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“So Pelosi has a plan, huh?”

Hola a todos. Reading between the lines, USians will allow what’s going to happen to the US to happen, in part, because they will remain rutted in their stagnant “Democratic” and Republican brainwashed cults, which are like religions to them. Yet some damn fools say in political website comment sections that it’s good that Nancy Pelosi (of the US House of Representatives) is waiting on impeachment until the “Democrats” control the House and Senate. That’s not at all what she’s doing. What drugs are these gullible and naïve wishful-thinking fools on? I’ve been hearing that same tripe for the last 18 years. Since 2000. The “Democrats” could have every seat in the House and Senate and impeachment would not happen. Period. They would continue to enable the current White House resident (the Orange Bully) as they’ve already been doing. Should they gain any seats in the 2018 midterm — which they don’t at all deserve to be rewarded with because of their prior pathetic performance — then you’ll hear them say: “It’s too close to the end of his term for impeachment. Let the voters ‘impeach him’ when he’s up for “re-election.” The useless “Democrats” always have some fucking lame excuse. Then he’ll get back in through the same rigged, corrupt, sham of a voting system that put him in in the first place, and the “Democrats” will proceed to give him pretty much anything he wants, just as they did for illegitimate George W Bush. But some brainwashed partisans love to live in their wishful-thinking, delusional denial. There’s no way to fix that, just as there’s no way to fix stupid (which often includes the same idiots I should add). “Democrat” Pelosi is just as much an enabler as any Republican, with both political cults working for their corporate owners, the Military Industrial Complex, et al. Chau.—el barrio rosa