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The Tombstone on the Grave of the US Gay Community reads:

Birth of Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement: May 1959 with the Cooper’s Donuts Riot in Los Ángeles. (Earliest recorded activism by Queers, mainly gay guys, trans individuals and Drag Queens. Cooper’s Donuts was a popular gay meeting place).
Death of Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement: June 2015.

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Hola a todos. Can you image the now-dead so-called “gay community” rioting about anything today here in 2019? I’m afraid I can’t. Or even just protesting something like the end of gay marriage? Or do they even care about that now? They have become quite the conservative conformist Establishment boot lickers. However, if PrEP were to be discontinued, that would be another story. Or if their phones went dark one would see a worldwide meltdown. And by the way, I went into Wikipedia to research some things for this article, and the revisionist history “LGBT” corporatists had already struck there too. As I had noticed before, they seem to have used a robot to change the language to “LGBT” on every site on the internet even changing the language in gay historical archives. Yes, on Wikipedia, they referred to “LGBT” in 1959. That is incorrect. That is a lie. It is revisionist history. I know that lying is “in” today but in 1959, it was not called “LGBT.” It was called “GLBT(Q)” as in Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement. Brand “LGBT”(TM) is the more recent — in historical perspective — dishonest revisionist history I’ve written so much about where self-entitled and self-absorbed lesbians hijacked our Movement, and moved themselves to first place in that silly “LGBT” acronym trying to take credit for work they didn’t do, and gay men are so busy looking at their phones comparing one dick to another that they didn’t even notice that lesbians had hijacked our Movement, nor do they care, seemingly about anything! It has nothing to do with them, they think. Lesbians did not lead the Movement as “LGBT” implies. Gay guys did along with trans individuals. Today’s priorities for most gay guys are: Phone, dick size (usually indicated in internet inches), partying with meth and other drugs and endless sex dates with or without PrEP.

This is a belated obituary. It seems that unfortunately no one thought to write an obituary for the expired-deceased “Gay Community” in the US. How thoughtless of people. I guess they were too busy conforming and “assimilating” following the Decree for us Queers to “Assimilate with the straights/breeders” issued by those busy-bodied heteronormative corporatists after gay marriage became legal here in The Cesspool/the US. Either that or they wanted to forget about The Movement altogether, and an obituary would acknowledge that The Movement had existed to begin with. So, skip that.

Someone may be asking, “What do you mean that the US gay community is dead? How can you say that?” Well let me ask you: Assuming one has been paying close attention since gay marriage became legal, what have you seen happen with and to the so-called “gay community” (whatever that means today, not much) since gay marriage became legal in the US on June 26, 2015? Some of our little local group of Queers here in San Francisco have reported to me that they’ve had people ask them, “What’s up with the Gay Rights Movement? I can’t remember seeing anything about it since gay marriage became legal.” Yes. It would appear to be dead — just like the anti-war movement — and this obituary article addresses that.

Interestingly, I read this blurb while writing another article recently about Gay Wedding Ring Deception. Here’s what I read:

“Marriage equality was widely regarded as the last frontier for gay-rights activists.” [Source]. That’s the first time I have read that anywhere. Ah hah! So it wasn’t my imagination that gay marriage becoming legal in the US was oddly the end of the Movement when I wrote this article: What was the ultimate goal of the Gay Rights Movement?

There’s been nothing since even though many problems still exists for the so-called “gay community” (whatever that means now; there’s absolutely no feel or sense of community whatsoever).

Therefore, I thought I would write an obituary for the now-deceased US gay community, which follows:

The US gay community came to a sudden, unexpected and tragic ending the evening of June 26, 2015 when the announcement was made that the US Supreme Court had legalised marriage equality allowing Queers to marry. Who knew that this was the last goal of the Movement? I remember that night rather well. Queers poured into Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco’s Castro to celebrate. During one of the syrupy speeches where the speakers spoke as if they were talking to children, we were given the Decree to “Assimilate with the straights.” WTF? Unfortunately, the majority of Queers misinterpreted that Decree and what it meant. I didn’t like the sound of that Decree when I heard it as I had always been as “assimilated” with the breeders as I cared to be. I’ve never held the breeders up as any model on how I should live my life. But nevertheless, from that night on to today, the majority of Queers like a bunch of sheeple engaged in some or all of the following (strange) behaviour as if having flipped out as a result of being able to get married legally:

1. By becoming the opposite of who and what they were as a Queer person. During The Movement, most Queers were “proudly radical and alternative.” Today? The opposite: Nothing “proudly radical and alternative” here. They appear to be mostly conservative and we’ve seen that in San Francisco’s Castro, especially with the conservative homeowner basura who have helped to sanitise The Castro. Who knew that they wanted to turn The Castro into another breeder Marina district?

