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The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+

Hola a todos. According to a gay publication in the UK, the official Gay acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+. Stupid.

That stands for “Lesbian,” “Gay,” “Bisexual,” “Queer,” “Questioning,” “Intersex,” “Curious,” “Asexual,” “Agender,” “Ally,” “Pansexual,” “Polysexual,” “Friends and family,” “Two-spirit” and “Kink.”

Surely they can work in a few more descriptors so that maybe each letter in the alphabet could be repeated at least twice like the two “Q’s” up there, no?

What more is there to be said about this topic that I haven’t already said — what feels like — hundreds of time? When are they going to stop this ridiculous acronym shit? Why do Queers need this long string of letters to identify themselves with? Why do they need any set of letters to identify themselves with? I don’t get that. Can’t they just use one word such as Gay or Queer? Just like the breeders use straight. (I use the word Queer because it makes the breeders very uncomfortable. They don’t know what to make of that!) Breeders don’t have any acronyms, so why does the Queer or Gay community need one? Ever since the order from on-high was given for “gay assimilation,” I thought Queers wanted to be just like the breeders, no? More specifically — and I feel like I’m repeating myself — breeders/straights don’t have any acronym to identify themselves with and they have various sexual interests too, and some of those descriptors above would also apply to breeders. For example: “bisexual,” “asexual,” “ally” or “friends and family.” Breeders are simply called straight and straight guys are into females and pussy and straight females are into guys and dick. And since most of the gay community has shown that they adamantly want to be just like the breeders — I don’t know why; one would hope they would have higher standards than that! — one would think that the gay community would abandon all of these ludicrous acronyms.

I would think that the thousands of websites that currently use the ubiquitous Gay and Lesbian revisionist history acronym “LGBT(Q)” will now have to copy and paste this “LGBTQQICAPF2K+” mess onto their websites every time they mention something Queer-related because I doubt anyone will be able to remember all those keyboard characters in the correct order. One can probably remember that the “+” sign goes at the end.

The reason for this revision? Well, as insanity becomes more widespread around el mundo/the world, I read that a group of Queer activists want to add the word “kink” — or the letter “K” for kink — to the already crowded and ridiculous-looking acronym.

Sometimes I write “Queer/GTQBL” just to let new readers know that Queer means GTQBL.

For first time readers:

My acronym (GTQBL) uses that letter order because it is a more accurate acronym for the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement’s history. The movement was started by gay guys and trans individuals (“GT”) with two riots at donut shops. I’m talking about pre-Stonewall.

The acronym “GLBT(Q)” was used up until the time that the corporatists among us fucked things up with their dishonest revisionist Queer history acronym “LGBT(Q)” that one sees all over the internet these days. It seems that lesbians felt the need for attention so they hijacked the Gay/Queer movement and demanded first place (the L being first in the acronym) which they didn’t and don’t deserve because lesbians did not lead the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Gay guys did followed by trans people. So out of retribution, I put the “L” for lesbian last in my acronym. Kicked to the curb.

I’ve also read that the “L” was moved to first place because the feminist movement was in high-gear at the same time as the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. That’s true, but isn’t it a given that Queers support women’s rights? I should think so. And the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and the Women’s Rights Movement were two separate movements and had their own protests, demonstrations and marches despite some overlapping of people between the two movements. So why move the “L” to first place? To “let the ladies go first?” That’s sexist and chauvinistic, and it’s counter to the core values of the feminist/women’s movement. Has no one ever thought of that who dreamed up this nonsense? Yet the gay community and some breeders mindlessly use “LGBT(Q)” like a bunch of sheeple. That’s also one of my problems with the L being first. I resent lesbians and corporatists rewriting our rich Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement history when, again, lesbians didn’t do most of the work.

Also, from my research into this topic, another reason for the “L” being moved to first place was to cater to the prejudiced and bigoted breeders. You see, they are more comfortable with lesbians than they are gay guys. And some heteronormative corporatist gay people among us at those national gay organisations — with their “gay assimilation” obsession — enjoy catering to prejudiced breeders and their comfort level, so they moved the “L” for lesbian to first place so that breeders would see the “L” first with the “G” for gay more buried/hidden in second place inside the acronym. Apparently every site on the internet was ordered to make that change to “LGBT(Q)” when writing anything Queer-related because “LGBT(Q)” is the conformist and dishonest revisionist history acronym that one sees saturated all over the internet. What heteronormative corporate basura at these US national Queer corporatist organisations thought it a good idea to cater to breeders and their prejudices against gay guys?

Reflecting on where we are in 2018:

I remember a Queer blogger whose site I was reading for awhile until he stopped writing asked on his site several years ago: “What has happened to my fellow Queers?” I was glad he had noticed and he was in New York City. By all indications they have flipped out and have stopped just short of issuing a formal apology to the breeders for our activism/behaviour during the decades of the proudly-radical Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. It’s as if the gay community feels embarrassment and remorse for having inconvenienced the precious (prejudiced and bigoted) breeders over those decades by our marches and protests. It’s as if the gay community now sees the breeders as superior to us Queers for some odd reason. Is that because breeders are the majority population, regardless of the number of closeted gay guys among the him and her breeder couples? Why else would the gay community want to model their lives after the breeders — with their dysfunctional relationships and high divorce rate — and what they do (such as being rabid over corporate sports teams to show how macho they are)?

When I moved to San Francisco in the late 1970s at the height of the (then) Gay Mecca, I could never have predicted decades later what would happen to a once “Out and Proud” gay community that we had then.

But here we are decades later and the Gay/Queer Community has done a “180.” A complete flip. It’s nothing like it was. There’s nothing remotely rad(ical) about the gay community today. They’re as heteronormative as they can possibly be as they emulate the breeders.

