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UPDATE (el 24 de marzo de 2018/24 March 2018):

Is all that above enough hype for you? I did my best to emulate the trashy corporate media — including the misspelling of Meghan’s name in the title — and thought I’d bring this pressing noticias/news to your attention. This is breath-taking stuff I’m about to report:

Are you seated before you read this? You won’t believe what I read today. Now get this. This is hot stuff. Juicy stuff. I’m just besides myself: Do you know what I read? Well, I read that Meghan Markle is whipping Prince Harry into shape! Yes! It’s true. It seems that the “lovebirds” will tie the knot in May 2018. To begin with, I can’t stand that language. What the fuck is this “knot” that they’re talking about? I would hate to be in a relationship that’s thought of as a “knot.” Where do the sheeple get this nonsense they regurgitate on cue without any thought? And it sounds like they won’t be wasting any time starting a family to start fucking, not that they haven’t already fucked probably hundreds of times by now. A white dress and all, what a joke! Now get this: Meghan has convinced Harry to stop smoking and to cut down on his alcohol consumption so that he can be the healthiest father he can be for their upcoming breeding festival. I didn’t know that Harry or The Aristocracy (Dahling) smoked. How “last year.” That was a bit surprising to read. Not concerned about throat or lung cancer? I didn’t know that any of them smoked. And I take it they haven’t read my article about The British Royal Baby Factory. Why do they have to breed at all? Why can’t they adopt and set a precedent/an example for thousands of other people? The world is already overpopulated. There’s no need to pump out more babies, “Royal” or otherwise. Every second of the day babies are born. Yet some people are still amazed by it for some reason. Humans can out-birth even mosquitoes these days. It’s nothing uncommon. Pregnancies and birthing are as common as rain, or the lack thereof.

Sigh. Every time I get out of Yah** e-mail and am thrown to their tabloid-”news” page, I keep wondering if Yah** is now owned by the British Royal Family because Yah** is absolutely obsessed/addicted with Kate Middleton who is constantly “wowing” and “stunning” in the latest frock/dress she’s put on. Then there’s gods Meghan and Harry that they’re obsessed with. I’m surprised Yah** doesn’t provide us with the latest bowel movement schedule for these people. Or do these “perfect people” have bowel movements? I mean, they’re super-human to hear Yah**’s writers constantly gushing over them, so perhaps not. The only positive thing about this is that Kate is getting a little bit less attention due to their gushing over Meghan and her latest hairstyle and how it broke royal tradition. Who the fuck cares?! Nothing else of importance going on in these shallow people’s world at Yah**, I guess. And then they keep writing this “fake-news” drivel with such authority that the Queen as temporal head of the CofE won’t be at the wedding because of the Church of England’s/Anglican Church’s view on marriage and divorced people (which applies to Meghan). Of course the Queen will be there, but who gives a fuck if she’s not? Chau.—el barrio rosa

Now on to my original article:

Why Don’t William, Kate, and Harry Adopt ?

Hola a todos. Considering the state of el mundo/the world today, only a complete idiot and/or someone in denial would bring a child into this insane world.

Yet she’s pregnant again. For the third time as of this writing. I wrote this article (but didn’t post it) sometime after Kate’s second child, Charlotte, was born because it seemed at the time that the British Royal Baby FactoryTM had suspended operations — with no plans to pump out any more babies — and that specifically the William and Kate Baby FactoryTM had been shut down, perhaps permanently, or at least temporarily. I thought maybe these perfect people discovered birth control, no?

But I read today that Kate is pregnant again with a third child despite having been urged to not have more kids.

Harry (William’s brother) calls Kate’s third pregnancy “fantastic news,” (why is that fantastic news, or is that just something to say?) although he said he hasn’t seen her in awhile, even though to my knowledge they all (except the Queen) live in the same place, Kensington Palace.

I read yesterday: “Kate Middleton and Sister Pippa Have Reportedly Made a Royal Pregnancy Pact. Could there be more than one royal baby on the way? It’s being reported that Kate Middleton and her younger sister, Pippa, want to be pregnant together.”
Oh good lord. Can this get any more ridiculous? To begin with, Pippa is not part of the Royal Family. Her sister is. So there cannot be more than one royal baby on the way. This reminds me of las chicas and their copy-cat pregnancies here in The Baby Factory known as San Francisco today.

Nearly every time I log out of e-mail, on the “news” page there is some gushing and adoring headline about the two perfect people in el mundo/the world: William and Kate, and most recently Harry and his chica, which that site is waiting with bated breath for his marriage proposal to what’s-her-name. It’s as if the writers of these articles wish The Cesspool/the US were under the British Crown. (Now granted, “God Save Our Gracious Queen,” is a far better and more dignified national anthem than that god-awful thing we have which glorifies war and ugly nationalism.) These three — that would be four with Harry’s chica — are the perfect people in the minds of the people writing these gushing headlines/articles about them. These four can do no wrong!

