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San Francisco’s Real Mayor Strongly Backs London Breed

You know you’re in trouble now. The status quo to continue? I suspect so.

Hola a todos. Well, it looks like little will change following the death of San Francisco’s puppet mayor, that piece of corporate trash who resided in the upper colon of the Tech Industrial Complex as well as the Real Estate Industrial Complex and also the colon of his billionaire venture capitalist owner the entire time he was unfortunately in office. Yes, el hombre/the man was covered in corporate excrement for years.

At the puppet mayor’s private funeral, his billionaire venture capitalist owner praised his former puppet — who ruined San Francisco — and then he launched into a campaign speech for London Breed, the current Acting Mayor in San Francisco, strongly endorsing her. There were no politicians at the private funeral and people who were there were reportedly aghast that Mr Venture Capitalist would so “go off the rails” and be so tacky as to use the demise of his very willing former puppet to campaign for London Breed at the puppet’s private funeral. It was completely out-of-context according to those who were there who called his actions “totally lacking in class.” Well frankly, that’s what I’ve come to expect from billionaires. They seem to have no taste in anything or even basic sense of what to do in delicate/certain situations. Look at the millionaire insane child-bully residing in la casa blanca/the White House as another example of that. To them it’s all about dinero/money. It was the same way with the puppet-mayor. All about dinero. That’s all these corporate trash think about.

But that wasn’t all that marred the events. At the public memorial, San Francisco’s Director of Protocol — Dahling. “Director of Protocol.” What a snooty and pretentious title — was appointed by the puppet-mayor and she also “went off the rails” with an anti-Asian ethnic/racist slur. Lovely. It would seem that this witch (no disrespect intended to genuine witches) needs instructions in protocol herself. Ms Protocol referred to the former (puppet-)mayor’s “squinty eyes,” when describing a picture of him being shown on a screen, which to at least one member of the Asian community found her remark offensive and derogatory. Ms Director of Protocol (Dahling) said: That wonderful smile [you see there], those twinkling and squinty eyes. Oh good lord, woman. jesus fucking christ. But she’s of that generation where I would expect that. The same older generation where they see nothing at all wrong with anti-ethnic/racist comments like that as well as sexism, misogyny and chauvinism because it’s heavily indoctrinated in many, if not most of them (think: the SEP trash). Some Asians who were there said that as children they were bullied in school and called “squinty eyes.” I’m sorry to hear that. Nobody should be bullied for the way they look. Ugh.

So recently we heard gay guys referred to as “funny” in The Castro by these new southern redneck tech bro assholes, and now we have this piece of protocol trash referring to a politician of Asian ethnicity and his “squinty eyes.” This is happening in San Francisco, people, not some backwater cesspool hick town. Who’s the next group to be insulted with pejorative/outdated language? We’re racing back to the 1940s very quickly these days.

Unfortunately, Mr Billionaire Venture Capitalist’s support for London Breed is not new. (Sigh.) I remember hearing something about that. I do remember hearing when she got elected that she was bad news. I think we can all see where this is going. Back in 2012, the family of Mr Billionaire Venture Capitalist (his initials: RC) and one ally spent roughly $100,000USD in an independent expenditure committee to support London in her race for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Then he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on his puppet’s candidacy as well as other supervisor races and even some races for The City’s small local Democratic Party board. Mr Billionaire Venture Capitalist is a former Republican so his interest in the local board was/is to have conservatives on it when the truth be told.

So, even though some of us were delighted to read the news that the puppet-mayor had died and we had fleeting hopes that a change for the positive might be forthcoming for San Francisco — although very doubtful considering the way things go in politics — I don’t think that’s going to be the case. I suspect that anyone who ends up mayor of San Francisco will eat the ass of tech and the developers, and The City will continue to be made into “Anytown USA” which is how one techie described the new Tech Capital San Francisco when leaving The City having had enough of (what they called) “the rat-race tech-grind.” One could engage in wishful-thinking that London would end all corporate welfare (tax breaks for millionaire/billionaire-owned corporations) for these predatory and parasitic techie corporations in The City and that just maybe the phone-zombie and lobotomised Millennial anti-Queer trash who work for them might fuck off and move away. One could engage in other wishful-thinking that San Francisco might somehow return closer to its Bohemian roots before the techie trash barged in and raped The City. But. It looks like little will change with puppet-Mayor Breed since the real mayor Mr Billionaire Venture Capitalist is strongly backing her. He will continue his ownership of The City just like under the previous puppet-mayor. That’s often the way these things turn out these days. There is a mayor’s race coming up next year and others will challenge London but I don’t think any of the challengers will have the backing of a billionaire (should dinero/money and the billionaire be able and allowed to buy the election for London, for tech and the developers). So no need to get all hopeful/excited about any of the challengers. Of the names I’ve heard, they’re all part of the Establishment. Groan. Chau.—el barrio rosa

UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE (junio 2018/June 2018):

Just because someone is Queer or Black or Asian or Latino or an indigenous person of the Américas or a Woman or Trans or of any other minority group who has never had an opportunity at public office, that does not at all mean that the minority person is going to be a good or outstanding person in office. Not at all. From what I’ve observed, most of them have turned out to be worse — and by that I mean more conservative — than the white trash males that preceded them, frankly. It’s all about the dinero/money regardless of one’s sexual orientation, gender or ethnic group. Those things are just the façade.

Identity Politics

Some history: During the Gay Mecca decades, I think “the first openly gay candidate” really meant something positive, as in the case of Harvey Milk being elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

But I have to say that not too long after Milk, I’ve seen minority candidates riding on “the first [fill in blank] candidate” for public office and for the most part they’ve been nothing special, if not worse than what we had before.

