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Whoever thought that being Queer was just a fad ?

Being gay was just a phase for many.

“If the neighbourhood is mostly straight, be straight or closeted/DL (Down Low). If the neighbourhood is mostly gay, be gay.”

That seems to be the thinking these days within the so-called “gay community.” This was not the thinking of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement where millions of Queers/GTQBLs fought difficult times to be true and honest to the sexual orientation they were born with.

Yeah, that was then. “Been there, done that” seems to be the thinking now, along with “I’m whatever.” Dishonesty is “in” today.

Hola a todos. For those under age 60, I guess it’s best described as “fad sexuality” or “a phase-sexuality.” It’s where one’s sexual orientation is determined by or based on the sexual orientation and sexual behaviour of the majority population (breeders) where one lives, as a way of “fitting in” with them.

As I’ve asked before: What exactly was the point of working for same-sex marriage in the US when, in the end, many gay guys would “assimilate” themselves right back into the closet and go through the traditional “man and woman” (ugh) marriage charade? (Even though “man and woman” marriages have a divorce rate of over 50% here in The Cesspool/US).

Having lived through and participated in the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, this is not an article I had ever thought I would write. I do feel fortunate that I lived during a time where I got to experience something so unique and historic as the former Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. (Notice that the word Gay was first, not Lesbian as it is today with that “LGBT” nonsense that one sees all over the place). Even though since then, the conformist corporatist among us have ruined it, revised it, lied about it and distorted some of our rich Queer history about that time. Attention-seeking lesbians have hijacked our GLBTQ movement — moving themselves to first place/first billing with that “LGBT” acronym bunk — taking credit for work that the assholes didn’t do, thereby giving a false history and false impression about our Movement. Gay guys and trans individuals led the movement and did most of the work, not lesbians.

Today, I can’t relate to the so-called “gay community” (whatever that is) at all and what it has become: Corporatised, conformist “LGBT” (ugh) sheeple. And what “community?” There’s absolutely no feel or sense of community today even in what remains of the museum relics of former gay meccas, such as San Francisco’s dying Castro with its many papered-up store fronts1. But the nebulous term “Gay Community” is still being used when people aren’t using those ridiculous revisionist history “LGBT(Q)” letters) to describe something that’s really of the past when there were genuine gay communities in gay meccas. But you look around today, one does not see any “Gay Community” anywhere. Everybody looks conformist. But one does definitely see the “Straight/Breeder Community” because they make a point of forcing their sexuality in our faces with their mandatory make-out scenes and mandatory hand-holding in public (needy-her requires that as his entrance rights to that pussy; if he doesn’t hold Ms Insecure’s hand in public he ain’t getting any later on). As for the so-called “Gay Community,” one might see a Queer couple holding hands on the rare occasion in The Castro. But it’s nothing like the breeders.

Which leads me to the reason for this article.

Because of the many gay guys I either hear about or see “converting to straight,” (More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.) it would appear that being gay was just a long-term phase or fad for many people, gay guys especially. This feeds directly into the anti-gay bigots’ assertion that “being gay is just a phase.” But in these days of increasing insanity, more and more Queers/GTQBLs seem to be falling for this “sexuality is fluid” brainwashing which says that one’s sexuality is a choice or it’s “fluid,” meaning one’s sexuality can be changed. “Fluid” is the most common word I’ve seen being used. “Sexuality is fluid” is also the language used by the crowd promoting gay conversion, whether gay conversion is based in religious beliefs or not. The far-right ilk — including anti-gay religious fundamentalist fanatic bigots — will certainly love hearing Queers say that “sexuality is a choice or is ‘fluid,’” because that’s exactly what those bigots have said all along. They will then shove that in your Queer face with: “See? We told you so! We conservatives have always said being gay was just a phase or a choice! Thank you for finally admitting that! So now that you faggots admit that being gay was just a phase or a ‘cool and hip’ fad and that your ‘sexuality is fluid’ according to you, that means that you can now change and choose to be ‘normal’ and straight, correct?”

Is there anyone out there who does not see where this is headed?

One reason I felt the need to write this article was an experience I had recently. One of the stores where I have shopped for years, I had assumed that most of the workers were Queer because what other store closes for Gay Freedom Day? Only this store, to my knowledge. I know of no other store in San Francisco that closes for “Gay Pride.” Well, I overheard two of the workers in this store talking about picking up a chick. I’ve seen both of these guys for years and my reliable gaydar has always told me that they were Queer. Mi amigo/my friend said the same. He said: One of them sounds particularly Queer, even with his stereotypical lisp, and neither worker acts like Mr Jock Bro. Although they did sort of turn that “jock bro” attitude on when talking about picking up a chick. One of the workers was talking with a female customer and after she walked away he said to the other worker standing near him, “She got cold feet.” The other worker said, “Yeah it’s a tough call.” I realised what they were talking about: picking up a chick, the customer who had just walked away. How did this worker know that she “got cold feet” or is that just something to say? Did she know he was supposedly trying to pick her up? I overheard part of their conversation — which was about travelling — and I didn’t get the impression he was trying to pick her up at all and I’m usually pretty alert to these things. I got the impression he was merely making conversation with her. But in his mind, apparently any extended conversation with a chick is an attempt to pick her up. Like me, maybe she thought he was just making conversation — it’s technically called “customer service” — rather than having any sexual interest in her. But, the “straight jock bro” attitude of these workers really turned me off because what I saw was two gay guys trying to be and act straight with each other. Trying to be heteronormative and “into chicks.” My reliable gaydar saw two closet cases in a store that celebrates “Gay Pride” every June. Although these days, I get the impression that most of the workers are now breeders/straight, or pretend to be because “being straight is now in.” “Being gay is out” as San Francisco has become a Breeder Mecca and Baby Factory.

In the Old Bohemian City of San Francisco — before the Walking Dead Millennial Techie trash arrived and ruined The City and turned it into a snotty, unfriendly playground for the super-wealthy — I never heard this kind of “straight jock bro” talk when we were a Gay Mecca. Gay guys were not into that. If anything, they made fun of it. They mocked it. But here in the new Breeder Mecca, things are very different now or as I’ve heard some Old City locals say, “This New City sucks!” On the odd occasion anyone talks — since most phone-zombies are usually hunched over glued to their phone — it’s now “in” or “cool” to talk about picking up chicks and “my girl.” I still sensed that both of these young guys/store workers I mentioned earlier are gay but they have gone back in the closet (if they ever came out to begin with), and again, ironically they’re working at a store that celebrates Gay Freedom Day. Mi amigo/My friend said he has always thought that both guys were gay and was thinking, “Oh he’s one of us” (Queer) while overhearing the guy making conversation with the female customer.

Mi amigo told me: It’s the same way at my gym. I hear the same stuff there. The guys I always thought were gay and who always hung out with the gay guys at the former gay gym and who were all about “gay pride” are now at my current gym. But they act like they’ve gone through gay conversion. (roll eyes) When they talk with the macho hard-ass straight jock bros, they talk just like them. They talk about “my girl and I,” “my girl at home” and “my girl and I are trying to get pregnant.” Completely heteronormative. I never heard this kind of talk at the “gay gym.” But today, gay guys are trying to be just like the breeders, “acting straight” (gone back in the closet) and talking about chicks to fit in with the majority breeder macho jock bros. I should point out that historically the macho jock bros were the anti-gay assholes who bullied and made fun of gay guys on school playgrounds, in gyms and made “faggot” jokes about. How ironic that it’s the jocks that gay guys now want to be so much like and emulate.

That’s why I began this article with:

“If the neighbourhood is mostly straight, be straight or closeted/DL (Down Low). If the neighbourhood is mostly gay, be gay.”

Maybe it’s the plastics in the agua/water worldwide that’s causing such widespread insanity and has caused the so-called “gay community” (again, whatever that is) to go completely bonkers.

