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Gay Conversion

Hola a todos. This is a more in-depth look at this topic than my previous article. The Anti-Gay Agenda: “Sexuality is Fluid.” Translation: A person can change their sexuality; one’s sexuality is changeable, or that a person’s sexuality changes without the person having any control over it. These gay conversion sites promote that “sexuality is fluid,” which is the excuse/justification given for gay guys supposedly being about to “turn bi” or “turn straight.” According to these gay conversion sites, all a gay guy has to do to “turn straight” or “turn bi” is to start fucking pussy — and he will immediately realise what he’s been missing all these years and the ultimate satisfaction of pussy — and also by only watching “straight porn.” The “Sexuality is Fluid” Card is nearly always used in a straight-superiority and anti-gay context to promote breeder sex: for the sole purpose and justification of “turning” a gay guy straight or bi. Read the full article here.

Marketing Pussy to Gay Guys

Hola. The idea that “sexuality is fluid” is heavily promoted by gay conversion sites to market pussy to gay guys. Most unfortunately, “sexuality is fluid” is also being promoted by at least one Queer site that I know of, as well as some conformist, mainstream sheeple Queers who mindlessly regurgitate stupid clichés they’ve heard or read, such as “sexuality is fluid.”

“Sexuality is fluid” means that a person can change his/her sexuality, or that a person’s sexuality changes without the person having any control over it. As I said, gay conversion sites say that “sexuality is fluid” in order to promote their anti-gay agenda of encouraging gay guys to “turn bi” or preferably “turn straight.” The “Sexuality is Fluid” Card is nearly always used in a straight-superiority, anti-gay context to promote breeder sex including pregnancies without the responsibilities that come with pregnancy ever mentioned.

I recently asked everyone I could think of if their sexuality had changed over the years. Each person I asked looked at me as if I had egg in my hair, and as if they thought I were crazy. They shook their head and said, “No, why?” I explained to them that some people with an anti-gay agenda are using the innocent-sounding cliché “sexuality is fluid” to encourage gay guys to “turn bi” or “turn straight.” According to the gay conversion sites, because “sexuality is fluid,” all a gay guy has to do is to start watching only “straight porn” and then “find the right girl” to fuck pussy for the first time. Then, after “getting pussy,” he will realise what he’s been missing all of his life (you think?), he will have experienced the “ultimate satisfaction of pussy” (roll eyes) and he will become a “pussy hound” and “give up his gay life and put that Rainbow Flag away.” Sigh. Breeder brainwashing. Of course the gay conversion sites never mention that many, if not most, gay guys started out by fucking pussy in high school — due to peer pressure — when they were still in the closet so it’s not like they’ve never done it before. After which, they quickly ran to dick because they knew they were into guys.

I ran this “sexuality is fluid” bull shit by my straight neighbour. His reaction was a combination of rolled eyes followed by “oh, good gawd! Are you serious?” He’s told me many times how he wish he were gay because of his many problems with women especially in their emotional department which is something that these gay conversion sites rarely-to-never talk about. To them, it’s all about “getting pussy.” Very shallow. Well, there are many other things in a “relationship” with a female than just pussy. My straight neighbour told me, “Pussy is not all that it’s marketed to be. It’s really over-hyped by our society; it can be satisfying but so is jacking off, and each woman is built differently so fucking pussy does not always feel the same. If the couple is fucking in the missionary position, it can be exhausting for the guy having to hold himself up by his arms. All she does is lay there. I know from experience.”

