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Let’s steal Venezuela’s oil in the name of “freedom”

Update (1 de febrero de 2019): (A venting update): I’m not going to write updates every time something happens on this story. I just feel the need to vent about this. Upon reflection, maybe I should turn my television to another channel. Maybe a low-stress shopping network, although that’s where I see closet cases, and they stress me out. Anyway, Juan Guaidó reminds me of the typical Millennial. Stuck on himself and arrogant. He’s now saying that the only talks he’s interested in are talks about the transfer of power from Maduro to himself, just because he’s proclaimed himself to be the new presidente. How fucking arrogant! I wrote in the article that he’s playing the Religion Card. He’s now playing the Family-Man Card. That and the Religion Card always work. Yes, he’s been walking around with his niña/daughter lately. Wearing her on his hip to show her off to show that he can breed. I don’t see that wife of his walking with him, although I saw her — at first I thought it was a child standing next to him; one of his devoted disciples — when he was speaking and she was dutifully standing next to him nodding her head in agreement with his every word on cue. I do agree with mi amigo/my friend who earlier said that Juan is “as Queer as they come.” I had only seen images of him before put in professionally-posed sexy positions. A little on the “provocative” side. But after hearing him speak and watching him, another closet case with a wife and daughter? There are thousands more just like like that. Mi amigo asked: How did he get thousands and thousands of people to support him in just days? I said: Because of his “good looks” and because he’s young, because nobody can possibly know what he’s all about in such a short period of time. Is he figuring himself out as he goes along? This also reminds me of Obama all over again. The latest messiah figure. The saviour. According to Juan and the US Imperialist liars, they are all saying that Venezuela will be better off if US oil corporations come in and take steal Venezuela’s oil. Let’s look at some examples of that from the past: the mess in Iraq and the mess in Afghanistan. (Related: Opinion: Western intervention in Afghanistan is a failure). That worked so well in both countries, didn’t it? [sarcasm intended]. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Update (31 January 2019): After posting this article, I realised there’s very little interest in this topic online. Nobody seems to care, and that’s how situations like this become more the “norm.” It’s quite a different time than when much of the world would have cared about this. Today? They just yawn and say, “Yeah, but Maduro is a bad guy.” But that’s not the point, idiot. A precedent is being set here, in part, with one country stealing another country’s oil right in front of their eyes with most of the world going along with it. Hello, is anyone home? Are you in there? I suspect if Juan Guaidó were not a 35-year old, good-looking model type and was instead a rather ugly old man, this would not be happening and the world would not be bowing to him as they are.

The insane international bully and his oil coup with Venezuela, with most of the world going along with it. Insanity. I guess they in the orange despot’s regime have to take on a small country that they can beat (that’s what bullies do) — guaranteeing them a second term one way or the other in 2020 — as opposed to taking on Russia or China.

Hola a todos. Did you know that Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world? Wait for the map to load, por favor/please. Totaling 297 billion barrels as of 2014.

“Stand with the forces of freedom” is the orange despot’s latest marketing propaganda for this oil coup with Venezuela. The forces of freedom? So dishonest, but so typical. Genuine freedom does not have forces. Genuine freedom is without forces. One cannot force freedom. That’s an oxymoron. Do these trash never think anything through? They’re clearly not the brightest people.

Freedom: Generally, is having an ability to act or change without constraint. A thing is “free” if it can change its state easily and is not constrained in its present state.

I guess “bringing democracy” got old. Well, it has been used for some time even though “bringing democracy” was all war-marketing bull shit. Or this repugnant regime refused to use that because that’s what Obama and Bush used for stealing the natural resources of other sovereign nations. And this regime is trying to erase Obama’s legacy from the history books. (I was no Obama supporter).

But with The Cesspool/the US, their style of “freedom” amounts to freeing up Venezuela’s vast oil reserves for the control of the US Empire. These corrupt trash pretend to be Christians yet they ignore, “Thou Shalt Not Steal” (one of the Ten Commandments) in that bible they pretend to believe in. And as usual around the world, that’s what this is about. Stealing another sovereign nation’s natural resources per the neocon’s PNAC agenda of US Empire building and world domination.

It’s odd that the orange despot is going against Mother Russia, as they oppose this coup, and they call it what it is.

I read this quote: White House warns of “significant response” to any threats against US diplomats or opposition leader. (B*lton) End Quote.

Presidente Maduro’s response should be: Go fuck yourselves, basura. You’re all like a bunch of sick subhumans acting like children in the sandbox. The toddlers in the White House, in adult bodies.

