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Kavanaugh confirmation and the US Senate Republicans

Hola a todos. Why is anyone surprised that this elitist, of-the-Establishment and lying-perjuring far-right Kavanaugh jerk was confirmed by the Senate Congressional Republicans and one “Democrat” (Manchin of West Virginia)? His rushed confirmation came after a fake-investigation by the FBI where they didn’t even interview the key witness, Dr Christine Blasey Ford. We also learned that he’s a drug addict (alcohol/beer is a drug) who, from what we heard during the US Senate Judiciary Confirmation Hearings, couldn’t hold his hooch (although they are not the words they used in the hearings) and who enjoyed sexually assaulting women. He also perjured himself over nine times during the hearings. That was one of many reasons why Senator Dianne Feinstein voted against him. Now you know he’s bad and a piece of work since she voted against him!

But his drug addiction and his allegedly (oh take that out; I don’t think there’s anything “allegedly” about it at this point) sexually assaulting women didn’t mattered to those who voted for him. The Senate Republicans and at least one “Democrat” are scum. That’s a given, no? So what did people expect? Did they expect Dr Ford, a witness, to be given any credibility and to be believed by the sexist fossils — women senators and old white trash men senators — in the Senate festering with their brainwashed generational sexism? They remind me of the sexist SEP Cult — whom I can’t stand and who in so many ways remind me of these right-wing Republicans especially when it comes to women’s issues which the SEP consider “identity politics,” yet the SEP pretends to be on “the left” (they’re NOT) — and the women of the Republican Party Cult couldn’t care less about sexual assault allegations. That’s what one has come to expect here in the Century of Insanity.

To me it was a given that Kavanaugh was going to be confirmed. But then I and the people I know are non-partisans and we deal with “what is” in a very realistic, expect-the-worse sense versus what we wish would happen. We don’t engage in wishful-thinking the way the “Democratic” Party Cultists do all their waking hours, only to be disappointed time and time again. Currently, they’re engaging in the following delusions of grandeur. Mi amigo/My friend read this on one “Democratic” Party Cult front site:

“Eventually, when the dust settles and the right-wing fever that has overtaken Congress breaks, Kavanaugh will be impeached for lying under oath to the Senate Judiciary Committee, or for other criminal acts.”

They really believe that Injustice Kavanaugh will be impeached? Oh good lord, these people never learn do they? No, they don’t and never will. That’s because their partisan brainwashing prevents them from learning. Their modus operandi is wishful-thinking. That’s all they know. I would love to know the name of the drugs that these “Democratic” Party Cultists take that causes such delusions of grandeur with wishful-thinking? It would seem that the “Democratic” Party Cultists have access to special partisan drugs that lead them to constantly live outside of reality and in some utopian partisan world. Then consequently, they’re surprised, disappointed and in tears when some piece of basura is confirmed to the US Supreme Court. But what did they expect? They really are insane wallowing in wishful-thinking.

There was a time when los Republicanos/the Republicans distanced themselves from the insane, international bully, deranged, lunatic nazi who is currently residing illegitimately en la casa blanca/in the white house. He is absolutely devoid of any “common sense” of what to say and what not say while holding the office of “president” (illegitimately so). He is also devoid of any basic sense of decency or decorum in that office. There is nothing remotely presidential about this piece of trash. Yet we see the masses of USian trash who show up for his “Sieg Heil” rallies where they look at him as if he is some god that they must genuflect to, worship and adore. It’s surprising that they don’t chant or speak their own version of The Nicene Creed (which is part of Anglican, Lutheran and Catholic Liturgies) at his rallies, such as this:

“We believe in one god, our Messiah Tr*mp….Our Father Almighty….We believe he made Heaven and Earth…”

and so on.

There was a time when the Republicans wanted nothing to do with the orange nazi. Remember that? So what changed to the point that the Republicans adamantly ram through — ASAP (as soon as possible) with the help of their employees — the fake opposition party known as the “Democrats” — (in the case of Kavanaugh, one “Democrat”) two pieces of basura (Gorsuch and now Kavanaugh) to sit for eternity or until they retire, on the US Supreme Court?

Why would anyone, regardless of party, want anything to do with anyone that this piece of basura in the White House nominates for any position and especially the Supreme Court? He knows nothing about judges or the law or even how the courts work. The orange nazi has no sense of good or sound judgment. I don’t get it. I mean, we all know what scum the Republicans are and we all know what we’ve come to expect from them: The Worst. That’s a given, so I don’t need to go into that. And the same can be said for the Republicans’ employees, the “Democrats” and their fake-opposition party. I don’t understand what changed. Why did the Republicans go from not liking the orange nazi to now adoring him and wanting to ram through anyone he chooses for a position in government?

It looks like it boils down to partisan brainwashing, which I think is about 99% – 100% of politics in general. In other words, the thinking of los Republicanos is:

Whatever the Republican Party Cult White House resident wants — because we are his party as the Republican Party Cult/Religion — we must agree to and be with him in lockstep because he’s the head of our party Cult. Our Cult, our Republican Religion is more important to us than this country and its people and the rest of el mundo/the world. And of course we can count on some of our employees in the fake-opposition party on the “other side of the aisle” known as the “Democratic” Party Cult Religion to go along with us no matter what we do, as they always do.

The US House of Representatives has nothing to do with Supreme Court nominees, only the Senate votes to confirm or reject. But this same devout-faith mentality I’m talking about is also seen in the House.

That’s all I can figure as to what happened with this drastic change in the Republicans. They are simply playing to the orange nazi’s stupid-is-in, illiterate, redneck, white supremacist, nazi, fascist, proudly-ignorant and evangelical fake-Christian base.

And the #1 and #2 fake-Christians in this regime are the orange nazi himself — whose church on Sunday is a golf course — followed by that lobotomised-looking Pen*e guy with his empty-faced expressions as if nobody is home.

If anyone else has any ideas, you are free to leave a comment about it.

One final thing: I noticed during the Senate vote to confirm Kavanaugh that Dianne Feinstein was nodding off. She was sitting there in camera view (on the ride side wearing a shade of medium blue) when Charles Schumer was speaking. At first I thought she was reading something on her desk and continuing to look down and then back up, but no. After watching her closely, she looked like someone who was having difficulty staying awake and was nodding off multiple times and exhibited the behaviour of someone having fallen asleep for a few seconds and then slightly jerking her head awake, which is what she did. It didn’t look good on camera. It looked like a woman who at age 85 needs to retire and rest, not have another 6 years as she will likely get in November 2018. Chau.—el barrio rosa