The gay Jock Bros who reject gay guys

This article is about the gay Jock Bros with their internalised homophobia, mostly of the seemingly-lobotomised, adamantly conformist and void of any genuine social skills Millennial-trash-assholes1 age group (20s and 30s). Mi amigo/My friend said recently: “It’s as if many gay guys are voluntarily going back in the closet. No one is forcing them in the closet; they’re going back in the closet on their own.”

Hola a todos. During the former Gay Mecca decades in San Francisco, gay guys who worked out at one of the gyms around The Castro described themselves as “gym-toned” in their personal sex ads. “Gym-toned” is a fairly neutral description and not connected with anything offensive. Then at some point — and I’m not sure when it happened — “gym-toned” got replaced when many gay guys took on the identity of being “a jock” or “a jock bro” with all the (mostly) negative images that one can conjure up in one’s mind about “the obnoxious and stupid jocks.” It’s strange that gay guys would take on the identity of a jock considering historically and to this day it is the obnoxious and sexually-insecure jocks who have been and still are anti-gay and who have bullied gay guys on school playgrounds and on sports fields and called gay guys “faggots.” So why would gay guys take on the identity of someone like that? Loco./Crazy. And that’s still going on to this day, although the following example is from 2014:

Quote: Martin…said most people at his school have accepted him, but there also have been some negative remarks about his coming out, especially from the jocks…He is a faggot now,” I was told some people said,’ wrote Martin. (High school soccer star comes out as gay in rural West Virginia by dancing with Homecoming King…). End Quote.

Speaking of the “fractured Queer Community” — that’s how I’ve heard the Queer community referred to recently — from my observations, most gay jock bros try to come off as if they’re straight or bi. They put on this posturing macho act of being a breeder as if they believe in straight-superiority. And from what I’ve noticed, these gay jock bros want nothing to do with other gay guys based on what these jocks say in their personal sex ads on ClosetList. Again, they’re gay — the ones I’m talking about here — but most often lie and say they’re bi, because they don’t like the word gay and don’t want to be called gay or associated with “the gays,” even though they’re looking for sex with a guy (usually another jock bro). They only want to hook up sexually with “straight or bi guys.” As my straight neighbour occasionally says, “A straight guy has no interest in having sex with another guy; a straight guy is not into guys.” Of course any masculine gay guy could respond to these jocks and lie and say they’re bi too and just play along with their “bi/macho” head-trip, since the topic of females and pussy is not likely to ever come up. These very-stuck-on-themselves jocks often show an image of their (or another jock’s) “bubble butt jock ass” in their sex ads. Here’s an example of a sex ad from a self-described “white jock” I read recently:

“I’m usually into girls [Ed. yeah sure you are liar], but I’m looking for a dude for mutual oral, kick it to see where it goes, all between us of course on the down low. No one else has to know.” (roll eyes). Well who the fuck in the Bay Area cares what you do sexually, Mr Jock Bro? Hmmmmmmm? The Bay Area is not some small hick town with busy-bodied prying eyes. Or, are you cheating on someone, Mr Jock? The translation of Mr Jock’s ad: I want the so-called straight (closeted bi or closeted gay guy) to fuck my jock ass.

So why do gay jock bros reject gay guys? Well I think that’s pretty obvious. It’s because they have deep issues involving gay shame. Here in 2017, they still think that being gay is bad. They still have negative connotations associated with the word gay in their minds. And what I’m talking about I’ve seen countless times in men-seeking-men sex ads; this is not isolated stuff. I think most people have heard the term, “He’s just a stupid jock.” Well, these jock bros still haven’t worked though their gay shame. They have some head trip going on in their mind that a gay guy is not a “real man” because a gay guy is not “into girls” or “into chicks” and doesn’t fuck pussy, and other anti-gay stereotypical prejudices promoted by the (bigoted?) breeders.