I have to say that today is such a very different closeted time. No wonder the so-called “gay community” is dead. It really reminds me of the atmosphere I remember from when I started getting involved in the Movement, or before that. We’ve gone back to that 1940-50s repressive closeted atmosphere where, “I don’t want to let anyone else see me looking at another guy because they might think I’m gay, and I don’t want another guy to catch me looking at him either” was the norm. Sigh.

It’s one thing to have “Gay Pride” events one day (or one weekend) a year in various cities throughout the world. But here in the States I look at the other 364 days a year which look the exact opposite of “Gay Pride.” The other 364 days of the year can best be described as “Gay and Back in the Closet,” or as the so-called “gay community” loves to say about themselves: “Discreet, Down Low.”*

So that’s why mi amigo and I think that in the big scheme of things, being gay was really just a long-term fad or phase for many (if not most) gay guys in particular, and that fad is now over.2 Now, it seems that gay people (Queers/GTQBLs) for various reasons have moved or have been forced to move all over the US and there is no so-called “gay community” or sense of community anywhere. And the majority of the so-called “gay community” worldwide is in the closet in breeder relationships with children. Most of them will never come out of the closet as many of them hate on other Queers/gay people to hide their own Queer sexuality. Only a small fraction of the worldwide so-called “gay community” is out of the closet. That’s how we see it.

Mi amigo pointed out to me something he’s noticed. The many and increasing number of Queer boys with a YT channel worldwide where it’s obvious to both of us that the guy is Queer in mannerisms and speaking style. Yet the guy is wearing a wedding ring on the left hand fourth finger. They too are in the closet married to a female. Some of them even feature their wife in the videos. What we both see is a Queer boy in a relationship with a female. We’re seeing more and more of this. This fad has really taken off.

Queers worked for decades for this sad state of affairs, did we? Sigh. Someone may ask, “Why do you call it sad?” Because the gay guy is living a lie by being in the closet and charading as a breeder/straight because of gay shame within his being. You don’t call that sad? I certainly do. We worked for decades to overcome gay shame, and now look! Gay shame now seems to be back at an epidemic level with all the closet cases and gay guys “converting to straight” (ha!) and marrying females. And they’re marrying females after gay marriage became legal. WTF? Have they all gone insane? (Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.)

While writing this article I had a nice conversation with my straight neighbour (he’s a nice guy) and I mentioned to him how pussy is so brainwashed into the males in our society. He agreed and said: “Pussy is soooooooo over-rated, and it usually stinks to high heaven and it’s right there next to her asshole and if she doesn’t clean well down there it’s really, really bad. If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s like her emotions are on a light switch with her emotional roller-coaster personality where one moment things are fine and dandy, then the next moment she’s flipped out over the smallest thing and she’s now an emotional wreck and screaming and crying at you and you have no idea what you did to cause this as she storms out the room in tears. All I can say is that I wish I were gay. From my times around gay guys, they don’t act like this. Many women can be bitches and they’re proud of that.” Well, I can confirm that. I’m been the subject of the emotional roller-coaster light switch he’s talking about. Just the other day I had this female flip out/go off on me with a vicious, abrasive attack that came out of nowhere. WTF? That’s how it happens. You say something that flips them, and you have no idea what it is. They will go from supporting you to attacking you in the same breath. Loca.

Folks, it’s all over as far as we’re concerned from what we see. That’s the way it feels to us at this point in time here in San Francisco’s Breeder/Baby Stroller Mecca. Need another example of going backwards in time? Here you are:

(30 July 2018:) Alaska Airlines forced a same-sex couple to switch seats so that a straight couple could sit together in first class
This past weekend, Alaska Airlines forced a prominent Queer businessperson from Los Ángeles and his gay partner to switch seats so that a breeder couple could sit together in the seats the gay couple were occupying in the plane’s premium section.
David Cooley (one of the gay guys) wrote: “I cannot believe that an airline in this day and age would give a straight couple preferential treatment over a gay couple and go so far as to ask us to leave,” he wrote.

You can’t believe that, David? I can. You’re really that naïve, are you? Where the fuck have you been not to be able to believe that? Too busy playing on that phone of yours and not paying attention to what’s really happening in our society and the now-dead so-called “gay community?”

The Price of (Queer) Freedom is Eternal Vigilance

I would like to point out that the price of (Queer) freedom is eternal vigilance, which the so-called “gay community” has forgotten and abandoned in their quest to “assimilate” with the breeders. Yeah, you see how well that “assimilation” nonsense has worked out for you when the breeders have preference over Queers. And I haven’t heard about or seen any of the so-called “gay community” showing up at Alaska Airline terminals at airports around The Cesspool to protest this as they would have done in the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. In a comment I read, one “Democratic” Party Cultist wrote: “I can’t wait until the fucking midterms.” Oh I’m sure that will stop this, aren’t you? As if that were to change anything. Mi amor: Your useless and Republican-enabling “Democratic” Party could have every fucking seat in the House and Senate and the current dismal status quo would continue, they would see to that with Nancy Pelosi droning on about “this is not the time to talk about impeachment” for the umpteenth time. But unfortunately, “Democratic” Party Cultist, your partisan brainwashing and wishful-thinking prevent you from seeing the political reality.

Today, the Rainbow Flags3 and remaining Queer bars are the museum relics from that era, soon to be closing or going out of business or to be turned into breeder/straight bars. In San Francisco, some are already straight bars or “mixed bars” (as they’re called) depending upon when you go. The closet cases/conservatives like the “mixed bars” because they’re not specifically or technically gay bars. These bars appeal to the closeted gay guys among us when they have a “wing woman” with them to serve as their “straight” cover/camouflage, should someone they know from work or some place happen to come in the bar, and because of their insecurity they feel the need to explain/justify why they’re there in the bar.

Gay Marriage Has Backfired

You might think that gay marriage becoming legal around the world would bring more Queers out of the closet. Unfortunately, I don’t see that being the case. If anything, gay marriage has backfired and more people are staying closeted and saying, “My private life is of no business of yours” which is what I read from one closeted television presenter in France recently. It’s obvious to me he’s Queer but he too is closeted and refers to “my French TV wife.” WTF? I was watching a news broadcast from Paris and my gaydar told me that another news anchor was/is gay. Mi amigo came into the room and asked, “Who’s that Queer boy on the television?” I put in his name in my search engine and after a few moments I found that he lives with his wife and two children in Paris. See what I mean? As I’ve come to expect. Yet another closet case. They’re all over el mundo/the world in breeder relationships. One wonders what sort of feelings come up in this closeted gay news anchor as he’s sitting there reporting on a gay news story in Paris, sitting there on the set with his gay shame.

I think that when the insane orange nazi man-child through an executive order or through the inJustice Department ends gay marriage in the US and retroactively dissolves all previous gay marriages, the response from the so-called “gay community” will be the words I most commonly hear spoken by guys I perceive to be gay:

“Whatever!” or

“I’m like, whatever, like.”

In other words: They won’t give a fuck. All they care about is their phone and their (sex) apps, and as long as all that still works, nothing else matters.

Useless Twi**er might “erupt,” but no one is inconvenienced or emotionally shaken because fucking Twi**er “erupts.” Any “protests” on there can merely be clicked off or deleted.

Today, most former gay meccas have been taken over by breeders. The thinking now seems to be: It’s time to convert and be straight, or pretend to be. “Straight is in and gay is out.” You’re supposed to be into pussy. And I think that’s what we’re seeing here, and it’s what mi amigo and I saw at this store. It disgusted me really. I felt very turned off.

