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Whoever thought that being Queer was just a fad ?

Being gay was just a phase for many.

“If the neighbourhood is mostly straight, be straight or closeted/DL (Down Low). If the neighbourhood is mostly gay, be gay.”

That seems to be the thinking these days within the so-called “gay community.” This was not the thinking of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement where millions of Queers/GTQBLs fought difficult times to be true and honest to the sexual orientation they were born with.

Yeah, that was then. “Been there, done that” seems to be the thinking now, along with “I’m whatever.” Dishonesty is “in” today.

Hola a todos. For those under age 60, I guess it’s best described as “fad sexuality” or “a phase-sexuality.” It’s where one’s sexual orientation is determined by or based on the sexual orientation and sexual behaviour of the majority population (breeders) where one lives, as a way of “fitting in” with them.

As I’ve asked before: What exactly was the point of working for same-sex marriage in the US when, in the end, many gay guys would “assimilate” themselves right back into the closet and go through the traditional “man and woman” (ugh) marriage charade? (Even though “man and woman” marriages have a divorce rate of over 50% here in The Cesspool/US).

Having lived through and participated in the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, this is not an article I had ever thought I would write. I do feel fortunate that I lived during a time where I got to experience something so unique and historic as the former Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. (Notice that the word Gay was first, not Lesbian as it is today with that “LGBT” nonsense that one sees all over the place). Even though since then, the conformist corporatist among us have ruined it, revised it, lied about it and distorted some of our rich Queer history about that time. Attention-seeking lesbians have hijacked our GLBTQ movement — moving themselves to first place/first billing with that “LGBT” acronym bunk — taking credit for work that the assholes didn’t do, thereby giving a false history and false impression about our Movement. Gay guys and trans individuals led the movement and did most of the work, not lesbians.

Today, I can’t relate to the so-called “gay community” (whatever that is) at all and what it has become: Corporatised, conformist “LGBT” (ugh) sheeple. And what “community?” There’s absolutely no feel or sense of community today even in what remains of the museum relics of former gay meccas, such as San Francisco’s dying Castro with its many papered-up store fronts1. But the nebulous term “Gay Community” is still being used when people aren’t using those ridiculous revisionist history “LGBT(Q)” letters) to describe something that’s really of the past when there were genuine gay communities in gay meccas. But you look around today, one does not see any “Gay Community” anywhere. Everybody looks conformist. But one does definitely see the “Straight/Breeder Community” because they make a point of forcing their sexuality in our faces with their mandatory make-out scenes and mandatory hand-holding in public (needy-her requires that as his entrance rights to that pussy; if he doesn’t hold Ms Insecure’s hand in public he ain’t getting any later on). As for the so-called “Gay Community,” one might see a Queer couple holding hands on the rare occasion in The Castro. But it’s nothing like the breeders.

Which leads me to the reason for this article.

Because of the many gay guys I either hear about or see “converting to straight,” (More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.) it would appear that being gay was just a long-term phase or fad for many people, gay guys especially. This feeds directly into the anti-gay bigots’ assertion that “being gay is just a phase.” But in these days of increasing insanity, more and more Queers/GTQBLs seem to be falling for this “sexuality is fluid” brainwashing which says that one’s sexuality is a choice or it’s “fluid,” meaning one’s sexuality can be changed. “Fluid” is the most common word I’ve seen being used. “Sexuality is fluid” is also the language used by the crowd promoting gay conversion, whether gay conversion is based in religious beliefs or not. The far-right ilk — including anti-gay religious fundamentalist fanatic bigots — will certainly love hearing Queers say that “sexuality is a choice or is ‘fluid,’” because that’s exactly what those bigots have said all along. They will then shove that in your Queer face with: “See? We told you so! We conservatives have always said being gay was just a phase or a choice! Thank you for finally admitting that! So now that you faggots admit that being gay was just a phase or a ‘cool and hip’ fad and that your ‘sexuality is fluid’ according to you, that means that you can now change and choose to be ‘normal’ and straight, correct?”

Is there anyone out there who does not see where this is headed?

One reason I felt the need to write this article was an experience I had recently. One of the stores where I have shopped for years, I had assumed that most of the workers were Queer because what other store closes for Gay Freedom Day? Only this store, to my knowledge. I know of no other store in San Francisco that closes for “Gay Pride.” Well, I overheard two of the workers in this store talking about picking up a chick. I’ve seen both of these guys for years and my reliable gaydar has always told me that they were Queer. Mi amigo/my friend said the same. He said: One of them sounds particularly Queer, even with his stereotypical lisp, and neither worker acts like Mr Jock Bro. Although they did sort of turn that “jock bro” attitude on when talking about picking up a chick. One of the workers was talking with a female customer and after she walked away he said to the other worker standing near him, “She got cold feet.” The other worker said, “Yeah it’s a tough call.” I realised what they were talking about: picking up a chick, the customer who had just walked away. How did this worker know that she “got cold feet” or is that just something to say? Did she know he was supposedly trying to pick her up? I overheard part of their conversation — which was about travelling — and I didn’t get the impression he was trying to pick her up at all and I’m usually pretty alert to these things. I got the impression he was merely making conversation with her. But in his mind, apparently any extended conversation with a chick is an attempt to pick her up. Like me, maybe she thought he was just making conversation — it’s technically called “customer service” — rather than having any sexual interest in her. But, the “straight jock bro” attitude of these workers really turned me off because what I saw was two gay guys trying to be and act straight with each other. Trying to be heteronormative and “into chicks.” My reliable gaydar saw two closet cases in a store that celebrates “Gay Pride” every June. Although these days, I get the impression that most of the workers are now breeders/straight, or pretend to be because “being straight is now in.” “Being gay is out” as San Francisco has become a Breeder Mecca and Baby Factory.

In the Old Bohemian City of San Francisco — before the Walking Dead Millennial Techie trash arrived and ruined The City and turned it into a snotty, unfriendly playground for the super-wealthy — I never heard this kind of “straight jock bro” talk when we were a Gay Mecca. Gay guys were not into that. If anything, they made fun of it. They mocked it. But here in the new Breeder Mecca, things are very different now or as I’ve heard some Old City locals say, “This New City sucks!” On the odd occasion anyone talks — since most phone-zombies are usually hunched over glued to their phone — it’s now “in” or “cool” to talk about picking up chicks and “my girl.” I still sensed that both of these young guys/store workers I mentioned earlier are gay but they have gone back in the closet (if they ever came out to begin with), and again, ironically they’re working at a store that celebrates Gay Freedom Day. Mi amigo/My friend said he has always thought that both guys were gay and was thinking, “Oh he’s one of us” (Queer) while overhearing the guy making conversation with the female customer.

Mi amigo told me: It’s the same way at my gym. I hear the same stuff there. The guys I always thought were gay and who always hung out with the gay guys at the former gay gym and who were all about “gay pride” are now at my current gym. But they act like they’ve gone through gay conversion. (roll eyes) When they talk with the macho hard-ass straight jock bros, they talk just like them. They talk about “my girl and I,” “my girl at home” and “my girl and I are trying to get pregnant.” Completely heteronormative. I never heard this kind of talk at the “gay gym.” But today, gay guys are trying to be just like the breeders, “acting straight” (gone back in the closet) and talking about chicks to fit in with the majority breeder macho jock bros. I should point out that historically the macho jock bros were the anti-gay assholes who bullied and made fun of gay guys on school playgrounds, in gyms and made “faggot” jokes about. How ironic that it’s the jocks that gay guys now want to be so much like and emulate.

