The Fake Christmas and Easter Christians

Hola a todos. You probably know some of them. The (what I call) Christmas and Easter Christians are the frauds that pretend to be a Christian and who only show up at a parish or Cathedral Church twice a year in their attempt to try to deceive the Christian god fellow, The Holy Trinity. Of course he can see right through them. They’re very transparent in their behaviour. They don’t go to church any other time of year, just those two High Holy Days. And they only do so because they feel it’s a requirement to try to buy their way into the non-existent place called Heaven.

The breeder family across the street from me is part of this. They’re in their process of brainwashing their children with a belief in the Floating Cloud Being. The mother of the children is usually wearing jeans, but I noticed that for church on Easter she was wearing this long flowing lingerie dress. Her in a dress? Why the change in wardrobe? The Floating Cloud Being doesn’t care what you wear. Or was she covertly hoping she might pick up on some guy while at church? But The Holy Trinity can see through all that. We’re told by his devout disciples that he’s omnipotent, all-powerful and all-knowing. So none of these fake-Christians are fooling him. Her husband certainly lives the life of Jesus. [sarcasm intended]. He has the personality of hardened cement. With his lack of social skills, one wonders how the two possibly met? And they’ve allowed their children to become phone addicts. I’m sure they’re reading the bible on their phones, aren’t you? I’m sure that’s what all those pics are you see on their phones. Pics of Jesus and his 12 disciples. I think Jesus was a Queer boy since he enjoyed hanging out with guys. A Queer boy that I know in the neighbourhood who’s not religious at all walked by their place as this breeder family was leaving for church and the mother said to him, “Happy Easter!” Ugh. He sort of ignored her. Why would she assume that someone is into Easter just because she is? And I don’t think she or her husband were into Easter until they became parents. So typical. More religious brainwashing.

The reality is that one does not need to believe in any deity to be a good person. “It’s nice to be nice” does not require any religious beliefs. And some of the most heinous and despicable people on Earth call themselves a Christian. The current occupant of la casa blanca comes to mind. He’s another Christian-in-name-only fake Christmas and Easter Christian. His church is a golf course every Domingo/Sunday.

So despite the turnout at parish and cathedral churches on Christmas and Easter, your Holy and Indivisible Trinity is not fooled by your attendance. If anything, he probably frowns on it. “Look at these frauds trying to play me, trying to deceive me, trying to work me, trying to suck up to me” he probably says. Instead, he looks at the way you live your life the other 363 days a year. Chau.—el barrio rosa