These days, whenever I see a gay guy (according to my reliable gaydar), I say to myself: Oh he probably has some chick at home. On occasion, I see two guys and a female walking together. What’s that about? Yes, they could just be friends. Although the way things are going these days perhaps they are a gay couple trying to go straight so they brought in a female. Fucking bizarre. Wouldn’t surprise me. Then the gay couple will break up and each will get their own “girl/wife?” Then they decide to live side-by-side and start breeding. The two closet cases (former gay couple) meet each other over the fence between their properties and talk about how much pussy they’re now getting and how they’re trying to get her pregnant, have babies and do a “show and tell” over the fence. They say, “this is so much better than when we were gay.” Note to closet case Queer boys: She won’t be staying young all her life. As my straight neighbour asked: How bad is (hanging) pussy over 50?

How many gay couples are breaking up to go with females because that’s the latest stupid fad?

I can’t remember the last time I heard a (gay) guy say about another guy: “He’s hot.” All I see and hear are guys all hot over chicks.

So if you want to know where gay guys went, they converted/went back in the closet. I look forward to the days when they return, if I live that long. Chau.—el barrio rosa

1 The most recent as of this writing being Harvest Urban Market on Market Street near Castro, a favourite hang-out place for their vegetarian/vegan salad bar of the Old City’s Gay Mecca.

2 Being Queer/Gay was not the only fad that’s over from the Old City, the proudly radical and Bohemian San Francisco. In hindsight, being vegetarian or vegan and going to the gym were two other fads from the Old City that most people have abandoned today. The words vegetarian and vegan seem to have become “bad words” in the New City of San Francisco. Passing by one of the new Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) awhile back I heard two people talking. He said to her, “There’s vegetarian if you want that.” (I wonder where that place was?) She said, “No, I’m not like that.” As if vegetarian were as bad as one being accused of being gay. Most restaurants have removed their one token vegetarian option because as servers have said when we asked about it: “No one is requesting vegetarian anymore. It’s all meat-based now.” Reading some local restaurant reviews awhile back, I read: “More meat, more meat” being demanded by customers. Well, it’s your health idiots. As for gym membership, it’s the same way. Mi amigo tells me that fewer and fewer people are coming to his gym anymore. Around The Castro, he often sees a guy from his former gay gym and he’ll tell me: “That guy used to go to our gym, now look at him. What happened to him? He gave all that up and it shows.” It was just a fad to be a “buffed muscle jock.” Then there was the now-closeted gay guy he pointed out to me who used to go to the gay gym and obviously stopped doing so. He was wearing a baseball cap to make himself still look like Mr Jock. Mi amigo saw a wedding ring on the guy’s left hand fourth finger. Ah, so he too is now married to a female? Today’s Jock/Real ManTM = Wear baseball cap and have a beard. No working out at the gym is required. Do they wear their baseball cap when fucking pussy?

3 I sense that most Queers don’t give a fuck about Rainbow Flags anymore because they’re now seen as “too gay.” And in San Francisco and perhaps in other cities, breeders enjoy making out under Rainbow Flags — don’t spend too much time trying to understand that — as if they’re hijacking the flag and marking their territory.


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Why do Queers want to kill other Queers ?

The Lesbians are straight ?

Hola a todos. Yes, I know this topic is getting very old. I feel the same way. When I started this article, I said: Why even bother writing about it?!

There’s been some changes in my apartment building in San Francisco and my lesbian next door neighbour and I were talking about them. Two lesbians have been living on the top floor of our building for a few years. They were referred to our building by other lesbians that knew the building manager. My next door neighbour got word that they are moving. Another tenant in the building talked with them and he told me that one was moving in with her husband (a guy). She’s moving in with her husband? Her husband? A lesbian is moving in with her husband? Where did this “husband” come from? The other lesbian who is staying is having her boyfriend move in with her. Her boyfriend? Her boyfriend?

There has got to be something in the water.

My next door neighbour’s reaction was the same as mine. When I told her about this “husband” and “boyfriend” she flipped out and said: “What? They’re straight? I’ve talked with them many times, I thought they were both lesbians. I thought they were a lesbian couple.” Yes, I did too. They look like — what is called in the Queer community — “bull dykes.” And they act like bull dykes. I said to my neighbour: Now you watch, at the rate things are going, this boyfriend will be a Queer boy who is dating a lesbian. Or, they’ve both gone back in the closet. The far-right can now take comfort in knowing that they can abandon their gay conversion therapy because gay guys and lesbians have their own self-imposed conversion therapy in response to their self-hate over being Queer/GTBQL? My neighbour said: “Yeah, what is going on with the gay guys I see around here who are dating women and having relationships with women?” I said: Oh you’ve noticed that too? It’s the latest fad, didn’t you know? And note the irony: They worked for gay marriage for years and after that was accomplished they went back in the closet and are pretending to be breeders/straight. Script writers couldn’t make this shit up. She said, “What is going on with people? Are they totally flipping out.” I said: Uh huh. Seems so. I think there’s something in the water, don’t you?

These days, whenever I see a guy that I instinctively know is a Queer boy, I now assume and expect that he’s married to a female and in the closet, until proven otherwise. And it’s only fairly recently (within the last year or so) that I’ve come to this thinking and it’s based on all that I’ve seen repeatedly on television and locally. I’ll see a guy on television and I instinctively know he’s Queer. He then mentions “my wife and I.” I think: Oh here we go again with “the wife and I” pretending to be Mr Breeder! They always have to say that to let the viewing audience know they’re straight, or pretending to be. And the Queers that I know to be out of the closet rarely mention their partners/spouse to the viewers. It’s as if they’re only partly “out.” It’s as if they want the viewer to keep believing that they’re a breeder as if the viewer will be offended if the viewer learns that he’s gay and that might harm his career/reputation. I heard a female caller to a programme recently tell a gay male clothing designer that, “It’s obvious that you love women.” WTF? He said: “What a nice thing for you to say.” (roll eyes) Well, just a little bit of online research confirms that he’s supposedly “out” and he and his boyfriend got married awhile back and some of their marriage pictures are online. But he chose to remain the customary “discreet” and “down low” (translation: in the closet) with this caller. He could have said to her, “Well I’m gay — (unspoken): and I thought everybody knew that from watching me on this network and you must be completely out-of-it if you didn’t pick up on it, jesus! — and I do enjoy designing clothes for women, and thank you for calling in.” Apparently he wanted this caller to think he’s straight so that she will keep buying his clothes.

And the more fem the guy is, I have found that they have a wife and some talk about “our kids.” The thousands and thousands of gay closet cases out there.

Our little group of local San Francisco Queers got together last month (junio/June) and we talked about this topic. We concluded that probably half if not more of the Queer/GTBQL community today is in the closet in 2017 and that includes all the closet cases married to females who have already married females and gay guys who are continuing to marry females to follow “The Family Script,” and cave to societal pressure for them to be breeders. One day they may come out of the closet with a big mess on their hands, including but not limited to: a messy divorce with clueless and/or in denial her doing a lot of screaming (“How could you do this to me; why didn’t you tell me you were gay all along?” Duh.), who gets what? (house, furniture, dinero/money, etc.), lots of dysfunction and arguing, child support, some very scarred children because of the divorce, and so forth. If only the gay guy had had the strength and maturity to value his own life from the beginning — rather than other people’s “script”/plans for him — to come out of the closet, he could have avoided all of that.

