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The Millennials: The Generation with a Dress Code

Hola a todos. I can’t think of any generation that’s had a dress code with required colours, can you? The Millennial Zombies are one of the strangest generations of people to walk the Earth. What happened to them in their development to behave as they do? To be clear, I’m not talking about all Millennials. I’m talking about the majority of Millennials I’ve seen and had the unfortunate experience of interacting with in San Francisco.

The Millennials were born between the early 1980s and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years. From what I’ve seen of Millennials in San Francisco, the following best describes them: Vapid, lobotomised, cold, unfriendly, phone-zombies, unable to say “excuse me” or even speak in the slightest to someone they don’t know (were they also born without vocal cords?), they come without social/people skills and are adamantly conformist. They dress as if they’re part of a large cult with a very strict required dress code of wearing all black from head-to-toe, or black and grey. It’s surprising that they don’t paint their faces black or grey. Maybe none of them have thought of that. Will that be their new fad shortly? They are very afraid of colour. They look ultra-conservative, very conformist, dreary and depressed/emotionally-down in their appearance. They may have been told that they look “chic” and “modern” in all-black, but that’s just retail marketing bull shit to sell drab-looking clothes to gullible people. They may also live under the illusion that “black is slimming.” That’s a myth/head trip from the moda/fashion industry. The people I’ve seen in all-black look just as big/large in all-black as they do in any colour. I almost think people look larger in black to tell you the truth. Mi amigo/My friend said the same. With the Millennials, I’d be depressed too if I wore black and grey every day. I never wear either dreary and drab colour. From my research, some of these all-black-clothing bots consider it their “uniform” (their word) and they like that because they put on the same clothes every day. (I hope they wash them occasionally). They say that they don’t have to think about what they’re going to wear — is that really that pressing of an issue for most people? — because it’s always the same every day. Sorta of a mindless thing. That would get very monotonous and boring. Upon reflection, monotonous and boring also describes the Millennials.

I researched this but couldn’t find anything on it. I was wondering what idiot started this stupid fad that Millennial Zombies must wear two colours (black and grey) and only those colours in order to “fit in” and conform. Why is it so important to these depressed-looking phone zombies to be seen in all-black? I was just wondering who started this — or was it a word-of-mouth fad — and when did it start? Anyone know? It’s been going on for a number of years now and in conservative San Francisco today it’s pretty intense. This City used to be full of colour. But today, most people wear black and grey, even in the baking hot sun during a heat wave. With Millennials, to them conforming is more important than any concern about having a heat stroke by wearing all black in the baking sun. Conform. Obey. Wear Black and Grey. When did the idea of being an individual become such a bad thing specifically with these Millennial Zombies? I was just wondering if anyone knows when this nonsense started and by whom? San Francisco used to be an “anything goes City.” It’s not like that now, and I speak from experience. It’s now a very judgmental and conformist City; the opposite of how it used to be. One can be not-so-subtly bullied here for wearing something other than conformist black and grey. And I speak from experience on that. That’s happened to both me and mi amigo/my friend. That’s how important it is to these shallow and superficial wealthy basura who have moved here in recent years. With the continuing invasion of breeders taking over The City and the former gay mecca (The Castro) now being a Breeder Mecca, also comes very judgmental and hateful breeders who now think they own the place. And they don’t mind letting other long time residents know what they disapprove of. They’ve come here with a sense of entitlement and arrogance, and with the intent of changing The City — as they have already done — and disrespecting our neighbourhoods and cultures and changing them to the way they want it. These self-righteous and self-entitled assholes don’t care whom they offend. I’m talking specifically about the techie dooshes and their millionaire-billionaire parasitic companies. Mi amigo said: “The more the macho jock bro straights take over, the more hate and bullying one sees and a rise in crime and that’s been the case in every place I’ve lived.” Yes, during the Gay Mecca days, this was not the case in The City. The Gay Community watched out for each other and itself. Not today. That’s all gone. Today, the Gay Community’s #1 priority is their toy: their phone. They don’t see the City they live in, or where they’re going, or a potential mugger. All they see is that screen glued to their hand nearly 24 hours a day.

The Q, the shopping network, heavily promotes black and grey clothing. In fact, that’s often pretty much all they do promote. Countless times I’ve walked by my television and said to myself, “drab black and grey.” And their over-sized female show hosts look just as big in all-black as they do in any other colour they wear on the odd occasion. Along with their mortuary-grey with white trim set, most of the clothes they sell are all-black or black and grey. The dominant colours worn by their show hosts and guests are all-black (head-to-toe) or black and grey. I’d say the ratio is about 90% black and grey and 10% beautiful colours. In fact, one of their guy show hosts was on yesterday. I’ve never seen him in all-black, but he was wearing all-black yesterday. Black pants and a black shirt. Just got back from a traditional funeral perhaps or headed to one after work? Mi amigo/My friend pointed out that all-black clothing fuzzes out their cameras and depending upon the design of the clothes (narrow black and white stripes particularly), the cameras create a zebra effect which can give the viewer a false impression that there’s a rainbow effect in the clothing item they’re selling at the time. In other words, even expensive network cameras have trouble with all-black or black and white stripes.

I’ve also noticed that some older people — including senior citizens — have adopted this funeral-black/mortuary-grey clothing get-up, presumably to “fit in” with the conformist herd. But overall, older people — who are more secure with themselves? — seem to enjoy wearing pretty colour.

If someone happens to know the answer to my questions, leave a friendly comment, por favor. Gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa

Oh and by the way: To the stupid Millennials (pedestrians and cyclists): How do you morons expect to be seen by motorists and the intelligent and respectful cyclists out there in your all-black or black and grey clothing get-up at night with no reflective clothing on you or any lights on your body? Get a clue: Black and grey do not show up at night, assholes, even with street lights. Are you that stupid that you don’t know that? Again, conforming is more important to these insecure jerks than their safety. Loco./Loca. And I suspect you’ll be shocked and wonder “why?” when your ass gets hit by a car or a cyclist because no one can see your ass.

As I’ve often said, there has got to be something in the water in the US and worldwide to cause all the insanity, stupidity and stupid people we’re seeing, especially here in The Cesspool/the US/los Estados Unidos. I recently learned there is something in the water and speaks to the insanity we’re seeing. The (drinking) water worldwide is contaminated with plastics as well as pharmaceuticals from people’s bodies. Check this out:

Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals
Exclusive: Tests show billions of people globally are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles, with 83% of samples found to be polluted. We are living on a plastic planet. What does it mean for our health?

Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic, studies show