That’s why I began this article with:

“If the neighbourhood is mostly straight, be straight or closeted/DL (Down Low). If the neighbourhood is mostly gay, be gay.”

Maybe it’s the plastics in the agua/water worldwide that’s causing such widespread insanity and has caused the so-called “gay community” (again, whatever that is) to go completely bonkers.

I have to say that today is such a very different closeted time. No wonder the so-called “gay community” is dead. It really reminds me of the atmosphere I remember from when I started getting involved in the Movement, or before that. We’ve gone back to that 1940-50s repressive closeted atmosphere where, “I don’t want to let anyone else see me looking at another guy because they might think I’m gay, and I don’t want another guy to catch me looking at him either” was the norm. Sigh.

It’s one thing to have “Gay Pride” events one day (or one weekend) a year in various cities throughout the world. But here in the States I look at the other 364 days a year which look the exact opposite of “Gay Pride.” The other 364 days of the year can best be described as “Gay and Back in the Closet,” or as the so-called “gay community” loves to say about themselves: “Discreet, Down Low.”*

So that’s why mi amigo and I think that in the big scheme of things, being gay was really just a long-term fad or phase for many (if not most) gay guys in particular, and that fad is now over.2 Now, it seems that gay people (Queers/GTQBLs) for various reasons have moved or have been forced to move all over the US and there is no so-called “gay community” or sense of community anywhere. And the majority of the so-called “gay community” worldwide is in the closet in breeder relationships with children. Most of them will never come out of the closet as many of them hate on other Queers/gay people to hide their own Queer sexuality. Only a small fraction of the worldwide so-called “gay community” is out of the closet. That’s how we see it.

Mi amigo pointed out to me something he’s noticed. The many and increasing number of Queer boys with a YT channel worldwide where it’s obvious to both of us that the guy is Queer in mannerisms and speaking style. Yet the guy is wearing a wedding ring on the left hand fourth finger. They too are in the closet married to a female. Some of them even feature their wife in the videos. What we both see is a Queer boy in a relationship with a female. We’re seeing more and more of this. This fad has really taken off.

Queers worked for decades for this sad state of affairs, did we? Sigh. Someone may ask, “Why do you call it sad?” Because the gay guy is living a lie by being in the closet and charading as a breeder/straight because of gay shame within his being. You don’t call that sad? I certainly do. We worked for decades to overcome gay shame, and now look! Gay shame now seems to be back at an epidemic level with all the closet cases and gay guys “converting to straight” (ha!) and marrying females. And they’re marrying females after gay marriage became legal. WTF? Have they all gone insane? (Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.)

While writing this article I had a nice conversation with my straight neighbour (he’s a nice guy) and I mentioned to him how pussy is so brainwashed into the males in our society. He agreed and said: “Pussy is soooooooo over-rated, and it usually stinks to high heaven and it’s right there next to her asshole and if she doesn’t clean well down there it’s really, really bad. If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s like her emotions are on a light switch with her emotional roller-coaster personality where one moment things are fine and dandy, then the next moment she’s flipped out over the smallest thing and she’s now an emotional wreck and screaming and crying at you and you have no idea what you did to cause this as she storms out the room in tears. All I can say is that I wish I were gay. From my times around gay guys, they don’t act like this. Many women can be bitches and they’re proud of that.” Well, I can confirm that. I’m been the subject of the emotional roller-coaster light switch he’s talking about. Just the other day I had this female flip out/go off on me with a vicious, abrasive attack that came out of nowhere. WTF? That’s how it happens. You say something that flips them, and you have no idea what it is. They will go from supporting you to attacking you in the same breath. Loca.

Folks, it’s all over as far as we’re concerned from what we see. That’s the way it feels to us at this point in time here in San Francisco’s Breeder/Baby Stroller Mecca. Need another example of going backwards in time? Here you are:

(30 July 2018:) Alaska Airlines forced a same-sex couple to switch seats so that a straight couple could sit together in first class
This past weekend, Alaska Airlines forced a prominent Queer businessperson from Los Ángeles and his gay partner to switch seats so that a breeder couple could sit together in the seats the gay couple were occupying in the plane’s premium section.
David Cooley (one of the gay guys) wrote: “I cannot believe that an airline in this day and age would give a straight couple preferential treatment over a gay couple and go so far as to ask us to leave,” he wrote.

You can’t believe that, David? I can. You’re really that naïve, are you? Where the fuck have you been not to be able to believe that? Too busy playing on that phone of yours and not paying attention to what’s really happening in our society and the now-dead so-called “gay community?”

The Price of (Queer) Freedom is Eternal Vigilance

I would like to point out that the price of (Queer) freedom is eternal vigilance, which the so-called “gay community” has forgotten and abandoned in their quest to “assimilate” with the breeders. Yeah, you see how well that “assimilation” nonsense has worked out for you when the breeders have preference over Queers. And I haven’t heard about or seen any of the so-called “gay community” showing up at Alaska Airline terminals at airports around The Cesspool to protest this as they would have done in the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. In a comment I read, one “Democratic” Party Cultist wrote: “I can’t wait until the fucking midterms.” Oh I’m sure that will stop this, aren’t you? As if that were to change anything. Mi amor: Your useless and Republican-enabling “Democratic” Party could have every fucking seat in the House and Senate and the current dismal status quo would continue, they would see to that with Nancy Pelosi droning on about “this is not the time to talk about impeachment” for the umpteenth time. But unfortunately, “Democratic” Party Cultist, your partisan brainwashing and wishful-thinking prevent you from seeing the political reality.

Today, the Rainbow Flags3 and remaining Queer bars are the museum relics from that era, soon to be closing or going out of business or to be turned into breeder/straight bars. In San Francisco, some are already straight bars or “mixed bars” (as they’re called) depending upon when you go. The closet cases/conservatives like the “mixed bars” because they’re not specifically or technically gay bars. These bars appeal to the closeted gay guys among us when they have a “wing woman” with them to serve as their “straight” cover/camouflage, should someone they know from work or some place happen to come in the bar, and because of their insecurity they feel the need to explain/justify why they’re there in the bar.

Gay Marriage Has Backfired

You might think that gay marriage becoming legal around the world would bring more Queers out of the closet. Unfortunately, I don’t see that being the case. If anything, gay marriage has backfired and more people are staying closeted and saying, “My private life is of no business of yours” which is what I read from one closeted television presenter in France recently. It’s obvious to me he’s Queer but he too is closeted and refers to “my French TV wife.” WTF? I was watching a news broadcast from Paris and my gaydar told me that another news anchor was/is gay. Mi amigo came into the room and asked, “Who’s that Queer boy on the television?” I put in his name in my search engine and after a few moments I found that he lives with his wife and two children in Paris. See what I mean? As I’ve come to expect. Yet another closet case. They’re all over el mundo/the world in breeder relationships. One wonders what sort of feelings come up in this closeted gay news anchor as he’s sitting there reporting on a gay news story in Paris, sitting there on the set with his gay shame.

