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More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.

(There’s an update at the bottom of this article’s page.)

Following gay marriage becoming legal in The Cesspool/the US, the heteronormative national US corporatist Queer (GLBTQ) organisations with their bloated executive salaries and who serve as self-appointed omnipotent authorities on all Queer matters, ordered the Queer community to “assimilate” with breeders. What were they thinking??? Well, some of us who are fortunate to possess critical thinking skills questioned this ill-thought-out and short-sighted “assimilation” order because we saw multiple problems arising out of it. One problem we predicted with this “assimilation” dictate was that gay guys would go back in the closet, and that’s exactly what has happened. And since then, droves of gay guys have interpreted “assimilate” to mean “I must now get married to a female,” which leads me to ask: Then why the fuck did you push for gay marriage, idiots?

Hola. I have no patience for this shit at all. We are really living in some sick, strange, loco times. Script writers couldn’t make this shit up. We have a lot of fucked up people in our society regardless of their sexual orientation. I can’t stand dishonest people who lie about who they are. And when you have gay guys lying about their sexual orientation and marrying females mainly because of their gay shame and to “assimilate” with breeders per that ridiculous dictate I mentioned earlier, you have to wonder what else do these pathetic fucks lie about in their life?

We’ve been told many times by some wishful-thinking corporatist idiots among us that “gay is now mainstream” and “gay people can live anywhere.” When I first heard that mierda, I asked: What drugs are these delusional people on who think that? Tell the Queers in Russia that “gay people can live anywhere” (Chechen Authorities Allegedly Tell Parents: ‘Kill Your Gay Sons Or We Will’). And there are plenty of examples I could give from right here in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos to demonstrate that gay people cannot live anywhere, even in the closet.

We see the behaviour of gay guys wearing their wedding rings on television, at least the corporate networks I monitor. I now think that most Queer guys are married to females which is not what I used to think.

I’ve had to update my thinking in the last couple of years. Having lived during the Gay Mecca decades in San Francisco, I had the impression that most gay guys were out of the closet — well at least here in San Francisco — and living their life true to themselves and their gay sexual orientation. I no longer think that. I now think that gay meccas were an exception and a short blip in the big scheme of things historically speaking. I think gay meccas represented only a small minority of Queers in the big scheme of things of the US national population, and most Queers were and still are living in the closet and married to females.

I read a comment recently from one of the vehemently anti-Queer disciples of El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man. Trying to dismiss and minimise the Queer community, that person wrote that the Queer community (they didn’t call it that) is very small. That person is an idiot which is a fundamental requirement for being a supporter of El Hombre Naranja. In reality, the Queer community is very large. It’s much, much larger than we’re led to believe and that’s because Queers/gay guys are living in the closet pretending to be breeders and “going through the motions” of what is expected of breeder couples per society’s fucked-up heteronormative requirements, along with The Family Script traditions and requirements for one’s sons and daughters as breeder couples: I’m talking about squeezing out babies/kids and continuing to overpopulate the planet. And at the same time, often the closeted gay guy in the breeder relationship is seeking out men-for-men sex connections online while “the bitch is away” as they often write. These guys are gay closet cases in breeder relationships married to females.

My “gaydar” has always been extremely reliable. The same for mi amigo/my friend. And we’re both frequently seeing guys who look Queer to us wearing that perfunctory wedding ring on their finger, but we suspect despite gay marriage currently being legal in The Cesspool (but for how long under the current regime?) the suspected Queer guy is not married to a guy. Some of these guys even speak about “the wife.” I think that’s originally breeder language and it sounds so warmly affectionate doesn’t it? [sarcasm intended] as opposed to referring to her as “my wife.” Upon reflection, maybe it’s the closeted Queer boys who refer to her as “the wife” as a way of distancing himself from her and trying to take a baby step out of their unhealthy moldy closet.

My little local group of Queers thought something strange was going on the more we see gay guys pretending to be breeders and with a female (holding hands and/or making out with her in The Castro and on Market Street) that we’ve been seeing around here. Rather than just go on what we’ve seen out and about on the streets of San Francisco/in The Castro, I thought I’d look more closely into this topic to see if there’s anything about it online. So I did some research and found this article from 2016 which explains a great deal: Frankly My Dear… Gay Men Marry Straight Women! Here’s Why! It lists the various reasons why gay guys are marrying females in droves, as if we’re back in the 1950s, 40s or 30s. It’s quite sad really. History repeating itself. I agree with some of the comments in response to that article. I don’t justify the selfish reasons given in that article for why Queer guys marry females.