San Francisco, the former Gay Mecca, has also done a “180.” The Bohemian alternative San Francisco used to be known as: “Anything Goes San Francisco; let and let live.” Today, Conformist San Francisco is a very judgmental City with a lot of immature, shallow and superficial people, mostly lobotomised Millennial zombies. The City’s new unofficial slogan is: “Conform! Obey! Wear Black and Grey.” And if you don’t? Be prepared to get some snide-assed bullying looks because you’re not conforming. If you’re a cyclist — particularly wearing bright colour so you can be seen easily — be prepared for some asshole motorist to get uncomfortably close to you because: 1) they hate cyclists and/or 2) they hate cyclists and colour. (Sigh)

Considering how very conservative and sanitised the Queer/Gay community has become — and this seemed to have happened after gay marriage became legal in the shithole US and was part of that “gay assimilation” bull shit — I think most Queers today would find the word “Queer” much too radical for their conservative and Disneyfied “family-friendly” (gag) tastes.

I should also mention that the Gay community has gone from being a pro-peace group to a pro-war, pro-Establishment, pro-US Oligarchy group. The opposite of who they were. This happened mainly because their messiah Obama was in office. Overall, Obama’s policies were to the right of those of George W Bush’s policies. The Gay community opposed illegitimate George W Bush’s despicable policies but they supported the same policies and their expansion when they became Obama’s policies with his neocon agenda. Fucking hypocrites! Unlike during the Bush years, I didn’t see the Gay community oppose any of Obama’s 8-9 wars. No, they were perfectly cool with those wars and the anti-war movement died because Obama calls himself a Democrat. (Related: Obama a “Centrist?” WTF?) War is perfectly fine when it’s a Democrat leading it seems to be the hypocritical thinking of devout Democratic voters/partisans. For example: Gay Men Glorify War and Nationalism. Completely flipped-out.

With “gay assimilation,” many Queers have gone back in the closet. They’re running from the word Gay and instead are referring to themselves in the closet-case language “discreet” and “down low.” The opposite of “Out and Proud.” Reading men-seeking-men personal sex ads, some guys have the word “discreet” sprinkled throughout their small paragraph ad 5-6 times. It’s obvious that here in 2018 many gay guys are ashamed of their gay sexuality, and this is especially true for the extremely insecure Millennial gay guys whose ads often go on about how “straight” they think they are while they’re looking for sex with a guy. “Gay assimilation” has backfired but I don’t see anyone talking about it. It’s very hush hush. Many gay guys are marrying females to be just like the breeders whom they desperately want to be like (internalised homophobia). Sigh. Sad. You can read about that here: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.

One wonders why the Gay community spent decades working for gay marriage and when that was achieved, many gay guys decide to marry a female? Loco. Flipped out.

And I’ve not even mentioned the majority of the Gay community in San Francisco and the Bay Area (and other major cities) who are now pretending to be bi on CL to make themselves appear to be more straight. Their homophobic mentality seems to be that because they claim to be into females that makes them more jock, more macho, more masculine, more like the breeders and “a real man” as the majority of them run from the word gay. The gay Jock Bros who reject gay guys. You can’t tell me that the majority of the Gay community has “turned bi” en masse. Human sexuality doesn’t work that way where an entire community can somehow supposedly change their sexuality from gay to bi. Who believes that? Yet that’s what one sees on CL when one does a search of keywords. Are most bi guys bi? And I always have to say this: To be clear, I’m not talking about the genuine bi guys out there. I’m talking about the lying frauds; the gay guys with their internalised homophobia pretending to be bi and into pussy when they’re not. A friend of mine has done gay phone sex for years. He tells me that nearly every guy he’s talked with who said they were bi at the beginning of the conversation hung up on him as soon as he mentioned pussy. The few that didn’t hang up said something to the effect of: “We don’t need no pussy; just us masculine guys here wanting to get into dick” was the theme with most of these fake-bi guys.

As for the deceitful gay guys in the closet who are living a lie, being a fraud and dishonest with themselves, their wife/girlfriend, and anyone they come in contact with, they might want to read this article to see how well that works out (a gay guy being married to a female for years). This Gay Mormon Man Who Got Famous For Marrying A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced.

But I guess none of this matters at this point. As that woman said at the Grammy’s recently: “The world is basically over anyway.” So it doesn’t matter. And most people — especially in the now-dead Queer community — don’t seem to give a fuck about anything, well, other than their phone which is their entire life and their addiction to their sex apps. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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Straight guys who actually suck dick ?

Straight guys who actually suck dick ? That’s Bull Shit. They’re living a lie. The reality is that they are closeted gay guys.

Hola a todos. Nearly every week, someone comes to pink barrio from doing a search for “straight guys who actually suck dick.” Since many people are interested in this topic, I decided to make it easier for people by writing this article specifically addressing that topic.

Okay Class, everyone pay attention now:

To begin with, the premise is wrong. “Straight” guys don’t suck dick. Now does everyone understand that before we proceed on? Gay and bi guys suck dick. Understand?

I see this all the time in the men for men personal sex ads. I don’t know who they think they’re fooling. Any guy who tries to prove how “straight” he is but is looking to suck dick is a liar and is being heteronormative/pretending to be “straight”. The guy is ashamed of being gay just like many other gay guys these days and that seems to be getting worse from what I’m seeing, and that includes here in now-conservative and lobotomised San Francisco. These guys have gay shame despite all this supposed progress that Brand LGBTTM likes to go on about that we’ve supposedly made. The so-called “straight” guy who is looking to suck dick or get fucked (I’ve seen that too on ClosetList) is either gay and in the closet, or he could be bisexual in the original definition of that word (meaning sexually into both guys and females). What I mean by that is that unfortunately these days many heteronormative gay guys with their gay shame are using the word “bi” to describe themselves even though they have no sexual interest in females. They use the word bi because to them bi sounds more masculine, more macho, heteronormative and closer to being “straight” than the word gay. I think to these heteronormative guys, the word gay has negative meanings. For example, it only means fem, even though intelligent people know that there are thousands and thousands of masculine gay guys out there.