I think that when the insane orange nazi man-child through an executive order or through the inJustice Department ends gay marriage in the US and retroactively dissolves all previous gay marriages, the response from the so-called “gay community” will be the words I most commonly hear spoken by guys I perceive to be gay:

“Whatever!” or

“I’m like, whatever, like.”

In other words: They won’t give a fuck. All they care about is their phone and their (sex) apps, and as long as all that still works, nothing else matters.

Useless Twi**er might “erupt,” but no one is inconvenienced or emotionally shaken because fucking Twi**er “erupts.” Any “protests” on there can merely be clicked off or deleted.

Today, most former gay meccas have been taken over by breeders. The thinking now seems to be: It’s time to convert and be straight, or pretend to be. “Straight is in and gay is out.” You’re supposed to be into pussy. And I think that’s what we’re seeing here, and it’s what mi amigo and I saw at this store. It disgusted me really. I felt very turned off.

These days, whenever I see a gay guy (according to my reliable gaydar), I say to myself: Oh he probably has some chick at home. On occasion, I see two guys and a female walking together. What’s that about? Yes, they could just be friends. Although the way things are going these days perhaps they are a gay couple trying to go straight so they brought in a female. Fucking bizarre. Wouldn’t surprise me. Then the gay couple will break up and each will get their own “girl/wife?” Then they decide to live side-by-side and start breeding. The two closet cases (former gay couple) meet each other over the fence between their properties and talk about how much pussy they’re now getting and how they’re trying to get her pregnant, have babies and do a “show and tell” over the fence. They say, “this is so much better than when we were gay.” Note to closet case Queer boys: She won’t be staying young all her life. As my straight neighbour asked: How bad is (hanging) pussy over 50?

How many gay couples are breaking up to go with females because that’s the latest stupid fad?

I can’t remember the last time I heard a (gay) guy say about another guy: “He’s hot.” All I see and hear are guys all hot over chicks.

So if you want to know where gay guys went, they converted/went back in the closet. I look forward to the days when they return, if I live that long. Chau.—el barrio rosa

1 The most recent as of this writing being Harvest Urban Market on Market Street near Castro, a favourite hang-out place for their vegetarian/vegan salad bar of the Old City’s Gay Mecca.

2 Being Queer/Gay was not the only fad that’s over from the Old City, the proudly radical and Bohemian San Francisco. In hindsight, being vegetarian or vegan and going to the gym were two other fads from the Old City that most people have abandoned today. The words vegetarian and vegan seem to have become “bad words” in the New City of San Francisco. Passing by one of the new Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) awhile back I heard two people talking. He said to her, “There’s vegetarian if you want that.” (I wonder where that place was?) She said, “No, I’m not like that.” As if vegetarian were as bad as one being accused of being gay. Most restaurants have removed their one token vegetarian option because as servers have said when we asked about it: “No one is requesting vegetarian anymore. It’s all meat-based now.” Reading some local restaurant reviews awhile back, I read: “More meat, more meat” being demanded by customers. Well, it’s your health idiots. As for gym membership, it’s the same way. Mi amigo tells me that fewer and fewer people are coming to his gym anymore. Around The Castro, he often sees a guy from his former gay gym and he’ll tell me: “That guy used to go to our gym, now look at him. What happened to him? He gave all that up and it shows.” It was just a fad to be a “buffed muscle jock.” Then there was the now-closeted gay guy he pointed out to me who used to go to the gay gym and obviously stopped doing so. He was wearing a baseball cap to make himself still look like Mr Jock. Mi amigo saw a wedding ring on the guy’s left hand fourth finger. Ah, so he too is now married to a female? Today’s Jock/Real ManTM = Wear baseball cap and have a beard. No working out at the gym is required. Do they wear their baseball cap when fucking pussy?

3 I sense that most Queers don’t give a fuck about Rainbow Flags anymore because they’re now seen as “too gay.” And in San Francisco and perhaps in other cities, breeders enjoy making out under Rainbow Flags — don’t spend too much time trying to understand that — as if they’re hijacking the flag and marking their territory.


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Why do Queers want to kill other Queers ?

The Lesbians are straight ?

Hola a todos. Yes, I know this topic is getting very old. I feel the same way. When I started this article, I said: Why even bother writing about it?!

There’s been some changes in my apartment building in San Francisco and my lesbian next door neighbour and I were talking about them. Two lesbians have been living on the top floor of our building for a few years. They were referred to our building by other lesbians that knew the building manager. My next door neighbour got word that they are moving. Another tenant in the building talked with them and he told me that one was moving in with her husband (a guy). She’s moving in with her husband? Her husband? A lesbian is moving in with her husband? Where did this “husband” come from? The other lesbian who is staying is having her boyfriend move in with her. Her boyfriend? Her boyfriend?

There has got to be something in the water.

My next door neighbour’s reaction was the same as mine. When I told her about this “husband” and “boyfriend” she flipped out and said: “What? They’re straight? I’ve talked with them many times, I thought they were both lesbians. I thought they were a lesbian couple.” Yes, I did too. They look like — what is called in the Queer community — “bull dykes.” And they act like bull dykes. I said to my neighbour: Now you watch, at the rate things are going, this boyfriend will be a Queer boy who is dating a lesbian. Or, they’ve both gone back in the closet. The far-right can now take comfort in knowing that they can abandon their gay conversion therapy because gay guys and lesbians have their own self-imposed conversion therapy in response to their self-hate over being Queer/GTBQL? My neighbour said: “Yeah, what is going on with the gay guys I see around here who are dating women and having relationships with women?” I said: Oh you’ve noticed that too? It’s the latest fad, didn’t you know? And note the irony: They worked for gay marriage for years and after that was accomplished they went back in the closet and are pretending to be breeders/straight. Script writers couldn’t make this shit up. She said, “What is going on with people? Are they totally flipping out.” I said: Uh huh. Seems so. I think there’s something in the water, don’t you?

These days, whenever I see a guy that I instinctively know is a Queer boy, I now assume and expect that he’s married to a female and in the closet, until proven otherwise. And it’s only fairly recently (within the last year or so) that I’ve come to this thinking and it’s based on all that I’ve seen repeatedly on television and locally. I’ll see a guy on television and I instinctively know he’s Queer. He then mentions “my wife and I.” I think: Oh here we go again with “the wife and I” pretending to be Mr Breeder! They always have to say that to let the viewing audience know they’re straight, or pretending to be. And the Queers that I know to be out of the closet rarely mention their partners/spouse to the viewers. It’s as if they’re only partly “out.” It’s as if they want the viewer to keep believing that they’re a breeder as if the viewer will be offended if the viewer learns that he’s gay and that might harm his career/reputation. I heard a female caller to a programme recently tell a gay male clothing designer that, “It’s obvious that you love women.” WTF? He said: “What a nice thing for you to say.” (roll eyes) Well, just a little bit of online research confirms that he’s supposedly “out” and he and his boyfriend got married awhile back and some of their marriage pictures are online. But he chose to remain the customary “discreet” and “down low” (translation: in the closet) with this caller. He could have said to her, “Well I’m gay — (unspoken): and I thought everybody knew that from watching me on this network and you must be completely out-of-it if you didn’t pick up on it, jesus! — and I do enjoy designing clothes for women, and thank you for calling in.” Apparently he wanted this caller to think he’s straight so that she will keep buying his clothes.