Note about this: Based on their behaviour and decisions since gay marriage became legal in the US and the Decree for “Assimilation with the straight” was issued, it appears that many Queers deep down wanted to be straight or at least pretend to be. It’s just that they have a problem with females “below the belt” as I’ve heard it spoken about. Rarely do they speak about a female’s erratic emotions and drastic mood swings. Speaking about that doesn’t usually come until after one has been in a relationship with a female to experience that.

2. By wearing one’s Queer wedding ring on the “breeder finger” (the same hand as the breeders – left hand fourth finger) rather than on the “Queer finger” (right hand fourth finger – Related: Gay Wedding Ring Deception. To many breeders your relationship is not the same as theirs.) One would have hoped that most Queers would have upheld the time-honoured Queer tradition which goes back to at least circa 1983-85 in Europe — and whether symbolic or legally married — of wearing one’s wedding ring on the right-hand fourth finger.

3. By going back in the closet and referring to oneself as “discreet” and “down low,” which is the opposite of “Out and Proud.” The latter had been the slogan during the Movement.

A note about this: When one is a minority (Queer) in a majority of breeders and told to “fit in” with them and “conform” (“assimilate”) many Queer people have subsequently gone back in the closet to “blend in” with the breeders. That’s partly why this corporatist Decree to “Assimilate with the straights” was so terribly misguided.

4. By adopting a toxic masculinity — in many cases — to be like the macho breeder jock bros that one sees posing to check out their macho stance and dropping weights in gyms, and behaving like an obnoxious jock bro elsewhere (Related: We Need To Talk About Toxic Gay Masculinity, as well as this article: Why some gay men should worry more about their maturity than their masculinity, and of course the same thing can be said about the breeder/straight guys. It’s not just some gay guys who have a maturity problem).

5. By becoming corporate sports jocks to mirror the behaviour of obnoxious jock breeder guys who were moving into and taking over gay areas. Also, by frequenting “gay sports bars” whose clientele more resembled “discreet” and “down low” closet cases with some talking about “banging chicks” to emulate breeder bros.

A note about this behaviour: Historically, there have always been a few Queers into (corporate) sports although I never knew of any, but nothing like the number of gay guys (mostly) that I’m talking about here where it’s become this silly fad to be into corporate sports teams and hear male grunting sounds and roars coming from gay bars in The Castro the night that “the game” is on to hear cheer leading for a local corporate sports team. Why all excited about corporate sports teams owned by millionaires/billionaires? The original Movement was anti-corporate! Just because the corporate sports team has a “Gay Day” once a year to exploit Queer$ for their dinero/money? Never mind the anti-gay jokes made in locker rooms following the games. This has been strange behaviour to observe since historically and to this day it was and still is the jocks who bully gay guys in sports and on playgrounds. So why would gay guys take on this personae? This is what our Movement worked decades for? Insanity. What makes one a jock today? Wearing a baseball cap. That’s it. All you have to do is to wear a baseball cap and you’re automatically a jock whether you’re with “a girl” and in the closet and pretending to be straight or not. You don’t need to do any exercise or work-out. Also, with many if not most (closet case) gay jocks they have taken on this US nationalistic, pro-military, pro-gun, redneck, white pride personae. As I said, the opposite of who they were as people before gay marriage became legal and the Decree to “Assimilate with the straights” was issued.

Is this what those busy-bodied, extremely-short-sighted idiots at those elitist Queer organisations who issued that Decree expected to happen? Insanity.

6. By their widespread use of the word “bi” in gay guy’s personal sex ads with most gay guys abandoning the word “gay” (not wanting to be seen as “gay” because of negative cultural stereotypes with the word?) or even as GWM (Gay White Male) or GM (Gay Male) to describe oneself. Instead, most gay guys label themselves as bi even though most have no sexual interest in women because they’re gay.

A note about this: One cannot convince me that the so-called “gay community” became the “bi community” en masse almost overnight, because human sexuality doesn’t work that way en masse. Note: I’m not talking about genuine bisexual people here. I’m talking about the gay guys who are lying, the frauds who are referring to themselves as “bi” because they think that makes them sound more “manly” and “macho” and “jock” and closer to being straight because genuine bi guys also fuck pussy. And according to some with their toxic masculinity: “fucking pussy makes one a ‘real man’.” (roll eyes)

7. By abandoning Rainbow Flag colours and dressing like the monochrome conformist Millennial breeders who seem to be absolutely terrified of any colour. Instead, they wear depressed funeral colours of all-black and or casket-grey accompanied by a depressed facial expression. (I’d be depressed too if I had to wear black and grey every fucking day of the year to “Assimilate with the breeders”). Fuck the breeders.

