The Folsom Street Fair 2018 (San Francisco)

Agua/Water was selling for $8.00 a glass to exploit the fair attendees.

Hola a todos. “Hot. It was boiling. That was too hot. I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much.”

That’s what mi amigo/my friend said upon arriving back from the 2018 Folsom Street Fair.

“Hot. Way too hot. I’m soaked. Pants are soaked. Hot. Humid. Smokey.”

As in past years, here’s the report from mi amigo and his experience at San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair (2018) held on el 30 de septiembre/30 September, with my comments in parenthesis:

“On my way to the fair, I saw breeder/straight couple make-out scenes in The Castro. (But of course you did. That’s what one has come to expect to see because The Castro is no longer a gay area. Those who run the place like to make one think it still is a gay area with their over-saturation of Rainbow Flags, but as I’ve said before they could saturate the breeder/straight Marina district in San Francisco with Rainbow Flags but that wouldn’t at all make it a gay area). When I got to the Castro Street Muni Metro Station going to the fair, I was the only person there going anywhere. I was the only person waiting to take the Metro. There were a few guys when I got into the train, but it was pretty dead. (Such a different time from the days of the former Gay Mecca where much of The Castro used to go to the fair. The Folsom Street Fair and the Castro Street Fair — which is the following Domingo/Sunday — were the two major events for The Castro in those days).

Folsom Street Fair 2018 was as crowded as I’ve ever seen it. About a quarter of the attendees were breeders/straights. Most people were old white guys with some shades of colour mixed in. It was sorta of the Old City, but not quite. (By that we mean before the sexist and ageist Tech Industrial Complex barged in, took over and raped The City saturating it with black and grey-clothed Millennials with no genuine social skills. But at least they’re all dressed for a funeral should the need arise. Millennial females in San Francisco today are wearing nothing but black and grey lingerie with black stiletto heels even in the forests and parks. Loca). But the fair wasn’t too much different than usual.

Two guys were nude. (Only two?) That was it. I didn’t see the 3-4 Naked Guys who had become rather well-known in The Castro. (He’s referring to the 3-4 Naked Guys that served as the reason for that opportunistic piece of conservative political trash — I’m speaking of gay prude Scott Penis — to ram through his San Francisco City-Wide Nudity Ban because of a few naked guys who walked around in a 2-3 block area of The Castro years ago. A couple of naked guys walking around on the odd occasion in a 2-3 block area of The Castro with its history of nudity required a City-Wide Nudity Ban? A bit extreme, don’t you think? Loco.) But no, the Naked Guys weren’t there that I saw. Although this fair is exempt from the nudity ban. Nothing like the Old City days where nudity was much more present. The fair was spread out all over the place because it was hard to do the whole fair in and around all the new Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) for the wealthy bougi elite who are still flooding San Francisco. There were approximately five new Luxury Designer Condo (Dahling) buildings in the area of the fair since the 2017 fair. (Apparently wealthy people love to move to San Francisco — now a playground for the super-wealthy — so they can brag about living in the most expensive City in the US to show off their wealth. Think: Shallow, pretentious and superficial people.)

When I left the fair, there were hardly any Queer guys getting off the Metro at either Church Street Muni Metro Station or Castro Street Muni Metro Station. It was mostly Asians remaining on the Metro going out into the Avenues. There were a couple of gay couples (only a couple?; a sign of the times), but mostly bears and that type of thing.

Oh, another thing: They’ve sanitised the fair some more. Typical of what they do around here these days. There’s no longer the dancer being held up by a tall crane in a dance cage. As expected, they said it was because of a “safety concern.” That’s odd, we had the dancer in the tall crane dance cage for years and there was never any problem with it. And there are currently 15 construction cranes on the waterfront and around The City and there’s no “safety concern” with them it seems. They don’t seem to fall down on people. But for the fair, they now have four guy dancers on boxes dancing with hand-held colourful flags. I think it’s called flag dancing. Not nearly as interesting as the original crane idea.

And of course there was the $8.00 a glass agua/water. Ugly capitalism at play. They also were selling a small serving (small dish size) of French Fries for $7.00. I didn’t see anyone eating at the tables the fair provided so I don’t think people were buying the expensive fair food. Understandable. That’s his report. Muchas gracias, mi amigo. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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2 comments on “The Folsom Street Fair 2018 (San Francisco)

  1. E in Sunnyvale

    Agua/Water was selling for $8.00 a glass to exploit the fair attendees.

    lol – is Livenation/Ticketmaster managing the event now?

  2. castro local

    i think i was the only one from the castro who went to the fair other than your friend. he left out something….
    at the beginning of the fair most people were staring at their phones, and the more beer they drank the more the phones disappeared. by the end of the fair not many people had their phones out at all. i will never understand why you would go to an event and stare at your phone the entire time…..doesn’t make much sense to me. another thing i don’t understand is why people are on their phones talking with someone when the music is as loud as it is. how can they possibly hear the person that they’re talking with?

Fin. The End.