One headline I saw awhile back was about William talking about running a marathon and how “Kate gave the perfect response.” Well what other kind of response would one expect from a perfect person? (roll eyes).

There have been headlines about Kate’s perfect dress and how she “wow’ed” and “looked stunning.” Isn’t that wonderful. Certainly made my day.

There was a headline that read: “How Kate Middleton subtly switches up her look.” That’s important? Nothing of substance going in anyone’s life of the people who write this shallow crap?

Then there’s these important tidbits:

“Kate Middleton says Princess Charlotte is the boss of the Royal family.”

“The one change Prince William and Kate Middleton Made to Their Wedding Vows”

“Why Kate Middleton And The Royal Family Don’t Say ‘Toilet’ Or ‘Pardon’”

Fascinating, isn’t it? (roll eyes)

This is part of the reason why I can’t stand shallow and superficial US pop culture which seems to worship and adore the British Royal Family.

But it’s not just the British Royal Family, one senses that there are some in the US who want the Obamas to be our Royal Family. There was this headline: “Malia Obama Wore the PERFECT ’90s Minidress for College Move-In Day.”

Really? Does anyone care what dress she wore to move into her Ivy-league, status-symbol school for the super-wealthy.

Is “perfect” the only word that the idiots that write this basura know? They’ve never heard of a thesaurus? Search engine: “thesaurus” It’s free online. Use it.

Since we are led to believe that the Royals are perfect human being in every way and nothing is ever “out of place,” one would think they would make perfect decisions, no? Well, when William and Kate got married, I got the distinct impression from what they said that la mujer/the woman was going to be or desired to be a Baby Factory. It seems that William and Kate want at least 4 children. They already have 2 children and Kate had trouble with the first two pregnancies. Knowing that she had trouble with the first two pregnancies, I think an intelligent and allegedly-perfect person would question whether it wise to have more children, no? From what I had read last year, “they [William and Kate] hoped to be pregnant” by the holidays 2016. Obviously that didn’t happen. But another source said she was already 6 months pregnant and that was sometime ago. That wasn’t true either. I also read that the Queen allegedly doesn’t want another royal baby. Apparently they don’t care what she thinks since one is in the oven.

Of course William and Kate have been “overjoyed” by the news of the first two children. They will be “overjoyed” for all future babies that they pump out. Then comes the perfunctory “congratulations” lavished on them. I know “congratulations” is what is traditionally said by the sheeple to someone who is having a baby, but I don’t know why. Women have babies every day. Mosquitoes can breed. What’s the big deal about getting pregnant? It happens all the time, and in many cases it becomes something to regret, including the expen$e. What’s so special about these two? Oh I know they’re considered “celebrities,” and some sites follow their every move and write, “Kate Middleton wows in dress with sexy slit.” Women wear dresses with sexy slits in them somewhere all the time. A dress that some woman is wearing with a sexy slit is worthy of mention? I would like to say to the writers of these articles: Nothing else going on in your pathetic life, is it?! Why don’t guys start wearing jeans with sexy slits so we can read, “Prince William of the House of Windsor wows in jeans with sexy slit.” I just don’t get into this ridiculous US Celebrity “Culture” Worship. It’s so shallow and superficial.

Awhile back I wrote about the baby factory here in the New Conservative San Francisco: San Francisco’s Baby Explosion and The Stroller Brigades. A new city of breeders who only care about themselves. It doesn’t matter to them that el mundo/the world is already overpopulated.

If William and Kate want a brood of children (is that their goal?), they could adopt as many children as they want. Oh no, not that! Someone will scream: They can’t adopt because it would break “the blood line” of the Royal Family. Oh por favor! The “bloodline” of the Royal Family was broken centuries ago. So why is the “bloodline” important? It seems to me that adopting a child is no different than when Diana Spencer or Kate Middleton were “adopted” into the Royal Family. And isn’t this idea of a “bloodline” rather outdated?

There are many wonderful and loving children out there waiting to be adopted and who would love to be in a stable loving home. One can love an adopted child just as much as if the child were part of one’s own DNA. So if Kate hasn’t already gotten pregnant again, (scratch that) Maybe they will consider adopting in the future — although I’m not holding my breath — to contribute to the busload of children they apparently want.

Harry has made it rather clear that he’s quite bored with this Royal Family stuff, but it’s required of him, so he does what he wants to do focusing more on various social issues. He’s a very laid-back, informal guy. More like his mother, Diana. I read that he said he would prefer to be a tour guide (I believe it was) in Africa than to do this Royal Family stent.