These closet case “straight” guys have the usual closet case language in their personal sex ads, such as the words “discreet” (translation: a closet case and/or he’s cheating on someone, and they also use the letters “DL” meaning “down low” or in the closet). There’s clearly this obsession with “being straight” within the gay population which is part of gay shame. That’s why I and others say that despise decades of work during the now-dead Gay Rights Movements, it’s as if little was accomplished really. During those days, gay guys were “Out and Proud,” they were not “discreet” and “down low.” It’s quite sad what the gay population has become since the Gay Rights’ Movement died which occurred during the years of their messiah “Mr Jock” Obama. It’s as if “Out and Proud” went back in the closet when the corporatist idiots of Brand LGBTTM gave their “assimilation” orders to “assimilate” (translation: blend in and disappear like a wall flower) with the “straights” and try to be as much like them as possible. (Why? Who wants to be like the obnoxious in-your-face “straights” who love to come to San Francisco’s Castro and make out under Rainbow Flags and in front of what’s left of the Queer boys here? Queer boys are not into watching “straight” basura make out. Take your “straight” make out sessions to The Marina or North Beach or Union Street. You own the entire fucking city, what are you doing over here? Are you trying to show Queer boys how you make out? We don’t care! And I and the people I know don’t make it a point of going down to The Marina to make out in front of “straight” couples and nearly fuck on the sidewalk. Although admittedly, you have taken over The Castro as I wrote in this article about the “straight revolution,” and that’s what you’re doing over here, I presume.

I’ve written many articles detailing all the closet cases with their gay shame on the site I call ClosetList. To read those personal sex ads, one would come away with the conclusion that little progress has been made at all for GLBTQs and the gay population. Either most of those ads are purely fantasy or we have thousands and thousands of sexually fucked-up people out there.

Some guys say they’re “straight” and looking to suck dick. What they mean by that is that they are in the closet and everyone thinks he is “straight” because 1) he may have some needy-girlfriend hanging all over him like we see around The Castro and she’s tagging along with him as his “cover,” or 2) he is married to a female. But he’s still a gay guy in the closet. And these gay closet cases will sometimes say in their ads, “I don’t do this often” (meaning trying to hook up with a guy). Does it matter how often he tries to hook up with a guy? He’s trying to do so now. I wish they would stop trying to make excuses for themselves and stop down-playing what they’re trying to do. They want to have sex with a guy — and there’s nothing wrong with that — because they’re either gay or bi. So stop this “straight” phony act and stop lying about who you are. Other guys try to down-play what they’re doing by using the word “curious” as if they’re not sure about their sexual feelings. That could be the case with some people and I’m not dismissing that. But I think sometimes the word “curious” is meant to be heteronormative and to sanitise/downplay what the guy is trying to do. Can’t you hear him now: “I”m not really gay, I’m just curious because I think about sucking dick and getting fucked all the time.” Well it sounds like to me you’re a little bit more than “curious” if you’re thinking about sucking dick or getting fucked all the time. Something pretty intenso is going on within you and you should accept your gay feelings, stop living a damn lie to yourself and others and go enjoy yourself having sex with a guy of your choice. If someone has a problem with your Queer sexuality, that’s their problem, not yours. They are the ones who need psychotherapy, not you. Stop all this closet case nonsense that so much time and energy is wasted on. I have a short fuse for that at this point.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about. It’s an excerpt from one ad I saw while writing this article:

“If you are mostly str8 like I am, under 33, and white, let’s meet and play — grope my bulge, grind, unzip, feel my monster cock boning. Then we’ll get naked and mess around … Most evenings, I stay at home with the wife and kids. Sometimes I can get a pass at night, but not till I know you’re reliable. …My 7 day load is gonna be a big one when I blow.”

First, your language “the wife” sounds so warmly affectionate [sarcasm intended], as opposed to “my wife and kids.” Secondly, you’re not “mostly str8″ dude. You’re bi but mostly have sex with your wife, although based on your 7 day load you’ve built up that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case either. But this dude calls himself “mostly str8.” Is that because he thinks that if he uses the word “bi” he’s getting too close to that dreaded “gay” word? We can’t have that! Then the guy said, “I’m 190, 6′ 1 “, athletic bod and white. Seeking only another white guy — no offense, that’s what I like. I’m more relaxed if you are curious or mostly straight.” What do you have against gay guys, chico? Why don’t you want to have sex with a gay guy since that’s what you’re looking for? You’re specifically looking for gay sex/sex with another guy.

Some things have been accomplished on a legal basis for GLBTQs, but some/many of those things have not translated over into most people’s daily lives when you see gay guys still married to females, and the thousands and thousands of gay closet cases still out there and gay guys with their gay shame who are still keeping of the charade by marrying females to give the appearance they’re “straight.” That reminds me: On television, are females required to be in all images with a guy where they are cheek-to-cheek? That’s what I see on my television (fútbol being the only exception to that that I know of). When was the last time you saw images of two guys cheek-to-cheek on the heteronormative corporate media networks? Observing the corporate media, one gets the strong impression that they think that everyone is “straight,” everyone should be “straight” and that “straight” is the desired and “normal” sexuality. And it appears that the corporate media have a rule that all guys have to be shown with a female to give the heteronormative impression to the public that this guy is “straight” even though everybody knows he’s a Queer boy in some cases and gossip about it online. I’m thinking specifically of some Latin musicians and actors. While writing this, a male Latin singer — who shall remain nameless — that I follow from time-to-time, was interviewed by TV Azteca. They played part of his new video. His new video is really no different than the old videos. It’s always the same old thing: Guy with female. Predictable. It shows him making out with the typical white Latina. Nothing new there. Then it shows him down on his knee (oh here we go with that tired and predictable routine) of asking her to marry him. Nothing new there. He opens up the box to the engagement ring. Nothing new there. She jumps up in the air with joy and hangs all over him. Nothing new there. My very reliable gaydar has told me for some time that this artist is a Queer boy. I’ve also observed his behaviour around other guys on other networks when he’s been interviewed en studio. I did a little research on him and found that he did a concert at a gay bar “to show that he supports the gay populace.” Might it be a little bit more than “supporting the gay populace?” Might it be because he’s a gay boy himself (Mr Closet Case)? And he doesn’t want to come out of the closet because he thinks it will hurt his career? So he only takes it so far as to say, “I support the gay populace.” I’ve not heard of any “straight” Latin artists who have gone out of their way to go to a gay bar to give a concert there or to do anything else there, have you?

