The Folsom Street Fair 2017 (San Francisco)

Hola a todos. Mi amigo/My friend went to the Folsom Street Fair as he always does.

As expected, because of how San Francisco has drastically changed, the fair has also changed. The fair is now half lesbian, a quarter Queer boys and a quarter standard mainstream fair attire. The original fair during the Gay Mecca decades was a leather, Queer boy event. Mi amigo said the breeders were also there in force early-on with their mandatory in-your-face make-out sessions — yes, it indeed seems to be a #1 requirement with the breeders that they make-out wherever they are; needy, “high-maintenance” and extremely insecure-her needs her hand held and demands his attention 24/7 — and there were breeder guys fucking pussy without a condom. There was a large crowd gathered around a guy fucking a female in the ass. But after awhile, the boring and bland breeders left the fair (good! go away!) and the Queers took over. At that point, it became more like the original Folsom Street Fair. But the Queer boys were only a small fraction of the fair, he said, as opposed to being the majority during the long-gone Gay Mecca decades. In fact, historically there has been something at the fair called the dog pin, which is where gay guys act like dogs. This year, there was a dog pin for females, in addition to the pin for the guys. He said that two-thirds of the people there had come there to be glued to their phones. He noticed that when people walked through the fair together in groups, each person had a phone in their face. Did most of the people there see the fair? There was lots of police presence the entire time — why? — and it was extremely hot.

I was in The Castro around the time that the fair was wrapping up, and from what I could tell quite a few guys from The Castro had gone to the fair. One of the original naked guys was walking around (good to see him). I had seen him the day before when I was there. I checked people’s reactions to him, considering past experience with the few naked guys. No one seemed phased by him which was good to see. We still have our silly city-wide nudity ban (although the Folsom Street Fair is excluded from the nudity ban), but the piece of opportunist political basura who authored the ban no longer lives here. His ass is in Sacramento, although I still unfortunately see his face here on occasion so I take it that he kept his condo (Dahling) here. I did see something that annoyed me. There were two attractive/hot young Queer boys in just jock straps walking down Market Street after the fair. They crossed the street at the next intersection. Well, there was this mother with children crossing at the same time. She saw these two Queer boys in their jock straps and being Ms Prude she felt the need to crane her neck nearly off in the opposite direction of them so that her prudish eyes would not have to see them. (roll eyes) Again, the Queer boys had jock straps on. Ms Prude can’t deal with seeing guys in jock straps? WTF? I’d love to have asked her: I’m just curious, how did these children with you happen to come about? With the assistance of a turkey baster or artificial insemination? Because I can’t imagine anyone desperate enough to fuck prudish you, nor would a fucking prude like you ever open your legs to get a dick in there quite frankly. Ugh. I can’t stand fucking prudes. Fuck off! Did this prude not know the history of The Castro before her prudish ass moved in here? Or is she one of these assholes who have worked to sanitise The Castro to make it the way she wants it as so-called, “Family-Friendly” (which means it’s like any other area of the City. One might as well be in The Breeder Marina). She could have moved anywhere in el mundo/the world where breeders already owned the place and where one rarely sees an openly-Queer/GTQBL person. But no, Ms Prude had to come here to help the conservatives erase our Gay Mecca. Other than Ms Prude, the Queer boys got no disapproving looks or hate that I saw. In fact, I noticed some guys smiling at them in approval. In that sense, it felt more like the Castro of the Gay Mecca years, at least at that moment. Chau.—el barrio rosa

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  1. el barrio rosa Post author

    Just wanted to make mention of The Castro Street Fair which took place today. It’s always the following Domingo/Sunday after Folsom. They’ve sanitised The Castro Street Fair even more. In years past, I could always hear pounding techno-beat music playing during the fair, all afternoon. You couldn’t miss it. Today? Silence. It was as if the fair was not being held. Did the bougi and self-entitled homeowners/Luxury Designer Condo (Dahling) owners demand no music this year? Concerned it might lower their elitist property values, Dahling? I went into The Castro and it was almost “library quiet.” I saw a sea of people but there was no stage set up for music nor was there any music being played. There was a sign for $10.00 beer at the entrance at Castro/Market Streets. $10.00 for one beer? No gracias. I assume there was the usual donation requested to get into the fair. Another $10.00? The fair has become an event for people of a certain income bracket. I would say just like other things in the Queer community — such as those outrageously-priced lah-tee-dah dinners at the gala events of some of those national GTQBL corporate organisations with corporate sponsors — but the fact is The Castro is mostly a Breeder Mecca today. There are some Queer boys still here, but it’s nothing like it was. And I didn’t see any nudity or even guys in jock straps as I did last weekend. The Castro Street Fair is much more conservative than Folsom. So that’s about it. Chau.

  2. Your Straight Neighbor

    Straight guys fucking pussy at the fair? No concern about sexually-transmitted diseases?….assuming she’s on the pill. Thanks for the write-up. See you later, pb. :-)

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