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The Haves versus the Have-nots in San Francisco

Self-entitlement. Self-entitled homeowners and parking in San Francisco

Hola a todos. We have a lot of wealthy (Millennial) trash in San Francisco today. They act like assholes. Terrible people. No one I would want to know. Self-entitled and self-absorbed millionaires and billionaires. The Bay Area is now known as Billionaire Bay. For some reason, when I think of trash, most self-entitled and elitist homeowners in San Francisco come to mind. That’s because many, if not most, homeowners in San Francisco live under the illusion that just because they own property that somehow entitles them to have special rights, including giving them the authority to dictate to others in the neighbour where they should and should not park on their street. The arrogance!

There are some good homeowners in San Francisco, but not many. I’ve known one or two over the years.

Mi amigo/My friend showed me another note he found on his vehicle this week from the same homeowner(s), the two families with the consecutive addresses, who had previously left other notes on his windshield. Mi amigo has an older vehicle. I suspect if he had a new, bougi, expensive “Keeping up with the Joneses” type vehicle that this wouldn’t even be an issue. In this case it’s a class issue. Here’s the note he found on his windshield:

“We are two families with kids [no punctuation] If you are going to park here for 4 days [no comma] park on the other side of the street ! There was plenty of parking on the other side when you parked here – Be considerate of others” [no period]

My response to that note: The gall of some people! Does “be considerate of others” mean that your(the homeowner’s) vehicle should have been parked there instead of my friend’s? Your being “two families with kids” is your problem — never heard of birth control/the pill/condoms? — and completely irrelevant to permitted parking regulations in San Francisco. You should have considered your family, your “kids,” and your parking situation before moving here. You should have educated yourselves about the extremely tight parking situation in this City. You did not make a very smart decision as breeders. Your family situation with “kids” is moot and does not afford you special rights to parking on the street or dictating to other residents where they should park. Anyone can park on the street for as long as they want (per designated parking regulations), and they can park where they want and not where you think they should park, assholes. Understand, basura? I have no patience for basura. You can confirm our parking guidelines with the SFMTA. They will be glad to educate your self-entitled ass. Parking on a street based on which home has a “family and kids” occupying it is irrelevant, moot, a non-issue in San Francisco. But your glaring arrogance and ignorance is noted. This is so typical of these new elitist and self-entitled wealthy asshole residents who have moved in here and who live under the illusion that they have special rights and are somehow better than other residents. So take your own advice assholes: Please be considerate of others. I’d suggest you move your elitist ass out of the City. I think you would be far more comfortable in some backwater cesspool as you continue to breed in an already overpopulated world, and blame others for your fucking stupidity. The arrogance of some people!

The curious thing about this situation is that mi amigo told me that he thinks the homeowner(s) who continue to leave harassing notes on his windshield complaining about him legally parking on the street is the large house with the double-car garage.

According to San Francisco parking regulations, one is allowed to park in one parking spot for a maximum of 3 days/72 hours. Mi amigo has a Residential Parking Permit for his area of The City on his vehicle and he follows the requirements that come with that. He had been parked in that location for 2 days (not 4 as they claimed) because he had taken a short trip out of The City 2 days ago and parked there when he got back the same day. Just like with El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man, the wealthy always have to lie when trying to get their way. The homeowners lied about the 4 days. As I said, if he had a Rolls or some other bougi, pretentious, elitist, status-symbol vehicle, these homeowner trash wouldn’t be whining about his vehicle being legally parked there. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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