The Gay Mecca has become the Straight Mecca (The Castro Report – San Francisco)

[Keyword: “Straightsville” refers to Market Street between Castro and Church Streets.]

23 de noviembre de 2016/23 November 2016: Hola. I thought I would update this page, perhaps for the last time. There is just no interest in this topic of how The Castro has changed. Most people don’t seem to care. Some of my GLBTQ articles get hits on a regular basis, but this article about The Castro is not one of them. And I’m tired of writing about an area (The Castro) has become a very unwelcoming place ripe with class warfare. Mi amigo/My friend went on a walk yesterday and he told me was going into The Castro. I told him, “well enjoy ‘Straightsville.” I questioned his decision since he usually avoids The Castro because he finds it a turn-off, as do I usually. When he returned he told me what a bad idea that had been and gave me details. He saw 5 “straight” make-out sessions involving drunk “straight” couples. As is usual, he said it was obvious they had just met and were likely cheating on someone and chose The Castro as a meeting place since they didn’t think anyone would look for them over here. Typical. He said each couple looked desperate to have sex. One “straight” couple was making out under the big Rainbow Flag at Harvey Milk Plaza. The other four “straight” couples were making out on 18th Street outside gay bars. The gay bars were empty and few people were out. It was rather desolate and he said it felt very seedy. He also said it felt very unfriendly. He chose to wear all black conformist clothing which is mainly what people wear in The Castro now (or black and gray) as an experiment to see if he would feel as an outcast as he usually feels when he wears more colourful clothing. He said the all black clothing didn’t change anything. The Castro felt very unwelcoming and seedy. Some of the store front on Market near Castro had their windows broken out. And he definitely noticed the class warfare. He says it feels like a neighbourhood of very rich bougi/snooty people and very poor people together. He also said that the homeless in the area were more angry than usual probably because the City hates the homeless and moves them all over the place and of course they often end up coming back to The Castro. The piece of basura politician responsible for The Castro couldn’t care about the state of things because he’s leaving to help go ruin things at the state level. I haven’t heard that el alcalde/the mayor has appointed anyone to his position, but I suspect the person appointed will be just as bad as if not worse (if that’s at all possible) than the current corporate parasite that has pretended to represent The Castro. The thing is, the last time I went on a walk through The Castro, I came back feeling the same way mi amigo felt yesterday. The Castro is a very unwelcoming place now. Brand LGBTTM have ruined it as I wrote about here. The place feels very fake and “straight.”

11 de julio de 2016/11 July 2016:Hola. On his walk this late afternoon, mi amigo reported: He was down in The Castro on this walk. Nearly all “straight” and he assumed they were the techie basura/trash. The usual and predictable: Him-tall/her-short. Him=conservative looking. Her=could be confused with a prostitute with this long flowing gown/dress split up the side. They wear that to work? (No disrespect intended toward sex workers BTW). And these basura can’t take a step without their phone. Complete addiction. Most of the guys with a “fad” faux-hawk which will disappear at the end of Summer. The impression mi amigo got was that it one person trying to out-do the other at being bougi and pretentious. I can’t stand shallow and superficial trash like that. Chau.—el barrio rosa

11 de julio de 2016/11 July 2016:Hola. On his walk through “Straightsville” last night, he saw the following: All “straight” couples. The usual: Him-tall-dominant/her-short-submissive. Required hand-holding. There was a major “straight” make-out scene one block away from Castro (we don’t see “straight” make-out scenes anywhere else in the Bay Area but in The Castro). Even in the Asian community we’re seeing him-tall/her-short, even when he’s real short to begin with. The San Francisco Gay Mecca is gone. Fin. The End. End of Report. More details for those interested: It was overwhelmingly “straight.” I guess you assumed that by now. Even in one of the former Queer bars he saw all “straight” couples. Him-Tall/Her-short young white “straight” couples with their drinks out on the look out area with her standing in front of protective him. Him cupping wannabe-“barefoot-and-pregnant” her with his arms overlooking Market Street. The Closet Case Obnoxious Sports Bar was mostly empty but the basura in there were obnoxiously loud. Mi amigo said: The Castro doesn’t feel good to me anymore. “Straightsville” has turned into this “straight” obnoxious jock area. I asked: No Queers guys? He said he saw one older Queer couple. They were holding hands to let the obnoxious “straight” basura know they are here and Queer and to send them a message that this is supposed to be our little Queer area. Good luck with that message, chicos. A futile attempt I’m afraid. It’s all over for the Gay Mecca. He didn’t go down into The Castro but the fire department appeared to be spraying the homeless with agua/water back up Castro street. At least it cleaned the streets and maybe the homeless too without hurting them. The homeless (about 25 people) were having a major fight with each other. There were several fire department trucks there trying to break up the homeless fights with agua/water. It would appear the police department has given this job of dealing with the homeless to the fire department. Chau.—el barrio rosa

