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Dore Alley Street Fair 2018 (San Francisco)

Hola a todos. As usual, I write about the annual Dore Alley Street Fair. Mi amigo/My friend went again this year and here’s his report:

The street fair was a little smaller than last year, by a few blocks. The turnout was probably three-quarters of what it usually is. I saw only one female there with a guy. Last year there were lots of females there. Last year there were also lots of cops there. This year, no cops that I saw. The booths were the same.

As in previous years, the phone addiction was awful. Most everyone was on their phone. (pink barrio asks: So they came to a street fair to be on their phone? They could have stayed home to do that! Did any of them really see the fair they supposedly came to see?) The only “conversation” was the word “like.”1 Most everyone was older, late 60s and up, meaning it was mostly the Old City. The Millennial Techie trash were not there, or very few of them. There were probably less than 10 people there who were under age 60. I saw hardly any alcohol consumption at all. The beer booths were not in use whenever I went by. But I noticed the beer price was $7.00 each. Seven fucking dollars for one beer? No wonder no one was drinking. There was a nice Old City smell — meaning the aroma of huge clouds of “420″ — that permeated the fair.

Then there was this thing that happened around 3.00pm where everyone was told to quickly go to the exits, that the fair was unsafe. This was blared out over the bull horns. They began evacuating one of the nearby bars and people nonchalantly headed for the exits. Then soon after that, we got the “all clear” and everyone just continued on. I heard someone say that a person slipped and fell because it was so hot and there was sweat on the ground. (pink barrio asks: They evacuated because someone fell in the sweat? Damn odd reason to evacuate a fair rather than just deal with that one person). But there was definitely no panic about it.

There used to be some nudity at the fair. None this year. The fair is becoming more like the original Castro Street Fair from the Old City, minus the alcohol.

You usually never know who’s together as a couple at the fair because it’s so packed with people and guys usually stand in a circle facing each other, but what I wanted to say about that is that they’re all the same height. They don’t have the extreme height difference requirement that straights have where the guy has to be towering over the female — where she looks more like his daughter — that we see all the time here in the Breeder Mecca. (pink barrio says: Yes, I’ve written a lot about that ridiculous looking him-tall-dominant/her-short-submissive chauvinistic head trip that we see so often from the constantly angry-looking breeder Millennial Techie trash.)

Both going to the fair and coming back, I was the only person from The Castro that I saw. This morning, I was the only person that got on the metro at Castro Street Station who looked like they were going to the fair. No one got off the metro at the fair stop except me. Coming back it was the same way; I was the only person I saw on the metro coming back to The Castro from the fair.

I suppose the fair will cease to exist once the Old City is no longer around. By the time I quit going, the fair will no longer exist.

Muchas gracias, mi amigo for your report. Chau.—el barrio rosa

1 Later, mi amigo elaborated on this obsession with the word “like” that so many people (most?) have ruined their speech with. I guess people enjoy sounding outright stupid (if not almost illiterate) because that’s how they sound saying the word “like” every other word. They sound absolutely incapable of stringing words together to make a complete sentence without the word “like” sprinkled throughout. Here in The Cesspool/the shithole US, stupid is in. Conformity is in. Stupid fads are in. And this obsession with the word “like” is most assuredly part of insecure people’s need to conform to “fit in” among other insecure, stupid-sounding people. I remember walking behind two people “like’ing” awhile back and they were saying the word “like” every other word and were clipping it and saying it so fast that it sounded as if they were saying the word “lick.” One said to the other: “If you like go lick 2.00pm…” Rather than saying intelligently without all that “like” shit: “If you go around 2.00pm…” Mi amigo said that he thinks the word “like” became people’s “vocabulary” (it’s the only word they say, isn’t it?) around the same time that gay camp disappeared. Perhaps that’s true. It is true that gay camp is long gone, unfortunately, at least around here.