And the more fem the guy is, I have found that they have a wife and some talk about “our kids.” The thousands and thousands of gay closet cases out there.

Our little group of local San Francisco Queers got together last month (junio/June) and we talked about this topic. We concluded that probably half if not more of the Queer/GTBQL community today is in the closet in 2017 and that includes all the closet cases married to females who have already married females and gay guys who are continuing to marry females to follow “The Family Script,” and cave to societal pressure for them to be breeders. One day they may come out of the closet with a big mess on their hands, including but not limited to: a messy divorce with clueless and/or in denial her doing a lot of screaming (“How could you do this to me; why didn’t you tell me you were gay all along?” Duh.), who gets what? (house, furniture, dinero/money, etc.), lots of dysfunction and arguing, child support, some very scarred children because of the divorce, and so forth. If only the gay guy had had the strength and maturity to value his own life from the beginning — rather than other people’s “script”/plans for him — to come out of the closet, he could have avoided all of that.

I’ve read comments from a few local lesbians saying that they can’t tell who is a lesbian anymore because most lesbians are trying to look like heteronormative straight women and some lesbians are even going to straight bars. To presumably meet women? Loca. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Gay guys self-induced conversion therapy

Queers (GLBTQs) worked for decades for gay rights/equal rights. After achieving some rights — with gay marriage apparently being the ultimate goal ?? Who knew that was the ultimate goal ?? — some gay guys not comfortable being gay because of self-hate have decided to return to the closet and are pretending to have gone straight. Some completely flipped-out gay guys are engaging in (what I call) self-induced conversion therapy by getting themselves the GF (girlfriend), marrying a female (so they too can “fit in” and talk about “the wife” and pretend to be a breeder and be “normal”) and “smother themselves in pussy” thinking that will make them straight/a breeder, with some gay guys pumping out babies with their new GF or wife. Loco. So what exactly was the point of these gay guys working for equal rights/Queer rights here in the former Gay Mecca during the decades of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement when they were going to ultimately conform years later to satisfy their deep-down desire to not be gay but rather be straight/a breeder and “settle down with a female and have babies?”

Hola a todos. The above paragraph is a summary of the topic that came up at our most recent meeting of local Queers here in San Francisco during abril/April 2017.

This topic came up because I told our little group that earlier in the day mi amigo/my friend went to his gym in San Francisco’s Castro. As seems to be happening more frequently, mi amigo came back telling me about yet another gay guy he’s known from the past from his former gym who he saw on Market Street holding hands with a female in clearly a romantic/relationship type way. I thought: Oh that again. A rather frequent occurrence. Because on his walks around the neighbourhood and trips to the gym he’s seen other gay guys from his past who are now clearly in a relationship with a female. Some of them are with their GF or wife pushing a baby stroller, seemingly trying to “fit in”/conform with the continually invading breeders taking over The Castro.

One person in our group asked if this is a case of self-induced conversion therapy? As he explained: where these gay guys are now forcing themselves to be with a female to finally be considered “normal” and “smothering themselves with pussy” thinking it will make them straight — while their real sex organ (their brain) is thinking about having sex with a guy as they did all during the decades of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement — but now he’s fucking pussy to be a “real man?” (roll eyes) And finally feels proud to be able to walk down Market Street showing off his trophy GF or wife and holding her hand in his former Queer area now as a straight guy, or rather pretending to be straight.

Another person in our group said: The vagina is just another hole. Sadly, it would appear that these gay guys that your amigo keeps seeing in The Castro holding hands or making out with a female have succumbed to the societal brainwashing that all guys are taught which is: “you as a male are supposed to love pussy, and love the smell of pussy and love eating pussy.” I pointed out that: Some guys even brag about eating pussy when she’s having her period and how macho that is in their mind.

At this point in our discussion, everyone in our group sat silently and looked absolutely disgusted contemplating the sad state of things that we had just discussed. Understandably so.

A few minutes later: One person pointed out something I’ve said before: It seems like the Queer community has flipped out since gay marriage was made legal in the US. As if it’s backfired.

Mi amiga (obviously frustrated) said: I just cannot understand this. From their gay meccas, Queers worked for decades for equal rights. After we achieved some rights and have mostly abandoned our gay meccas because they’ve been taken over by breeders, now we see gay guys going to the extreme of dating and marrying females so they too can be a breeder or be seen as straight. WTF? Was being straight the goal of these gay guys all along during the decades they were fighting for Queer rights? Who knew that deep down some gay guys wished they were straight to begin with?…while they were fighting for Queer rights? This is really crazy.

I strongly agree with this:

Another amigo at our table sees a lot of insecure Queers caving to peer pressure to “fit in” with the breeders. To be just like them. As more and more breeders move into San Francisco’s Castro, the more Queers feel pressured to be just like them to conform/”fit in” and to be in a heterosexual relationship just like these breeders so they can finally think of themselves as “normal” for the first time in their life, even though they are Queer but going back in the closet. We’ve seen this with the obnoxious “bro” jock obsession in San Francisco and other cities. From what I could tell, it was around the same time that gay marriage became legal that the obnoxious jock fad began in The Castro with gay guys trying to be just like the obnoxious breeder jocks — and cheer-leading over corporate sports teams at that new supposedly gay sports bar — as breeders moved into the area with their “chicks” and “bitches.” We saw one breeder couple after the other making out at Harvey Milk Plaza under the big Rainbow Flag as if that somehow turned them on with their message being: “We breeders are taking over The Castro. You Queers (they are probably thinking “faggots”) get out of here.” What we’ve seen from the local Queer community was: Conform, conform, conform with the breeders and be the exact opposite of who and what you were during the decades of the proudly radical and alternative Gay Rights’ Movement.

There seems to be something in the agua/water. Loco.

I saw my straight friend the other day while writing this article and was telling him about our meeting. I’ll add something he said. He asked:

Have these gay guys never thought about what kind of emotional baggage comes with that pussy as well as the entrance rights to that pussy? Guys by comparison are pretty emotionally stable and rarely have emotional meltdowns. But with females, I know from years of experience that there can be hourly emotional meltdowns with them. They can be emotionally stable one minute and an emotional wreck the next minute, and you have no idea what you did or said to cause it, if you did anything. If you point this out to them they have no idea what you’re talking about. Gay guys are not used to this, so when they say they want to try pussy as conversion therapy to see if they too can be a breeder, to conform, and no longer be gay (they think), they need to realise there’s a lot of emotional baggage that comes along with that pussy that they are not ready for or aware of. Watch out gay guys! And if pussy were so great, the divorce rate for straight couples in the US wouldn’t be well over 50% (I believe that’s in the first year). If pussy were so great, you wouldn’t see all these sex ads from straight guys looking for sex with other guys and you wouldn’t hear macho straight guys at the gym talking with each other about “their bitch” and her smelly pussy and how he told her to go in there and wash the thing out before he’d fuck her. Maybe after these gay guys with their internalised homophobia try pussy, if they’re for real, they’ll conclude that the grass is not greener on the other side.