18 de junio de 2016/18 June 2016:Hola. Mi amigo did two walks through “Straightsville.” One was last night at around 8.00pm and the other was this morning. Last night was mostly “straight” and like a nursery with screaming babies in strollers, he said. It was rather dead out including all of the bars. Rather surprising considering it was warm out. This morning was about the same. He’s noticed how “straight” (and “straight” couples) his gym has become since he joined many months ago. He’s also notice something new and that’s the few conversations he hears have to do with golf and golfing. (It’s a bougi class thing. Pretentious people.) I never heard anyone talking about golf in the Old City. But with these wealthy, young, white basura that have moved in here I guess they think they have to “keep up appearances” and put on wealthy-class airs and broadcast that they’re into golf, as if anyone gives a fuck what they’re into. Even the Closet Case bar (the obnoxious sports bar on Market Street) was dead. We call it the Closet Case bar because it’s where gay guys go to go back in the closet and try to act like obnoxious “straight” jocks and to be all heteronormative and to be like the “straights.” I never knew that being like the “straights” was such a priority with some people. Chau.—el barrio rosa

14 de junio de 2016/14 June 2016 (Afternoon):Hola. UPDATE: Mi amigo gave me his report from his walk last night: Nearly all “straight” wherever he went on his walk. As soon as he arrived at Castro/Market he heard (what sounded like) programmed roars of people grunting, yelling, screaming at televisions in bars over a basketball game. He said the roars were identical coming from all bars as if the roars were machine-produced. He compared the cheering/roars to what a well-trained Chorus would do. The sounds were that identical coming from the bars. (I was thinking: So they’re all into their corporate sports after a major GLBTQ tragedy in Orlando). In other words, no one cared about that, or only a few did in the big scheme of things. He did see the memorial (of las flores/flowers, pictures) at the BofA building that I wrote about down the page and he said it was the largest memorial he’s seen there. But very few people were out and there were cops in The Castro. The obnoxious “gay” sports bar on Market Street was very obnoxious and packed with people (male/female) watching “The Game” and screaming over that. Sheeple. What shallow lives some people live. The same for the bar across the street. He said the residents of the neighbourhood must have enjoyed all that noise pollution. He said they couldn’t miss it because it was so very loud. He also said: By the loud roars and sounds he heard, you would never know that there was a major GLBTQ tragedy in another city because these people couldn’t care less about it. Yes, San Francisco has really changed…for the worst. Unrelated to that: the homeless are all back. They’ve all drifted back in, as expected. They have to be somewhere so they might as well be in The Castro.

I read a headline that said, “Many come to SF’s Castro to grieve over Orlando shooting.” Many? Well that’s vague. How many is “many?” I hadn’t expected anyone to come here if they know what The Castro is today. Does one really like to get drunk after a tragedy like this? If this were the Old City where the gay community was progressive (in the original meaning of that word) and cared about something other than their phone and fucking corporate sport$ team, that headline would have read, “Thousands come to SF’s Castro to grieve over Orlando shooting.” Or it would have said, “Tens of Thousands from SF’s Castro March to San Francisco’s Federal Building.” Yeah, well, we won’t see that again other than in old news articles about the Old City. Frankly, I hadn’t expected there to be much interest around here in the Orlando tragedy since The Castro is mostly “straight” now anyway. After reading that headline I clicked on the article which was just a re-hash of what I already knew. It showed a memorial for Orlando at the BofA building at 18th and Castro the way memorials for people who have died are done at that location. There were two people looking at it: a guy and a female standing together (a “straight” couple?) I think there was a small “march”/vigil one night — it didn’t say when it was — but the video for that was 5 seconds long and it just showed a row of people across — I guess it was — the sidewalk. One person was carrying The Empire’s flag and another person was carrying the Rainbow Flag. There was no indication as to how deep the “march” was. Someone wrote the names of those we know who died in the shooting with chalk on the floor of Harvey Milk Plaza but they weren’t written correctly. These were Latino names but they were written as if they were English names instead of español names. They were sanitised of the proper español accent marks. They were all of the same hand-writing, or rather printing. So whoever did this was ignorant of español. Typical for around here and of the US corporate media as well.