I would like to remind readers that it was less than a month ago as of this writing that the orange despot said that — referring to Syria — the US would not be the “policeman” of the world. Weeks later, and that’s exactly what the hypocrite is doing in Venezuela.

From what I can tell, as expected, the “Democrats” in the House and Senate are either remaining silent or going along with this oil coup.

The orange despot told the world to “pick a side,” while they have chosen the far-right side with some 35-year old guy, Juan Guaidó (no one is pronouncing his name correctly except the español language networks) — who looks more like a model; is that part of his attraction? — who self-proclaimed himself “el presidente.” Huh? It works like that does it in the Century of Insanity? All that anyone has to do is to declare, “I’m now the president” and the world falls in line. And most have. Boy, I sure hope that works here in the US some day and soon. So using this scenario, all someone has to do in the US is to declare him/herself the president and the world should fall in line including the EU. Mi amigo saw Juan Guaidó on television and said, “He’s as Queer as it gets.” I said: Well he has a wife and child, as one would expect, from a suspected closet case?

Like nearly all politicians, Juan Guaidó is already playing the religion card. I saw him attending a Mass and getting on the kneeler for prayer. Oh give it a rest! But the sheeple will eat it up. “Oh, he’s such a good Christian.” Just like the orange despot whose church is usually a golf course on Sundays, went to WNC for Christmas Eve Mass.

Fortunately, the military in Venezuela is on the side of presidente Nicolás Maduro at this time.

When is someone going to do that here in The Cesspool/the US to force a coup here and force the current political trash out? And to watch the EU go along with this in Venezuela is a “WTF?” moment. Would the EU approve of things working this way in their countries? I don’t think so. With someone saying, “I’m now the Chancellor of Deutschland and that’s that.” And why is Angela Merkel going along with this rubbish? Astounding. Whatever happened to legitimate and fair elections? That’s all a charade and we all know that. Putin is having none of it and has called it what it is: A coup. China opposes it and tells the US to stay out of Venezuela’s business. Yeah right. Then you have that closet case P*mpeo daily bullying and making threats to Nicolás Maduro and Venezuela. That’s all these despicable trash en la casa blanca know how to do is to bully and threaten people with this “don’t test our resolve” arrogance while they pretend to be a “Christian,” and living their pathetic and corrupt lives just like Jesus, correct?

This oil coup is about stealing another nation’s natural resources as outlined in the neocon’s Project For The New American Century (PNAC) document, which also on page 51 speaks about needing a “new Pearl Harbour” which we had known as the Inside Job of 911 to galvanise the public in favour of (permanent) war, or words to that effect.

I agree with Venezuela’s International Minister Jorge Arreaza who referred to a US news article at the UN Security Council as he told the UN his country won’t hold elections within eight days. He essentially said who do you think you are telling a sovereign nation what to do? It’s almost childlike. Exactamente.

“Nobody is going to give us deadlines or tell us if there are elections or not,” the foreign minister added.

‘How is it that you can issue an ultimatum to a sovereign government?’ he asked.

This is why I’ve thought for years that any politician particularly at the federal level should be required to undergo thorough independent non-partisan psychological testing to make sure a candidate has worked through their childhood “let’s play war” mentality and have matured to adulthood despite their chronological age. These scum are sick like that deranged-looking B*lton piece of trash. Have you looked at his face, if you can bare to? His sole reason for living seems to be to watch (non-white) people die. He is one sick fuck. That septic piece belongs in a mental institution not making powerful decisions in government. But we have so many septic, insane people just like him — the scum of the Earth — in all positions of government and some wonder why we are in the dismal state that we are?

Teatro Teresa Carreno (Concert Hall in Caracas)
556 best Opera House & Concert Hall images on Pinterest | Concert hall, Theatres and Opera

I can’t imagine any sane nation contemplating military action no, call it what it is: a terrorist attack on Venezuela (especially Caracas) by the US. That would be like attacking a major US city and if any nation attacked the US, that would be called a terrorist attack on the US.

Unfortunately, I’ve not been to Caracas but I know they have a beautiful Concert Hall, a very modern Metro system (subway) which rivals some metro systems here in the US, they have the internationally-renowned Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar (Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra), named after the Venezuelan national hero Simón Bolívar. This Orchestra is the apex of the nation’s system of youth orchestras. We have nothing like this in the US of Insanity. They have performed all over the world. I’ve been wondering about their superb Orchestra during these times. And sadly, they’re in trouble having lost almost half of their musicians in the past 6 months (as of 2018) who have had to leave. As a musician, I can’t tell you in words how that makes me feel. I can’t think about it for more than a few moments because it brings tears to my eyes.