I was on a bisexual guy’s blog recently. He’s a genuine bi guy — and not one of the thousands of heteronormative gay guys lying about their sexuality and calling themselves “bi” instead of gay — when they have zero interest in females — to try to sound more straight. I’m specifically talking about the overwhelming majority of gay guys with gay shame on CL (ClosetList) in men-for-men sex ads regardless of which city it is, from San Francisco to Manhattan/NYC. The bisexual blogger wrote: “It seems there’s no shortage of gay guys who fantasize about not being into men anymore. If you’re looking for that trip, look elsewhere.” Sad. I was pleased to see he’s not part of the agenda of converting gay guys to being bi or straight. He used the word “trip” as in head trip or fantasy. That’s a good description. Now in fantasy, people’s fantasies can be literally anything since people have all kinds of fantasies — including fantasies about changing one’s sexuality, I suspect — but that doesn’t at all mean that someone wants to act out their fantasies and try to change their sexuality in their real life. I’ve heard some gay guys say on occasion that they had the most bazaar fantasy to the point where they were critical of themselves for having it, and after they came they asked themselves “WTF was I thinking about?” As if it were so twisted and unacceptable to them in real life. Personally, I think fantasies are usually best left as fantasies because rarely does a fantasy play out in real life exactly as the fantasy plays out in a person’s main sex organ: one’s brain. Trying to play out a fantasy in real life can most often turn out to be a disappointment. I sometimes think that most ClosetList ads are purely fantasy and for pic collecting (to jack off to) with most people having no intention whatsoever of hooking up. Because “send pics, or expect no reply” is one of the most common requests in sex ads.

The main reason I’m writing about this is because unfortunately some Queers/GTQBLs have already adopted this “sexuality is fluid” bull shit, and I’ve not seen it mentioned or used solely in any fantasy context. Yes, some Queers are already mindlessly falling for it without thinking it through and the consequences. For example:

I read a comment — supposedly a true story — on a message forum from a lesbian who got drunk one night and she came onto and had sex with her best friend (a straight guy) but did not understand why she did that. He didn’t understand why she came onto him either and he asked her “Are you sure you want to do this?” After the fact, she seemed to be asking for advice on the message forum she posted on. The comments to her from other conformist/mainstream Queers were: “Relax, just remember that sexuality is fluid.” Ugh. Sigh. Not one person said anything about the drug alcohol and the drastic effects it can have on people’s behaviour. To my fellow Queers: Why don’t you think before you speak and show your stupidity and/or ignorance? It was the drug alcohol that caused her to be a different person, not her sexuality, you idiots. The next day when she was sober, she was at a loss why she had sex with her best friend. She’s that dense too? Obviously it had nothing to do with “sexuality is fluid.” El mundo/The world is going insane in case one hasn’t noticed. Has she never heard what can happen to people under the influence of the drug alcohol? She’s never heard that people can become completely different people under the influence of alcohol? Sigh. Well, stupid is in. On the gay conversion sites with their “anonymous” testimonials gushingly thanking the blogger (“can’t thank you enough for your blog”) for their site, the drug alcohol is frequently mentioned in the scenarios or made up stories involving some gay guy supposedly being hit on by a girl at a party or in a bar and then intoxicated him having sex with her and miraculously “turning bi or straight” overnight. It should be pointed out that many, if not most, guys who are drunk can’t even get a hard-on.

If the Queer/GTQBL community falls for this “sexuality is fluid” bull shit as a unified group and promotes the idea that one can change one’s sexuality or one’s sexuality changes on its own, then we can kiss our Queer rights — the ones we still have — goodbye. Fin. The End. Period. And that’s likely the intent here. The anti-gay closet cases of the far-right and these gay conversion sites with their anti-gay agenda will say, “There’s no need for Queer rights because Queers can turn straight. They even admit it!!!!!”

And with that, we’ll be right back where we started from Day One decades ago at the very start of the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement with the sheeple thinking that, “Gay people choose to be gay,” as the ultra-conservative/far-right proudly-ignorant trash have claimed for decades. They will smugly say, “Well even gays themselves after all these decades have finally admitted that they can change; they call it ‘sexuality is fluid.’ So, since that’s a fact (they will say) why don’t they just ‘turn straight?’ Problem solved. The gays will have any and all rights they want with straight privilege.”

Any thinking person should be able to see where this is going.