A couple of weeks ago while researching this topic of gay guys married to females, I was reading an article about a devout, gay member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He’s gay and out of the closet but per his devout faith in the LDS Church, he believes it’s a sin to act on his gay feelings. So, he’s never had sex with a guy, he says. If that’s true, I can imagine the incredible pent-up, repressed/suppressed cathartic release when he does finally have sex with a guy for the first time. How long will he keep this charade going? He’s married to his longtime female best friend and they have three small girls. She knows he’s gay and that’s partly why she married him. FUBAR. What does his dominant sex organ (his brain) think about when he has sex with her? A guy he found very attractive during the day that he thinks about topping perhaps? So to clarify: the gay thoughts are not bad, but acting on them is, according to the LDS Church? That’s a rhetorical question. I frankly don’t care what they believe and I didn’t waste my time to research it.

In my opinion, closet cases are very weak people living a lie and I have no patience for them. I find their closeted, lying behaviour pathetic and dishonest. Closet cases are frauds. I would be hesitant to trust him because when a Queer guy lies about his sexuality, what else does he lie about in his life? He would make a perfect real estate agent liar. Do they ever tell the truth about anything when trying to sell a property? (Ex. With their constant script: This “charming” house is “nestled” in a “vibrant” neighbourhood.)

But this does explain a lot of what we’re seeing in society today as we head back to the 1940-50s in many ways. With breeder couples, it’s nearly always the him-tall/her-short — can they never be the same height? — chauvinistic and sexist behaviour of dominant him having to “cup” little submissive her with his right arm around her while walking (as if she’s his little daughter) and as if he’s trying to protect little her. (By the way, I’ve tried “cupping” mi amigo with my right arm while walking and find it very uncomfortable.) Clearly the two people in the couple do not look like they consider themselves equals, but rather she is subservient to him.

Note: The Feminist Movement is dead. And I say that based on the consistently chauvinistic and sexist behaviour I see from particularly young and white Millennial breeder couples in San Francisco. I also see most people online having reverted back to using the sexist word “mankind” instead of the gender-neutral word “humankind” which was used for decades. That’s just one example that comes to mind.

My little group of local Queers in San Francisco is concerned about the dismal state of the Queer community today, but we all realise there’s nothing we can do about it. And that’s because when we speak, we are ignored or we receive resistance from the “assimilated” conservative Queer community today. Most Queers don’t seem to care about anything that matters any longer. They live their life on so-called “social media.” They enjoy helping billionaires make more dinero/money, do they? “Social media” is the headquarters for those pathetic people with no social skills where the only word in their vocabulary is the word “like.” For most Queers, it seems that all sense of Queer activism is now frowned upon and dead because “Out and Proud” is of the past. “Discreet” and “Down low” (translation: back in the closet) is now in. And when you’re closeted, you are not an activist. I’ve read the personal ads from these “assimilated” gay closet cases in major US cities, such as NYC-Manhattan specifically. They write such closeted stuff as, “If people saw me on the street they’d never think I was into dick.” My response to them: Well who the hell in Manhattan would care what you’re into Mr Closet Case? NYC is not a small-town hamlet which is what your mentality reminds me of. These closet cases also write, “If people saw us on the street they’d never think we are sex buddies but rather just jock bros hanging out before the next game.” (roll eyes/ugh). My response to them: Well no, people might see you on the street and think “there are two more closet cases right over there.” Ever thought of that? No I suspect you haven’t. Or people might think: “There are two guys there headed to a performance at Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Now that’s another major difference I’ve noticed between the times. During the now-dead Gay and Lesbian Rights’ Movement gay guys were heavily into classical music and the arts. For example, I used to see a lot of San Francisco Symphony Chorus t-shirts around here during the time that I was in the Symphony Chorus with gay guys feeling very proud (as they should have) that they were musically of the highest-caliber required to be a chorister in the San Francisco Symphony Chorus. But today? Nada. There are still some gay musical ensembles in existence but my point is that with today’s breeder-”assimilated” Queer community, music and the arts have mostly been replaced with “it’s all about being an obnoxious jock bro and the absolute worship of corporate sport$ team$ as the Queer community try to act as much like the obnoxious in-your-face breeders as possible.

And I should point out that often it’s closet cases that hate on other Queers to hide/disguise their own Queer sexuality.