8. By getting a girlfriend and or wife and begin breeding (Related: More back to the 1950s: Gay guys marrying females in droves. Sad.) Or by getting a wing woman (closet case)

9. By removing earrings because most breeder guys don’t wear earrings.

10. By growing a breeder hipster beard since “real men” have beards “for eating pussy.”

11. By adopting heteronormative back-in-the-closet behaviour: Pretending to now be straight (back in the closet) and holding hands and making out with females at Castro/Market under the giant Rainbow Flag, at 18th and Castro or along Market Street after frequenting the “gay gym” for years.

12. By talking with another jock bro about one’s wife or girlfriend that you’re trying to get pregnant while working out at The Castro (gay) gym.

Note: Script writers couldn’t dream this shit up, but all of this is true and what we’ve seen here in San Francisco’s flipped-out Castro.

13. By erasing and or pretending that the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement never existed

14. By adopting a prudish mindset and hating on the few naked guys in The Castro’s Jane Warner Plaza using the conservative breeder excuse of “What about the children?” That excuse is only used when it comes to nudity and body image issues. Any other time they don’t give a fuck about “the children.” In fact, they support politicians who vote to cut or end programmes to help children’s lives. Their blatant hypocrisy is noted.

15. By adopting the worst traits of Republican conservative breeders while “identifying” as a Democrat.

16. By using the word “identify” to describe one’s sexuality rather than just saying, “I’ve always been gay” instead of “I identify as gay” which implies one can change one’s sexuality on the whim depending upon the day, which the far-right will be delighted to hear since they have long held the view that “being gay is a choice.” I’m seeing more and more of this “identify” shit. What conservative corporatist dreamed of that “identify” nonsense?

17. By the unspoken but perceived widespread thinking that “It’s now bad to be gay.” So pretend to be straight to “Assimilate with the breeders.”

18. By putting all of one’s personal Rainbow Flags back in closet, often with the person, as if ashamed of them.

19. By showing no Queer symbols on one’s person so that another Queer person can easily spot another Queer person. No, those symbols are gone, back in the closet.

20. By supporting conservative draconian politicians who charade as “a moderate” with a “D” next to their name, such as that awful Scott Penis who is directly responsible for helping to ruin/sanitise San Francisco’s Castro.

21. By joining and or supporting the US Military Industrial Complex (Related: Why do Queers want to kill other Queers ? and What do I think about the transgender ban in the US Military?

22. By supporting militaristic US White House residents.

23. By supporting their messiah pro-Establishment politician Obama instead of a transgender activist (Related: Obama and the Transgender Activist.

A word about that: I observed the corporatist Obamabots refusing to support the trans activist in this gathering in the White House. Instead they served as boot lickers for their saviour Obama. Rather disgusting behaviour. It was yet another indicator to me that the so-called “gay community” had completely lost themselves and were now mainstream pro-Establishment brainwashed-partisan corporatists. They had become the exact opposite of who they were. Disgusting and pathetic.

24. By welcoming the US Military Industrial Complex to “SF Pride” (Related: San Francisco GLBTQs celebrate the US Military Industrial Complex).

Note that it’s called “SF Pride.” What happened to the word Gay or Gay and Lesbian, as in “SF Gay Pride?” That was removed too to sanitise the event. To cater to the corporations wanting to exploit Queers for their money by sponsoring this corporate party and or the (bigoted?) breeders who aren’t quite comfortable with going to an event with the word “gay” attached to it? “SF Pride” sounds like an event for those people who have pride in the City and County of San Francisco, having nothing to do with Queers.

25. By falsely crediting “marriage is between a man and a woman” Obama for gay marriage (Related: Is Obama Responsible For Gay Marriage?).

