The fake-Queer guys supporting The Orange Man

Hola a todos. FYI: I’m now using the word “Queer” instead of any acronyms. That’s because there’s no hierarchy or politics involved in the word Queer, as opposed to the hierarchy of that corporatist “LGBT” nonsense that’s saturated all over the internet. When an acronym is used, I prefer GLBTQ which reflects the original Gay and Lesbian (GL) Right’s Movement. Also, Queers and the word Queer make breeders nervous, and we enjoy every minute of it. (smile)

The other day, mi amigo/my friend who is a Queer boy had an online encounter with a person claiming to be: “gay with a partner, a veteran, and a Trump supporter.” A Queer guy and an Orange Man supporter seems to me to be an oxymoron — or perhaps just a moron — and an obvious case of self-hate.

Mi amigo asked this guy how he could possibly be supporting The Orange Man when it appears that The Orange Man is very anti-Queer, despite any deceptions/words/lies to the contrary. The people around The Orange Man are very anti-Queer, particularly Pence, and The Orange Man’s nominee to the US Supreme Court (Gorsuch) says, “it should be illegal for gay people to have sex.” That doesn’t sound very Queer-positive to me.

Well, none of that mattered to this fake-Queer guy. Why do I describe this person as a “fake-Queer guy?” You’ll understand that in a moment. This fake-Queer guy replied by saying that Trump was the only presidential candidate who held up a Rainbow Flag during the 2016 campaign. Can you believe anybody would say that as some flimsy reason for supporting a candidate? Mi amigo responded by saying: “You fell for that stunt? Any anti-Queer person can hold up a Rainbow Flag to dupe stupid, gullible people like you. Unlike yourself, I look at what people do in the context of laws they favour or executive orders they write which can change people’s lives (not silly photo-op things), their voting record, their actions and the people they surround themselves with — that’s what’s important — not who holds up a flag to give stupid people the illusion that they’re pro-Queer.” I told mi amigo: Well you should have told him that Hillary — whom neither of us supported — went to the Pride Parade in Manhattan, which should carry more weight than some insane candidate holding up a Rainbow Flag the wrong way. Mi amigo accused this fake-Queer guy of having internalised homophobia considering his support of anti-Queer people. The fake-Queer guy/Orange Man supporter responded by saying, “When my partner gets home, I’ll tell him that we’re both homophobes.” Mi amigo pointed out to this fake-Queer guy that The Orange Man held up that Rainbow Flag upside down with purple at the top. When the flag is displayed correctly, red is at the top like in a Rainbow. This mistake was also pointed out at the time of The Orange Man’s stunt, that the flag was held wrong-side up. But in typical stupid-is-in style and in his continued defence of his hero, The Orange Man, this fake-Queer guy justified The Orange Man’s mistake by saying that actually he (the fake-Queer guy) wouldn’t know which way the Rainbow Flag should be held up either. Loco. Stupid-is-in. He didn’t know the order of the Rainbow Flag colours either so that justified The Orange Man’s mistake. Yeah, you’re some Queer guy all right. Liar. I’ve never known a Queer person who didn’t know how the Rainbow Flag should be correctly flown/displayed and who didn’t know the correct order of the colours. Even the child across the street from me knows the order of the rainbow colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

At that point, the fake-Queer guy started back-tracking. He said: I didn’t vote as “a gay.” (“A gay?” That’s the language I read and hear from the ignorant breeders. You’re not a Queer boy at all. All of this has exposed you as a fraud, Mr Breeder). He continued on: I voted as an “Amurrrrrrkkkan” (that’s not how he spelled it; that’s my spelling to emulate a redneck breeder). I said to mi amigo: Well then why did he bring up the gay topic in the first place when it was really irrelevant to his vote for The Orange Man? Again, “stupid is in.” That was the end of their conversation. Mi amigo and I concluded that he was dealing with an anti-Queer breeder pretending to be a pro-Orange Man Queer guy. You’re not fooling anyone here, Mr anti-Queer Breeder.

The Orange Man’s cult followers — these basura must be paid trolls — have taken over all message forums in their blind supporter for their hero Trump. They remind me of the Obamabots. They are very thin-skinned people and want complete lockstep allegiance to their almighty god, The Orange Man. Mi amigo told me that the other day he read a pro-dictatorial comment from one of The Orange Man cult members saying, “The people who do not support Trump deserve to be kicked out of the country.” Mi amigo didn’t respond to that comment but if he had he would have asked: Did you feel that way when Clinton, Obama and the Bush Crime Family were occupying la casa blanca/the white house?

From my experience with The Orange Man’s Cult, they are extremely anti-Queer, extremely anti-ethnic/racists, some of them are proud Nazi and white supremacists. Their ignorant trolls use any excuse to anti-Queer bait other commenters. I suspect there are many fake-Queers out there supporting The Orange Man. Just thought I’d alert readers to that. And as I’m completing this article, The Orange Man has removed some rights for Transgender individuals, labeling them “special rights” which is the typical far-right lie about any Queer rights. Queer rights are equal rights. Queer rights are not “special rights.” Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. Dan

    I saw a group of Black people at the Orange Man’s campaign rally held in FL last weekend. I’ve never seen a president have a campaign rally a month after taking office. Weird. The group of Black people were holding up his re-election “2020″ signs. Bright people would wait 3 or more years to see what the Orange Man does during that period of time before endorsing him for re-election. It’s the sad state of things that he has any Black supporters at all considering most of the Orange Man cultists are just as you described them. Some of his supporters write about “niggas” in their comments. Were the group of Black people paid to be there or are they really that stupid … or another instance of self-hate?

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