For the closeted gay guys who fell for the marketing of pussy, in recent years in San Francisco the one thing some of us have noticed are the gay closet cases who are married to females who have moved to San Francisco. (I think they are the techie trash, but I’m not positive). They keep breeding, such as the very fem closeted gay guy on my street and his wife and screaming children. My straight neighbour talked with the guy briefly and told me it was obvious to him that the guy is a closeted gay guy with a wife and children. Yes of course, following The Family Breeder ScriptTM per our heteronormative society’s dictates. But there are multiple children living/screaming over there for all the neighbourhood to hear. It’s most curious that these breeders moved to San Francisco’s Castro-Upper Market area, the former Gay Mecca. Did they move to this particular area of The City so he could more easily cheat on her and “get some dick” on the side as “Mr Totally-Closeted, Discreet and Down Low?” Presumably they keep breeding so that the closeted gay guy in this breeder couple can prove his masculinity and to show just how “straight” he is to his jock bro buds. The thinking being: “The more babies you pump out means the more straight you are.” And lately we’ve been seeing so many pregnant breeders, and she’s showing this huge beach ball-sized stomach completely uncovered. Don’t the prudes in The Castro who can’t stand to see any “skin” have a problem with that? Doesn’t that somehow violate the city-wide nudity ban where everything has to be all covered up? If it were a (gay) guy with his shirt off, some busy-body would likely call the cops. And most of the time, these breeder females are pushing a Millennial black baby stroller. They just can’t get enough of being pregnant (they love the attention), squeezing out babies and over-populating our planet to the number of: 7 billion, 5 hundred million PLUS as of this writing. Our planet can only handle a little over 1 billion people in a rationale and sane world. But people don’t talk about that much. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Pop singer Aaron Carter says he’s bi, but only interested in dating females. WTF?

Hola a todos. File this under: Yet another sexually fucked-up heteronormative Queer/gay guy trying to pretend to be straight after coming out as bisexual. WTF?

So Mr Bi, pop singer Aaron Carter, is only interested in dating females? What does Mr Bi have against dating guys, and why the fuck did he come out as bi recently? Why did he even bring up this subject to begin with if he doesn’t have gay feelings? And he wants to ignore his gay feelings by only dating females? Loco. Of course we all know that he has had no sexual contact or interest in guys — wouldn’t dream of it! — since that guy of 13 years ago when Aaron was 17, correct? Sure. We all believe that. (roll eyes) Who do some people think they’re fooling? We weren’t born yesterday.

Aaron reminds me of so many typical Millennials of today — San Francisco is full of them, unfortunately — who are gay but have gay shame. So, they either call themselves bi or straight, many of whom live in the closet and marry females living a lie about who they really are. They fuck around on the side when “the wife” or “the GF” (as they warmly and affectionately call her, sarcasm intended) is not looking or is “out of town.” In many cases, “the GF” is non-existent. She’s fictional and part of the closeted gay guy’s heteronormative script.

We all know how bad it is to be seen as gay now in many people’s minds. Especially in the minds of many Queer guys with their gay shame who are going to great lengths to avoid using the word “gay” to describe themselves. They call themselves “bi” — they think that makes them sound more macho, masculine, manly and “less gay” — even though they have absolutely no interest in females. This reminds me: I saw an ad the other day on Closetlist (that’s not the real name of the site; you all know the site I’m talking about?). Another fucked-up gay Millennial guy here in San Francisco’s Castro/Upper Market (the former Gay Mecca, of all places!) was looking for a JO buddy and wrote, “Let’s stroke together; no one will know.” But who would care, Mr Closet Case?! You’re in San Francisco, a major city, not a hick town with prying eyes. Who here in San Francisco cares about your jack off buddies? What conservative backwater cesspool did you move here from? With your “no one will know” tag line you act as if it’s a crime to JO with another guy in the privacy of one’s home. Sigh. And of course he wrote that he prefers “straight or bi types.” See what I mean? What’s wrong with gay dick, Mr Closet Case? How is gay dick different than straight or bi dick? Or are you using the words “straight or bi types” as code language for masculine? If so, there’s no shortage of masculine gay guys out there. Look up from your phone and you’ll see them. And the thing is, a (masculine) gay guy could lie and tell this guy, “I’m bi (or straight)” and this guy wouldn’t know the difference.

As a point of reference, I didn’t know any gay guys in the closet when San Francisco was a Gay Mecca.