When was the last time you saw two guys holding hands in a programme on your corporate media where the camera did rush off quickly? Yet the ubiquitous “straight” couples of tall-him and short-her holding hands and making out are shoved in our faces constantly. And of course there’s the hate for transgender people. So don’t come at me with this Brand LGBTTM nonsense that “we’ve accomplished so much now” bull shit and “we’re damn-near in Queer utopia.” It’s nonsense. It’s a lie when you look at most people’s lives and how they write their sex personal ads. In reality, little has been accomplished when I see all the closeted gay guys out there which is continuing to this day including right here in heteronormative and conservative San Francisco, the former Gay Mecca.

So reviewing class: Anytime you see “straight guys who actually suck dick,” keep in mind that the guy is not “straight.” He’s a liar. The very definition of “straight” is men going with and having sex with females. The “straight” guys I know have no interest in sucking dick. Hope this helps. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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Transgender And In The US Military?

GLBTQs enjoy killing other innocent GLBTQs in the name of barbaric US Imperialism.

UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE: According to her abogada/attorney, Chelsea Manning tried to kill herself last week in prison (the week of July 4, 2016).

Hola a todos. I got an e-mail the other day asking, “Why haven’t you talked about the US military lifting the ban on transgender troops in the US military?”

I thought I’d answer that e-mail here. I haven’t mentioned anything about that because I think it’s mostly window-dressing bull shit, and Chelsea Manning finds it quite suspect too. But I’ll get to her comments later. I have no doubt that the gullible GLBTQ Obamabots (and Hillarybots) have fallen for it like they fall for everything else whenever el hombre Obama says the word “gay” or “transgender” on occasion. I have observed the pro-Establishment behaviour of many GLBTQ party-line Democrats and career operatives/hacks since Obama has been in office. And I can predict that they are gushing such slogans as: “Obama, Best President Ever” and “Obama, President For Life” (oh, so you prefer a dictatorship, do you?) as I’ve heard some one-issue wealthy/corporatist GLBTQ organisations go on about. Do these people have any idea what Obama has done overall? Do they care? I have to assume that they don’t based on their near-genuflecting to him no matter what he does. These are one-issue people, and I’m not a one-issue person.

For those who haven’t been paying attention for the last 7.5 years, overall Obama’s policies have been an expansion of and to the right of the policies of illegitimate resident George W Bush, but GLBTQs never gushed over war criminal Bush. Your messiah war criminal Obama has greatly expanded the Bush regime’s agenda. During the Obama years, I’ve learned that Dembots think they can’t be critical of their messiah Obama because he pops up occasionally to exploit GLBTQs for his political agenda/advancement by speaking the words “gay” and “transgender” when he thinks it will benefit him politically. Todays GLBTQs don’t seem to care that they’re being used/exploited. They long-ago retired their keen bull shit detectors to the closet, around the time that Obama took office. They take this man at his word that he has so-called “evolved.” Obama is also known as The Deporter and Chief having deported more immigrants than all US presidents combined. GLBTQs don’t seem to care about that either. They don’t seem to care about anything these days to tell you the truth. That’s what boils me about partisans. They think they must remain silent when they disagree (assuming they do disagree with these things). They didn’t agreed with these policies when they were Bush’s policies and they didn’t remain silent when he was in office. Rather GLBTQs were in the street protesting (with me). But under their Obama, they have suspended their mass protests and have become “Obama conservatives.” I call them Hypocrites since that’s what they are. Under Obama, they take this approach that one must not criticise one’s own undemocratic Democratic party and their saviour Obama. I saw a screen name the other day on a message forum that read, “Obama Leftist.” Obama Leftist???? WTF? Sigh. Clearly, that person hasn’t been paying any attention to what her messiah Obama has done in office. There’s nothing “leftist” about Obama. He’s a warmongering, neocon corporate fascist to the right of George W Bush overall. No one ever called Bush a “leftist.”

I was pleased to see that Ms Chelsea Manning didn’t fall for this transgender bull shit either. She hasn’t retired her bull shit detector to the closet. She said that she’s very concerned, that like so many other policies, the effects of this supposed change will not penetrate prison walls. Uh huh. I hear yah. She asked: “What does it mean that the US military will recognise our gender, unless and until we are arrested, but then what? This core identity is then stripped away and our birth-assigned gender is imposed on us?” She also said that the Military Industrial Complex’s new policy of supposedly accepting transgender people falls short in certain areas, including how the MIC defines transgender people and how they plan to apply this policy to military prisoners, such as to herself.

Then, after Chelsea wrote her statement, she ended up in the hospital for some undisclosed reason that the corrupt and lying military basura refused to talk about. They also refused to talk about her condition. They also refused to talk about any of this to her attorneys. Was she beaten and tortured because she spoke the truth against The Establishment/The US Oligarchy (Mr Hope and Change We Can Believe In)?

As you probably know, there are different sets of laws and standards applied to and for different classes of people. The bourgeois ruling elite millionaires are mostly above the law.

I read awhile back that nothing had really changed in the US military following the supposed lifting of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” just as I had suspected would be the case when the ban was supposedly lifted because one is dealing with the military here and that backward, redneck, bigoted, macho, pro-violence culture. As I wrote after DADT was supposedly lifted, gay guys have imposed their own DADT.