The many things I complain about with the Queer community here in 2017 will always annoy me, but that’s just the way it is. I can look the other way so as not to see yet another “assimilated” Queer boy living a lie with his heteronormative dishonest self and standing on Market Street making out with a female because he’s too fucking weak and dishonest as a person to come out of the closet. And I expect all of this to continue no matter how often I write about it. And I expect the hate for Queers to increase at the rate things are going.

I did have one very nice feel-good moment the other day. I was running an errand and right outside my apartment coming towards me as I was walking up the street were these two young guys. They were the same height, unlike these thousands of him-tall/her-short cookie-cutter breeder couples that we see around here. These two guys were probably in their late teens or early 20s. My “gaydar” immediately told me they were Queer boys. So I turned around and watched them for a moment as they walked down the street. One guy touched the other guy’s arm with his hand and then moments later they began walking hand-in-hand as a Queer couple down the street. That was nice to see and I thought: My “gaydar” was correct again. I don’t see Queer boys or Queer couples holding hands around here that often anymore. It’s become so rare that I stop to appreciate it when I see it. I thought: Those two Queer boys must not live here because they’re probably too young to be able to afford to live here in this outrageously expensive Tech-Zombie Lobotomised City of San Francisco. I also thought this: Both of these very young guys are out of the closet at their very young age. They were able to come out and be true to themselves. Yet Queers must older than they are who live here can’t find it within themselves to come out. Either that, or they’ve “assimilated” and are going back in that unhealthy closet to live a lie. This also spoke to the maturity level of these two guys and how secure they are with themselves as a person despite their young age. And for once, it wasn’t yet another him-tall/her-short fucking breeder couple forcing their sexuality in my face. The reason I put it that way is because the reader might recall that one of the long-time complaints from breeders about “the gays” is that we supposedly (according to them) “force our sexuality in their face.” Oh fuck off! Hypocrites. It’s perfectly alright when breeders force their sexuality in our face but we Queers are to be “assimilated” and are not supposed to do the same to them.

The local conservative merchants who have helped to ruin/sanitise The Castro as well as local publications speak in Orwellian code so as not to offend the precious breeders. The local merchants and publications say, “the neighbourhood is changing,” but they never say how. Translation of “the neighbourhood is changing:” The Castro and Upper Market continue to be taken over by breeders who moved here to pump out babies for San Francisco’s Baby Explosion and The Stroller Brigades.

Moments later after I saw that young Queer couple I mentioned earlier, I unfortunately saw another couple. But they were the perfunctory and ubiquitous him-tall/her-short young and white breeder couple — the type that has taken over The Castro and Upper Market — in their mandatory hand-in-hand routine. That’s one of the requirements with breeders, with needy and “high-maintenance” her specifically, in order for him to acquire entrance rights into that pussy. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE (enero/January 2018):

How is that “gay assimilation” shit and that gay conversion shit working out about now? Mi amigo/My friend found this article (link below) and as soon as he brought it up I said: Oh that idiot. I remember him and that pathetic story. I guess his “gay conversion to being straight” didn’t work (imagine that!) since he’s getting a divorce from his esposa/wife and has finally come out of the closet. I guess pussy didn’t “cure” him the way the anti-gay asshole gay conversion sites like to lie and claim it does:”

This Gay Mormon Man Who Got Famous For Marrying A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced
“The couple is now apologizing to the GLBTQ community for how the “publicity of our supposedly successful marriage” has been “used to bully others.”
Josh Weed, who made headlines in 2012 for coming out as a gay Mormon man in a straight marriage, announced Thursday that he and his wife, Lolly, are getting divorced.”

This divorce comes after pumping out 4 children — was he trying to prove how supposedly straight he was ?? — with one child still in a stroller. If he had come out to begin with as a Queer boy that he is and stopped lying to himself he wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with, with upcoming child support payments, the possible emotional consequences on and damage to his children, etc. Is he still in that Latter Day Saints church? Get out of it! They are one of the worst Christian denominations around. A bunch of fucking mostly white bigots. Most religions — especially fundamentalists — can really fuck up people’s lives. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE: Someone who apparently is a first-time reader of mi diario/my diary, pink barrio, e-mailed me asking: “What’s happened to San Francisco?” I once lived there. It doesn’t sound like the same City at all from reading your blog. Will appreciate your response.”