And finally, where I used to live years ago in the District of Columbia, this happened at Dupont Circle in the District following the tragedy in Orlando. “DC police investigate anti-gay graffiti painted on Dupont Circle sidewalk.” From their article:
Quote: Sapol Jirapanjavat, the owner of Thaiphoon, said an employee discovered the graffiti Sunday morning at the restaurant in the 2000 block of S Street NW. It reads “Down with the gay agenda” in blue paint. On Monday afternoon, a local restaurant worker painted the word “gun” in red over the word “gay” to change the meaning to “Down with the gun agenda.” Jirapanjavat said that the vandalism had raised new worries following Sunday’s mass shooting at gay club in Orlando that killed at least 49 people. Like other restaurants in the area, Jirapanjavat displayed the colors associated with the Capital Pride Festival, a gay rights celebration that took place in the District on Sunday. End Quote. Maybe those who have been chanting that “gay people can live anywhere and gay is now mainstream” are finally coming to the realisation that that is not the case, as some of us have said all along. Chau.—el barrio rosa

12 de junio de 2016/12 June 2016 (Afternoon):Hola. First, very sorry to hear about the shooting in the Queer bar in Orlando Florida with at least 50 people dead and many people injured. So sad. It’s yet another example of “Gay People Can Live Anywhere. Gay Is Now Mainstream” that we’ve heard from wishful-thinking idiots in San Francisco and elsewhere ever since they gave the order to “assimilate.” Read: Gay “Assimilation:” Back to the 1950s. Obama described the attack as “the brutal murder of dozens of innocent people”. Well he would know all about that wouldn’t he? He’s very familiar with the brutal murder of innocent people. How many innocent people has he droned to death, innocent killed, innocent maimed, how many innocent wedding parties has he killed? Mr Nobel Peace Prize Obama currently has 7 wars going speaking of “the brutal murder of dozens of innocent people.” Fucking Hypocrite. Also, Floridians stood in line today to give much-needed blood EXCEPT gay men were banned from giving blood due to Fraud Obama’s federal guidelines banning gay and bisexual men from giving blood unless they’ve been celibate for one year. Apparently Obama hasn’t “evolved” as much as the gullible GLBTQ community would like to believe he has. And how is anyone supposed to prove celibacy? Of course, STDs are not limited to gay guys. This is called the Obama regime’s homophobia.

Mi amigo went to his gym this morning. His gym is in “Straightsville.” It was severely “straight” with two “straight” make-out sessions in his gym. “Straight” couples go to the gym to make out, do they? One of them was with what he had long thought was a Queer boy (young, white, 30s). She was all over him in the gym as if they were going to fuck right there in the gym. Maybe los pendejos should record a sex video before going to the gym to get it out of their system so they can focus on their workout? Isn’t that supposed to be the reason they’re there? Later, the guy was asked by another guy standing there with him if he was getting married. He said, “No, you can’t fuck as many chicks as you want then.” As mi amigo left the gym, he saw a another guy (young, white, 30s) he knew from his old gym which was a gay gym. That guy was wrapped around a female at the intersection. Trying to pretend to be “straight,” are we? They seem to have to show off in public. When gay people did that around here it was frowned up and called being “in your face with your sexuality. Stop it.” But with “straight” people it’s perfectly okay. Fucking hypocrites. I asked mi amigo/my friend: Are these Queer boys trying to pretend to be “straight” since “straight” is now “in” for The New Castro and they think that being gay (and who they really are) is now “out” of style? (Even though human sexuality doesn’t at all work that way!) Because if they were bi in the original sense of the word, wouldn’t you think you would have seen them with females over the years on occasion? Some of us have wondered how many gay guys are now trying to pretend to be “straight” around here or put another way: Going back in the closet. Loco. He also noticed the saturation of the word “like” being used repeatedly by the “straight” basura. He heard the word “like” every 3 words from stupid-sounding mostly “straight” people who were talking with each other. From what he could tell after cutting through a saturation of the word “like,” their conversation was about being out on the golf course. (We never heard conversations about golf courses in the former “proudly radical and alternative” Old City). It was definitely more “straight” today. Glad I missed that. That’s the way it usually is on Domingo/Sunday, which is why I don’t hang out around in The Castro on Domingo, but mi amigo was only on Market Street between Castro and Church Street (also known as “Straightsville.”) Chau.—el barrio rosa

