The media’s obsession with white bookshelves during the COVID-19 pandemic

But who reads books these days? Hola a todos. Unless one is completely unobservant, one would have noticed — no matter where you look worldwide — the COVID-19 Bookshelves. That’s what I call them.

You see a person on-camera from their home and behind them is a wall of bookshelves, usually white filled with books or CDs, even though no one reads books these days, or very few. I see maybe 5 people a year reading a book in their hand in San Francisco. Most are on their phones and not reading a book on their phone.

Conformist corporatist corrupt politicians are using the COVID-19 Bookshelves as their “set” to endorse other corrupt politicians.

The news channels I monitor require the COVID-19 Bookshelves for anyone on camera from home due to shelter-in-place orders. I switch channels and go to a network in the EU. What do I see? COVID-19 Bookshelves there as well. It seems a few people at home don’t have bookshelves so they use artwork on the back wall which looks much better and less conformist and corporatist, or some show a full view of their living room (no bookshelves).

Mi amigo/My friend told me that in the videos he’s watched on the topic of “How to Do Videos” tutorials — and what nuts dream of those rules? — the corporatists and cookie-cutter instruct the sheeple to have bookshelves as their backdrop, so that’s likely where this nonsense is coming from. He said it’s usually about the #1 or #2 thing listed that one must have as their background: Bookshelves. It’s a requirement with the corporatists. It’s supposed to make you feel like you’re in the “comfy little home” with the person you’re watching. I think it’s also intended to make the person you’re watching appear to be — whether they are or not! — “learn-ed, intelligent and well-read (Dahling).” Well there’s a problem with that because stupid and juvenile are “in” with much of society today (at least in the US), so why would one want to appear “learn-ed, intelligent and well-read?” This is terribly outdated thinking considering the phone is people’s life and best friend these days, not books.

Mi amigo also told me that worldwide the top 100 videos on U-toob are all silly, stupid and unintelligent, or it’s music videos or sports. But most of it is silly and stupid. So why the “learn-ed, intelligent and well-read” COVID-19 Bookshelves? Who will relate to them? Then frequently he sees idiots like that Casey N. on U-toob acting like a toddler — the guy has never grown up and he’s in his 50s — ripping into packages, tearing open a box he has received, throwing it across the room, dropping another extremely expensive camera and breaking it and thinking that’s funny. That’s all intended to be funny. It’s all stupid and juvenile. At the end of Casey’s waste-of-time video, the room is a mess because of his toddler-like behaviour. He thinks it’s funny. And most of his audience base seems to be of a toddler-mentality regardless of their chronological age.

So again, why the “learn-ed, intelligent and well-read (Dahling)” COVID-19 Bookshelves. Who will relate to them? A very small percentage of the population.

Obviously, the Conservatory is closed at this time but I emailed a few of the students I know and asked them if they had noticed this strange but conformist phenomenon with the COVID-19 Bookshelves. Having attention to detail as the best trained musicians possess, they all said they had indeed noticed the COVID-19 Bookshelves and most began their email with “lol” or “hahahaha” because they find it funny but in a sad way. As one wrote, “Everywhere you look! Corporatist brainwashing.” Yes, that’s exactly what it is. It’s rather ludicrous. Chau.—el barrio rosa