I’ve read comments from a few local lesbians saying that they can’t tell who is a lesbian anymore because most lesbians are trying to look like heteronormative straight women and some lesbians are even going to straight bars. To presumably meet women? Loca. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Gay guys self-induced conversion therapy

Queers (GLBTQs) worked for decades for gay rights/equal rights. After achieving some rights — with gay marriage apparently being the ultimate goal ?? Who knew that was the ultimate goal ?? — some gay guys not comfortable being gay because of self-hate have decided to return to the closet and are pretending to have gone straight. Some completely flipped-out gay guys are engaging in (what I call) self-induced conversion therapy by getting themselves the GF (girlfriend), marrying a female (so they too can “fit in” and talk about “the wife” and pretend to be a breeder and be “normal”) and “smother themselves in pussy” thinking that will make them straight/a breeder, with some gay guys pumping out babies with their new GF or wife. Loco. So what exactly was the point of these gay guys working for equal rights/Queer rights here in the former Gay Mecca during the decades of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement when they were going to ultimately conform years later to satisfy their deep-down desire to not be gay but rather be straight/a breeder and “settle down with a female and have babies?”

Hola a todos. The above paragraph is a summary of the topic that came up at our most recent meeting of local Queers here in San Francisco during abril/April 2017.

This topic came up because I told our little group that earlier in the day mi amigo/my friend went to his gym in San Francisco’s Castro. As seems to be happening more frequently, mi amigo came back telling me about yet another gay guy he’s known from the past from his former gym who he saw on Market Street holding hands with a female in clearly a romantic/relationship type way. I thought: Oh that again. A rather frequent occurrence. Because on his walks around the neighbourhood and trips to the gym he’s seen other gay guys from his past who are now clearly in a relationship with a female. Some of them are with their GF or wife pushing a baby stroller, seemingly trying to “fit in”/conform with the continually invading breeders taking over The Castro.

One person in our group asked if this is a case of self-induced conversion therapy? As he explained: where these gay guys are now forcing themselves to be with a female to finally be considered “normal” and “smothering themselves with pussy” thinking it will make them straight — while their real sex organ (their brain) is thinking about having sex with a guy as they did all during the decades of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement — but now he’s fucking pussy to be a “real man?” (roll eyes) And finally feels proud to be able to walk down Market Street showing off his trophy GF or wife and holding her hand in his former Queer area now as a straight guy, or rather pretending to be straight.

Another person in our group said: The vagina is just another hole. Sadly, it would appear that these gay guys that your amigo keeps seeing in The Castro holding hands or making out with a female have succumbed to the societal brainwashing that all guys are taught which is: “you as a male are supposed to love pussy, and love the smell of pussy and love eating pussy.” I pointed out that: Some guys even brag about eating pussy when she’s having her period and how macho that is in their mind.

At this point in our discussion, everyone in our group sat silently and looked absolutely disgusted contemplating the sad state of things that we had just discussed. Understandably so.

A few minutes later: One person pointed out something I’ve said before: It seems like the Queer community has flipped out since gay marriage was made legal in the US. As if it’s backfired.

Mi amiga (obviously frustrated) said: I just cannot understand this. From their gay meccas, Queers worked for decades for equal rights. After we achieved some rights and have mostly abandoned our gay meccas because they’ve been taken over by breeders, now we see gay guys going to the extreme of dating and marrying females so they too can be a breeder or be seen as straight. WTF? Was being straight the goal of these gay guys all along during the decades they were fighting for Queer rights? Who knew that deep down some gay guys wished they were straight to begin with?…while they were fighting for Queer rights? This is really crazy.

I strongly agree with this:

Another amigo at our table sees a lot of insecure Queers caving to peer pressure to “fit in” with the breeders. To be just like them. As more and more breeders move into San Francisco’s Castro, the more Queers feel pressured to be just like them to conform/”fit in” and to be in a heterosexual relationship just like these breeders so they can finally think of themselves as “normal” for the first time in their life, even though they are Queer but going back in the closet. We’ve seen this with the obnoxious “bro” jock obsession in San Francisco and other cities. From what I could tell, it was around the same time that gay marriage became legal that the obnoxious jock fad began in The Castro with gay guys trying to be just like the obnoxious breeder jocks — and cheer-leading over corporate sports teams at that new supposedly gay sports bar — as breeders moved into the area with their “chicks” and “bitches.” We saw one breeder couple after the other making out at Harvey Milk Plaza under the big Rainbow Flag as if that somehow turned them on with their message being: “We breeders are taking over The Castro. You Queers (they are probably thinking “faggots”) get out of here.” What we’ve seen from the local Queer community was: Conform, conform, conform with the breeders and be the exact opposite of who and what you were during the decades of the proudly radical and alternative Gay Rights’ Movement.

There seems to be something in the agua/water. Loco.

I saw my straight friend the other day while writing this article and was telling him about our meeting. I’ll add something he said. He asked:

Have these gay guys never thought about what kind of emotional baggage comes with that pussy as well as the entrance rights to that pussy? Guys by comparison are pretty emotionally stable and rarely have emotional meltdowns. But with females, I know from years of experience that there can be hourly emotional meltdowns with them. They can be emotionally stable one minute and an emotional wreck the next minute, and you have no idea what you did or said to cause it, if you did anything. If you point this out to them they have no idea what you’re talking about. Gay guys are not used to this, so when they say they want to try pussy as conversion therapy to see if they too can be a breeder, to conform, and no longer be gay (they think), they need to realise there’s a lot of emotional baggage that comes along with that pussy that they are not ready for or aware of. Watch out gay guys! And if pussy were so great, the divorce rate for straight couples in the US wouldn’t be well over 50% (I believe that’s in the first year). If pussy were so great, you wouldn’t see all these sex ads from straight guys looking for sex with other guys and you wouldn’t hear macho straight guys at the gym talking with each other about “their bitch” and her smelly pussy and how he told her to go in there and wash the thing out before he’d fuck her. Maybe after these gay guys with their internalised homophobia try pussy, if they’re for real, they’ll conclude that the grass is not greener on the other side.

Good points made, mi amigo. Muchas gracias.

Our meeting ended with someone bringing up something I had written here before: Why didn’t these gay closet cases — in dire need of psychotherapy with a highly-qualified Queer (sex) therapist — move to a traditionally straight area years ago? They could have moved to San Francisco’s Marina district or North Beach or Cow Hollow or Pacific Heights, the Avenues or you-name-it if they wanted to be a breeder and live a lie in the closet and call themselves “normal” and “straight” and brag about having “the wife” and being Mr Heteronormative? Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE: On the topic of closet cases, I continue to see this: Over the years that I have been paying attention to men for men personal sex ads, I have seen countless ads from closet case Queers living in New York City (especially as compared to other US cities) and their ads are written with this small-town mentality. These closet cases say in their ad that they’re “not out.” I have to ask: Why would anyone be in the closet in New York City, of all places? They also write: “If anyone were to see me on the street they’d never think that I was into guys.” Well in NYC, who the fuck would care who you’re into? Other closet cases write, “If people were to see us on the street they would think we are just jock buds or workout buds; they’d never think we’re sex buds.” People will think what they want; why do you care what people think? And again, who the fuck in all of Manhattan/NYC would care what you do sexually and with whom? These ad I’m talking about sound like they’re written by someone living in some provincial small-town hamlet in the deep south rather than a major US city with a population of 8,550,405 (as of 2015). Again, who in all of NYC will care what these fucked up in the head closet cases do sexually when the overwhelming majority of the 8 million people in NYC don’t even know them? I’ve never understood this mentality because during the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement, Queers moved to major US cities to come out of the closet because we were anonymous in major cities. Unlike today where closet case Queers are moving to major US cities to stay in or go back in the closet with their gay shame. This is loco/crazy. My suggestion to these closet cases: There’s no shortage of credible (Queer-GLBTQ) psychologists in Manhattan and the other boroughs so why don’t you closet cases clearly in need of psychological help get your ass to a therapist and work on your gay shame issues? Because it’s not healthy being dishonest with yourself and other people and living a lie about who you are and your sexual orientation, and living in that unhealthy, repressive, depressive, suppressive closet. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Brand LGBT(TM)

Brand LGBTTM: The pro-corporate, pro-mainstream and heteronormative branding of the gay community, making us more acceptable and palatable to the preferences and priorities of the in-your-face Heterosexual Mainstream Society.