7 de junio de 2016/7 June 2016 (Morning):Hola. Mi amigo went on his walk last night and this is his report: All young, white and “straight” in “Straightsville” with their required hand-holding. That’s The Castro of today. No making out from them, fortunately. There was one Queer couple in front of him walking down into The Castro but that was the extent of the GLBTQs. No homeless anywhere in The Castro. (I guess anti-homeless San Francisco did another sweep). Today is the California primary. Most people seem very disappointed in the two major basura choices they have to choose from. Although they could choose the most credible candidate, Dra Jill Stein. But as I and others predicted and on cue, the Berniebots have already switched over to War Ccriminal Hillary who has already declared herself the nominee. Mi amigo noticed no political signs at all on his walk. In the Old City there would have been people standing around with campaign signs especially at Castro and Market. Nothing like that in this New Conservative Culture-Less, Soul-less, Non-Political, Non-Activist Lobotomised City of Tech-Junkies San Francisco. Chau.—el barrio rosa

5 de junio de 2016/5 June 2016 (Morning):Hola. Mi amigo/My friend went to his gym this morning which is in “Straightsville.” He saw no Queer couples but plenty of “straight” couples, unfortunately. It wasn’t that crowded out. Coming back from his gym he saw many “straight” couples. They were young and white (20 somethings, so that would be the techie basura). They were in the required “straight” format of him-tall/her-short with their mandatory hand-holding and make-out scenes all along Market Street. They behaved as if they just met. (We don’t see this nonsense anywhere else in The City. It’s only in The Castro.) They had to stop in the middle of the sidewalk to make out after doing their “skip-to-my-lou” dance (that’s where they hold hands and swing their arms back and forth quickly while skipping). It’s the nonsense that they’re programmed to do that they see on television. Then the guy had to take her and pick her up off the ground and swing her up into the air as if she’s his little girl. He held her at a level so that her pussy is about in line with his mouth as they are spinning around. (Loco). Mi amigo saw that many times all along Market Street. Ugh. Sounds awful. He said: They’re doing whatever they see on television. They’re programmed. I think the guy does this because she will call him “weird” if he doesn’t do this silly behaviour that everybody else is doing. I say: GET A ROOM SOMEWHERE! If they’re the typical “straight” couple they’re making out this morning but they’ll be fighting by tonight (often over him not giving needy-her enough attention). Mi amigo saw some single guys but had no idea whether they were Queer or not. I guess the “straights” think that all of the Rainbow Flags along Market Street for the month of junio/June are for them (the new “straight” flag). Half of the population he saw was the homeless. The other half was these in-your-face “straight” basura. That’s about it. Chau.—el barrio rosa