To be clear: I’m not talking about genuine bisexual people here. I’m talking about the lying frauds. The lying fake-bi guys that I’ve already written reams about to the point that I’m sick of writing about this shit, and these fucked-up-in-the-head gay people. I swear, it’s as if little was accomplished in the big scheme of things during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement of past decades judging by the closeted behavior of many Queers today.

I’m reminded of all the gay closet case musicians and actors in the Latino/Hispano/mexicano community. Don’t get me started on that! They too pretend to be breeders/straight and when they’re interviewed and on occasion asked about their sexuality (suspected of being Queer), they outright lie and routinely give the expected pat answer/script: “Oh I like the girls.” Yeah sure you do, chico. You like the girl’s dinero/money that they spend on your music, but who do you think about when you jack off? Who are you sexually involved with “on the down low” and being “discreet” with? You’re not fooling anyone based on online comments about the many suspected gay closet cases in the Latino community. One cannot tell me that there are only 3 (THREE) Queer Latino/Hispano actors and musicians out there en el mundo/in the world. Those three who are out of the closet are: Enrique Martín Morales (Ricky Martín), José Christian Chávez Garza (Christian Chávez), and the third one is not coming to mind at the moment. Only three Queer Latinos/Hispanos/mexicanos in all the world? Sure. We all believe that too. One reason I stopped watching the awards ceremonies on the Latino networks was because I got sick of seeing closet case Latino Queer guys standing there on the red carpet with their arm around a female as their date for the evening or pretending to be a breeder couple posing before network cameras.

Now back to Aaron Carter: You can go here to read more about heteronormative Aaron.

Now get this: Aaron just broke up with a female. Some people don’t learn from past experiences, do they? The thing mi amigo/my friend and I don’t understand is: since he has gay feelings (that’s part of the meaning of bi), why doesn’t he pursue a relationship with a guy? GASP!, NO, NOT THAT! Why doesn’t Aaron avoid those females who are so emotionally-driven that they drive many men loco? As my straight neighbour often says: “Females can be one emotional train wreck. I wish I were gay. All the gay guys I know are very emotionally stable, by comparison.” I guess that Aaron enjoys constant dysfunction and emotion in his life and that’s why he’s pursuing females. And of course he doesn’t want to be seen as gay. Wouldn’t want that! Frankly, what he should do is sit his ass down with a credible psychotherapist to deal with his gay shame. Or is he too young or immature at nearly age 30 to understand all of this? It’s difficult to be a successful musician when one has an emotional train wreck going on in one’s life while trying to concentrate on one’s music.

Finally, I’ve been seeing this quite a bit online lately: “Sexuality is fluid.” I’ve seen “sexuality is fluid” used in comments from some Queers/GTQBL’s as well as on some sites that have a conversion therapy agenda of trying to turn gay guys straight with the thinking being: “Just try pussy once and you’ll be hooked; you’ll realise what you’re missing, and you’ll go straight and never turn back. You’ll be cured of your homosexuality.” (roll eyes). “Sexuality is fluid” caters to the thinking that one chooses or can choose one’s sexuality. That feeds directly into the anti-gay agenda that we have heard for decades that “gay people choose to be gay.” Utter rubbish. Have no Queers thought about this who mindlessly repeat that “sexuality is fluid” nonsense? My sexuality is not fluid. It’s been the same for decades. Asking around, the Queers I know said the same about their sexuality. My straight neighbourhood says that his sexuality has been unchanged for decades.

It’s most ironic that we Queers worked for decades to be recognised, acknowledged, and tolerated accepted for being who we are, yet today many Queers are going backwards (to the closets of the 1950s), going back in the closet and trying to pretend to be straight and calling themselves bi, when they’re lying about their sexuality. (Again, I’m not talking about the genuine bi people.) Above, I crossed out the word “tolerated” as in “tolerance” for a reason. I can’t stand that word. Acceptance is the word that should be used. I’m sick and tired of hearing about “tolerance.” That’s the same as someone saying, “I’ll tolerate you.” Translation: I’ll put up with you. No, screw that! I want you to accept me for who I am. Not tolerate me. So when I hear people (including corporatist politicians; Obama was the last one I heard say it) talk about “tolerance” for decades, what they should be talking about is acceptance, and get on with it! Chau.—el barrio rosa


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