Hola a todos. Our little local group of GLBTQs here in San Francisco got together last week as we do from time-to-time to catch up and talk about various topics. It’s usually something we all find important and not a pre-planned topic.

This time we talked about the widespread use of Brand LGBTTM. We’re referring to the cookie-cutter acronym “LGBT” that one sees everywhere (although not on pink barrio) and which is used worldwide. It’s as if this “LGBT” acronym was issued by a US congressional Declaration from on high and/or by some international governing body to be used throughout el mundo/the world. What was wrong with using GLBTQ in their thinking? Except for purposes of this article, I don’t use “LGBT” at all since it is ugly dishonesty and corporate branding. It indicates a revision of GLBTQ history. I and the amigos/amigas in my group use GLBTQ, including las lesbianas/the lesbians in our group. We’ve noticed that the conformist and heteronormative Brand LGBTTM is used worldwide especially by corporate websites when writing about, promoting, for the commercialisation of and the co-opting of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement. The movement was originally called the Gay Rights’ Movement. It was not called the Lesbian Rights’ Movement therefore the G should be first and not the L. Brand LGBTTM reflects the co-opting of the Gay Rights’ Movement by lesbians, and again, even the rewriting of the movements’ history. Also, conformist and heteronormative “LGBT” is not inclusive. It omits the Q at the end for “Queer” for some odd reason. Whoever created this Brand LGBTTM nonsense didn’t like the more radical Queers? How long before there’s a revision and they decide that the T is really not appropriate? As I wrote in this article, back in 1979 the movement was called The Gay and Lesbian Movement. Period. But Brand LGBTTM has even gone back into history and taken the name of a major march that took place in — where I used to live — the District of Columbia and renamed that march “The Lesbian and Gay March on Washington.” It wasn’t called that. It was called the Gay and Lesbian March on Washington. This is ugly, cheap and tawdry revisionism. The heteronormative Brand LGBTTM marketing acronym is really very dishonest because it gives top credit to lesbians for a movement where they were not the dominant group of the movement, but now giving them “top billing” and top priority in the acronym. I thought most people knew that gay guys were the denominate/activist group of the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement.

So what’s the reason for Brand LGBTTM? Our group concluded that it’s heteronormative branding. The “L” is first in our opinion because lesbians are considered more acceptable than gay guys to “straights” and especially to “straight” men in our sexually dysfunctional heteronormative society. GLBTQs apparently love to cater to and please “straight” people — don’t ask me why — so that’s why they listed the “L” first. The thinking seems to be: Our society still has many problems with and prejudices against gay guys, but our society seems to see lesbians in a more positive way so (to please the “straights”) put them first in the acronym to cater to our bigoted, anti-gay heteronomative society. Of course it’s much more acceptable to see two females holding hands and kissing than seeing two gay guys holding hands and kissing, which many people would say they find repulsive. For example: Fucked-Up US Public: Gay Legal Rights Good; Gay Kissing Bad. Many people have no problem seeing two women kissing but they can’t bare to see two guys kissing. Yet the same people have no problem seeing two guys being violent with each other, beating each other up and/or killing each other and they’ll pay to watch that. But don’t show them two guys kissing. They can’t handle that. Sick-assed people. Even as children, no one blinks an eye seeing two little girls holding hands as amigas/friends. People say, “isn’t that cute?” But when two boys do the same thing they’re scolded, they’re not considered “cute.” They will be screamed at: “you two boys stop holding hands; boys don’t hold hands. Stop it!” No, boys are supposed to fight and beat each other up seems to be the preference/thinking. So Brand LGBTTM is a very sanitising acronym to cater to the “straights” to make being gay and lesbian all the more palatable to delicate them. Also, when the corporate media (are required to) show a same-gender couple kissing, the overwhelming majority of the time it’s predictably two females. Two guys kissing are rarely shown, and when that happens it’s only very briefly by comparison. While writing this article I glanced at my television and saw a very heteronormative ad from a corporate box store which I think pretends to be “gay-friendly?” It was all about dancing while trying to unload some item. I saw a guy and female (implying they were a “straight” couple) were dancing together wearing conformist black and gray clothing. Two females were dancing together holding hands, reinforcing what I said earlier about two females being “acceptable” to the general public. But you know what I didn’t see? Two guys holding hands and dancing. No, they just couldn’t bring themselves to show that. And yet wishful-thinking GLBTQ idiots have told us repeatedly that “gay is now mainstream.” Not on my television it isn’t. I don’t know what network you’re watching where that’s the case. All I see are heteronormative obnoxious in-your-face “straight” couples making out, fawning over each other, short needy-her looking up at tall-him with limpid eyes begging for his attention, him holding her chin going in for the beso/kiss, him and her holding hands and then the two having a major dysfunction.

My Question: Why do “straight” people get top priority/preference by pleasing and catering to them versus pleasing ourselves as GLBTQs? Did the idiots who came up with Brand LGBTTM not think of that? Fuck the “straights.” I don’t need their fucking approval for my sexuality. Nobody appointed them as “god.” What is wrong with GLBTQs who feel the need to boot lick, cater to and emulate the “straights” and be like them? Get some self confidence, damn it! Stop licking the boots of the “straight” community. Shouldn’t we GLBTQs please ourselves and be true to our history, rather than sanitising our history to accommodate “straight” people? I find it disgusting what has happened. And apparently most gay guys know how society still feels about them because as I’ve previously written, many gay guys (if not most) are labeling themselves “bi” (even though they’re not bisexual) in their personal sex ads on the site I call ClosetList and probably elsewhere. And they’re doing this worldwide. Of course there are genuine bi (bisexual) guys out there. But I’m not talking about them here. I’m talking about gay guys who are lying about their sexuality in their personal sex ads and calling themselves “bi.” Why are they doing this? As a way to appear more heteronormative and to give the impression of being more “masculine” than a gay guy because he is supposedly into females as well as guys. These days, it’s rare to see a guy use the word “gay” or even GWM (gay white male) in their ads on ClosetList.

Mi amigo/My friend has experience with gay phone sex and he’s told me repeatedly about the many guys who start out by saying “I’m bi” and then when mi amigo plays along and tries to pursue that in a phone sex conversation by casually asking the guy when was the last time he was with a “girl” or what type of “girls” he gets into. At that point, the supposed bi guy immediately hangs up on him. These supposed bi guys have no interest in talking about females because they’re really gay and they want to talk about gay sex. But they lie and put that “bi” label out there to falsely describe themselves to try to appear more manly, masculine and heteronormative as I wrote about here. They think bi sounds masculine and gay sounds feminine in their minds, even though there are millions of very masculine gay guys out there. But there are still negative connotations with the word “gay” even in the minds of many gay guys. It’s part of self-hate. The big lie here with gay guys dishonestly calling themselves bi is that human sexuality does not change so drastically where millions of gay guys all over the world miraculously became interested in females or “bi” nearly overnight. That just doesn’t happen. Human sexuality doesn’t work that way people. It does on ClosetList.

