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Straight couple leaves gay bar and begins make-out session

Hola a todos. Domingo/Sunday in The Castro (San Francisco). “Breeder Sunday.” That’s the day in particular that one can see young, drunk breeder couples leaving gay bars in The Castro and making out on the sidewalk in front of the bar. It’s an odd sight to see. I didn’t think I’d ever see breeders walking out of gay bars and making out below Rainbow Flags and with the bouncer of the gay bar watching them and probably thinking: WTF?, and of course the breeder couple seem absolutely oblivious to anyone watching them, as usual. A casual observer might ask: Why didn’t they go to a straight bar? Yeah, why didn’t they? Are breeder bars in short supply these days in San Francisco? No, not at all.

I guess I need to put up a note for myself as reminder: If you must go into The Castro on Domingo, keep in mind it’s “Breeder Sunday.” For some reason, I forgot that yesterday. Don’t know why.

I saw several breeder couples walking around The Castro holding hands and shoving their breeder sexuality in our faces, although my very reliable gaydar told me that the guy in most of the male/female couples I saw was a Queer boy (a closet case), as usual. I wonder how it feels being in the closet in The Castro? As a closet case, how does it feel when you see other “out and proud” Queer boys? How does it feel when you see some “out and proud” Queer couples walking together and holding hands in some cases? Is the closet case guy in these breeder couples over here trying to get the courage to finally come out of the closet while he holds her hand and she calls him “honey?”

Someone might say, “well maybe the couple you saw leaving the gay bar was bisexual.” Maybe. They could have been, but why would a bisexual person go to a gay bar to pick up a female? Why did she go to a gay bar to pick up a guy? That seems ass-backwards. If they are bi, both of these people could have had their bisexual needs met in a straight bar since apparently he was looking for a female and she was looking for a guy. That’s why straight bars exist. Just seems damn odd one would go to a gay bar looking for a straight/breeder arrangement and then stepping outside and nearly fucking on the sidewalk. But that’s what one sees in these loco days.

Breeders coming out of gay bars and making out on the sidewalk was something I never saw during the Gay Mecca days. That just did not happen. But these days, because there has got to be something in the agua/water making many people loco/crazy, one can see drunk breeders leaving gay bars, especially on “Breeder Sunday.”

I don’t think I’ll ever understand why breeders go to a gay bar, if they’re not gay themselves and in the closet. I’ve heard some of the lame reasons they give for doing so.

I and the Queers I know never hung out/hang out in a straight bar or outside of one. And I have a feeling that one does not see gay couples inside straight bars, or making out inside straight bars, or leaving straight bars and making out in front on the sidewalk, in part, for fear of being bullied, harassed and called anti-gay pejorative names, or even shot to death. There’s a reason straight bars exist and there’s a reason gay bars exists, yet many breeders want it all. Chau.—el barrio rosa