The corrupt, fraudulent, and easily-hackable US “election” system

Hola a todos. Only a couple of people that I’m aware of ever talk about this topic, myself being one of them, and when we do we’re mostly deliberately ignored because of people’s disconnect, their denial, or they simply glaze over from a lack of interest. In the past, when I’ve written comments on this subject on so-called “progressive” websites — which serve as front sites for the “Democratic” Party Cult at s-election time — my comments have always been ignored as if I were writing about some “loony conspiracy theorist” stuff, even though this is not “loony conspiracy theorist” stuff at all. For some reason (I’m being diplomatic since I know the reason), most people like to deny that there is any problem with our “election” system in the shithole US, primarily because if they did face facts about it they would have to ask themselves the following questions:

“Why do I vote and why do I urge others to vote on a system that I know to be completely corrupt, easily-hackable and fraudulent? I don’t knowingly take part in corruption in any other aspects of my life. But when it comes to voting, I just ignore the corruption or wish it away! Why do I continue to take part in voting on a sham of an “election” system here in the US? What is wrong with me? Why do I do that? Why do I refuse to face the facts and the reality about the dire state of our s-election system here in the US?”

Mi amigo/My friend passed this video (below) on to me that he watched from Rachel Maddow. Regardless of what one thinks about Rachel and assuming one has already formed an opinion of her, allow yourself to watch this video with an open mind. She covers a lot of credible material in this video.

One “wardrobe” thing I’ve noticed about Rachel is that there was a time and especially on television where a woman wouldn’t think of being seen wearing the same “outfit” twice and especially day-after-day. Well, I guess that rule went out the window, because every time I see mi amigo/my friend watching Rachel, she’s wears the same thing in every show: Black, and that v-neck black jacket over a black tight low-cut shirt. It all has to be Millennial black apparently (Related: The Millennials: The Generation with a Dress Code). So, mi amigo wrote a comment on a “progressive” site about Rachel’s conservative all-black getup. He told me that the “Democratic” Party Cultists came on attacking him for being critical of their god Rachel, with most of them saying, “I like what she wears; I think she looks good.” Well of course they would say that and think she looks good no matter what she wears as good devout-faithful partisans. That’s the way partisanship is. Say it’s good whether it is or not! Brainwashed partisan sheeple! Can’t stand them. Ugh. To justify Rachel’s all-black getup, one commenter said, “Guys wear the same thing every day.” So that makes it all right? And that commenter is lying. From what I’ve observed, corporate network guys wear different suits each day. They’re usually all dark-toned, but they’re different shades of blue, black or grey. They also wear different shirt colours and especially different ties.

But as expected, after someone has explained so thoroughly what Rachel explains in the video below, someone comes along and says: “Just vote.” Yeah, there’s the disconnect again. “Just vote” on a corrupt system? That makes no sense. Mi amigo tells me that he has seen a video from Rachel where she explained this and then she interviewed a Florida politician, and this politician’s response demonstrated a complete disconnect from what Rachel had just said about our corrupt voting system. As expected, the politician also said, “Just get out and vote.” Sigh. Why are they ignoring that the system that voters are voting on is corrupt and rigged? Why is there this disconnect? And we see it over and over and over.

Well, the reason they choose denial and choose to ignore it is because if they faced facts and acknowledged our sham of a system, this would burst their life-long bubble that they’ve been brainwashed with that the US is some form of a “democracy.” They would have to admit that the “every vote counts” pabulum is a myth and that there is nothing fair, honest or legitimate about any of it. Therefore, their life-long held illusions in the US “election” system would then be shattered. They’ve based all their “hope” on these charades called “an election.” Their hope would be shattered too. And without hope would that lead to mass suicides among the brainwashed sheeple? Realistic hope is one thing but unrealistic delusional hope which is what the “Democratic” Party Cultists usually engage in along with extreme wishful-thinking is another and is similar to praying to the Floating Cloud BeingTM and a waste of time.

Mi amigo told me that some of the “Democratic” Party Cultists were jumping up and down in comments over one of the major publications in Iowa endorsing all “Democrats” and urging to “give them a chance to govern.” I found that funny. It also sounds like the people at that publication in Iowa haven’t been paying attention since 2000. Because why should the fake-opposition party be given a chance to govern when we’ve seen their performances in the past enabling White House residents, such as George W Bush? So even if they were “given a chance to govern” in the 2018 midterm, little would be any different than it is now. Also, if these “Democratic” Party Cultists writing comments had done any research they would have known that it wasn’t any big deal for this publication to endorse all “Democrats.” That publication endorsed messiah Obama in 2008 and the mayor of Des Moines is a Democrat, where the publication is based. Should the Republican Party Cult lose seats in the House and or Senate, the “Democrats” will make sure to give the orange nazi man-child even more of what he wants from a position of feeling sorry for him that his party-cult lost seats just like they did for illegitimate George W Bush in his second term. The “Democrats” gave Bush damn-near anything he wanted. And right now, they’re giving the current White House resident all the judges he wants, so that they could leave town (the District of Columbia) early:

“Senate Democrats just gave a huge gift to president Don*ld Tr*mp: They agreed to expedite votes on 15 of his nominees to lifetime … Of the 15 nominees, six were confirmed by voice votes on Tuesday.” [Source]

Here are a few examples of the fake-opposition party, the “Democratic” Party Cult, enabling their employer, the Republican Party Cult, for those who missed all this:

Trump impeachment vote fails overwhelmingly
Quote: Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said in a joint statement, shortly after Green introduced his articles of impeachment. End Quote

Democrats just handed Tr*mp more domestic surveillance powers. They should know better.

Democrats Cave, Agree To Fast Track Tr*mp’s Corporate Judges

“Republicans and Democrats like to claim that they are on opposite sides of important issues. Of course, depending on which way the wind blows, they sometimes change sides, like over support for free trade and federal deficits. Tragically, however, there is no division when it comes to militarism.” [Source]

Just this morning, I read an article about how supposedly the “Democratic” Party Cult — which usually and often works for the Republican Party Cult — is going to take back the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterms, based on polling. Again, not that it will make any difference if they do, as I’ve have said repeatedly that the “Democrats”/the fake-opposition party could have every seat in the House and Senate and the stagnant status quo we’re in would continue. If one remembers, in 2016 the polling showed that Ms Clinton — whom I did not support — would have the votes for president. Of course she lost through corruption. Well, she won the popular vote by at least 3 million votes that we know of. But, what’s keeping this corruption from happening again since nothing at all has changed with the corrupt voting system? Yet we keep hearing, “gotta vote, gotta vote.” On what? The same corrupt system that got us where we are today? That’s insane. This is yet another example of the Century of Insanity and its many disconnects. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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