“The First Black Woman Mayor of San Francisco”

I’ve reached my fatigue level with “the first [fill in blank]” candidates, which corporate (gay) rags often like to go on about. I’m talking about “the first openly-gay candidate.” Or “the first Black candidate” or “the first Black mayor” or “the first Black Woman mayor” (which San Francisco is now experiencing; well she’ll be the puppet mayor of her corporate owners), or “the first Asian candidate” or “the first woman candidate” or “the first Latino candidate.” Or “the first openly HIV-positive candidate.” Is “the first openly HIV-positive candidate” intended as a sympathy run?

In San Francisco, I remember seeing this ridiculous headline: “In historical move, mayor appoints first openly HIV-positive supervisor.” Oh please! What about “the first candidate with openly chronic colds?” What about the “first candidate with openly chronic diarrhea? Surely that too would be a sympathy run! But in nearly every instance I can think of since this nonsense began, “the first [fill in the blank] candidate” turned out to be just as bad or worse than the straight white political trash preceding them. These “first” candidates fulfilled a conservative agenda working for their corporate owners just like the political basura preceding them.

We had “the first Asian mayor” in San Francisco and he was a disaster. His policies helped to ruin this City — making San Francisco the Tech Capital and kicked out the majority of the Old City residents including much of the Gay Community — although the conservatives adored him, rewrote history and bestowed Sainthood Status on him when he died.

Obama was “the first Black president” and overall he turned out to be worse than the white guy before him, illegitimate George W Bush. One example: Those who paid close attention during his regime — rather than going into a self-induced coma for 8 years merely because of that D next to his name — know that Obama greatly expanded the Bush/Cheney neocon agenda, and Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama left office with 8-9 wars (I lost count) in progress. The Gay Community remained absolutely silent and never protested any of Obama’s wars or his other neocon despicable policies — because to them wars are perfectly okay if it’s a Democrat leading it — or anything else he did because of that D next to their messiah Obama’s name. Apparently the Gay Community didn’t care how many gay people Obama’s wars killed. Or do they live under the illusion that wars only kill breeders? The same gay hypocrites did protest Bush’s wars. Why? Because Bush had that R (for Republican) next to his name. That makes a difference, you ask? Of course it does to brainwashed partisans, both D and R. Another political disaster: Openly-gay Scott Penis (Mr PrEP). Also, it was one of the Asian SF supervisors who cast the deciding vote in favour of San Francisco’s city-wide nudity ban because of a few naked guys on the odd occasion in The Castro. Then, most recently, we have the “first openly gay appointee” of the orange nazi’s regime. “Openly gay US ambassador to Deutschland/Germany makes Republican history. Richard Grenell is the highest ranking openly gay official ever in a Republican regime according to the current Log Cabin Republican’s president. From what I can tell, this guy is a gay nazi. And consequently there are now calls to expel him from Deutschland after he pledged to “empower the far right across Europe.” Is that what you would expect from a gay guy? See what I mean? “If people like U.S. ambassador Richard Grenell believe they can dictate like a lord of the manor who rules in Europe and who doesn’t, they can no longer remain in Germany as a diplomat.”

So I’ve had it up to here with this “first [fill in blank] candidate” caca. It’s technically called identity politics.

I’ve also learned that most of the disciples and followers who worship “the first [fill in blank]” candidates do not pay attention to what they do in office. So these disciples/voters of these candidates serve as mindless cheerleaders for them no matter what they do and no matter how heinous their despicable policies. Some people have no standards.

If one believes the June 2018 s-election results in San Francisco to be legitimate, of those who voted in the last s-election in San Francisco, The City elected “The First Black Woman Mayor.” Her name is London Breed. She was the board president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Many people are jumping up and down in celebration over this puppet mayor. Why? Because she, through the real mayor, billionaire and Angel Investor Ron Conway, is going to give the data-mining and predatory Tech Industrial Complex that owns San Francisco everything and anything they want since they heavily supported her. I’m afraid I don’t see that as anything to be celebrated.

Just because someone has a vagina (or penis) and is of a certain skin pigmentation, that person can be just as bad or even worse than what we’ve had before. Their gender and skin colour doesn’t make them any more special, unique or genuinely progressive than anybody else. I used to think it did — although I don’t remember where I got that thinking from — because the thinking was “minorities have been put down for so long that they in office will correct systemic problems by being genuinely progressive in office.” I’ve since learned that that’s absolute bull shit thinking. From my experience and from what I’ve seen, if anything, these candidates take a more conservative approach.

I suspect London Breed, the new puppet mayor of San Francisco — who’s being celebrated by her gullible supporters as “the first Black and second Woman mayor of San Francisco” — will turn out to be like (or worse than!) all the others. And the “first Asian mayor” of San Francisco was a disaster for this City. He was the conservative — charading as “a moderate” — empty puppet of the same billionaire Angel Investor that the “first Black Woman mayor” will be serving as. And that’s because the Tech Industrial Complex heavily funded committees supporting Ms Breed. So who do you think she’ll be working for? Hmmmmmmmmmm? Care to take a guess? I’ve already seen a picture of the two standing together and she looks delighted to be standing next to the real mayor, Mr Billionaire. So I suspect the continued shift-to-the-right in San Francisco will remain in place.

So I think it’s time that we admit it, shall we? Humans are humans regardless of their skin pigmentation, their sexual orientation, or beliefs, or their working for billionaires and their corporate owners. It’s all about the money.

With the exception to that being fundamentalists, the far-right, fascists, nazis and fake-Christians. To them, it’s about another agenda. Chau.—el barrio rosa