Good points made, mi amigo. Muchas gracias.

Our meeting ended with someone bringing up something I had written here before: Why didn’t these gay closet cases — in dire need of psychotherapy with a highly-qualified Queer (sex) therapist — move to a traditionally straight area years ago? They could have moved to San Francisco’s Marina district or North Beach or Cow Hollow or Pacific Heights, the Avenues or you-name-it if they wanted to be a breeder and live a lie in the closet and call themselves “normal” and “straight” and brag about having “the wife” and being Mr Heteronormative? Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE: On the topic of closet cases, I continue to see this: Over the years that I have been paying attention to men for men personal sex ads, I have seen countless ads from closet case Queers living in New York City (especially as compared to other US cities) and their ads are written with this small-town mentality. These closet cases say in their ad that they’re “not out.” I have to ask: Why would anyone be in the closet in New York City, of all places? They also write: “If anyone were to see me on the street they’d never think that I was into guys.” Well in NYC, who the fuck would care who you’re into? Other closet cases write, “If people were to see us on the street they would think we are just jock buds or workout buds; they’d never think we’re sex buds.” People will think what they want; why do you care what people think? And again, who the fuck in all of Manhattan/NYC would care what you do sexually and with whom? These ad I’m talking about sound like they’re written by someone living in some provincial small-town hamlet in the deep south rather than a major US city with a population of 8,550,405 (as of 2015). Again, who in all of NYC will care what these fucked up in the head closet cases do sexually when the overwhelming majority of the 8 million people in NYC don’t even know them? I’ve never understood this mentality because during the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement, Queers moved to major US cities to come out of the closet because we were anonymous in major cities. Unlike today where closet case Queers are moving to major US cities to stay in or go back in the closet with their gay shame. This is loco/crazy. My suggestion to these closet cases: There’s no shortage of credible (Queer-GLBTQ) psychologists in Manhattan and the other boroughs so why don’t you closet cases clearly in need of psychological help get your ass to a therapist and work on your gay shame issues? Because it’s not healthy being dishonest with yourself and other people and living a lie about who you are and your sexual orientation, and living in that unhealthy, repressive, depressive, suppressive closet. Chau.—el barrio rosa

What’s With The “LGBT?”

Hola a todos. Getting most people on the Earth to all do the same thing on a constant basis is quite remarkable. But when it comes to language it seems to be quite easy to do. For example, there are millions of people today who speak mostly US-English who have deliberately changed their way of speaking so that they say the word “like” every-other-word, or as often as possible. This dumbed-down speaking style sounds really stupid — and it’s especially heard in today’s conformist Techie San Francisco — but I think that’s the intent in order to conform/”fit in” with the stupid-sounding herd. That’s because “stupidity is in” even though the masses are glued to and addicted to toys/gadgets with the word “smart” on them. It’s quite the contradiction.

Then there is the constant and consistent use of “LGBT.” It’s as if some gay organisation sent out a memo to every corporation and media organisation on the planet and dictated that whenever they speak or write about the gay community that they must use the letters “LGBT.” No exceptions. And remarkably that has caught on as contagiously as the cold virus. Some of us don’t use “LGBT” because it’s chauvinistic/sexist as in “ladies first” which apparently the idiots who dreamed it up never thought about. It’s a shame critical thinking skills are not taught in schools. And of course the more proudly-radical Queers are deliberately not included in that set of letters (there’s no Q anywhere in “LGBT”). The other day I saw this headline which used “LGBT.” Damn odd. I guess they didn’t get that “LGBT” dictate that the rest of el mundo/the world got. With them, the G for gay is now shoved down to third place. At this rate, the G will disappear altogether. Mi amigo/My friend said maybe the conformists are planning to disappear/remove the G altogether as more and more gay guys disappear and remain in or head back into the closet and get married to females as “cover” so as to be heteronormative and appear “straight.” Since millions of gay guys obviously still feel gay shame with their internalised homophobia. Then yesterday I saw a headline that used the conformist “LGBT,” but the text below the headline said “gays and lesbians.” “Gays and lesbians” sounds correct to my ear whereas “LG” or lesbians and gays sounds ass-backwards because as I’ve written before from the very beginning of the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement we referred to ourselves as “gays and lesbians.” But then some idiots came along and omnipotently decided that the “L” should be first to show that we support women’s rights. Well Duh. Isn’t it a given that we support women’s rights? Stupid-assed people. We support all the rights of GLBTQ including Trans rights but these conformist idiots never put the T first, so why put the L first? I won’t have it! That’s why some of us will always use GLBTQ. And GLBTQ is inclusive of the more proudly-radical Queers whereas conformist corporate and ass-backwards “LGBT” is not. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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I Don’t Go To The “Straight” Marina. So Why Do “Straights” Come to The Castro?

Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s

IMG_0023“Assimilate: To adopt the ways of another culture. To fully become part of a different society.”

UPDATE (2017): Why I no longer write about Queer topics, and why am I now using the word “Queer?” That’s because there’s no hierarchy or politics involved in the word “Queer” as opposed to the hierarchy of that “LGBT” nonsense that’s saturated all over the internet. Also, Queers (and the word Queer) make breeders nervous and we enjoy every minute of it. (smile)

Hola a todos. Some readers who read my article below (“Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s”) and my subsequent Queer articles after that have asked me via e-mail: Why are you no longer writing about Queer topics? Well, that’s because I don’t see any reason to. Why should I bother? I’ve written about Queer topics for years and it didn’t do any good. Nothing changed for the positive. There’s nothing else to say about it. Only a few people seem to care in the big scheme of things. As with some other topics I used to write about, I seem to be “fighting an uphill battle” or “a lost cause.” Several examples that come to mind explaining this and some of which overlap: I’ve become disgusted with what the Queer community has become and turned into. Today, they are mostly pro-corporatists, pro-Establishment, DISCREET (translation: closeted, as in the 1950s and before), mainstream, DISCREET, non-alternative, DISCREET, non-proudly radical, DISCREET shallow sheeple trying to emulate the mainstream breeders. They are the DISCREET opposite of who and what they were during the decades of the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement.