26. By wearing US Flag and US military shirts (“Army” or “Navy”).

27. By becoming conservative prudes like the breeders.

28. By welcoming anti-Queer breeders and their children to San Francisco’s Castro.

29. By abandoning all activism. During the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, the gay community was at the forefront of nearly any injustice that I can think of and leading protests against said injustice. The Gay Mecca Castro was part of this. Our metro would be packed with gay boys going to one protest or another carrying their homemade protest signs. But I remember when this all changed drastically. I went to a protest with mi amigo/my friend and after the protest we walked down Castro Street. We were mocked and verbally assaulted for our protest signs. Neither of us could believe what we were hearing from a group of young guys near 18th and Castro. We walked away from them feeling like we had just been assaulted by the far-right. It was that day and that moment that we realised how much The Castro had changed and become very conservative. This was probably around 2010 if I’m remembering correctly. It was years ago in other words and it’s only become more conservative since. If the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement were alive today, Queers would be leading the Movement against what is currently happening in Venezuela with an attempted US coup where the neocon basura in the White House claim they are not the “policeman of the world” when it comes to Syria, but when it comes to Venezuela it’s another story. Fucking hypocrites. Watch out for a “regime change” in Venezuela from The Cesspool in the phony name of “bringing democracy” when we don’t even have fucking democracy in our own country! It really saddens me to see what’s happening in Caracas. The gay community would be out in the streets protesting this injustice. But today, they only thing they’re leading is the herd of cold, lobotomised phone zombies without any verbal social skills who don’t seem to care or give a fuck about anything, with few exceptions.

If all of the above didn’t strike you as being part of the Century of Insanity with Queers completely flipping out and giving themselves a complete “reality show” type make-over, then there’s this:

30. What are straights doing in gay bars? WTF? You can’t make this shit up! I’m not aware of any gay guys going to straight bars to “pick up a chick” but considering the insane state of things, I suspect there are some doing that. I have heard about “straight-looking” lesbians going to straight bars to try to pick up females, but in The Castro we’ve seen no shortage of straight guys going to gay bars. WHY? Most of the bars in San Francisco are straight bars, so why are they going to a gay bar? Can’t gay guys have a bar to themselves where they can pick up somebody without the fear of it being a straight guy they’re approaching/interested in who might unfortunately give them “breeder attitude” as well as “why are you trying to pick me up, faggot?” and who potentially has violent tendencies towards Queer people? Maybe that’s why they’re there. Hoping to get a fight going with a gay guy. If not, why the fuck are straights guy in gay bars? Insanity.

31. And despite the desperate desire to “assimilate” with the straights, how can one be (fully) “assimilated” when one has this ludicrously long train of letters for their group which looks more like a brand name than anything else. It almost resembles some barcodes. I’m speaking of that revisionist-history Brand “LGBT” bull shit which the corporatist conformists sheeple dutifully use in lockstep. Although the official acronym is this rubbish: The official acronym is now: LGBTQQICAPF2K+. Straights are just called “straights” or “breeders.” They don’t have any long strings of letters. Why do Queers need all of these fucking letters? They don’t represent me; I use Queer or Gay. (Related: Lea DeLaria: The LGBTQIA+ acronym is divisive).

32. It certainly hasn’t helped matters that gay areas/gay meccas of major US cities have been taken over by wealthy breeders with their screaming children and fleets of baby strollers, as has been the case with at least three: Chelsea in Manhattan, West Hollywood and The Castro in San Francisco with the complicity of the greedy Real Estate Industrial Complex and all to the delight of conservatives who have long-despised gay areas of cities. (Related: Chelsea: The Death of a Gay Neighborhood, Murdered by Neo-Hetero-Homophobes). The conservatives have described gay areas of cities as being “segregated.” Oh here we go again with more, “Assimilate with the (bigoted and prejudiced) breeders” nonsense. That’s the same rubbish we heard here in San Francisco when the conservatives began sanitising The Castro. Their theme was:
“Gay people can live anywhere now.”
“Gay people can live anywhere,” except in New York City
“Gay people can live anywhere”—Brand LGBT(TM)
The Illusion That Gay People Can Live Anywhere
“Gay People Can Live Anywhere?”
“Gay People Can Live Anywhere? Gay Is Now Mainstream?”
Can gay people live anywhere today?
His shirt said, “Fuck you, homo.” (San Francisco’s Castro)
Gay guys are not equal
Do these conservative assholes not know that there are many places in the US where the breeders and probably some closet cases — such as those fucked-up-in-the-head Log Cabin Republicans — don’t want to see gay guys kissing? (Related: They didn’t like “the gay kiss.”) Ironically, these same conservative bigots/trash never whinge about the breeder “segregated” areas of cities known as (“segregated”) Chinatown or (“segregated”) Japantown or (“segregated”) Little Italy, or other ethnically “segregated” areas. In those cases, it’s “Let’s go eat some excellent Chinese food in Chinatown.” It’s only when it comes to gay areas of major cities that one hears these conservative trash say “there should be no segregation.” But of course some of these same bigots/rednecks would love to see segregation again with all-white public schools. They’re not fooling anyone here with their hypocrisy, hate, prejudices and bigotry. No, they have no problem at all with breeder/straight segregated areas of cities or towns. They only scream “segregation” when it comes to Queers having their own little area of cities and gay bars.