And adoption is a social issue they could all focus on and set an example for to help change society’s thinking regarding adoption. The general public may say, “Well William and Kate adopted, maybe we should too! If it’s good enough for the Royals…” So why don’t William, Kate, and Harry (and Kate’s sister, Pippa) set the example by adopting all future children that they want? Considering who they are, their enormous wealth and their connections, they could probably have several adopted children whenever they want, bypassing the 9-month misery period of pregnancy for each child. Something to consider, although I live under no illusion that this will ever happen. No, I suspect the breeding status-quo to continue. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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In the article, I mentioned the British national anthem, “God Save The Queen.” Most arrangements of that are rather uninteresting, including the one by Sir Benjamin Britten. The one exception being the Sir David Willcocks’s arrangement he wrote for the Royal Wedding (Charles and Diana) which comes complete with a descant on the second verse for the trebles/choir boys. Here’s the performance of that from the wedding with St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral Choir, The British State Trumpeters and the cathedral’s Great Organ. It’s a glorious arrangement, although The Queen (to whom the anthem is sung) looks rather utterly bored here even though this was the first time she had heard this arrangement. Perhaps the woman has no ear for music? For those wondering why the Queen is not singing, the Queen does not sing to herself, since the anthem is to the Queen, the sovereign. Nor did the Queen Mother sing the national anthem. That should be self-explanatory. Enjoy:

Originally Published on: Sep 5, 2017 @ 7:14.

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      Thanks for that pb. It was getting really annoying. One of the reasons i come here is because I know there will be no trolls here. Hope you had a good and well deserved little break.

  2. Ina

    —–Now granted, “God Save Our Gracious Queen,” is a far better and more dignified national anthem than that god-awful thing we have which glorifies war and ugly nationalism.—-

    What’s wrong with war and nationalism, prey tell?

    Since you like their national anthem better than ours why don’t you move to New England?

    1. D8

      “Since you like their national anthem better than ours why don’t you move to New England?”

      LOL. Is that a joke or an expression of your ignorance? New England has the same national anthem as the U.S. and that’s because New England is a geographical region comprising six states of the northeastern United States: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

      Are you by chance a supporter of the Orange Man?

      1. E in Sunnyvale

        Are you by chance a supporter of the Orange Man?

        Sure looks that way. Using two names as well. Where’s PB?

  3. Wes in Arlington

    Hola pb, from your amigo just outside the District. I read that KM’s severe morning sickness condition (forget what it’s called in clinical terms) gets 15% stronger with every pregnancy. What they’ve done doesn’t sound too smart. Guess they knew this before deciding to squeeze another one out as you would say. :-)

      1. Ina

        Exactly Travis. I’m sure that the Royals consulted with their family doctor before getting pregnant to be all the wise.

  4. San Francisco Resident

    Here’s another tidbit for your list:

    “Duchess Kate ‘highly unlikely’ to be well enough to take Prince George to his first day of school.”

    Seems like Ms Perfect made a bad decision to get pregnant again….just as you said.

    1. San Francisco Resident

      There’s more —

      “Kate Middleton Sad About Son’s First Day Of School. The Brave Little Prince! George Heads Off for His First Day of School – Without Mom Princess Kate”

      Bad timing. Had Kate not become pregnant at this time, she wouldn’t have missed his first day of school. Why didn’t they plan the pregnancy for after their son started school?

    1. D8

      Travis, you might be interested to know that the person who runs pink barrio is a conservatory trained musician with a degree in music.

  5. Former San Franciscan

    I’ve also noticed this obsession here in the U.S. with the Royals. Don’t understand it. It’s always gossipy stuff and you’re right about the obsession with Kate Middleton. That’s gotten way out of hand. Following her every move. I agree it is stupid to risk another pregnancy when having had problems with the first two. If any of them would be open to adoption I think of Harry. As mature as he seems to be I’m not sure he’s that’s mature to go for that. That’s quite a spectacular version of the national anthem you have there, but being a trained musician, I’ve come to expect that from you, you know the best IMO.

  6. Travis

    So…………………………….? you never respond to comments? You think the royal family cares what you think? Why are you so anti-family? I guess I can’t say “fuck you” because that wouldn’t be a “friendly comment.” LMAO.

  7. Travis

    Will and Kate should have as many babies as they want. It’s good to fuck and make babies. That’s what a man and a woman do. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

  8. D8

    I’m not into the Royals but I really enjoyed their national anthem in the video. Beautiful. It certainly puts ours to shame.

    1. FedUp!

      I agree with you. Never heard that arrangement. Fantastic! But she looks so sour there.

      pb, can’t believe this woman is pregnant again with the trouble she’s had in the past. thanks for promoting adoptions. You’re so right – there are many lovable kids out there who are waiting to be placed in a good home.

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