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What do I think about the transgender ban in the US Military?

Hola a todos. Several people e-mailed me asking that question after the US Supreme Court upheld the orange despot’s transgender ban by a 5-4 vote. Queers/Trans individuals should have the same full rights as everyone else. Isn’t that a given? But it is beyond me why any Queer person (which includes trans) wants anything to do with or be in the US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine and especially under this despicable orange-despot regime. WTF is wrong with some Queers? Insanity. You don’t have to be like the breeders in every fucking way. Many if not most Queers have carried that ridiculous order to “Assimilate with the straights/breeders” to the extreme, completely losing themselves and who they are as people. Stop it, damn it! Queers enjoy killing other Queers now, do they? Is that more of that “Assimilating with the straights” dogma? (Related: Why do Queers want to kill other Queers ?) Or has that not occurred to anybody? Allow me to enlighten you: When one is in the barbaric US Military Industrial Complex Killing Machine and fires a gun at someone, you’re not necessarily killing a breeder. You could be killing or injuring another Queer person that you could instead be making love with if you two hit it off? Ever thought of that? “Make Love, Not War.” I hope you get my point. We are told that Queers make up roughly 10% of the worldwide population. That’s laughable. We all know it’s far more than that. I think it’s far higher than that because many guys — who are perceived to be straight because they are married to females with children — are closet cases. The person you’re killing or harming may be Queer, not a breeder. Ever thought of that? No, I suspect you haven’t (excluding my regular readers). So it is beyond me why trans people want anything to do with the barbaric MIC Killing Machine. Why would a trans person want to be part of that vile barbarism? I’m well aware that after the order was given to “Assimilate with the breeders” following gay marriage becoming legal here in The Cesspool/the US, that most Queers went insane for wanting to be just like the breeders including being all “Rah, Rah US military” for militarism especially when their messiah Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama was in office with his 11-12 wars (I’m sorry I lost count) that he left office with. (Related: Obama and the Transgender Activist). I watched the so-called “gay community” (whatever that means) flip out and become the opposite of who and what they were originally. So, I hope this answers the question as to how I feel about the trans ban in the MIC. As far as I’m concerned it’s a good thing. It’s too bad it doesn’t ban all Queers. After all, we Queers don’t really need to go kill anybody whether they’re straight or gay nor do we need to be involved in wars based on lies. Aren’t we better than that? We were better than that during the original Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement and before that ludicrous order to “Assimilate with the straights” was given. We were not interested in killing people at all. We were about peace and social justice. We were not about militarism or US nationalism or wearing tacky US flag shirts or military shirts (with “Army” and “Navy” written on the front) as I occasionally see some Queers wearing trying to be all “macho.”

And on another Queer-related topic, marriage equality:

Could the orange despot overturn marriage equality?
“D*nald Tr*mp had said he would “strongly consider” overturning the Supreme Court’s June 2015 decision to give same-sex couples the right to marry.”

Is there anyone reading this who thinks this can’t happen? Don’t be surprised if and when it does. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he were to do that. I’ve been expecting it. One does remember that vehemently anti-Queer P*nce is in the office of “vice president,” correct? And what would be the response from the now-dead so-called “gay community” (whatever that means) in the US of Insanity? Continued silence? Too busy on their phones? Chau.—el barrio rosa


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