Hola. That’s because it’s not the same City at all that you once lived in. I think that reader lived here when the City was what I call “The Old City.” The Old City (of San Francisco) was the proudly radical and alternative San Francisco that we had the reputation of being for decades during the Gay Mecca days. That City is gone. They deliberately got rid of that City. Don’t ask me why. Well I do know why: They despise so-called “progressives.” The conservatives are now in power. I didn’t know that the current el alcalde/mayor despised the Old City/so-called “progressives” so much. Well, to be accurate, it is his ultra-conservative billionaire venture capitalist owner that despised the Old City and he vowed “to take the City back from ‘the progressives.’” Well, that happened. El hombre/The man sitting in City Hall is just a not-very-bright empty-puppet of his billionaire venture capitalist owner (they both despise poor people) and he does whatever his billionaire owner wants him to do. They both work for the super-wealthy. Some of us would love to know what el hombre sitting in City Hall is getting out of this? Or is he really that stupid to not be getting anything out of working for a billionaire for years and changing the City drastically into a playground for the super-wealthy? But San Francisco today is a very conservative city. The conservatives adore this New City. They no longer whine about it the way they once did. It has moved to the right over the years. I could give many examples of that but I don’t feel like writing about all that again. I’ll give a couple examples: The hate for the homeless and the increasing anti-homeless laws that are now in place. A genuinely progressive and genuinely liberal city would not hate on its homeless. The city has been raped by the billionaire-owned tech industry which receives corporate welfare (they call it “tax breaks”) causing the eviction of thousands of Old City residents, including much of the Queer community. Today, San Francisco is a playground for the super-wealthy with the haves living right next to the have-nots. (Related: They don’t call it Billionaire’s Bay for nothing! Maps show dramatic spike in million-dollar homes in San Francisco with the MAJORITY of properties now worth seven figures or more.) There’s absolutely nothing “radical” about The Castro today. The Castro has been ruined. Earlier today (miércoles/Wednesday, el 10 de mayo de 2017/the 10th of May 2017) during rush hour I walked down Market Street to Church Street from Castro. That’s the area some of us refer to as “Breedersville” because of the in-your-face straight couples with their fleets of babystrollers that one usually sees all along Market Street. On my walk this time, I mostly saw guys. Most were in black and gray clothing. They looked very conservative and conformist. Nothing at all radical. It was cold out because the fog was coming in. That’s likely why the breeders were not out in force as they usually are. It felt cold on my walk and I’m not talking about the temperature; I’m talking about the people. I felt no sense of community whatsoever. Lots of sad phone zombies; people hunched over walking only looking at their phone. I saw one Queer couple holding hands the entire walk. That was nice to see. They were the same height, unlike these fucked-up in the head breeder couples who think they must consistently be him-dominant-tall/her-submissive-short. A large group of people crossed the street at one intersection and I saw two guys who apparently knew each other stop and hug and kissed briefly in the intersection. That was nice to see and it’s now unusual for me to see that here. Unlike the Gay Mecca days, no one cruises anyone anymore on the sidewalk — they’re now “cruising” their phones — and hardly anyone talks. I only heard one conversation with a small group of people while standing waiting for the light to change. I saw/heard dos lesbianas/two lesbians from Alemania/Deutschland/Germany on my walk. The area has been so “sterilised” and sanitised so to speak by conservative politicians, conservative merchants and conservative residents (especially the self-entitled homeowners who think they deserve “special rights” because they own property/some old moldy home). If it wasn’t for the Rainbow Flags, you wouldn’t know you were in or near The Castro. You could be anywhere. I enjoyed my walk and frankly it was the least offensive walk I’ve had along Market Street in some time — mainly because I saw no in-your-face making-out breeders this time — but there’s nothing special about The Castro or that end of Market Street anymore. It’s what I refer to as lobotomised. And more and more stores are going out of business. One of the longtime used clothing stores that was part of the Old City on Market Street just closed. That faux-Mexicano restaurant that opened two years ago on the street level in one of the Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) buildings is closing (good! they deserve to), apparently to be sold to some restaurant chain. When that opens, I suppose the usual suckers with their “I wanna be first in line to try this restaurant” (roll eyes) will rush to and gush over their food as people with no taste typically do around here, and then that restaurant will go out of business in a couple of years. I noticed all the guys (they looked like Queer boys to me – in the closet?) eating in a restaurant with its heteronormative art work in the window: him-tall/her-short gazing into each other’s eyes. You see enough of that on the sidewalk around here without having to also see it in restaurant’s art work. I guess that art work didn’t bother these Queer boys as it did me. One block away from Castro Street and no Queer artwork in the windows? It’s all about the breeders now around here. That should tell the reader a bit more about how things have drastically changed here. Hope this answers the question. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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