I’d like to talk about this a little bit more even though it’s not directly related to Brand LGBTTM, but it’s still connected to GLBTQs: On ClosetList, the category is called “men for men” but even in that category it’s rare to see any guy use the word “gay.” I mostly see “bi” or “WM” (white male). And WM is neutral and does not at all identify the sexuality of the guy so its as if they are in the closet even though in their sex ads they’re usually looking for gay sex. It’s as if most guys on CL are ashamed of the word gay, even today after all this time. Well, I shouldn’t say “even today” because as many people know we’re heading backwards very quickly. It won’t surprise mis amigos/my friends if the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement will need to be started all over again at some point in the future. Mi amigo said: “I think this would be a horrible time to try to get a boyfriend or a partner.” Yes, I think it would be too; quite frustrating these days considering the lying and dishonesty one reads in gay personal sex ads. Not that “straight” ads are any different. They too are full of dishonesty and lies such as the closet case gay guys who are calling themselves “straight” and looking to suck dick and they “have a girl and she doesn’t know so need to be discreet.” I’ve read that countless times. In other words, he’s cheating on her. That’s a common theme on ClosetList. Most of the gay ads and phony bi ads are saturated with the words “discreet” and “down low,” which clearly imply that the guy thinks there’s something wrong with being gay and what he’s doing sexually otherwise he wouldn’t need to be “discreet” or “down low” (DL) about his behaviour. And/or he’s cheating on someone and doesn’t want them to find out. “Discreet” is usually code language for a closet case and going by the ads on ClosetList, most guys on there are still in the closet and that’s why I call that site ClosetList.

Back to Brand LGBTTM: Previously when I researched this, from what I read the “L” was first in Brand LGBTTM to show that the gay community supports women’s rights. Isn’t it a given that the gay community supports women’s right? Therefore, no need to put the L first. We also support trans rights but we don’t put the T first at all. I think my first explanation about this order of the letters is more accurate than the women’s rights explanation.

As some of us see it, Brand LGBTTM is unfortunate tacky commercialism and the entire world is using it. I and the people in our little group cringe every time we see that “LGBT” branding. It is indeed the “branding” of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement, and unfortunately many self-described “progressives” (who are really nothing but Democratic Party hacks and shills at s-election time) have fallen in lockstep with this and they use the cookie-cutter Brand LGBTTM whenever they write about GLBTQs topics. They do so to be conformist, because “everybody is doing it.” I would point out that genuine progressives are not conformists.

Unfortunately, the original Gay Rights’ Movement became corrupted by Brand LGBTTM and has lost itself with favour given to the preferences and priorities of the Heterosexual Establishment and what they want for the gay community, rather than what we GLBTQs want for ourselves. Chau.—el barrio rosa

What’s With The “LGBT?”

Hola a todos. Getting most people on the Earth to all do the same thing on a constant basis is quite remarkable. But when it comes to language it seems to be quite easy to do. For example, there are millions of people today who speak mostly US-English who have deliberately changed their way of speaking so that they say the word “like” every-other-word, or as often as possible. This dumbed-down speaking style sounds really stupid — and it’s especially heard in today’s conformist Techie San Francisco — but I think that’s the intent in order to conform/”fit in” with the stupid-sounding herd. That’s because “stupidity is in” even though the masses are glued to and addicted to toys/gadgets with the word “smart” on them. It’s quite the contradiction.

Then there is the constant and consistent use of “LGBT.” It’s as if some gay organisation sent out a memo to every corporation and media organisation on the planet and dictated that whenever they speak or write about the gay community that they must use the letters “LGBT.” No exceptions. And remarkably that has caught on as contagiously as the cold virus. Some of us don’t use “LGBT” because it’s chauvinistic/sexist as in “ladies first” which apparently the idiots who dreamed it up never thought about. It’s a shame critical thinking skills are not taught in schools. And of course the more proudly-radical Queers are deliberately not included in that set of letters (there’s no Q anywhere in “LGBT”). The other day I saw this headline which used “LGBT.” Damn odd. I guess they didn’t get that “LGBT” dictate that the rest of el mundo/the world got. With them, the G for gay is now shoved down to third place. At this rate, the G will disappear altogether. Mi amigo/My friend said maybe the conformists are planning to disappear/remove the G altogether as more and more gay guys disappear and remain in or head back into the closet and get married to females as “cover” so as to be heteronormative and appear “straight.” Since millions of gay guys obviously still feel gay shame with their internalised homophobia. Then yesterday I saw a headline that used the conformist “LGBT,” but the text below the headline said “gays and lesbians.” “Gays and lesbians” sounds correct to my ear whereas “LG” or lesbians and gays sounds ass-backwards because as I’ve written before from the very beginning of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement we referred to ourselves as “gays and lesbians.” But then some idiots came along and omnipotently decided that the “L” should be first to show that we support women’s rights. Well Duh. Isn’t it a given that we support women’s rights? Stupid-assed people. We support all the rights of GLBTQ including Trans rights but these conformist idiots never put the T first, so why put the L first? I won’t have it! That’s why some of us will always use GLBTQ. And GLBTQ is inclusive of the more proudly-radical Queers whereas conformist corporate and ass-backwards “LGBT” is not. Chau.—el barrio rosa


“Honey, I Think It Would Be Nice To Move To San Francisco”

I’m Dreaming of Dick While I’m Drowning In Pussy

Going Backwards: More Gay Guys Getting Married To Females

I Don’t Go To The “Straight” Marina. So Why Do “Straights” Come to The Castro?

“Proud To Be Going Straight.” At Gay Pride?

In the conservative Castro of the now-conservative and conformist San Francisco, there is apparently quite the peer pressure among some gay guys to go “straight” (meaning to go back in the closet and pretend that one is “straight”), and that’s what we’re seeing. This especially comes with the obnoxious corporate sports jock personae, but not always.

Hola. Mi amigo/My friend and I walked down “Straightsville” — that’s what we call Market Street between Castro and Church Streets in San Francisco — this past Domingo/Sunday afternoon around the time that people were coming back from the corporatist commercial called SFPride. It was more crowded than usual on Market Street for a Domingo, but the crowds were not like during the Gay Mecca days.

The first thing we both noticed was how “straight” it was, especially at Castro and Market which used to be considered the “epicenter” of the Gay Mecca. We saw some females rubbing the scalp of the guy she was with and desperately wanting his attention. It didn’t take anytime at all before we saw multiple “straight” make-out sessions on Market Street as has become commonplace. That’s something we do not see anywhere else in The City. The “straights” love to come to what is supposed to be a Queer area to make out. The “straight” couples we saw were the usual: The him-tall and domineering/chauvinistic guy with her short/submissive/his “little girl” who has never heard the word feminist. Both young and white.

What we noticed was that most people were wearing black and gray clothing. They were not in fiesta/party festive colourful clothing which one might think would be the case for Pride Sunday, no? It used to be that way. As I was telling mi amigo: These conformist people around here must have baked downtown in their hot black shirts with the hot sun baking Market Street during the corporate parade which goes on for hours (7.5 hours in 2015). Anyone with an ounce of sense would have known to wear light colour clothing out in the hot sun, no? But these days, it’s more about being conformist and “not sticking out” — and that requires being seen wearing drab black and gray clothing — rather than being comfortable. You must wear hearse-black, casket-gray and/or white clothing to “fit in” and to be part of the conformist herd. And I don’t know how one couldn’t notice this clothing colour trend/fad since it’s everywhere I look. There was a time where I gave no attention to what people were wearing but with this drab fad it is so saturated that it’s very difficult not to notice it. I first noticed it back in 2014 for the Latin Grammy’s where some people asked: Who died? and it’s only gotten worse since. It’s obvious to me that the sheeple have noticed this trend/fad since they’re the ones wearing black, gray (they’re the dominant colours, if one can call those colours) along with white. Why? To “fit in.” From what I’ve observed, this is an international trend/fad; it’s not just limited to The Cesspool/the US/EE.UU. It’s especially bad on the español-language networks. Whenever I turned on my television I see black, gray and/or white clothing or a combination of all three. Even for deportes/sports programmes. The two guys sitting on the set both are wearing casket-gray suits, white shirts and a dark gray or black tie. Very drab and conservatively boring. There’s nothing “Latin” about gray and black. They look like they’re headed to or just got back from a funeral. As mi amigo asked? Why are they in conservative drab gray suits? The sports players are not in suits. I’ve also seen large groups of Latino artists (none related to each other) in a photo-op all wearing black and/or gray. Again, conformist. I’ve seen this black, gray and white fad in Asia, in México and parts of Europe. On the español-language networks especially in the US, they are so saturated with black, gray and/or white clothing that it’s to the point of looking tacky with its over-saturation. While in The Castro for Pride, we did see a little bit of colour, but very little. Maybe three old-looking tie-dye shirts, but most people were, again, in conformist black and gray and it was warm out: black jeans/gray t-shirt or black jeans and black t-shirt or some black top and black pants. There’s nothing Rainbow Pride about conservative black. The majority of people are conformists in the proudly-radical and alternative colourful tech-junkie conservative San Francisco where the only thing going on these days for the masses is getting drunk and screaming over corporate sport$ team$.

