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Now we have language profiling in the US

Hola a todos. You may have heard about dos Latinas/two Latinas who were speaking español in a gas station/convenience store in the US state of Montana. There was a border patrol nazi in the store at the time. He heard las mujeres/the women talking among themselves en español. Not bothering anyone. He walked over to them and began interrogating them. He asked to see their IDs. One of them asked if he were joking. He said he was not. He pointed out that they were speaking español — that’s a crime? — or rather he used the word “Spanish” and said that “up here it’s only English” or words to that effect. In mr nazi’s mind, these two Latinas had to be undocumented because they were speaking español. And we all know that anyone who speaks español is undocumented, correct? (roll eyes) They asked mr nazi if this wasn’t a case of racial profiling. Of course he lied and said “no, it’s nothing like that” or words to that effect which meant it was a case of racial profiling.

But it’s really a case of language profiling. These two women were documented US citizens and are bilingual en español and en inglés/English. Is mr nazi bilingual? Or does he only mumble through one world language and that being US English? One of the women turned on her phone to record the encounter. (I think that’s about the only good use for these dopamine-addicting phones). Las mujeres/The women were questioned/detained for 30-40 minutes out in a parking lot near by. They said they felt like criminals the way people passing by were looking at them.

Later, la hija/the daughter of one of the women asked her mamá if they could no longer speak español for fear of being harassed/bullied. Her mamá told her, “We will continue speaking español and inglés as we have been.” Good for you, mi amiga.

I think what I would have done was to have spoken to mr nazi in only español. I wouldn’t have catered to his prejudices of world languages or given him the benefit of speaking to el pendejo in English. And he wouldn’t be able to understand me, so that’s his problem. I also speak some Japanese, so I would have used some Japanese vocabulary on him as well. Being stupid, he probably wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between one language and the other. I would have refused to speak en inglés/in English.

The shithole US does not have an official language — at least not yet — and even if it did, I’d still speak the languages I want to speak. My neighbour was telling me about her friend who is fluent in 5 world languages. Isn’t that a terrible thing? [sarcasm intended]. She’s from Argentina.

Why do US’ans fear other world languages? I don’t understand that. Around the world, many people speak multiple languages. It’s part of their educational system. But here in The Cesspool/the US, most of the people who don’t want to hear any other international languages but US English can barely speak correct US English themselves. Some have difficulty stringing 5 words together in a complete sentence.

I told a friend of mine about this incident. He’s been wanting to learn español for some time, but didn’t think he had the time to devote to it properly. He said “hearing about this type of language hatred is enough to make me want to become fluent as quickly as possible en español and other languages.”

Of course if these women were speaking any other world language, I doubt that mr nazi would have even bothered them. Español is the current language being hate-profiled here in the Bullying US of Hate and Hypocrisy. Clearly a sign of the nazi times we’re racing backwards towards under a white power regime led by nazis with their 14/88 mentality. Basura. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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