I think it’s accurate to say at this point that San Francisco’s Castro and Upper Market have been lost to the straights — we already know that my friend’s gym has been lost to the straights with their tough-guy/jock-bro macho acting and posing — or rather those Millennial guys who pretend to be straight (closet cases) walking around hand-in-hand or making out with a female. Yeah, some of these guys check out other guys (with big smiles) while holding her hand until she gives him a stern elbow in his ribs for looking at another guy. Clearly they have a beautiful relationship! [sarcasm intended] We often wondered why these so-called “straight” couples chose to move to one of the most expensive areas of San Francisco. So he could be in the former Gay Mecca and hook up with some of the remaining gay boys still here? Note to females with these closet case guys: You cannot control your guy’s genuine gay sexuality no matter what you do or how hard you try. You might consider coming out of denial that he’s gay. There are many gay guys with females going through the charade that their family expected them to do. And he’s likely with you because his family expects him to be with a girl. It’s part of society’s Breeder Brainwashing and he’s too insecure with himself to rebel against that and be with a guy and out of the closet. I guess his Millennial generation will have to start the Gay and Lesbian Out-of-the-Closet Movement all over again at some point. But anyway, mi amigo and I walked parts of Upper Market on a recent Saturday early evening. When we started our walk he said, “At this time of day, you won’t see any hand-holding.” He meant breeder couples walking and hand-holding. Unfortunately he was wrong. That is all that we saw no matter where we went. We didn’t see on gay couple the entire time. One straight Millennial hand-holding couple after the other walking down to The Castro. They were all him-tall/her-short (looked like father and daughter), except for one breeder couple who from a distance looked like a lesbian couple, but they were the same height and him and her. I said: It’s odd that they chose this area as opposed to North Beach, the Marina, Nob Hill, Russian Hill or any other area of San Francisco. Mi amigo said, “Yeah, especially when the housing prices are the highest in Castro/Upper Market. So they deliberately moved to this area for a reason. Was it to change it and make it entirely straight or are some of them closet cases?” Yes, that’s the same question that has come up many times. Why would they move to the most expensive area of The City with the history of being a now-former Gay Mecca? Closet case so-called “straight” guys enjoy making out with girls under Rainbow Flags I guess.

Finally, on the topic of the death of the so-called “gay community” (whatever that means) particularly here in San Francisco, I asked mi amigo how his morning was at his gym. He said the New Years Resolutioners are still there only on the weekends but quickly leaving. There was one older gay couple there. Just One. Everyone (literally) at the gym was wearing all-black, grey or white. No colour at all. Absolute conservative conformity. Most were in solid-black. Depressed people? When he first arrived in The Castro, there was a gay couple standing at Castro and Market. But when he left the gym, the neighbourhood had completely changed to all-breeders. He watched a parade of breeders pushing baby strollers headed to The Castro to show off their babies. The Castro is interested in seeing your baby? As some of the Queers in our little local group of Queers say: “If you’ve seen one baby, you’ve pretty much seen them all.” What’s the big deal about breeding? Mosquitoes can breed! He saw a total of about 10 babies, mostly in baby strollers but a few babies being worn in the incorrect facing-out position which is not good for the child as that article explains. (Idiot parents, who apparently don’t do any research while on that phone they’re addicted to).

I’ve written about the following phenomenon before, but in The Castro (and it’s still true). Of the few remaining Queers still here, generally speaking they appear in public at a different time than the breeders. As if the Queers are on one schedule for being out and about and the breeders are on another as was the case the other night when we were in The Castro. It was mostly Queer and gay boy couples of the people walking about. Very few breeders. But if you’re in The Castro in the early mornings especially on weekends, it’s Breeder’s Central. So I remarked to mi amigo how the two different shifts for breeders versus Queers seems to still be in effect, and that’s when it can on occasion feel more like the Old City of the former Gay Mecca, to some degree. But still, considering all that, to our little local group of Queers, most of us say that it seems that most Queers are back in the closet today and what I’ve written here applies, and some of them contributed to the list above.

And because the “gay community” is dead in the US, very few care or have the ability to care about any of this. They are “like whatever.” Yawn. The conservatives love what has happened; they’ve wanted this for decades. They’ve often said, “the gay community needs to grow up.” That was code language for: The “gay community” needs to become conservative. And that’s what has happened regardless of the political party affiliation one has been brainwashed with. The conservatives will tell me, “You’re living in the past.” Well, anyone who knows me well knows that I very much live in the present while remembering the past so as to not repeat some of the bad things from the past, which I have indeed seen happen since the Decree for “Assimilation with the straights” was issued back in 2015.

And now, if you would like to add to this list, during the commenting period you can do so in the comments, por favor/please. Gracias. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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