The colour trend/fad I talked about in the previous paragraph is not limited to clothing. Most of the vehicles in San Francisco are conformist hearse-black (especially SUVs), casket-gray and white. The same for the new outrageously priced Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling). They have these conformist blindly-white interiors or they’re white with drab gray trim. The Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars call it “minimalist.” I call it being very afraid of colour. The outside of these overpriced buildings is also conformist white, gray or black, with the exception of one near me which has some naranja/orange in it, but that’s a rare one.

While walking down Market Street I was reminded that I had wanted to check out if the conformist closet case bar (also known as the obnoxious “gay?” sport bar) was flying their Rainbow Flag on corporatist Pride Sunday. They only fly it one day a year and that’s Pride Sunday to exploit the tourists. Yes, they had two new-looking Rainbow Flags flying out front. They were new-looking because they stay in the closet 364 days a year. They’re only flown on Pride Sunday and then they go back in the closet the next day (Lunes/Monday). And you know it must have pained these obnoxious jocks to have to fly that flag that they’re so ashamed of. They refuse to fly it the rest of the year — because of their gay shame; the Rainbow Flag is seen as “too gay” for jocks? — as they try to be macho, heteronormative and try to be like the precious “straights” that they emulate.

Then things got a little weird. Mi amigo saw a guy from a distance he hadn’t seen for some time and that he had dated for awhile years ago. From dating the guy, he knew the guy had absolutely no interest in females because they had talked about that and in fact mi amigo remembers the guy as being sexist, which turned mi amigo off. Well, this guy started making out with this female he was with on Market Street. After watching that make-out scene for a few moments, mi amigo turned to me and said, “the peer pressure around here is apparently quite intense now for a gay guy to be with a female as The Castro and Upper Market and San Francisco in general becomes more and more ‘straight’.” I said: So what you’re saying is that the guy we’re looking at over there is going back in the closet and pretending to be “straight?” He said: “Exactly, based on what I know about him from having dated him.” This is not the first time this has happened. Mi amigo has seen about four other examples of this in just the last month. He recently saw two other gay guys — one he knew from his former gay gym and one from his current gym (which is now very “straight”) — making out with females. He always thought both of these guys were gay. Well, in recent weeks, he’s seen them both wrapped around and making out with a female. One was on Market Street just like the “straights” love to do. It’s their favourite place for making out. The other gay guy was making out with a female in his new gym. They go to the gym to make out, do they? He thought they were going to fuck right there in the gym at the rate they were going. Then as we were walking toward The Castro (which was equally “straight”) we noticed the couple in front of us. The young guy was rather fem-looking and jumping around and was all over the female he was walking with. He was giving her besos/kisses and arms around her clinging to her. As we got closer, we saw he was wearing a cardboard sign around his neck which said in gold-coloured glitter letters, “Proud To be Going Straight.” He had come to Pride to show that he’s going “straight” and for everyone to see that he was hanging all over his female and making out with her on Market Street. Mi amigo and I looked at each other after reading his sign and he said: “As I said earlier…peer pressure to pretend to be ‘straight’.” Yes, and the irony here was that this was Gay Pride Sunday. There has got to be something in the agua/water. It’s also ironic that this — going back in the closet — is happening after some progress that GLBTQs have made, including having the right to get married if one wants to here in The Cesspool and elsewhere. One would think that GLBTQs would be more “out and proud” than ever rather than going backwards into the closet. But frankly, I think a lot of this has to do with that “assimilation” nonsense. Read: Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s and What’s the problem with GLBTQ “assimilation?”.

But this behaviour we saw that I’ve described is no different than what thousands and thousands of gay guys have done for generations. In our heteronomative society, they’ve pretended they’re “straight” and made sure they are seen with a female, making out with a female and/or married to a female. After they get married, they squeeze out some babies, often due to family pressure. They are asked: “When are you going to start a family?” (Translation: When are you going to start breeding/fucking and contributing to the world’s overpopulation?) The guy is thinking about having sex with a guy he saw recently on the street (or somewhere) while having sex with her. He has their “straight” family pictures all over his office bookshelves and desk at work so that everyone thinks that he’s “straight” and he usually talks about corporate sports teams to “fit in”: “What did you think about that game yesterday? Wasn’t that a great game?” And then when he can’t take it anymore (pretending to be somebody he’s not), he comes out of the closet to his family and maybe a few others and admits he’s been gay all along. Sometimes, she has suspected. She thinks to herself: He never did like eating me out but I just thought that he was one of the “straight” guys that didn’t like that since not all “straight” guys like to eat pussy.

Gay meccas were created to give Queers/GLBTQs a safe place to be for solidarity, acceptance and to hang out together, talk and meet each other so we didn’t have to pretend to be somebody we’re not, and to have a break from the heteronormative peer-pressure society. If we were interested in someone in the bar, we didn’t have to guess or wonder about their sexual orientation. If a guy was in a gay bar, he was gay. Period. But these days with “straights” pendejos adamant about invading/going to some gay bars for some fucking reason (are they closet cases?), that’s not the case. Also, in our own gay mecca, gay guys didn’t have to hear that god-awful question: “How many girlfriends do you have now?” and “When are you getting married?” (meaning to a woman.) Although those in the closet still likely heard that. This is what is happening with some insecure gay guys with gay shame around San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca The Castro, and elsewhere. These insecure gay guys apparently think that as the neighbourhood becomes more and more “straight” that they too should be “straight” to fit in. I could suggest that they get some high-quality psychotherapy (preferably from a GLBTQ doctorate level psychologist since they will need all the help they can get!), but I know that most won’t. And this comes as gay meccas are quickly disappearing — San Francisco’s Castro, for example — and being invaded and taken over by obnoxious in-your-face “straight” basura who come in here with their make-out scenes and who love to make out under a giant Rainbow Flag. I’ll never understand that. They demonstrate their insecure/dysfunctional (and or cheating) relationships with their mandatory hand-holding whenever in public to let everyone know they are a couple, as if anyone give a fuck! You’re in a major city where people are anonymous. Nobody gives a fuck who you’re with, los pendejos. And while you pretend to be a mandatory hand-holding couple on weekends in The Castro especially, are one or both of you cheating on the other during the week? Chau.—el barrio rosa


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Hola. ¿Qué tal? I’ve been monitoring the telenovela ¿Quién Mató a Patricia Soler? (QMAPS) on MundoFox by RTI Producciones for Canal RCN Bogotá. QMAPS, set in beautiful Bogotá, Colombia is the telenovela with the conservative drab-dull colour scheme of black, coffin-gray and white. Just because the title of the novela is (translation): “Who Killed Patricia Soler” doesn’t mean everybody has to wear funeral clothes/colours. But they are the conservative colours that the sheeple have been told by their television to wear these days as moda/fashion/fad. It’s one of the first things I noticed about this telenovela was their fear of colours. Black, coffin-gray and white make for a very uninteresting-looking screen/set using all drab colours. (It that why it got moved from 9pm to 11pm?) But lately, perhaps they tired of the dull funeral colours because now I’m seeing some more pretty colours. Not many, but some. With one of the main characters, Sebastián (played by Miguel de Miguel desde España), I never see him in anything but drab coffin-gray and white. He wears a white shirt, a coffin-gray suit and coffin-gray tie. Su oficina/His office colours are black and coffin-gray. This is also the telenovela with three actors who were in Yo soy Betty, la fea: Doña Marcela, Don Mario and Dr Sánchez (el abogodo for Betty y Nicolás). While writing this I saw a very unrealistic restaurant scene in QMAPS. Everyone within camera view in this restaurante had on black or coffin-gray (or both) clothing. Now that’s getting a bit extreme, don’t you think?

