The Elitist Socialist Equality Party

Damn elitism, while pretending to be of and for “the working class.” The SEP: A damn-odd bunch of people.

Hola a todos. This is likely my last article about my many problems with the Socialist Equality Party (SEP), the political party of the wsws/ICFI. I’ve previously spoken very favourably of the SEP 2016 presidential and vice presidential candidates (Jerry and Niles). The two of them are very good people from what I know about them, although I’ve not endorsed them and am not going to. But their SEP has turned me off, especially the SEP Cult members. I can’t stand them. With Jerry and Niles, their thinking matches mine on many political issues. But both candidates should be addressing the problems within their own party such as the sexism and ageism (as two examples) of their rabid supporters (what I call the SEP Cult members) who live on their message forum daily. If they’re not eating the upper colon of the SEP writers — whom they seem to see as gods — with their daily gushing praise such as, “brilliant article, comrade, absolutely brilliant” or “the best article I’ve ever read on the wsws” (both statements of gushing praise written by one of the resident sexists) or the daily, “thank you for this valuable socialist lesson comrade” written by another Cult member, and other such over-the-top shit. The many “thank you” sessions directed at their god writers in the comment section get embarrassing and frankly I don’t read that shit on other sites I visit and it’s not necessary. It’s all a bit much. They also go on and on about “the working class” yet their comments are often written in such pretentious and elitist style language, and not that of any “working class” person I’ve ever known. That too is a major turn-off for me. I’ve not known people of “the working class” to write or talk in elitist style language. The bougi, elitist and upper class usually speak and write in such nose-in-the-air language like one finds in the comment section on their site. The SEP and its Cult are absolutely obsessed with the term “pseudo-left” (which means fake “liberals” and fake “progressives” — think: Obamabots) as well as the word “comrade.” Someone e-mailed me last week asking if I know where the SEP is on the political spectrum. No I’m sorry, I don’t. After years of reading their site, I have yet to figure that out. They’re very black and white in their thinking; there’s very little gray area in their world. With them, it’s all about class and they are very upfront about that. Racism (or being anti-ethnic) plays a very, very small role (if any) in our society, according to them. To me that’s bull shit and it does not match my life experience. I grew up in a working class/poor white neighbourhood and everyone I knew was anti-ethnic/racist (either covertly or overtly) and we were all of the same class. There were even segregated churches by ethnicity. So from my experience, it was all about race/ethnicity and not class at all. Also, I recently learned that according to the SEP, the working class is not stupid. LOL. Oh lord. There are no stupid people in the working class according to them — I’d love to know how they have managed to not have any contact with stupid people, wouldn’t you?! — and they say that calling people stupid is “ruling class thinking.” Really? Loco. And the example they gave that the working class is not stupid is that the working class is able to operate smartphones stupidphones. LOL. That’s true; I’m not making this up; that’s what they said, which I find hilarious but also pathetic. The hypocrisy here is that out of one side of their mouth they claim to oppose the Billionaire Class. But they support the same Billionaire Class when it comes to tech and the billionaires who own the corporate tech companies such as corporate FaceB**k whose icons are all over their site. Let me repeat that: When it comes to corporate tech, they support the Billionaire Class by cheer-leading for smartphones stupidphones and helping the billionaire-owned corporate techie companies by having their corporate tech icons all over their site. Some of the SEP Cult members write comments about how they’re going to “promote the SEP articles on social media.” So they promote the SEP on the same corporate “social media” sites owned by the Billionaire Class that they claim to oppose. Loco. And they don’t see their hypocrisy.

The SEP writers are seen as Sacrosanct and above reproach, so any time anyone speaks a word of criticism of their writers, the SEP Cultist cue up to attack the commenter(s) speaking critical words of their SEP god writers.

In my opinion, Jerry and Niles (the SEP’s 2016 candidates) should be getting on their website and addressing/challenging their abrasive asshole SEP Cult members and making it clear that ageism and sexism are not approved of or supported by the SEP and that the SEP rejects such outdated thinking, assuming that they do oppose such thinking. Whenever sexism arises among the SEP Cult members, the females are the first to defend sexism. (Sigh. The reoccurring them: Back to the 1950s.) I get the sense that most of the Cult members (meaning the commenters) are of the generation born either during or after WWII where sexism and ageism were well engrained in people’s thinking, so that’s the mentality one is dealing with. And that would speak to why they see nothing at all wrong and even excuse sexism and ageism. But when anyone points out both of these negatives, one is duly reprimanded by the Cult members and accused of “obsessive quibbling and distracting from the article” (written by their god writer). And as one Cult member wrote: “I’m sure that person is not sexist and did not mean to be sexist.” In reality, that commenters doesn’t know any more about that person who wrote the sexist remark than I do. They’re just trying to excuse it and rush to the defence of another Cult member. They also despise “politically correct” language. They see nothing wrong with using the sexist language “mankind” (for example) instead of humankind. The term humankind has been around for decades. When the US Episcopal Church of the Anglican Communion updated the Book of Common Prayer (was that the late 1970s?) they changed some of the outdated/sexist language, such as “mankind” was changed to humankind which I thought was a very progressive thing to do. But today, the outdated, sexist and elitist assholes of the SEP see nothing at all wrong with using “man” and “he” all the time, or congressmen as another example. I suspect female members of congress really appreciate being called a “congressman!” I try to be sensitive and inclusive of people (so I call a woman in congress “congresswoman”), but that’s not at all the approach used by the SEP Cultist assholes. I can’t stand them! I guess you’ve figured that out by now.