Here’s one of the stations of the Caracas Metro:
Cerradas 12 estaciones del Metro de Caracas este miércoles - DiarioRepublica.com - Información ...

They (Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar) were invited to perform Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 (“The Resurrection”) for the BBC Proms awhile back. You can watch that performance below. Unfortunately, the screaming, wobbling-vibrato soloists, as usual, ruined it for me:

BBC Proms featuring Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar from Caracas, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel:

National Youth Choir of Great Britain
Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela
Gustavo Dudamel, conductor (up until recently he was the orchestral conductor)
The vocal soloists screamers with their wobbling vibrato shall remain nameless here.
Performed in the Royal Albert Hall for the BBC Proms 2011

Mi amigo and I watched the choral section of this performance the other night. After it was over he said, “I associate screaming with the Proms. I’m not sure why that is.” I said: It’s because I choose the music that we watch and they’re usually choral performances where they unfortunately drag in operatic screamers to scream and wobble through the solo passages. They refuse to sing with a lovely straight tone like the superb Chorus is singing. Maybe that’s because they can’t because they can’t sing on pitch or have other vocal problems that prevent them from singing beautifully rather than screaming. At the choral climax in this performance you’ll hear the soprano screamer overpower the entire Chorus on that high B Flat. She seems to live under the illusion that it’s all about her when really it’s all about the Chorus and Orchestra. They are the stars. Not the fucking screamers. Mi amigo and I are so sick of screamers. And wannabe-musicians like these are dragged into nearly every symphonic choral performance to scream and wobble. And in this performance, these two screamers seem to have brought in some acting as well as if they think it’s opera.

Someone usually asks if I performed the pieces I talk about. I never performed “The Resurrection,” although one of the Orchestra Choruses I sang with did, but not when I sang with them. The superb University of Maryland Chorus had quite the run of the Mahler in the Kennedy Center Concert Hall with the National Symphony Orchestra and conductor Antal Doráti. That, as well as the Verdi Requiem and of course their performances over the years of Beethoven’s Ninth, which they performed over 38 times with (inter-)national orchestras. Someone may be asking: “Did the University of Maryland Chorus do everything? It sounds like it.” Well yes sort of. They were in demand. But both Norman Scribner’s Choral Arts Society of Washington and Robert Shafer’s Oratorio Society of Washington had engagements as well with the NSO and (inter)national orchestras, but The Maryland Chorus was the dominate Chorus chosen and had quite a legacy under Antal Doráti. I remember thinking that they were the “Official Chorus of the NSO” in those days, even though they weren’t officially. He chose them as often as possible as they were his favourite Orchestra Chorus.

By the way, regarding the oil coup in Venezuela, someone e-mailed me asking “where is the anti-war movement?” I’ll answer that here. It’s dead. I remember when millions were in the streets worldwide — including myself — during the Bush years protesting illegal wars (Afghanistan and Iraq)? I sense that few care about the oil coup taking place in Venezuela.

The anti-war movement — mostly consisted of Democrats — died during the Obama years because the thinking was that “We can’t criticise our own team and Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama with that D behind his name even though his war policies are an expansion of the imperialistic policies we protested under illegitimate George W Bush when we were in the streets.” I’ve learned over the years that Democrats are some of the biggest hypocrites one will find anywhere due to their partisan brainwashing. During Obama’s regime, I had wondered if the anti-war movement would start up again when a Republican was in the White House, but no, it’s been dead too long. Most people in the US would rather play on their phones instead. By the way, I see very few phones or phone-addicted zombies during the Yellow Vest Protests in France, Paris in particular.

5,000 US troops being sent to Colombia? And B*lton has admitted that their planned terrorist attack on Venezuela has nothing to do with the well-being of los venezolanos, but rather about oil. Of course it’s about oil. That’s the US way. To steal whatever The Cesspool doesn’t have.

So will there be anything left of the lives of millions of los venezolanos, their Concert Hall, their splendid youth Orchestra, their Metro system and Metrobus system and their infrastructure when these despicable trash from The Cesspool are done with Venezuela? These people are below the scum of the Earth.

Venezuela is no threat to the US or any other country. Venezuela already has a president in Maduro whether you agree with him or not. It is not the job of the US to tell other sovereign nations what to do. Some are wondering: When is someone going to take the exceedingly arrogant and bullying US down a notch or two? Long over due. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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