31 de mayo de 2016/31 May 2016 (Morning):Hola. I was out in The Castro last noche at “bar time” (around the time I used to go to bars when I went to bars, 11pm on) and it was very pleasant. I enjoyed myself. It was as if it were a completely different Castro than when mi amigo is out on his walks around The Castro. He asked me “what about all the cops?” There were no cops around, which shocked him. As he said, “The Castro is completely different when I’m there.” As I walked by some of Queer bars I got some fleeting flashbacks to my times when I went to bars and enjoyed myself with the gay boyz hanging around outside the bar and talking. As I walked by each bar, there were Queer boyz in them or hanging out in front. Not many stupidphones. There were a few females in some of the bars but I think they were las lesbianas. The City has put up the Rainbow Flags along Market Street, or at least started to do that for the completely corporate and pro-capitalist event attended by mostly “straight” people called “SF Pride” which is the last Domingo/Sunday in junio/June. (FYI: Pride is nothing like it used to be; it’s been hijacked by corporations wanting GLBTQ dinero/money). The obnoxious supposedly gay sports bar was closed (that was good, but how odd that it’s not open until 2am like all the other bars; or is it the location? It’s in “Straightsville.” There are sports channels where they could be showing sports until 2am). The new Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) were dark. But there’s some buenas noticias/good news: Muni (our public transport system) recently installed new escalators in the Castro Metro Station and they installed very pretty rainbow coloured LED lights in the escalator near the steps (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink). It looks very pretty. Much better than it did look with all drab gray-white lighting. Hopefully this is permanent and not just for “Pride” month. I walked by a clothing store and saw that ridiculously silly fad of white, black and gray clothing in their window that I’m seeing all over the two corporate networks I monitor (where nearly everyone before the camera is wearing gray, white and/or black clothing). There’s complete saturation of that. It looks so overboard and conservative. I saw one programme from Televisa and there were 6 women at the table having a discussion and everyone of them had on a different-styled black dress. Everyone in black. Then I saw the same programme again (it’s on every semana/week) and the same women were wearing gray and white and one was in black. Loca. Anyway, back to my walk: There were some homeless people sleeping not bothering anyone. I counted about 5 homeless people trying to sleep on the cold sidewalk. A shame. I think I heard an anti-homeless comment while waiting to cross the street. I saw (what looked like) a “straight” couple with a Queer couple next to them and they were sorta making out. They were all together. The guy in the “straight” couple (if that’s what they were) made some flippant remark about, “I’m homeless.” And they were laughing about that. He looked rather pretentious (Dahling) and well-off so I suspect they (he and that bottled-blond he was with and the Queer couple) had walked by some homeless people up the street and now felt the need to hate on them when they were safely away from them. People like that are basura. And I think the Queer couple was taking part in it. Ugh. It was absolutely dead out except for the gay boyz at the bars and it felt very safe despite the late hour. Nobody was having any problem with anybody that I saw. It was very quiet. Just as I started to leave I realised I hadn’t seen any “straight” basura, fortunately (other than that anti-homeless possibly-“straight” couple I mentioned earlier). But of course that changed as I was about to leave. It seems that I always have to see at least one “straight” couple making out in The Castro. At Castro and Market (of all places) waiting for the light to change there was this female and this guy — they were the same height and not the usual tall-domineering/short-submissive — standing next to each other. Then he took his left arm and reeled her into him — and I’m thinking “oh here we go with the in-your-face ‘straight’ make out session, get a room somewhere!” — and gave her a beso/kiss and that’s all it took to get her wound up and hanging all over him and grabbing his ass as they walked across Market Street. Ugh. Fortunately they didn’t go into The Castro. But there seems to always have to be one in-your-face “straight” couple that has to put on a show while they act oblivious to their surroundings, and they love to make out at Castro/Market. I’m still waiting for a major Queer kiss-in to take place in the “straight” areas of The City, especially the wealthy areas and see how they like it. (That will never happen). Chau.—el barrio rosa

29 de mayo de 2016/29 May 2016 (Morning):Hola. Here’s another Castro report from another free-lance reporter: Light/hardly anybody out along “Straightsville.” The ones that were out were mostly “straight” and a few gay boyz here and there. A cyclist was hit by a car and being taken away by a emergency services. In the gym I go to, I listened to two gay boyz talking about last night’s partying and how they got into a dysfunction about which party they were going to go to. This guy had also given a memorial speech in a bar about a friend who had died and that the party will never die and we’ll bring the party to you. Nothing about anything important but partying. Most of the language I heard was “like, like, like, like, like…” Ugh. It doesn’t matter what the age group or the gender, all age groups in The Castro have one word they use as often as possible and that is the word “like.” It felt as if it was going to get very hot out today. It’s 78 and climbing. [Gracias mi amor. Chau.—el barrio rosa]

28 de mayo de 2016/27 May 2016:Hola. On my walk around The Castro last night: It must have been a game night since all bars were loud and obnoxious with moaning and screaming. Nothing else going on around here but conformi$t corporate sport$. The Castro was mostly “straight.” The obnoxious supposedly gay sports bar looked like it was mostly Queer and very loud with mindless screaming over some game and heard a block away. The bar (upstairs) a block away from Castro looked all Queer. “Straightsville” was mostly Queer, so I guess the Queers and “straights” have switched locations. The homeless are starting to come back into The Castro. No cops. Chau.—el barrio rosa

27 de mayo de 2016/27 May 2016:Hola. Mi amigo was out walking around The Castro and down towards Church Street in the early evening. He said: Queer boys were in the majority and hanging out at the Church Street end of Market, which is the opposite of the way it usually is. Whereas, The Castro was pretty much “straight.” Although nowhere was particularly crowded. There were not a lot of homeless people but there were lots of cops around. Of the total population in The Castro, the Queers were about 10-15% of the total. That’s about it. Chau.—el barrio rosa