1. Monitoring television programming, one would think that the entire world consists of breeders. One gets the impression there’s not one openly Queer person in el mundo/the world, other than that heteronormative, corporatist, pro-Establishment, Obamabot Ellen daily promoting silly, dumbed-down and “stupid-is-in” and making millions doing so. She didn’t care how many immigrants the Deporter-in-Chief had deported or how many breeders and Queers Mr Nobel Peace Prize had droned or killed in other parts of the world in his 8 wars as she gushed over him at every opportunity? Or is she oblivious to all that? And I know Anderson Cooper is an openly-Queer boy, but I’m making a point here. Even most of the (closeted) Queer people before network cameras pretend to be breeders. They refuse to come out of the closet and announce that they’re Queer. Despite some advances that have been made for Queers over the decades, those advances are not reflected in 99.9% of corporate network television programming. All the programming on the español language networks I monitor is breeder-based. I am so tired of seeing him fawning over her, him making out with her, him holding needy-her’s hand, him holding her chin, him playing with her hair, her running over to him for more attention with one foot up in the back (she’s perched on one foot) desperate for attention, and him doing other things with her, when it’s more than obvious to me and my reliable Queerdar that “him” is really a closeted Queer boy. Such as the breeder-based dating programme that started on TV Azteca recently in the afternoons. According to my Queerdar, I’ve seen one closet case Queer boy after the other on there wanting to date a female. (roll eyes). Is this stuff for real or is staged just to create a programme? Do they ever have real dates? I don’t know. Mi amigo/My Queer friend says the same about the closet cases on television. In all of the Latino/Hispano/mexicano community, I only know of TWO Queer boys that are out of the closet. Just TWO. That’s it. Those two are Ricky Martín (Enrique Martín Morales) and Christian Chávez (José Christian Chávez Garza). All the others are closet cases despite the public being fed the wishful-thinking lie that “gay is now mainstream.” Yeah sure it is. That’s why I constantly read anti-Queer comments on political message forums and YouTube videos and everywhere else. “Gay is so mainstream” that’s why Queers are saturated all over my television. NOT!

I don’t watch the English-language networks but I would guess that they’re no different. I suspect 99% of the programming on those networks is breeder-based too. In the last few months I’ve read about one or two of those corporate networks planning to do a “gay programme” or bring back one they did in the past. Then some shallow, corporatist Queer organisation jumped up and down in celebration about this. Get. A. Grip. As some of us see it, it’s nothing but a “flash in the pan” in the big scheme of things and nothing to get excited about. Too often with these “gay programmes,” or when they feature a person who is supposedly Queer, they merely show stereotypical Queer guys and lesbians to continue outdated stereotypes. I’ll get exited when corporate networks changed their programming to where a large segment of their programming is Queer-based. I’m not holding my breathe for that to happen. But these little “token” gay programmes are meaningless in the big scheme of things as far as some of us are concerned.

2. 99.9% of the public — including Queers — use that cookie-cutter “LGBT” acronym nonsense because that’s what they see all over the internet. Even the anti-Queer far-right use “LGBT.” Some of us can’t stand the “LGBT” nonsense for several reasons:

1) to begin with, it leaves out Queers entirely…whatever nutball dreamed it up was prejudice against Queers.

2) “LGBT” is the hijacking of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement by lesbians when they were not the dominant group of the moment so why are they getting “top-billing?” and

3) some people are asking: “What’s wrong with you gay guys, why are you giving “top billing” to lesbians? Why are you allowing that when you did most of the work during the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement? Agreed. Yes, I fail to understand why lesbians get top billing. That makes no sense to me. I’ve read that the “L” was put first by one of those corporatist gay media organisations because lesbians were feeling neglected. (roll eyes) Oh the poor things. Well if their ass had done more during the Gay and Lesbian Movement they wouldn’t feel neglected. They deserve what they get, which is second billing as in GLBTQ, if one must use any acronym. That’s the way it should be written: GLBTQ. But personally, I’m starting to use the word Queer instead of any letters since this topic and acronyms feel like a lost cause.

3. The gay community to me and other Queers now seems dead and closeted. As I write in the article below, they’ve gone from proudly-radical and “out and proud” to proudly discreet which means either you’re closeted and/or cheating on somebody (or both). Looking at personal sex ads (on the site I call ClosetList), most gay guys today are calling themselves “bi” when they’re really gay. They think that “bi” makes them sound more like a breeder, more masculine, manly and macho even though they have no interest at all in pussy or in females but in today’s world lying and deception are in especially in personal sex ads where hardly anything is real about those. Calling oneself “bi” when one is really gay is a form of internalised homophobia because one is ashamed of the word “gay.” Didn’t most Queers work through this years ago during the decades of the Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement? Apparently not! And some of us see a major rise in internalised homophobia in the Queer commmunity today. It’s really pathetic what the Queer community has turned into. Mi amigo/My friend said the other day: “I get the impression that most Queer people are back in the closet.” That’s the impression I get too in the former Gay Mecca of San Francisco.

4. Just like with the breeders, from what we’re seeing most Queers today are wearing all-black or black and gray. What happened to the pretty Rainbow Flag colours, Queer boys? Today, it seems that most Queers consider the Rainbow Flag “too gay.” Yet another example of what I mean by going back in the closet with internalised homophobia. It’s as if Queers consider wearing colour an indicator that they’re Queer rather than a breeder and we can’t have that! No, the breeders are wearing all-black and/or black and gray and looking like white nationalists so the conformist Queers think they must do the same in order to “fit in” and “assimilate” with the breeders. Translation: Going back in the closet. Ugh.

5. In this new tech-zombie San Francisco, mi amigo (a Queer boy) has told me repeatedly about how he has made the mistake of fleetingly glancing at another guy on the sidewalk (no one cruises anyone anymore) — who apparently turns out to be a breeder — and the guy gives mi amigo a very disapproving, snarling angry look as if he’s about to say, “don’t you look at me you faggot.” Sigh. This anti-Queer behaviour did not happen in the San Francisco of the Gay Mecca. This has happened in the new Breeder Mecca and here which has taken over and replaced the former Gay Mecca. I should point out that people who are secure with themselves and their sexuality would not respond the way these breeder basura respond just because another guy happened to fleetingly look at them. Los pendejos.

So in conclusion, to me this all seems like an uphill battle and I’m tired of it and tired of wasting my time writing about it. All I see are breeder people (making out), or Queers (both guys and females) trying to pretend to be breeders and heteronormative so that no one will possibly think that they are Queer because we know how awful that is, right? (More internalised homophobia.) In San Francisco’s Castro, the former gay mecca, I now do a double-take when I see two guys kissing or making out because it is now so rare to see that. I even stop to watch briefly and appreciate them because it’s such a rare sight to see now here in The Breeder Mecca full of fleets of baby strollers. (Have these breeders never heard of birth control of any kind?) These days I expect to see breeders kissing or making out or nearly uncontrollably having sex on the sidewalk (as if they just met) in The Castro. The Castro has been ruined. The Castro today is nothing like it was when I moved here during the height of the Gay Mecca days. Get this: Can you believe that a group of Queers a year or so ago started a project to Queer The Castro? It hasn’t worked, but that’s how bad it’s gotten here with prudish and in some cases anti-Queer breeders taking over The Castro. It used to be that Queer boys and Queer couples walked by my window talking. Now it’s breeders with loud and/or screaming children walking by my window talking. And it seems to be a requirement with breeders that he has to be 3-4 feet taller than her — from my research that’s her requirement — and she has to be submissive to him as if she’s living in the Victorian era where females are supposed to be submissive and subservient to guys (in order to get his attention that needy and high-maintenance her constantly demands from him).