There have always been gay people in the military, usually in the closet. I don’t understand why GLBTQs want to be in the US military to begin with — whether they’re in the closet or out — and be a part of violent US Imperialism worldwide and the US Military Industrial Complex. What is wrong with people who have no problem with that? You can try to justify it by saying you’re serving your country. No, you’re not “serving your country.” That’s just the feel-good pabulum the troops are fed by the military to “keep them in line.” You’re serving the wealthy ruling elite, their corporate owners and their bloated War Machine. That’s who you’re serving. You’re not fighting for any flag or freedom. That’s just feel-good bull shit. Our freedoms — what remains of them following Bush and Obama — are guaranteed in the now-shredded US Constitution, and troops are not fighting for the Constitution. But again, why would GLBTQs (in or out of the closet) want to serve in the War Machine? Or is this more of that heteronormative behaviour because GLBTQs want to be as much like the “straights” as possible? That’s also something I don’t understand. But that’s what I and others see going on. Do you GLBTQs enjoy going around the world killing innocent people just because it’s your messiah Obama in office? I remember that during most of the days of the now-dead Gay Rights’s Movement, the gay community was for peace, they wore peace sign buttons, they were very anti-military, anti-Establishment (although always voted for Democrats, I think) and they saw the US flag as what it was/is: the symbol of ugly US imperialism. But today: What the fuck has happened to you? Well, you got your orders to “assimilate” from these wealthy pro-Establishment — usually rabid supporters of the Democratic party and their celebrity politicians — US corporatist self-appointed authority GLBTQ organisations. So today GLBTQs try to be like the obnoxious “straights” and be all closet-case “DL, discreet” heteronormative and essentially back in the closet as I have previously written reams about.

During the Obama years, GLBTQs in San Francisco (and elsewhere from what I can tell) have become conservatives. They have run from and tried to erase our proudly radical and alternative Queer past/history. Like the rest of this prudish shit-hole US Cesspool society, you’ve sanitised yourselves and today you are the opposite of who you were. In San Francisco’s Castro, GLBTQs voted overwhelmingly twice for that conservative hateful piece of basura I refer to as “The Holy and Indivisible Trinity.” These days, I see some gay guys walking around The Castro with US flag shirts on or shirts that say “Army” or “Navy” or Marines” or some such US military shit. There are gay choral ensembles that want to sing the militaristic US national anthem at ball games to glorify war and nationalism while they support major league corporate sports team. Ugh. Again (and this cannot be overemphasized), GLBTQs have become the opposite of who and what they once were. WTF has happened to you? You’ve fucking flipped out so desperate to be conformist and mainstream and to be like the obnoxious “straights.” Yes, I know being conformist and mainstream is so much easier than being who you once were, because there’s no work or vigilance involved with being a conformist and proudly mainstream sheeple. You can just vegetate and be part of the conformist herd in your depressed-looking monochrome drab black and gray conformist street clothing that I’m now seeing wherever I look (especially in The Castro).

Unlike most of you GLBTQs (whom I can no longer relate to because you have done a “180″), I’m not a one-issue person like many (most?) of the GLBTQ sheeple who fall for anything that your messiah Obama does or say. I’m referring to his window-dressing bull shit. This repugnant warmongering hombre — Mr Nobel Peace Prize — uses gay topics to exploit you for your dinero/$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and for your votes especially at s-election time and you allow yourselves to be exploited because of that phony “D” next to his name. He’s the head of your “team.” In reality, he’s been the best Republican president los Republicanos could have ever asked for due to his expansion of the Bush regime’s agenda. But GLBTQs fall for Obama’s public relation stunts while he pretends to be your best amigo and having supposedly “evolved.” Most GLBTQs seem to forget or never knew that your Obama invited anti-gay Rick Warren to his first inauguration/coronation. Most GLBTQs also seem to forget or never knew that your Obama said that marriage is between a man and a woman. Ugh.

Let’s see just how much el hombre Obama has evolved:

If his celebrity daughters came to him and told him they were lesbians or wanted to change their sexual identity (transgender), what would he say to them? I can take a guess. I think one would see some squirming in his behaviour followed by some disagreeing with them to what they were telling him and some questioning. Yes, how much has this man supposedly “evolved” when there’s no campaign dinero/money or votes involved? Or, if Queers had a mass kiss-in on the white house lawn what would your messiah say to that? Would he say, “You know, I love to see gay people kiss; it warms my heart” (yeah sure it does), or would he call the secret service, Homeland inSecurity as well as the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police on your ass with full rifles/grenades in riot gear? Of course he would have no problem with a him-tall/her-short “straight” mass kiss-in on the white house lawn and he’d go on in another photo-op about supposed “Family Values” when he saw that spectacle.

