned partisans, any time anyone speaks a word of criticism about their corrupt cesspool of a party and their war criminal politicians (Hillary, for example) one is accused of serving as a cock sucker for el hombre-niño naranja/the orange man-child, or being “a closet Republican pretending to be left wing” or “you’re from the troll farm in St Petersburg, and by the way can you tell us about the restaurants in St Petersburg so that we won’t have to go on Y*lp to read reviews?” Pathetic. Any time anyone speaks the truth about the current septic and insane occupant of la casa blanca/the white house, one is accused of being “a sore loser Democrat. Hillary lost. Get over it!” Even though I didn’t support her to begin with and I can’t stand her, but partisan trolls often make baseless assumptions about people they know nothing about. That’s part of their trolling script. With these partisan basura, there is nothing in between. Then if one mentions Dra Jill Stein in a positive light, both of those brainwashed partisan cults — Democrats and Republicans — join together in a hate fest on “Russian operative Jill Stein.” (roll eyes). Sigh. I’m going to say what I would probably not be allowed to say anywhere else: Fuck off all of you! I do not have the patience for partisan-brainwashed people who cling and adhere to a corrupt cesspool of a party no matter what they do, and no matter what piece of imperialistic corporate trash they put up as their candidates. Have you no standards/requirements other than cultist/bootlicking partisan allegiance? But partisan brainwashing overrides/removes any standards or requirements that one may have had. And anyone who supports such basura of the corrupt Democratic Party is serving as an accomplice and enabler to said filth. (The same goes for the corrupt Republican Party). But that doesn’t seem to bother anybody. Brainwashed partisans continue to wallow in the gutter and they seem to enjoy it immensely.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but the far-right/rabid (nazi/white supremacist) supporters of the orange man are impossible to talk with. They are such know-nothing, stupid, willfully-ignorant — especially sexually; they’ve had no sex education classes ever? — prejudiced and bigoted people. I recently learned how sexually ignorant they are from reading their comments hating on the Queer Olympians.

At this rate — and I see absolutely no reason why this won’t continue — the Doomsday clock will strike midnight and these brainwashed partisan cultists will still be arguing over their corrupt parties and which one is better. In reality, they are both corporate trash and their devout cultists refuse to see that. That’s what brainwashing does to people.

If one chose to be an accomplice and enabler of our thoroughly corrupt system during the 2016 “s-election,” anybody with half a brain and with principles/convictions who claimed to be a liberal or progressive would have voted for Dra Jill Stein. She was the best candidate out there in 2016, despite my having some problems with her as it related to her interest in working with Democratic Party-enabler and war criminal Hillary-endorser fake-socialist Bernie Sanders. A genuine liberal or a genuine progressive would not have voted for right-wing Hillary, because that’s a contradiction in terms and belief systems. They would instead have voted in their best interests and the best interests of the country and the world. They would have voted for Dra Jill Stein. But brainwashed partisans — including the fake-liberals and fake-progressives — voted for Hillary because of that “D” for Democrat next to her name. They voted as they were told/ordered to vote, voting against their best interests and for an utterly corrupt party as they always do. Voting one’s best interests is too logical and intelligent for this crowd who — with their brainwashed partisan views — are really no different than brainwashed fundamentalist Christians. Like cultists and devout true believers, blindly following the herd. Rather than voting for Jill Stein, I have read comments such as, “I held my nose and voted for Hillary.” With Jill Stein, there is no nose-holding required, you damn fools.

If we’re still here by 2020, and by that I mean if this insane and dysfunctional regime of the US Oligarchy hasn’t destroyed the world with a nuclear attack on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (조선민주주의인민공화국, Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk), I’ve read in recent weeks that the corrupt Democratic Party is considering running Hillary again for president since she refuses to go away and refuses to take any responsibility for her 2016 “loss.” Oh yes why not?! They might as well recycle her once again. She’d love that as she’d love the attention and finger-pointing Bill would love it too as he seems desperate to get back en la casa blanca. These people crave power. Chelsea would love it too as it would give the family in general attention and I get the impression she’s going to run for something. The whole family loves attention and being before cameras. They live under the illusion that they’re very special people, which is why they won’t go away. I also read that Bernie Sanders is considering another presidential run. And Oprah is waiting for the Floating Cloud Being/god himself to tell her to run. Apparently she has a direct line to the FCB and she’s just waiting for “The Word.” Yes, that’s true. She said in a recent interview when asked about it: “And wouldn’t I know? Because if God actually wanted me to run, wouldn’t God kinda tell me? And I haven’t heard that.” (roll eyes) Oh so that’s the way it works? This god fellow has to tell people to jump into the corrupt cesspool of politics? Well what exactly has she heard from this god fellow? Loca. And who would vote for somebody like that? Answer: Every brainwashed Democrat in the country, that’s who! One might recall that the current occupant of the office of vice president claims that god talks to him too. Loco. In any other job or field that I can think of, when someone talks about god personally talking to them they’re look at suspiciously — and one cautiously backs away from the person a few steps — because such talk is a sign of mental illness. But I guess in the septic field of US politics, it’s perfectly “normal.” Well, it won’t surprise me at some point when we see Oprah holding a press conference and telling us that she indeed did get the go-ahead to run for president because “he”/god told her to run. And if she’s selected by the electoral college, that will give her messiah Obama a third term. So as of this writing, it looks like the 2020 campaign (if we’re still here by then) will mostly be a rehash of the septic 2016 campaign. Of course this country won’t be the same by then with climate change and all, and people running out of food. I won’t have it!

Our little group of local San Francisco Queers discussed this among ourselves recently and surprisingly to me every single person in our group feels as I do. I hadn’t expected that. I knew that most of us were nonpartisan/independents. But they too have “had it up to here” and they realise there’s nothing that we in our group can do about any of this. And because we are all nonpartisans, that right there makes us an outcast because we are not part of the Democratic or Republican Cults. So, the people in our group are focusing their lives more on pleasurable things; things they enjoy doing and talking about. Seems like a good idea to me. Because I have to say that there’s no reason for one to waste one’s life reading or responding to partisan cultist pabulum and presenting one’s opinion in response because there’s so little to no intelligence out there to receive any position that is not devoutly partisan. And anyone who is going to “get it,” (meaning what I’ve written in this article) already has, and they did so long ago. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Oh and by the way, as of this writing the Arctic Circle is experiencing 38 degrees Fahrenheit. It is supposed to be minus 40 to minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit at this time of year. This is causing the cold North Pole air to be pushed down into Russia. They have minus 40 degrees F. right now. And the other part is being pushed into América del Norte/North América, specifically Canada and The Cesspool. So parts of the shithole US are colder than the North Pole is currently. But there’s nothing here to see or worry about. Move along. We’re looking, we’re not touching, and how was that fish you had last night? You know, the fish with all the mercury, plastics and petroleum products in it?


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