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What if he tweeted and no one responded ? Give it a try.

If only the world would ignore its troll.

Hola a todos. For my own sanity, I can no longer read much news now. Or, I have to seek out news in such a way where the latest deranged tweet from the world’s septic troll won’t come up. I don’t like reading content from sick trolls.

What if he tweeted and no one responded, because the world has learned after a year of this nonsense that it’s best to consider the source and ignore, since there is absolutely nothing of value there.

Why do people keep responding to him? He’s a troll and with any other troll we are told, “Don’t feed the trolls.” So why do people keep feeding him? Giving this child in an adult body the attention he craves? Just because he’s in some position with a lofty title.

Ignore him.

His content is of two types: Angry, hostile, taunting, vile, bullying, angry finger-pointing and his signature white-power hand gesture. Or, he’s constantly pumping himself up and bragging about what a great job he’s supposedly doing, and working the exclamation marks key to its limits. He “governs” via Twi**e*. As some amigos have said recently to me: He makes Dick Cheney look like a nice guy.

Then there’s his addiction to Twi**e.* Capitalist corporate scum trash. They’re in the business of making dinero/money, and they have jumped through all kinds of ludicrous hoops and calisthenics to make lame excuses for and justify anything — no matter how vile — the world’s troll dumps on their site daily calling it “newsworthy.” I think his bowel movements are “newsworthy” to them, no? (roll eyes). Obviously, that useless techie company has no $tandard$ or ethic$ whatsoever. It’s all about dinero/money to them. I’ve read that the international troll is worth $2BILLION-USD to them. I don’t understand that and how they conclude that, but that says it all. In the last year, the world troll’s has revived their dying company and the Millennial techie trash CEO — who wears nothing but all-black every time I see him (what funeral is he waiting to go to?) — couldn’t be happier that the world’s troll takes daily dumps on his site. And if Twi**e* is now doing so splendidly, then end their corporate welfare now (their tax breaks) from The City and County of San Francisco. Techie trash.

As of this writing, the world’s troll is now bullying/taunting Iran, and warning “The world is watching.”

The nerve! The world is watching your cesspool of a country too, asshole. Mind your own goddamned business. Leave Iran alone. They have their own problems. Every day the international troll is bullying somebody around the world in need of attention and constant dysfunction.

Then there’s his adolescent attempt to brag about the size of his nuclear button and how it’s so much bigger than the one held by the leader of another nation. “My penis is bigger than yours” is what that amounts to. That’s the juvenile mentality level we’re dealing with here. In reality, this rogue school yard bully doesn’t possess a nuclear button on his desk. Instead the nuclear “football,” as it’s called, is held by a rotating group of military officers wherever the world’s troll goes from what I read.

The world’s bully is a sick, vile, cruel, demented, insane, narcissistic child in an adult body with a fascination for blood. This “fast-food” junkie piece of trash has no built-in barometer/gauge for what is considered remotely acceptable. This troll is an international embarrassment. Therefore, why would the world respond to a piece of trash like that? If it were anyone else, the troll would be ignored and banned from all sites. Not considered “newsworthy.” If that isn’t news-speaks. Think: 1984.

I suggest the world begin ignoring its troll. Give it a try.

Of course I don’t expect anyone to take my suggestion because too many people are making money off of him by responding to this embarrassing dunce. Such as late night (partisan) comedian$ and all the material they get from him, journalist$ analysing his content and pointing out all his lie$ and disinformation, as well as new$ website$. No, unfortunately, most people will continue to respond to him and give him all the attention he desperately craves and needs to stroke his enormously sick ego. Chau.—el barrio rosa