I honestly don’t understand why any transgender person or any GLBQ person wants to be in the US military? Do GLBTQs enjoy killing for and giving their lives needlessly for the neocon’s Project For The New American Century Agenda (PNAC) of US imperialism and global domination? Someone may be asking: What are you talking about now? I’m talking about the killing of thousands of innocent people around the world, including GLBTQ people, who are killed in other parts of the world by the world’s #1 Terrorist Nation who refuses to mind its own damn business, has to stick its arrogant nose in the affairs of all other countries, and see itself as the World’s Pompous Bully and police force with its ugly exceptionalism/superiority complex. Mature countries don’t act like The immature Cesspool/the US. And the fact that innocent GLBTQs around the world are killed by US imperialism seems to have completely escaped the conservative/pro-Establishment GLBTQ community here in The Cesspool (including San Francisco) who are now conformists and all “rah, rah” pro-US military. Has it not occurred to you conformist heteronormative pro-military conservative GLBTQs who desperately want to be in the US military that when you kill innocent people in other parts of the world that you are killing innocent gay/GLBTQ people too? That’s never occurred to you? (I can hear someone saying: Huh. Oh yeah, I’d never thought of it like that). Sigh. *roll eyes* The US Military Industrial Complex, the cesspool called congress (house and senate) and the white house resident constantly lie to the public using The Terror CardTM to keep the public in a state of fear. The overused “War on Terror” excuse has been used to justify bombing/droning the hell out of innocent people including GLBTQ people somewhere in el mundo/the world under both the Bush and Obama regimes in order to serve the financial intere$t$ of corrupt politicians of The Cesspool and their corporate owners by stealing the natural resources of other countries and to remove/murder the (elected) politicians in other countries in order to replace them with a puppet regime favourable to The US Oligarchy. Today, The Cesspool is a crumbling, falling apart mess (particularly our infrastructure). In the US, stupidity, ignorance, pop-culture and celebrity worship are “in.” It’s also commonplace to see out-of-control rogue thugs/gangs called uniformed cops kill innocent Black people for no reason at all. Obama comes racing out to the corporate media cameras to serve as a bootlicker for the cops. I read this headline while writing this: “President Obama Describes Dallas Shootings As ‘Vicious, Calculated, Despicable Attack’” The hypocrisy of el hombre! jesus fucking christ. El hombre has no shame at all. This hypocrite sees nothing “vicious, calculated and despicable” about the thousands of innocent people he’s killed in his many wars (he admits to 7 currently) and the innocent people he’s droned to death since he took office? And doesn’t he pretend to be a christian? What about the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill?” does el hombre not understand? Basura. Then that corrupt Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General, popped up for a photo-op with the Calm CardTM in hand and as expected called for “calm” after the shootings in Dallas this past week. These Establishment basura are so cookie-cutter and predictable. They don’t won’t the working class to rise up. Before that, you might remember that Bill Clinton asked for a meeting with Ms Lynch on the tarmac in Arizona for an hour to talk about not convicting his Hillary. Oh I’m so sorry, excuse me por favor, that’s right, they didn’t talk about that at all, according to Ms Lynch. No, not at all. They didn’t talk about anything related to that or any case before her inJustice Department. No, instead they talked about his grand children and his golf games for a fucking hour. Yes I’m sure, aren’t you? What idiot believes that? I should think that any talk about fucking golf games — does the woman even play golf or know anything about golf? — and talk about his grand children (does she even know his grandchildren since one of them just arrived?) could be covered in a couple of minutes, no? So what’s there to talk about in the remaining 58 minutes, if not for Hillary? Ms Lynch did say that they didn’t talk about anything of substance for the entire hour. LOL. Oh really? Did la mujer/the woman not realise she was saying that his golf games and grand children are not of substance/not important? LOL. Then the FBI director had his photo-op and said there would be no conviction of la perra, which should come as no surprise to anyone. I’m so tired of this corrupt Cesspool of lying Establishment-basura celebrity politicians and the ignorant people that worship them — usually because of partisan allegiance — just because these corrupt corporate D and R parasites are on television.

One thing I’ve learned under Obama: With the hypocrites called Democrats — which seems to include most Democrats (voters) including GLBTQs — they’re only for peace when the person in la casa blanca/the white house is a neocon PNAC Republican (Bush). That’s when you see these hypocrites protesting in the streets. But when it’s a neocon PNAC Republican with a D next to his name (Obama) and with the same agenda they’re all for war and any war that their messiah wants to launch killing thousands of innocent people. “He’s a smart guy,” they tell us. “He’s a constitutional scholar, you know” they tell us while their messiah Obama has continued to shred the US Constitution after Bush. The Obamabots will go to any length to justify their Obama’s (illegal) terrorist attacks on other nations and sanitise them. And they repeat the same excuses/lies that their messiah spoke before the corporate media cameras (who serve as Obama’s accomplice). So I will never understand why any transgender person or any GLBQ person wants to be a part of the Military Industrial Complex. To the person who e-mailed me, I hope I’ve answered your question as to why I didn’t write about this until now. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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What’s the problem with GLBTQ “assimilation?”

What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement?

Why have GLBTQs become conservative?

Hola. After this article there’s really no more to say about the GLBTQ populace. I use the word “populace” because it really no longer feels like any sort of “community” — since most people are playing with their phones and that addiction and not talking — so why call it the “gay community?” I feel as though I keep saying the same thing over and over and it gets repetitive. I’ve done that, in part, because it may be someone’s first time to pink barrio so it’s all new to them. But to regular readers it can get redundant. I don’t see anything changing with the GLBTQ populace. I expect the current trends that I’ve already written lots about to continue and more GLBTQs to head back into the closet and to become increasingly conservative.

For those who have not been paying attention, GLBTQs (Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transgenders and Queers) have become the conservative prudes they ran from decades ago when they ran to Gay Meccas in major US cities. Not all GLBTQs of course, but I think it’s accurate to say that most GLBTQs have become conservative from what I’ve seen in San Francisco and nationally. GLBTQs have gone from being Radical Left to Conservative Right and have abandoned and have tried to erase our radical past as if embarrassed by it/ashamed of it. Loco./Crazy.

I don’t know what the fuck happened to most GLBTQs to cause this but some people have noticed and written about it such as Ted Rall: Gays and Lesbians: Sucked in by the Far Right. What Happened to the Wild, Free Gay Movement of the 1970s?.

Yeah, what did happen? I’ve talked with los amigos/my friends about this and we don’t understand it either. There was a time up until fairly recently (the last 5-6 years or so) that being gay and conservative was an oxymoron in terms. I never knew any gay conservatives or knew they existed. Mi amigo/my friend said that he thought that most people become more conservative as they get older. I looked into that but supposedly that’s not the case with most people, although I don’t necessarily believe that. Mi amiga said she thinks what’s directly responsible for this conservative wave is the GLBTQ “assimilation” nonsense that I’ve written about. (What’s the problem with GLBTQ “assimilation?”). I think she’s correct. Another person added that he thought that the moment someone becomes a homeowner they become conservative. I think that’s true for a lot of people especially around San Francisco’s Castro. Most of the gay homeowners in The Castro are a fucking piece of rabidly conservative work and they have this small town/provincial mentality. One example: They hate the homeless.

