The Benefits of San Francisco changing from Gay to Straight

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A San Francisco resident

The other night I was reading pink barrio and rosa barrio wrote: It’s good that rape is no longer a concern in San Francisco considering the number of females walking around the city at any hour of the night alone in dark places and unaware of their surroundings, hunched over engaged in their stupidphone addiction.

I live in Upper Market. The other night at a dangerous, busy intersection in Upper Market at around 10:30pm I saw a young woman crossing that intersection without ever looking up. She was on her phone. She proceeded towards The Haight and there’s a dark garden in that area she walked through where a mugger could have been hiding. She didn’t take her eyes off her screen. Her phone was more important to her than her safety.

I thought I would tell you some facts I’ve found out in recent days according to an article I read. The article was from the end of 2014 titled “San Francisco sees sharp rise in property and violent crimes.” The article talked about the big gap between the rich and poor in San Francisco. It pointed out that the increase in crime in the city is due to the tech boom, which is mostly heterosexuals.

In San Francisco, the number of rapes that were reported were up by 47%; the number of aggravated assaults rose by 23%. Robberies are up 18%.

The top 5% have an average income of $350,000. 23% of the population of San Francisco is at poverty levels. They call this a tale of two cities.

The point rosa barrio was making was about rape. I never heard or knew that rape was a major concern in the Gay Mecca San Francisco before the days that tech took over the city with the help of their mayor. Now that the Gay Mecca is quickly disappearing and heterosexuals are flooding the city because of tech, it’s interesting that rape is up by 47%. What does that tell you?

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  1. SF-Resident

    “the number of rapes that were reported were up by 47%”

    Be interesting to know how many rapes were not reported? Too bad we have no way of knowing that number. Do women stay on their phones while they’re being raped? I remember reading a news story about a woman on her phone who wasn’t watching where she was going and she fell into a pool. When they pulled her out her phone was still in her hand. She wasn’t about to let that phone go even though she could have drowned. These phones are making for an insane society.

    1. castro local

      tech has reeked havoc on this city. as for the “stupidphone” addiction, people can’t do anything without them. they don’t use their brain for anything anymore. it’s all relegated to that phone in their hand. some addicts have two phones they use at the same time. i’ve seen that here in the castro. some people attach two phones together so there’s a screen on each side. what the hell do they need that for? that phone has become a person’s identity. it’s a form of a codependency relationship. with addicts, a person’s phone becomes their best friend. co-dependents can’t stand to be alone and their phone never leaves them and especially the people who are addicted to “social media.” that’s another thing. it’s really sick.

      as for rapes being up 47% in the city,, that’s fascinating because i’ve lived here since the mid 1970s and never heard anything about rape being a problem during the gay mecca era.

  2. D8

    By those stats, tech has been wonderful for SF and the city is so much better off now with this sharp increase in crime and violence than when it was a gay mecca. All sarcasm aside, what I’ve noticed is the small town-like behavior of many people here who behave as if they’re in a crime-free small town. rosa barrio has referred to the fictional small town of Mayberry when talking about this that many residents come with that mentality.

    The impression I get is that people think their phone insulates them and isolates them from any potential danger or violence. Do they really think a mugger says, “She’s engrossed in her phone so she’s off-limits to me mugging her and raping her so let me move on to the next person?” That’s the impression I get from the phone addicts. Damned stupid.

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