The “Age Appropriate” Conservative Mindset

Hola a todos. Years ago there was a programme on the corporate media called “Starting Over” produced by Bunim-Murray Productions. It was an excellent programme — very emotionally intense at times due to the nature of the programme — for helping women improve/change their lives to some degree. I missed the first season based in Chicago. For the second season, the Starting Over House was moved to the Hollywood Hills where production rented a beautiful house with a view of the Los Ángeles Basin and downtown. I partly watched SO for the scenery, views and the music they used, including the theme music which was quite nice/tasteful. It was for that season that production brought in a new life coach, Iyanla Vanzant, for the women living in the house. I enjoyed Iyanla very much and looked forward to her segments. She had a down-home jive personality, and one never knew what Iyanla was going to say. She was usually diplomatic but sometimes could be blunt, which was needed at the time. Well, in coaching some of the women assigned to her, she brought up that some of them did not dress “age appropriate.” It’s one thing I disagreed with Iyanla on, because the bottom line was that the conservative “age appropriate” way of thinking makes a woman (or a guy) look more conservative in their dress. The same goes for those make-overs I’ve seen on some corporate media shows when I was watching television. There was never a make-over where a female or a guy turned out more “rad” looking. Never. Ever. That did not happen. A make-over always “dressed them up” and with a very different (conservative) hairstyle. If anything, the person started out “rad”/casual-looking and ended up looking conservative and rather formal. Each time I saw someone’s make-over — including in the SO House before each woman’s graduation from the house — I said to my television (while those on television were gushing over the person’s new look): S/he just looks much more conservative, that’s all. Even females that didn’t wear much or any makeup before their make-over ended up wearing lots of makeup after the make-over. Yes, let’s indoctrinate them with the cosmetics’ industry.

I’m sure some readers have heard some people say, “Should you be wearing that at your age?” I would respond: And why the hell not? What’s it to you? Nothing else going on in your pathetic life than to be concerned about what I’m wearing? Fuck off. You see, I’m of the opinion one should wear what one wants to wear regardless of one’s age. What busy-body, self-appointed authority clothing nazi dreamed up arbitrary “age appropriate” categories? So for example, if you past 30 (or 40) you must look a certain (conformist) way to “fit in” with our conformist society. That’s the mentality. You should wear nothing rad(ical)-looking. Just black, grey and/or white. Well what about if you’re not quite 30? Let’s say you’re 29. Does that gives you a year to be “radical” until you turn 30 according to these arbitrary “age appropriate” age groups? See how silly this shit is? And what about if you don’t look your age as some people don’t? Or, if you’re past 60 you must conform and “look like a senior citizen” (whatever that means) by the clothes you wear and your hair style. Does that mean that a senior citizen should not look like superb classical violinist Nigel Kennedy for example? (Nigel is 62 — he was born in 1956 — as of this writing and he looks superbly “rad” by comparison). But instead, if one is a “senior” one must look like, oh, Jed Clampett, for example, or Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies? Nonsense. Fuck off. I say wear what you goddamn want to wear! Look the way you want to look regardless of your age. Who appointed these conformist conservative idiots as clothing nazis? I won’t have it!

As I’m writing this, I glanced out my window and saw drab Millennials walking by. They always look the same as if they were poured out of a mold in some factory. He was in a black sweater and grey jeans. Anorexic-looking her was in a grey sweater and black jeans. Obviously, they absolutely adore beautiful colours. One wonders whose funeral were they headed to? The third person with them was in tan colours and carrying a tan and orange coat. At least there was some colour with one of them. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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