In the last 5 years, The Castro elected a Log Cabin Republican type piece of gay conservative basura as their supervisor. That uptight conservative prude authored the city-wide nudity ban. The conservative gay populace in The Castro supported the ban because of 2-3 nudist on occasion in The Castro. And I saw conservative, prudish gay guys (clearly with body image issues) make snide-assed nasty bullying remarks to the couple of nudist guys who were minding their own business and not bothering anyone in the now-closed Jane Warner Plaza. Snarky, snide-assed and bullying remarks were something I didn’t see or hear during the “Anything Goes/Live and Let Live” days of the Gay Mecca Castro. That’s indicative of just how much things have changed around here in the conservative direction. Before the city-wide nudity ban was proposed, that same gay conservative prude politician also campaigned for a law criminalising homelessness. Then that piece of conservative basura went on to be re-elected by the majority of those who voted in that election. Today, The Castro is a very conservative area. I don’t think too many people around the New Conservative, Lobotomised, Techie, Corporatist Wealthy San Francisco describe themselves as a “liberal” or “progressive” these days, as was the case in decades past. Both words are frowned upon in this now-conservative city. Based on how The Castro has drastically changed in recent years compared to its “Anything Goes/Live and Let Live” reputation during the Gay Mecca Days, I think it’s very accurate to say that what remains here (meaning they haven’t moved away or been evicted) of the GLBTQ residents of The Castro and Upper Market have become the same conservative uptight prudes they ran from decades ago when they moved here to the (now dying) Gay Mecca. But why? Well, the self-appointed omnipotent and arrogant conservatives who think that being conservative is the only way to be like to use newspeak and say: “the gay community has matured.” Ugh. Translation: “mature” = conservative. Anyone who is not conservative is not mature, according to them. *roll eyes* (And the conservatives love the New San Francisco). When I was reading local comment forums, the conservatives consistently behaved as the most self-righteous, self-entitled, arrogant assholes with their smug, snarky and condescending remarks. And consistently with them, the ends justify the means. And overhearing the few conversations that take place on the sidewalks these days in The Castro — since most people don’t talk because they are addicted to their phones and playing with that toy — and in the local gym among conservative homeowners, there’s nothing “mature” about the conservatives. I and mi amigo/my friend overhear them talk on the odd occasion and the conversations are all about some dysfunctional behaviour they had with someone, unending partying, getting drunk and not remembering any of it, who fucked whom, who had his arm around whom, who touched whom and offended somebody else. Just childish, general immaturity and gossipy shit. It’s most rare to hear an “intellectual” or intelligent-sounding conversation at all.

So I thought I would ask: Why have GLBTQs become conservative as well as corporatists? Anyone have any ideas? Chau. Fin./The End.—el barrio rosa


Sexual Freedom and Revolution

The Sanitising of San Francisco’s Castro Has Been Completed

“I’m not gay. I have nothing against gays. Some of my best friends are gay, (but…)”

I am so tired of hearing “straight” bigots spew that — what has become predicable — nonsense about, “I’m not gay. I have nothing against gays. Some of my best friends are gay (but)…” (Yeah, sure they are). And then the “straight” bigot proceeds to whine about “the gays.”

GLBTQ flag now "too gay?" Poster

A flag very similar to this
was removed from the top
of West Hollywood City Hall

Hola. I was watching two videos the other day about West Hollywood. The first video was about West Hollywood sanitising their City Hall awhile back by removing the Rainbow Flag and replacing it with a sanitised version so as not to offend those precious “straights” moving into and already living in West Hollywood that many GLBTQs are obsessed with these days. I wrote about the Rainbow Flag being removed here. The new flag on West Hollywood’s City Hall shows a geographic image of the City of West Hollywood in rainbow colours. The flag was changed to supposedly be “more inclusive of the ‘straights.’” Sigh. Why now, are they trying to be “more inclusive of the ‘straights?’” “Straights” were living in West Hollywood (WeHo) when the original Rainbow Flag was put up on the flag pole on WeHo’s City Hall. Being so-called “inclusive of the ‘straights’” didn’t occur to them back then? Well, in this video I watched (which was made by a gay chico/guy and “straight” chica/female), el chico said he thought it was good that the Rainbow Flag has been changed because: Gays are now accepted and it’s all right to be gay, and more ‘straights’ are moving into West Hollywood. The same thing that is happening to all gay areas in major cities that I can think of. I wrote about that here. And he thought it was good to sanitise things (he didn’t use those words but it means the same thing) to be “inclusive of the ‘straights.’” That’s when I clicked off the video. I had heard enough. His view point is the same conservative view point I hear in San Francisco from conservative GLBTQs and other conservatives. The conservatives in the New, Conservative Techie Wealthy San Francisco voice that same wishful-thinking point of view. El chico in the video didn’t know what the colours of the Rainbow Flag meant and he said that West Hollywood has the largest gay parade in the world, which is not true. He seemed a bit ignorant.

Rainbow Colors

I’m not into ties,
but I like this one.
Very pretty.
Not your typical
corporate dull/drab tie.