26 de mayo de 2016/26 May 2016: Hola a todos. They’re putting the Rainbow Flags I mentioned yesterday down 16th Street at Market (towards the South East). Looks very pretty. Very few people out, no homeless with lots of cops in the Jane Warner Plaza area. There was probably another homeless sweep. About half the people out were phone zombies and oblivious of anything happening other than what’s on their phone and earbuds. We’ve certainly noticed all the properties for sale. Just on the 17th Street hill between Castro and Clayton, we counted roughly 10 properties for sale. More “For Rent” signs appearing in Upper Market. Hmmmmmm. Does that mean that some people are leaving because of the ridiculously high cost of living here and the overcrowding from the techie basura? I noticed that one of the apartments “For Rent” in a good area sat on the market for quite awhile. That took over a month to rent in one of the older apartment buildings probably built in the 1960s. Since it took awhile to rent, I take it that it was overpriced due to greed ($4,000.00 for a one-bedroom?). There’s been some talk about rents coming down but I haven’t seen that yet. Chau.—el barrio rosa

25 de mayo de 2016/25 May 2016: Hola, mi amigo/my friend did his walk through The Castro last night and gave me the following report: The obnoxiously loud supposedly gay sports bar was, well, obnoxious. He said there was some game being played (but not baseball) that they were all watching. It was probably the corporate basketball team that these conformists love to scream and yell for in that bar. And that’s what they were doing on cue. He said if you didn’t know any better you would think you were outside a sound-effects studio because the loud screaming/cheering (over a fucking ball game!) was done as if you turned a light switch off and on. It was that abrupt; off and on. He said the people in that bar sounded very programmed to loudly scream at the appropriate time on cue and then shut it off. He heard that repeatedly while walking in the area. Other bars were dead. He said especially at night The Castro has really been taken over by the poor homeless and especially on 18th and Castro and Castro Street itself, that one block between 18th and Market Street. There’s really been quite an increase in the number of homeless in The Castro (and I suspect elsewhere). He and I have nothing but sympathy for the homeless unlike the hate you’ll read for them on other sites. The homeless don’t have anywhere else to go so they might as well be in The Castro. And really, the Castro merchants and hateful/elitist/conservative homeowners deserve what they get for all their anti-homeless activity in the past years, including their support for the hateful sit-lie ordinance (which criminalises homeless). Mi amigo said the homeless are getting more uncomfortable to be around because they are uncomfortable hanging around. Understandable. They’re fighting with each other in rather large groups around The Castro especially in the now-closed Jane Warner Plaza, whatever that thing is supposed to be now and around the store on the north side of Castro/Market (east side). The homeless smell badly. This City can’t give them showers? Maybe they would have the dinero/money for that if The City were not giving generous corporate welfare to parasitic techie companies. The homeless also have lots of missing teeth and black skin from fungus infections. Terrible. We feel sorry for them. Imagine if The Cesspool/the US took the billions that these D and R corporate parasites waste by throwing it at the Military Industrial Complex for its many wars and instead solved the national homeless problem with it. But that makes sense and this US Oligarchy wouldn’t dream of that! Because they don’t give a fuck about the poor and homeless or anyone else. They’re only concerned about their bourgeois elite 1% ruling class. As far as I’m concerned, most of the Castro merchants can go out of business except for Rock Hard and Urban Flowers. To my knowledge, Urban Flowers has not been a member of this conservative merchants’ cult and Rock Hard (the best sex store in The Castro) has fought the sanitising of The Castro and I think Mark of Rock Hard ended his membership with them (according to the merchant’s website). They (Rock Hard) have been bullied over the years by neighbourhood prudes calling the cops on them for their display window where they were forced to put white stickers over dick and ass images on their video covers. Ridiculous! (Read: Sexual Freedom and Revolution). Most of the merchants in The Castro are conservative scum and directly responsible for sanitising The Castro (and helping to turn it into “Straightsville”) including supporting that ludicrous city-wide nudity ban. With their body-image issues, they can’t bear to see the human body. Most of the merchants are members of those conservative, bougi, class-ist, elitist and hateful busy-bodied neighbourhood and “benefit district” associations. (If this is your first time to pink barrio, all of that should give you a better understanding and a little more information and history about The Castro. It’s really not the place you think it is. It’s not the place I thought it was when I moved here during the Gay Mecca days). But there is some buenas noticias/good news: They’ve put up new Rainbow Flags on all the light poles just like during the Gay Mecca days between Castro/Market and Castro/19th Street. It looks so much better now and very colourful. Almost Latin! It really adds a lot to the barrio/neighbourhood. I originally thought they put them up just to put them up. But that’s not how things are done around here. Things are doing around here to exploit people for their dinero/money. Upon reflection, I realised that junio/June (which begins in a few days) is “Pride Month” so they put them up to exploit the tourists — that’s telling it like it is — since the timing of them is very curious (why didn’t they put them up in abril/April?). Mi amigo said: They probably put them up to show any tourists that this is supposed to be a Queer neighbourhood — GIVE US YOUR QUEER DINERO/MONEY BECAUSE OUR STORES AREN’T DOING WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — despite it looking like a “straight” neighbourhood with all the gigantic baby strollers and him-tall/her-short “straight” couples with their mandatory hand holding and make-out scenes especially in Harvey Milk Plaza near the entrance to the metro. But hopefully the flags will stay up year-round and they won’t rip them down at the beginning of julio/July 2016. At first I thought they put them up to send a strong message to the “straight” basura that this is supposed to be a Queer barrio, but now I don’t think so. Chau.—el barrio rosa

