Tearing down Walls. No Wall at the US border.

Hola a todos. I have an idea: I suggest that el niño en la casa blanca/the boy in the White House who is rabidly obsessed with a wall at the southern border try to find one adult in his repugnant regime and have that adult start a GoFundMe account in a serious attempt1 for like-minded basura to contribute to for building “his wall” at the southern border of the US. The basura who want a wall at la frontera/the border between los Estados Unidos/the US and México should pay for the wall themselves. And based on how much dinero/money they collect, that will be an indicator of how many people really want this wall.

We should be tearing down walls, not building walls to divide people.

One of the most basic human rights that a person should have is to live where they want to live on Planet Earth regardless of where one was born — which one has no control over — and regardless of arbitrary geographic nationalistic boundaries.

With the proposed wall at la frontera, it has nothing to do with so-called “terrrrrrrrrrrrsts” (terrorists) or “national security.” As expected, that’s once again playing the Fear CardTM to try to scare the willfully-ignorant sheeple into supporting an imaginary crises based in lies, which is all that is spoken from the lips of el niño en la casa blanca. Especially considering that the #1 bloviating, chest-beating and bullying terrorist en el mundo/in the world is currently occupying la casa blanca. He bombs innocent people while pretending to be a Christian (see He goes to the Establishment’s church, but I thought he was anti-Establishment?). He has children dying in his concentration camps at the border and thinks nothing of it while pretending to be a Christian. He bullies or makes deranged comments to someone in the world on a daily basis while pretending to be a Christian.

If the people across the southern border were white with blond hair and blue eyes, this wall wouldn’t even be a topic. It would not even be proposed. But because the people are mostly of a brown-skin pigmentation and speak español — and his proudly-ignorant base deeply fears international languages — and the piece of basura currently starring in the role of US White House resident is a big racist/white supremacist/nazi, this wall has to do with his anti-ethnic hatred based in xenophobia and catering to his anti-ethnic base. The same goes for the trash who support him. Their hatred of brown people and their absolute disregard for women and children. He flippantly says, “Lock them up.”

One looks forward to the day when this basura is the person locked up. Although I’m not holding by breath for the right-wing “Democratic” and Republican Establishment partisan-brainwashed Cults to actually do their job and hold this basura accountable for anything. And for those who are waiting for that or expecting it to happen, I have to ask: What drugs are you on? Chau.—el barrio rosa

1 Unlike what one individual did who was found to be involved in scams and who allegedly raised $20 million for the wall construction, but now says he will build the wall himself. He believes he can build the wall for less than half of the orange despot’s estimated costs on a per mile basis.