Then I watched a video tour of West Hollywood which I had thought would be interesting. That video was created by a “straight” guy who started out by saying: “I’m not gay and I have nothing against gay people [NOTE: You always know there's a problem ahead when they start out like that] and some of my best friends are gay.” *roll eyes* That right there was a major turn-off because we Queers have heard that pabulum so many times and it’s usually followed by hate or whining about “the gays” and that was the case here. I lost track of how many times he told the viewers that he’s not gay. His supposedly “straight” sexuality seemed to be utmost important to him in that he wanted to make sure that the viewer knew he was not gay. He came off to me as insecure with himself and his sexuality because otherwise he wouldn’t make a point about his sexuality repeatedly when his sexuality was not the topic. The topic was a tour of West Hollywood. But one of the first things he did in the video was to go to a gym in WeHo. This gym is known as a gay gym and he spoke negatively about some of the things he had seen at the gym. He saw a penis there on un chico/a guy posing (an exhibitionist type thing)! Can you imagine that? This is some chisme caliente/hot gossip! And I would point out: No one forced you (Mr “Straight” guy) or required you to look at that dick that you were so offended by did they? Do you often stare at and continue looking at things that offend you? This reminds me of the conservative trash around The Castro who supported our ridiculous city-wide nudity ban because of a couple of nude chicos in The Castro. If you don’t want to see a dick, don’t look at it. That seems pretty simple. Doesn’t your prudish head pivot in another direction? When I don’t want to look at something — such as all the “straight” make out scenes in San Francisco’s Castro — I quickly look elsewhere. It’s sad that other people don’t have the ability to do that. But of course, he has nothing against gay people you know! His video — as far as I was able to watch — came across to me as anti-gay. I watched as much as I could take and then continued watching the rest with the sound turned off since I wanted to see the scenery of West Hollywood and the views of the Hollywood Hills but I didn’t want to hear Mr. “Straight” drone on again about how he’s not gay. Get some psychotherapy, preferably from a credible sex therapist!

It’s too bad that the people who created the first video about West Hollywood — and how very accepted gays supposedly are and how it’s now okay to be gay and all that stuff — didn’t watch the second video before making their video. Because essentially the second video cancelled out the message of the first video and their wishful-thinking about how accepted gays supposedly are. Both videos were created by residents of West Hollywood. The second video demonstrated that the first video was a bunch of bull shit and wishful-thinking. It’s also too bad that the creators of the first video didn’t interview the “straight” guy who created the second video so as to get an ear full of his not-so-subtle anti-gay nonsense.

Someone said in the comments about the first video:

“I’m tired of people saying gay people are more accepted by society to make it okay to take away gay establishments. How is it accepting someone when you’re tearing down their social venues?! And stop saying gay people are SOOOO accepted in society when politicians and others are actively working on anti-gay policies.”

Yes, exactly. Muchísimas gracias for saying that. At least that person knows what’s going on and is living in reality.

Assimilation means Conformity

Conformity is one of the definitions of assimilation. In other words, lose one’s public identity as a GLBTQ individual — and instead look like everybody else — in order to “conform” and be like the “straights” in order to fit in with the “straight” herd/sheeple. I suspect that’s much of the reason for this closet case “discreet” language one sees in gay men’s personal sex ads, especially in Manhattan (of all places!).

What idiots gave the order for GLBTQs to “assimilate”/conform? To my knowledge it was those useless corporate GLBTQ national organisations who serve as self-appointed authority on what GLBTQs should do. And if you’ve not read anything else I’ve written I can tell you that I can’t stand those corporate organisations with their cushy/exorbitant bloated executive salaries. They serve as pro-Establishment hacks and shills for that useless and misnamed “Democratic” party here in the US of Hypocrisy and they love their messiah Obama. Ever since that man claimed to have “evolved” on same-gender marriage and whenever he tries to crassly exploit the GLBTQ populace for (campaign) contribution$ for the thoroughly corrupt Big Business “Democratic” party by speaking the word “gay” (as bait) on occasion, those gay organisations jump up, genuflect and begin to gush over their messiah Obama. One of those same corporate organisations threw Transgender individuals under the bus, so to speak, a few years ago. Disgusting. I have no use for any of them of the ones which come to mind, but I see their bumper stickers on sucker’s vehicles on occasion around San Francisco. *roll eyes* Good little “Democratic” party sheeple. They support the party no matter what it does.

A brief aside about same-gender marriage: An Obamabot e-mailed me awhile back and said their messiah Obama is responsible for same-gender marriage in the US. Hardly! That’s not true at all. To begin with, he does not control how the pro-Big Business corporate parasites on the US Supreme Court vote. He nominated two people to the US Supreme Court. He had nothing to do with their confirmation appointments. The senate votes to confirm or reject US Supreme Court nominees, not la casa blanca/the white house. Nor did he know how those two people would vote on same-gender marriage or any other issue. So no, he’s not responsible for same-gender marriage, but his disciples like to give him that credit.

I have a question: Why were Rainbow flags, gay parades, gay protests, gay bars, Gay and Lesbian Choruses, GLBTQ bands and orchestras, GLBTQ sports teams, and other GLBTQ-related organisations, clubs and events created if they’re so fucking concerned about being “Inclusive of the StraightsTM?” Why is being “Inclusive of the StraightsTM all of a sudden an urgent and dire concern?

And what exactly are the “straights” doing to show that they are “inclusive” of GLBTQs? Their taking over gay areas and making them “straight” and changing them/sanitising them to the way they want them is not an example. What are they taking down or changing to “assimilate” and to be “inclusive” with GLBTQs? I know of nothing. This “assimilation” nonsense is only in one direction. Meanwhile, on San Francisco’s Market Street between Church Street and Castro (and in The Castro and Duboce Triangle area) the “straights” are swarming over here to suck face and engage in heavy make-out scenes on the sidewalks and street corners. They especially enjoy making out under a Rainbow Flag with their “in your face” sexuality/exhibitionism to let us all know they’re “straight” and taking over our gay area. When I and mis amigos/my friends see these “straight” make out scenes and what seems to be their required “straight” hand-holding, we look the other direction. We don’t give them the audience they’re craving, or we go somewhere else. And GLBTQs are sanitising themselves as fast as possible trying to forget and erase our GLBTQ past/history, and some are going back in that fucking unhealthy closet (heteronormative) in order to be accepted by these precious “straights” that GLBTQs seem absolutely desperate to be accepted by. [SCREAM!!] Ugh. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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