22 de mayo de 2016/22 May 2016: Overheard: “We Had A Falling Out Over My Eye Shadow.” Hola a todos. This is more “high energy” noticias/news from San Francisco’s Castro. Good stuff here. Mi amigo went to his gym today. This was after looking at the following Billionaire’s Map of the Bay Area article:

That article refers to “Billionaire’s Bay.” I and others have never heard the term. Quoting the article: “Maps show dramatic spike in million-dollar homes in San Francisco with the majority of properties now worth seven figures or more…[Ed. Suckers!] Million-dollar homes were rare in 2012, now they form the majority. In 14 neighborhoods, 100% of homes are worth seven figures or more. Just five years ago, million-dollar homes were scarce in the US. Now they are nothing special. And nowhere is more saturated with seven-figure mansions than San Francisco and Silicon Valley – otherwise known as ‘Billionaire’s Bay’. More than half of San Francisco’s properties (57 per cent) are worth $1 million or more – up from 19 per cent in 2012.” (They are referring to old, moldy, dilapidated homes.) “Nearby San José has seen a similar boom, with 46.3 per cent of homes worth $1 million in 2016, up from 17.4 per cent in 2012. And in 14 neighborhoods clustered around the tech hub of Palo Alto, 100 per cent of homes are now priced at seven figures or more.”

Mi amigo came back from the gym saying, “I can’t stand the people here. I guess I can’t stand the snooty billionaire class that has taken over the Bay Area.” I asked him: How was Straightsville? He said: “Lots of people out (about half “straight” and half Queer), and lots of baby strollers and literally everyone except the homeless was on their phone. At the gym, I heard some female go on about, “He didn’t like my eye shadow, and we had a major falling out over it.” *roll eyes* Assuming she was talking about her boyfriend or partner, the “straights” certainly do have a lot of really critically important things to think about, don’t they, such as eye shadow?

Mi amigo said: “These shallow and superficial wealthy people won’t know what hit them when there’s a nuclear exchange between the US and Russia or some other disaster because they haven’t paid attention to anything other than their shallow eye shadow news.” He said that the overwhelming majority of people out were young and white, both “straight” and Queer. That’s usually the morning crowd – young and white, and lots of dogs with the baby strollers. Check out that map. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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[The Castro Report is an ongoing update of what I and mi amigo/my friend see and hear in and around San Francisco’s former Gay Mecca, The Castro. I’ll update this page from time-to-time. I’ve thought about starting The Castro Report many times before, but didn’t because of my concern that it would become repetitive, since not much changes around here with the New Conservative, Tech-Zombie and Lobotomised San Francisco and the sanitised Castro. But we’ll see; I may stop updating at some point when that becomes the case. Feel free to comment on what you see and hear in The Castro, or what you’ve heard about The Castro if you don’t live here.]

9 comments on “The Gay Mecca has become the Straight Mecca (The Castro Report – San Francisco)

  1. Ed in the Castro

    I see straight couples everywhere I go, over in the Avenues, over in Marin. They’re always holding hands and they’re always tall short. I think it’s about the female being insecure and needing the guy to hold her hand. Like you say that’s a requirement for them but I never see them making out anywhere except over here in the Castro. I used to see high school kids making out but I don’t see that now.