For awhile now, my very reliable gaydar has told me there are at least a couple of Queer boys in the cast, but I’ve been annoyed to see them making out with una hembra (a female). It doesn’t look right. From what I’ve seen all of the roles cast are heterosexual. ¿Por qué?/Why? I wondered why that was because it doesn’t reflect society.

We’ve been told repeatedly by some delusional and wishful-thinking GLBTQ conservative idiots in San Francisco that, “gay is now mainstream.” Well if that were the case (which it isn’t), I’d see gay couples, gay couples kissing, gay couples holding hands, gay couples embracing, gay couples making out and gay couples pretending to have sex regularly on my television. But what I see on my television regularly is heterosexual, heteronormative programming all the time. I constantly see “straights” sucking face, making out and embracing and giving the appearance that they are about to fuck, and then the camera moves away. I don’t see gay couples on my television. So don’t tell me that “gay is mainstream” because that is bullshit wishful-thinking. And even when it’s noticias/news about GLBTQs, the corporate media networks feel they must show las lesbianas/lesbians embracing or kissing—because the corporate networks consider las lesbianas “safer” for their bigoted/prudish audience—instead of showing gay guys kissing and embracing. On a corporate site recently I did see one picture of two guys supposedly kissing. I say supposedly because I had to examine the picture closely to see what they were doing. After examining the picture I thought: Well that’s a new approach bigoted/prejudiced corporate media. In their attempt to sanitise the picture of the two gay guys kissing they showed the two guys but one guy was kissing near the ear of the other guy. All the way back at his ear. And the guy being kissed had his left hand holding the other guy’s head. He was not kissing him on the lips or anywhere on his face. No, you can’t have that. What will our prejudiced, bigoted and hateful readers/viewers think? So of course that’s the picture they chose to use. Nice and sanitised. We’re also told that “gays can now live anywhere.” HA! Where do people get this shit from? What delusion-inducing drugs are these people on who say this stuff? I learned sometime ago that the conservatives who have long-hated gay areas and wanted to make them “straight” and white always repeat the “gays can live anywhere” lie. Well, gay people might be able to live anywhere (and that’s very questionable) if we live in that unhealthy fucking closet. I would point out that physical violence against GLBTQs because of their sexual orientation happens daily somewhere, so don’t come at me with that “gays can live anywhere” bullshit. (Related: EXPERT: ‘Desperate Anger’ Is Driving The Rise In Anti-Gay Hatred).

The Gay Rights’ Movement fought decades for me to go back in the closet and be “discreet,” “straight-acting” and “straight-looking.”

I would also point out that if “gays could live anywhere” they wouldn’t be going back in the closet and living in the closet in San Francisco of all places! (the former Gay Mecca) and in Manhattan (as two examples). They wouldn’t be sanitising themselves by removing their bling/earrings/rad earplugs and rad-alternative hairstyles and trying to look cookie-cutter “mainstream”, macho “straight,” and calling themselves “discreet” and “down-low” and “straight-acting” and other fucked-up-in-the-head gay shame/heteronormative ways of thinking. GLBTQs seem to be having a major identity crisis. They don’t seem to know who the fuck they are. Today, they seem to be trying to be as mainstream, corporate and sheeple as possible and completely divorcing themselves from their radical history, as if ashamed of it. (Related: The “Discreet” Gay Guys in New York City). I used to see lots of Rainbow Flags flying from home and apartment windows and on bumper stickers in San Francisco’s Castro/Upper Market area during the Gay Mecca days. But today in the New Conservative Techie San Francisco? It’s rare to see Rainbow Flags at all other than on the outside of some gay bars. So if “gays could live anywhere,” gays wouldn’t be putting the Rainbow Flag back in the closet and trying to “assimilate” by being heteronormative around (bigoted?) “straights” who like taking over gay areas and turning them into sanitised, prudish, “family-friendly” (Translation: “straight” and white with lots of screaming children in condominium-sized strollers clogging up the sidewalks) conservative places (think: Walnut Creek, California) with the help of conservative GLBTQs.

So why are Queer boys cast in “straight” roles? Why don’t they cast Queer boys in gay roles? Or do they think the viewers or advertisers can’t deal with seeing gay couples making out and embracing, and pretending to have sex before the camera moves away, like they do with “straight” scenes? But I thought that “gays are now mainstream,” no? Not at all. There is still lots of institutionalised/establishment prejudice and bigotry in society which doesn’t at all get erased or legislatively removed by court orders, laws written or referendums. And from what I’ve read, same-gender marriage (for example) is way down on the list of importance to most people. And even in places where same-gender marriage is legal there’s still a lot of resentment and resistance to it especially in the US of Hypocrisy/Los Estados Unidos. GLBTQs should have the same rights as “straights,” but that doesn’t mean we have to mirror them as so many GLBTQs are doing in their desperate desire to be accepted by those precious “straights” (as if their opinion matters about and above anything). I’m not too hot on same-gender marriage to begin with. I oppose the conservative “Institution of Marriage”TM for anyone because it’s nothing but a legal contract. I remember Lily Tomlin saying that she had hoped that gay people could come up with something a little bit better than marriage and trying to emulate and be like “straight” people. Right-on, Lily! And then you have the fucked-up US public, get this: US public: Gay legal rights are good but gays kissing is bad. (WTF?) “The national study, which polled more than 1000 USans, found that heterosexuals approve more of legal protections for gay people than they do gays kissing in public.” [roll eyes] Well who gives a fuck what they think? And of course if you asked the same people about heterosexual besos, they would say heterosexual besos/kissing is perfectly fine and acceptable in public. Fucking hypocrites.

Some “straight” actors have played gay roles such as Julián Arango who played Don Hugo Lombardi in Fernando Gaitán’s masterpiece Yo soy Betty, la fea. Don Hugo’s boyfriend in BLF was/is also “straight” in real life. Then Jorge Enrique Abello (who superbly played Don Armando in YSBLF) and Patrick Delmas (who played Don Michell Doinel in YSBLF) went on to later be cast in roles as a gay couple in a telenovela. Both JEA and Delmas are “straight.” But we don’t see any besos or make-out scenes when “straight” actors are playing gay characters. But when Queer boys play “straight” characters we see make-out scenes. It turns me off because it doesn’t look right or realistic. I see a Queer boy making out with a female and I think WTF? He’s forced to make out with una hembra/a female per the role he’s cast in. I know I can’t be the only person to pick up on this. I’ve been watching the telenovela Rebelde on UniMás that cantante/singer y actor Christian Chávez was in. He later came out as a Queer boy after that, but in that telenovela he had to show affection to las chicas (per the script) and to me he looked uncomfortable doing so. He looked a bit put-off by it and it didn’t look natural for him and understandably so because he’s gay and has no interest in making out with las muchachas. There are many gay actors—even though they may still be in that unhealthy closet with their gay shame—so why not cast gay actors in gay roles and “straight” actors in “straight” roles? Or would that cause Queer actors to be out of work entirely because of a lack of gay roles and especially a lack of roles for and showing gay couples? But I thought that “gay is now mainstream?” [roll eyes] Chau.—el barrio rosa


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