Upon reflection, it seems that Queers will have to have their rights eroded or removed completely to get them out of the closet again and off their electronic leashes and to return to the vigilance and activism of the decades of the former Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement. But from what I see of the apathetic and closeted Queer community today, I’m not holding my breathe that any of that is about to happen anytime soon. Because the attitude of most Queers today seems to be, “I’m like whatever” and “Where’s my phone?” Chau.—el barrio rosa

Here’s the original article, “Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s:”

Hola a todos. Some of us aren’t joking when we talk about people going back to the 1950s. Following the US Supreme Court’s ruling legalising same-gender/gay marriage here in The Cesspool/the US/Los Estados Unidos, the national gay and lesbian organisations who serve as self-appointed omnipotent authorities on all matters GLBTQ urged us to “assimilate.” Translation: Adopt to the ways of the heterosexual/heteronormative culture to fully blend in with them.

Why would we want to do that?!

After thinking about their call for “assimilation,” some of us strongly disagreed with it because “assimilation” is what GLBTQs were doing back in the 1950s and before the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement began. And again, who would want to do that? Apparently a lot of people.

Some examples:

In the 1950s, gay people were thought of and referred to as “abnormal.” For sometime now many gay guys have been writing in their personal sex ads: “Please be normal” or “I’m normal.” That implies that the guy who wrote the ad is of the 1950s mindset and believes that some gay guys are “abnormal,” otherwise he wouldn’t be looking for a “normal” guy. I first noticed this “normal” nonsense awhile back but since then more and more guys are using it in their ads. The people who use this “be normal” language never say what they mean by it. Is it code for conservative? I suspect it means not the least bit “alternative,” would be my guess. Whatever the fuck “normal” means, who wants to be “normal?” “Normal” is Boring.

In the 1950s, gay people cruised each other discreetly and covertly out of the corner of their eyes so as to not be caught cruising a person of the same gender and being detected as being Queer. Here in 2016, literally thousands and thousands of gay guys — nearly every personal sex ad I see — all over the US are referring to themselves as “discreet” and/or they’re looking for “discreet” and “completely discreet,” and/or “DL” (Down Low = Closet Case). Others write, “This is just between you and me; nobody else will know; it’s our secret.” WTF? I’d like to say this to these guys who write this shit: You’re in Los Ángeles, Manhattan/NYC and San Francisco so who the fuck cares what you do sexually or with whom? Or are you cheating on your partner and don’t want your partner to know? You write as if you’re in some small hick town with prudish prying eyes yet you’re in a major city where no one gives a fuck what you do. Important note to GLBTQs: “Discreet” is the opposite of Pride, as in Gay Pride, you know that we marched for and celebrated over decades? Or have you deliberately erased all of that from your memory too in favour of being conformists? (Related: The “Discreet” Gay Guys in New York City and The “Discreet” Gay Guys).

What the fuck has happened to the gay community?

The Castro of the Gay Mecca Days had lots of cruising, gay guys hanging out and talking with each other and there was a sense of community, although cliquish at times. We even had a spot called Hibernia Beach. Today, I see no cruising and very few conversations between people — most are on their phones — in The Castro. There’s no sense of community. It’s a very different place today. And frankly it’s impossible to have “mutual cruising” (two people showing some interest in each other) when most people can’t take their eyes off their fucking smartphone stupidphone screen long enough to see who’s around them. Look up!!! The “hot” guy you’re desperately searching for on those sex apps just walked by you but you didn’t see him because your face in buried in that screen. “Never take your eyes off that screen, San Francisco!” Ugh.

The 1950s were very conservative. Today in 2016, the gay community is very conservative and pro-Establishment, the opposite of who they were during the proudly-radical and alternative Gay Rights’ Movement days. I forget where I read it but I read recently that, “Gay guys love Hillary Clinton.” Pathetic. One would hope that gay guys would have higher standards than that imperialistic piece of work — although upon reflection they fell for their “messiah” Obama too — and what is there to love about that lying sack Hillary? Or is it that partisan “D” next to her name? I remember when a trans activist interrupted your “messiah” Obama en la casa blanca/the white house and the room full of gay guys (mostly) cheered their Obama and refused to give any support to the trans activist. Their pro-Establishment/Obamabot behaviour was fucking disgusting. What happened to your keen bull shit detectors that you had for decades, gay community? Or have you retired that too in order to be Establishment conformists so as to “assimilate?” I’ve seen some personal sex ads where a gay guy proudly wrote, “I’m not the least bit alternative.” The gay community has abandoned “proudly radical and alternative” and become very conformist just like the 1950s were very conformist.

In the 1950s, sex and nudity were viewed through conservative, prudish eyes. It’s the same today. A few years back the gay community in San Francisco led the campaign for a city-wide nudity ban authored by a gay prudish conservative, heteronormative, pro-Establishment piece of basura charading as a “Democrat.” During that nasty and heated campaign, some gay guys — who had been the subject of anti-gay bullying in their past — were seen and heard making fun of and bullying the 2-3 harmless naked guys who bothered nobody and who hung out around The Castro (mainly in the Jane Warner Plaza. These anti-nudist gay bullies seemed to forget or never knew that The Castro had a long history of nudity. Sadly, nudity is a thing of the past in today’s completely sanitised and conservative Castro barrio which has been made “Family-Friendly” complete with regularly scheduled musical sing-alongs for the breeding “straight” basura and their children at the local theatre. It’s like being in Walnut Creek, California. Today, some gay prudes whine about the gay sex videos shown in some gay bars on the rare occasion in that they’re “too explicit.” Los chicos: No one is forcing you to watch the sex video. You’re free to pivot your head in another direction and look elsewhere or leave the bar, you prudish assholes. Why don’t los pendejos go back to the conservative, prudish hick town hell hole they fled from when they came here rather than continuing to turn San Francisco into that? (Related: Sexual Freedom and Revolution). Also, for years the erotica/sex stores in The Castro have been required to cover up body part images (with white stickers) on the front of their sex video covers in their store front window for being “too explicit” — think 1950s or before — after complaints to the cops from prudish-asshole (gay) residents of The Castro. You might think I’m making this up but I’m not. You can contact the stores and they’re confirm it. The Castro of the Gay Mecca days didn’t cover up anything, fortunately.

What the fuck has happened to the gay community?

Does anybody remember what became known as “politically-correct language” which seems to have become abandoned and despised by most people today due to the right-wing’s whining about it. It’s always good to cater to the right-wing, don’t you think? [sarcasm intended]. In the 1950s, “politically-correct language” was unheard of. In 2016, many, if not most, GLBTQs in catering to the right-wing — who nearly always get their way — have completely abandoned the politically-correct language that they used for years. Today they don’t seem to care who they offend by what they say especially as to their personal preferences (for example: “no fats or fems” seen in gay personal sex ads). Los chicos: there are better ways of saying that without sounding like an asshole. For example:

Instead of saying “no fats,” you could say “I prefer a w/h proportion (weight and height proportion) guy.”
Instead of saying “no fems,” you could say “I prefer a masculine guy.”

That shouldn’t offend anyone. It’s a little bit more typing for you but what’s a little bit more typing when you likely spend hours bent over typing on your smartphone stupidphone and you think nothing of that.

