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The US flag protects a diversity of opinion? Wrong.

Hola a todos. I don’t pay any attention to sports, so I wasn’t aware that some corporate, major league sports players were still kneeling during the US national anthem. Good for them! I thought that had stopped. I’m assuming readers know what I’m talking about.

You may remember that El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man called the white supremacists in Charlottesville (Virginia) who killed an innocent woman, “very fine people.” But he called these Black athletes who are kneeling in protest on sports field during the national anthem, “sons of bitches.” He’s so very “presidential,” isn’t he? [sarcasm intended]. And recently, at least one white player (Bruce Maxwell from Oakland) joined the Black players in protest. Good for him!

What prompted this article was that the Editorial Board of one of the major corporate US East Coast news sites wrote an article titled: “This is what the flag stands for, mr president.” They had “mr president” in initial caps. I have it in all lower case to denote a complete lack of respect for the current occupant of la casa blanca/the white house. I wish this Editorial Board had done some very basic research before writing their article because they exposed their ignorance. A bit surprising that an Editorial Board of a major corporate site would be so ignorant about the US Constitution. Although these days, I guess one should not expect better since stupidity and willful-ignorance are fashionable. In their article, they confused the US flag with the US Constitution. One thing they wrote was: “the real way to respect the American flag is to respect the diversity of opinion it protects.” (Related: The US is not “America”). The US flag does not protect a diversity of opinion. The US Constitution does that through the First Amendment. The US flag does not protect anything. The US flag is a piece of cloth with designs on it. It’s merely a symbol, and today the US flag represents disgusting and rampant US imperialism worldwide, the maiming and killing of innocent people worldwide, the destruction of sovereign nations, the removal of their politicians who are not in lockstep with the US neocon’s Project For The New American Century (PNAC) document/agenda, and the stealing of the natural resources of other sovereign nations, and currently, the daily bullying of el mundo/the world and its people — major league sports teams as of this writing — by an utterly incompetent, deranged and insane child in a man’s body who’s ultimate goal is to be a despot. All of this and more from this cesspool of a country, the US/los Estados Unidos, that pretends to be “a Christian nation.” Ha! The US is a nation of Christian frauds. Christian phonies. Christians in name-only. Jesus, known as the Prince of Peace, would be appalled at the Christian frauds in the US today — including D and R corporate politicians — engaged in the exact opposite of what he taught. He would also be appalled that this country claims to be “a Christian nation” while it engages in very anti-Christian policies, such as the PNAC agenda. It seems that all of these politicians and their very devout partisan supporters missed this commandment:“Thou Shalt Not Kill” while they pretend to be a Christian. And the Orange Man’s “church” is a golf course. He’s another despicable Christian fraud. And he recently bombed Libya for the first time since he’s been in office. How very Christian. The US of Hypocrisy is what this country should be called.

But back to the US flag. I wish people would/could get as worked up and emotional about the US Constitution as they do about some flag and the national anthem. But it’s so much easier for stupid (many likely illiterate) simpleton sheep to only be concerned about symbols (a flag) than all of those big words in the US Constitution. Do they even know what the US Constitution is? I suspect many, if not most, don’t. That corporate Editorial Board I mentioned earlier didn’t seem to know much about it. When the barbaric US Military Industrial Complex sends troops to kill innocent people around the world based on cooked-up lies, contrary to the usual pabulum spewed by the US Oligarchy, the troops are not “fighting for or to protect our freedoms” because our freedoms are already guaranteed in the US Constitution. No nation can attack or destroy our Constitution. Nor are the troops “fighting for democracy” because the US doesn’t give a fuck about democracy in its own country, let alone anywhere else on the planet. The US and its corrupt D and R millionaire politicians are solely concerned about their own financial interests based in corporate greed. Nor are the troops fighting for any of the other emotional, warm and fuzzy, feel-good lies and pabulum that these corrupt D and R corporate parasite politicians spew to get the gullible sheep/public to fall in line once again with yet another fraudulent scheme so that these corrupt politicians can make more millions/billions of dollars (war profiteering) off the lives of other people in other countries and the stealing of their natural resources for US Empire building and world domination (PNAC).

As for the US national anthem, why is that played at sporting events to begin with? Answer: To instill nationalism in unthinking, gullible, stupid sheep. Any moron can stand up in the stands holding a US flag or engaged in that “hand over heart” routine. Ask these fake-patriotic fools about the US Constitution and you’ll get a blank stare. “The US Constitution? What’s that?” Why is the US flag dragged out at corporate sports events covering the entire field? Purely for US military recruitment and to instill ugly nationalism in the sheeple. As I’ve written before, the US national anthem glorifies war (“bombs bursting in air, rockets red glare”) and tacky nationalism. Musically speaking, aside from beginning with an A Flat Major arpeggio, it’s poorly written making it difficult to sing because of the extreme vocal range required. By comparison, the British national anthem, “God Save the Queen,” is a much better and more dignified anthem, and it’s in hymn style. It has a much narrower vocal range. The text of “God Save the Queen” does not celebrate militarism, but rather the sovereign/monarch.

The stupid-is-in mainstream sheep attending corporate sporting events get all emotionally worked up over the national anthem standing there with their “hand over heart” nonsense, although I suspect the majority of them don’t even know most of the words. They stand and mumble it — or remain silent — while feeding their face with junk food in the stands and mindlessly chanting “USA! USA! USA!” Basura.

Consistently, it’s the weak and ignorant among us who get so wrapped up in nationalistic symbols such as the flag as well as the national anthem. Instead of flying the US flag, people should fly the US Constitution, what remains of it after the Bush and Obama regimes began shredding it. And under El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man, the shredding job on the US Constitution continues.

If must one display the US flag (again, which protects nothing including a “diversity of opinion”), it should be displayed/flown in the “nation in distress” mode — since we are clearly a nation in distress — where the flag is turned upside down. One could actually walk on, stomp on and/or burn the US flag and it would do absolutely nothing to harm this cesspool of a country.

If you want to hear a really good national anthem, here’s an arrangement below. Up above, I mentioned the British national anthem, “God Save The Queen.” (Composer Thomas Arne wrote the music). This arrangement is by the late Sir David Willcocks. He needs no introduction. He wrote this arrangement for the Royal Wedding (Charles and Diana) which comes complete with a descant on the second verse for the trebles/choir boys. Here’s the performance of that from the wedding with St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral Choir, The British State Trumpeters and the cathedral’s Great Organ. It’s a glorious arrangement, especially the second verse. The US national anthem doesn’t even compare! Chau.—el barrio rosa


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