  2. rosa_barrio Post author

    Hola. I’ll put this here since it does have to do with The Castro, in part. So far it looks like mostly young Latinos were killed at the gay night club, Pulse, in Orlando. Terribly sad. There are really no words to express that. I read it was Latin music night there. I’ve spoken to this before from monitoring Univisión y Telemundo in that it seems that South Florida has become what San Francisco once was. It’s as if San Francisco moved there. I know some gay people did move from here to there. My point is that the gay community today in San Francisco (what remains of it) looks very conservative. I looked at the pictures of those who were killed and many of them look fabulously rad with their rad hair styles and earrings and makeup. It’s rare to see that in the New Conservative Castro. But that’s how The Castro used to look. Today it doesn’t. It’s rare to see any guy (especially) with earrings or any “rad” hair style other than a few faux hawks on the odd occasion. But in South Florida (Orlando in this case) many Queer boys look very alternative like the Queer boys of the Old City (San Francisco), before San Francisco became conservative and a city of tech junkies. “Alternative” is very frowned upon within the gay community today in the New Conservative San Francisco. “Not the least bit alternative,” is what I read in one San Francisco guy’s sex personal ad awhile back as if alternative is a bad thing. It is a bad thing in the New Conservative San Francisco within the gay community. I say: Fuck them, I’m not about to change how I look to cater to these conservative prudes and these conservative gay guys that like to pretend to be (obnoxious) sports jocks. I guess “alternative” is not considered appropriate for “assimilating” because what I’ve seen of the “straights” they don’t look the least “alternative” other than those who are trying to be “hipster” clones of each other. Chau.—el barrio rosa

  3. FedUp!

    Your update on 12 de junio de 2016/12 June 2016 – couldn’t agree more w/ your comment about Obama. Hillary’s response was words exploiting this tragic event to promote US militarism and an acceleration of attacks on our democratic rights herein the US. Obama was just as bad with what he said.

    Violence here in the US has developed in parallel with unending US wars around the world with the US military constantly engaged in invasions, bombings, drone strikes and “targeted assassinations” since 2001 killing over a million people in mainly Muslim countries. Trump was of his usual anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant bigotry.

  4. Dan

    Re your theme of gay people can live anywhere….

    “A gay pride parade has also been taking place in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. The city’s mayor said police in the nearby city of Santa Monica had arrested a heavily armed man who said he wanted to harm the parade.
    He was later identified as 20-year-old James Wesley Howell from the state of Indiana. He is not known to have any connection to the Florida gunman.”

    One video I watched used the headline: “Muslim suspect with arsenal arrested near Gay Pride parade in West Hollywood.”

    A guy with the name James Wesley Howell from Indiana is Muslim? I guess it’s possible but my guess is that this is another try at scapegoating Muslims. Terror terror 24 hours a day.

    1. strangetimes

      Re your theme of gay people can live anywhere….gay is now mainstream

      Singapore cuts same-sex kiss from Les Miserables

      “A kiss between two male actors in the musical Les Miserables in Singapore has been removed from the show, after complaints from the public. The scene involved a brief peck on the lips during the song Beggars at the Feast.”

      “The inclusion of the same-sex kiss was not highlighted in the script when it was submitted to MDA for classification. The performance was thus given a ‘General’ rating,” MDA said. “MDA will take action against this breach of licensing conditions.”


  5. castro local

    just read your update that you posted today. glad i missed what your friend saw this morning. don’t know what it is about the castro that attracts that. used to never see that around here. it started when the techies arrived. i’ve heard some in the castro say it’s the str8s way of saying they’re taking over. don’t see it anywhere else in the city either. is this going on in west hollywood or the village in nyc? i know str8s have been moving into west hollywood but i’ve never read anything about having these public displays the way they do around here. maybe someone from weho or ny will come by and answer that.

  6. Sean

    ” They (Rock Hard) have been bullied over the years by neighbourhood prudes calling the cops on them for their display window where they were forced to put white stickers over dick and ass images on their video covers. ”

    That’s unbelievable. This is San Francisco we’re talking about and not Utah, Oklahoma, Kansas or the deep south where I would expect that type of thing. I lived in the ‘stro in the 70s -80s where no one flinched at the site of a dick or a guy’s ass. The ‘stro had a long history of nudity. If people wanted to live in Kansas they should have moved there instead of San Francisco. I’ve read your castro reports and it’s given me a very abrupt culture shock as to how SF and the ‘stro have dramatically changed. Shocking.

  7. D8

    I agree with you about the Castro merchants. They’ve revealed the type of people they are. I don’t support them with my money.

  8. San Francisco Resident

    The housing prices here are insane. Nothing but pure greed and many people buy them as investment and don’t live here. I’ve never heard the term Billionaires Bay.

    Scott Penis describes the Castro as “vibrant.” He must be thinking of the gay mecca years. It’s boring today unless you consider drunks, straights and screaming children vibrant.

Fin. The End.