The people who live on their message forum (that’s the group I call the SEP Cult) are some of the most abrasive basura one will find on any message forum. Especially that abrasive la perra whose screen name icon shows her hiding behind her glasses with them hanging half-way off her face. That asshole. She’s a fucking piece of work which doesn’t speak at all well for the SEP. The SEP Cult members don’t seem to understand that their abrasiveness approach — one visiting commenter called them angry — does not at all encourage other people to want to be a part of the SEP. I know I wouldn’t want to be a part of the SEP after what I experienced from their Cult members. There’s absolutely no sense of community there at all. Instead one is often met with smug elitism as if these SEP cultist think they are superior to others merely because they wear the label Socialist Equality Party and call themselves Marxists and comrades. They are certainly not a welcoming group whatsoever.

But in my opinion, that’s what Jerry and Niles should be doing: They should be taking on their obnoxious Cult members — their regular commenters who live on their site and who eat SEP ass out and the ass of their god writers on a daily basis — and if Jerry and Niles turn some of the cultist off, so be it. They can fuck off. Do they really want elitist, sexists and ageist basura like that in the SEP party? Who wants supporters like that? And what other negative “isms” do these basura have that haven’t been revealed?

It’s taken me awhile to figure them out from years of reading their website. I’m asked occasionally where the SEP is on the political scale because other people can’t figure them out either. To me, they’re anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist conservatives but they never define themselves like that. They are conservatives. They also write very conservatively and in formal language as do their Cult members. Even when they interview someone and if the person being interviewed uses sex language such as the word “fuck,” they sanitise it like this: “f—”. I thought we were all adults here. How prudish and conservative. And I suspect they have their own server and even if they don’t, most hosting companies allow the word “fuck” on a website. When they complain about someone, they go after the left or their standard “pseudo-left” language that they’re obsessed with. The same with the Cult members; they also go after the left and “pseudo-left.” In their videos, they dress very conservatively. Jerry and Niles dress conservatively (drab colours). And in one recent video I saw from Niles, he was in conservative and conformist black and white, not what I would expect from someone and a party that goes on about a “revolution of the working class.”

They recently wrote this stuff:

“The Socialist Equality Party rejects claims that the United States is separated into a “white America” and a “black America,” or that all “whites” and “males” enjoy special privileges. We reject the narrative that the country is seething with race hatred. There has been an enormous development in the general consciousness of the population since the period of Jim Crow segregation in the south and widespread racial discrimination in the north. Workers of all races live and interact with each other on a daily basis and face a common struggle against poverty, unemployment and the corporate attack on wages and benefits.

My response: (roll eyes, sigh) Clearly, they enjoy living in Denial and/or they need to get out more there in Michigan.

The ICFI has defined the pseudo-left as denoting “political parties, organizations and theoretical/ideological tendencies which utilize populist slogans and democratic phrases to promote the socioeconomic interests of privileged and affluent strata of the middle class.” The pseudo-left “is anti-socialist, opposes class struggle, and denies the central role of the working class and the necessity of revolution in the progressive transformation of society.” It “promotes ‘identity politics,’ fixating on issues relating to nationality, ethnicity, race, gender and sexuality in order to acquire greater influence in corporations, the colleges and universities, the higher-paying professions, the trade unions and in government and state institutions, to effect a more favorable distribution of wealth among the richest 10 percent of the population.” It is “pro-imperialist, and utilizes the slogans of ‘human rights’ to legitimize, and even directly support, neo-colonialist military operations.” [David North, forward to The Frankfurt School, Postmodernism and the Politics of the Pseudo-Left: A Marxist Critique].

My response: Hypocrites. They whine about how the “pseudo-left” promotes “identity politics” and “sexuality.” The SEP has done the same thing. They’ve written articles about transgender issues, for example. As I’ve said before, they often fail to see their own hypocrisy.

Then there is their ongoing elitist superiority complex, where one of the cultist wrote:

“No other party can touch the SEP in terms of theoretical depth and programmatic acuity.”

Oh well excuse me, Dahling. Get over yourselves, you pretentious and elitist asshole. I can’t stand trash like that. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. FedUp!

    I thought I’d heard everything until I read the part about the working class is not stupid because they can work phones. I’m still laughing about that. I don’t spend much time there anymore. Good point that Jerry and Niles should be reprimanding the cult if they disagree with them. Nice of you to praise J&N, even tho you can’t stand the cult and some of the other writers.

Fin. The End.