In the 1950s, many gay guys were marrying females to hide their gay sexuality and to follow The Family’s ScriptTM for them as well as heteronormative societal pressure from friends and family. Many gay guys have been married to females for decades and today some gay guys are still marrying females to hide their gay identity and to follow The Family’s ScriptTM. This is despite our repeatedly being told that “Gay Is Now Mainstream”. One wouldn’t think that gay guys would still be marrying females to use as “cover” if they really believed this “gay is now mainstream” nonsense. (Related: Closeted Gay Guys Moving Into San Francisco’s Castro). I was watching a music video the other day with mi amigo and he said about the musician in the video, “that guy is a Queer boy.” I thought so too. Then I did a little bit of research on him and found out that he has a wife. A wife? And I saw a picture of them together. I told mi amigo. He said, “ah, another Queer boy married to a female to hide his real sexual identity. I guess that problem will never end.” Not when society is rushing back to the Dark Ages it won’t.

The gay community used to be proudly radical/alternative-looking in outward appearance (earrings, hair styles and clothing). Today, it’s closer to the 1950s with conformity than the Gay Mecca years of radical and alternative. Unfortunately, that’s all mostly been sanitised for conformity so as to fit in with, blend in with and “assimilate” with the bland and boring cookie-cutter “straights” (dominant tall-him and submissive short-her). I remember when — what seemed like — everyone in The Castro was wearing bling earrings. Bling was all over the place — it looked good — and it wasn’t that long ago. That was a short-lived fad. Although I’m pleased to see many Latinos/Hispanos with bling earrings/earplugs on the television channels I monitor. But today, it’s rare for me to see a guy from earrings of any kind in The Castro. It’s so rare that I do a double-take when I see it or anything that reminds me of the proudly-radical and alternative San Francisco. Remember the coloured handkerchiefs that gay guys wore as code? They’re gone.

Since around the time of this call/proclamation for “assimilation” from the national gay and lesbian organisations, the (insecure) gay community has done their utmost to eat “straight” ass and sanitise themselves for the “straights” so as to “assimilate” with them to get their acceptance and approval. Ugh. Personally speaking, except in an employment situation where it may be required, I don’t change my appearance to be accepted by anybody. Either accept me as I am or fuck off. That’s the way I feel about it. I’m not about to change my appearance or who I am as a person to be accepted by or approved by any “straight” basura. I don’t care what they think. I don’t need their approval for anything I do.

Again, what has happened to the (insecure) gay community?

It’s as if they’ve gone completely loco. I don’t have the patience for this “assimilation” bull shit or this desire to go back to the 1950s or before (Dark Ages).

In talking with some locals about this call for “assimilation,” some have asked: How many gays and lesbians have gone back into the closet because of the hetero-invasion of San Francisco (Castro and Upper Market specifically) where one feels like a minority again in one’s own former-gay-mecca neighbourhood for the first time in decades? That’s because the majority population around one is mostly “straight,” or it feels that way much of the time these days depending upon where one is. It’s a climate where gay boys and others don’t feel comfortable being out of the closet in their own neighbourhood just like in the 1950s. And anti-GLBTQ remarks and anti-GLBTQ looks are on the rise in San Francisco’s Castro. It’s history repeating itself and yet many GLBTQs think that “all has been accomplished.” Idiots.

So why didn’t the corporatist basura that run these GLBTQ national organisations not foresee this outcome? Possibly because they’ve been too busy eating corporate ass for years (that of major league national corporate sports teams and serving as shills for the corporate and thoroughly corrupt undemocratic Democratic Party and their imperialistic neocon “messiah” Obama, whose policies overall have been to the right of illegitimate George W Bush).

The above are some examples of how the gay community has “assimilated” back to the 1950s. If you think of other examples, you can list them in the comments until they close. Gracias.

From what I can tell, the gay community’s decades-long activism has been replaced by two things: their smartphone stupidphone addiction — that seems to be all that matters to them anymore — and by being obnoxious corporate sports “jocks” as they do their best to emulate the macho (drunk) “straight” guys. I guess the gay community thinks that being tech zombies makes them look “cool, hip and smart-looking.” It’s all about image. But why would they want to be seen as “smart” when stupid is in? And owning items that begin with the word “smart” doesn’t make stupid people smart. But in all other ways that I can think of, the gay community have become very regressive (despite their tech addiction) in going back to another era, and that era led to the need for the now-dead Gay Rights’ Movement.

Looking back in time, this “assimilation” nonsense is not at all new for Queers and it’s certainly not positive. It’s what Queers/GLBTQs have been doing for generations. Some of us just find it very short-sighted, sad and disgusting that these wealthy corporate GLBTQ organisations with their exorbitant executive salaries and the corporatist idiots that run them want us essentially returning to the closet and eating “straight” ass. That’s what it amounts to. They want us “assimilating” — well fuck that mierda! — and welcoming breeder “straights” with their screaming babies and gigantic baby strollers to our neighbourhoods to change them so that “straights” are comfortable here, even though “straights” have the entire world to be “comfortable” in. The “straights” don’t go out of their way to change their areas to accommodate us or make us feel “comfortable” where they are the dominant group. Not at all. And if “straights” are not “comfortable” in a gay area as it is, their ass is free to leave anytime they want. Many of us question why the fuck they’re here to begin with? Are they really closet cases? Is that why some “straights” go to gay bars? WTF? They’ve come to gay areas with a very specific conservative agenda — to take it over — and to change the gay area to the way they want it with the help of conservative GLBTQs: the assholes, who prefer to live among wealthy/white young “straight” couples rather than live among non-wealthy and poor Queers/couples. I never knew that the “straights” and what they want had/have priority over GLBTQs in our gay areas. That’s what it amounts to. That was quite a revelation to me when I realised that’s what was going on many years ago when the sanitising of San Francisco’s Castro began.

In my opinion and in the opinion of the people I’ve talked with, after giving it much thought we all agree that this proclamation for “assimilation” has completely backfired. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (enero/January 2018):

Yeah, how is that “gay assimilation” shit working about now? Mi amigo found this article (below) and as soon as he brought it up I said, “Oh that idiot. I remember him and that pathetic story. I guess his ‘gay conversion to being straight’ didn’t work, eh? I guess pussy didn’t ‘cure’ him the way the anti-gay gay conversion sites lie and claim it does:”

This Gay Mormon Man Who Got Famous For Marrying A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced
“The couple is now apologizing to the LGBT community for how the “publicity of our supposedly successful marriage” has been “used to bully others.”
Josh Weed, who made headlines in 2012 for coming out as a gay Mormon man in a straight marriage, announced Thursday that he and his wife, Lolly, are getting divorced.”

After pumping out 4 children — trying to prove how supposedly straight he was ?? — one still in a stroller. If he had come out to begin with as a Queer boy that he is and stop lying to himself, he wouldn’t be in this mess with upcoming child support payments, etc. Is he still in that Latter Day Saints church? Get out of it! They are one of the worst Christian denominations around. A bunch of fucking bigots. Religion — especially fundamentalists — can really fuck up people’s lives.


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