So these gay jock bros pretend to be bi with a GF (girlfriend). Reading the ads on ClosetList, all of the girlfriend’s of these obnoxious jocks are constantly out of town, according to what they say in their ad. I wonder why that might be? Because the GF they claim to have doesn’t exist. I’ve seen countless sex ads from these self-described bi guys and they write, “my GF is out of town.” Yes, they’re always out of town aren’t they? That’s because there is no girlfriend, liar. You’re Queer, you’re not bi. Stop lying about who you are. And get some new material, jock bro frauds. Say that your nonexistent GF is over at her sister’s or something. Jesus! It’s always the same script: “GF is out of town.” You self-described “educated and professional” jock bros aren’t very creative. All you do is copy and paste each other’s ads. The curious thing is that one never sees these fake-bi guy’s personal sex ads looking for a female over in the men-for-women category. I wonder why that might be? Because they’re not bi. They’re closeted gay guys lying about their sexuality. Mi amigo has told me about his gay phone sex experiences. Currently, he tells me that there is rarely any guy who say he’s bi on the line. There’s a total of 2-3 guys on the line who say they’re bi. One of them is a genuine bi guy. He’s all about pussy. The other guys are gay (not bi, so they’re lying) and when mi amigo brings up pussy with them, those guys say, “we don’t need no pussy or chicks; ass is better than pussy, just us guys here.” Most of the guys who say they’re bi whom mi amigo has talked with over the years have had no interest at all in talking about females or pussy or boobs/rack.

The obnoxious jock bros are closet cases, using the code language “DL” (down-low) and “discreet” (which they usually misspell like this: “discrete.”) They often say in their ad how they are “educated and a professional.” But somewhere in that education they claim to have, the deprogramming of their gay shame and gay-related ignorance was overlooked, since there are thousands of masculine, “manly” gay guy out there.

The jock bros seem to be stuck back in the day where a gay guy was stereotypically thought to be “fem” and “nelly” and referred to affectionally as “Ms Thang,” which was part of what was known as “gay camp,” which I no longer hear in heteronormative San Francisco. These days, it’s rare to see any fem or nelly gay guys at all. When I do, I enjoy seeing them and I feel sorry for them because they are who they are and they are so looked down on and shunned by much of the now-extremely judgmental, conformist — “have to be like the breeders” — and pro-corporate/mainstream gay community today. Ugh.

The anti-gay, gay jock bros need to sit their self-described “bubble butt jock ass” in a psychotherapist’s chair. The jock bros often describe themselves as VGL (very good looking). Arrogant fucks! VGL is best for someone else to say, rather than one describing oneself as such.
The jock bros are not known for being modest or humble. And their “VGL” is only on the outside, cosmetically and superficially, if that, since again, VGL is rather subjective. Look inside at their obnoxious closeted/anti-gay personality and one may find a rather ugly person.

“Gay Assimilation:” Back in the closet for many, if not most

Ugh. Not this topic again. Unfortunately, “gay assimilation” has resulted in the Queer Community’s desire — and even obsession — to be as much like the breeders as possible, including being jock bro supporters of major league corporate sports teams. The opposite of during the Gay Mecca decades. After same-gender marriage/gay marriage became legal here in The Cesspool/the US/Los Estados Unidos, Queers were given the order to “assimilate.” And consequently in my opinion, “gay assimilation” has backfired and caused the Queer community to lose itself. Some people are using the word “fractured” to describe the Queer community today. In some cases, Queers interpreted “assimilate” to mean go back in the closet in order to “blend in”/disappear with the breeders. In San Francisco it seems to have caused what remains of the Queer community here to want to erase our proudly-radical Gay Mecca history as if we’re ashamed of it. That’s the impression some of us get. San Francisco’s Castro is nothing like it used to be. The Castro has been deliberately sanitised, breeder-washed and transformed from a Gay Mecca into a Breeder Mecca complete with fleets of Millennial-black baby strollers. Who gave the order to “assimilate?” The corporatist assholes at those wealthy pro-Democratic Party Establishment national corporate Queer organisations. You know who they are. The one with that equal sign and others. These one-issue people resided in their messiah Obama’s upper colon for his 8 years in office and served as his unconditional cheer-leaders no matter what he did, including supporting Mr Nobel Peace Prize’s 8 wars because of that “D” for Democrat next to his name. Those wealthy national corporatist Queer organisations — whom the Queer community worships — only care about Queers of a certain income bracket. Before this order to “assimilate” was given, Queers were already “assimilated” throughout society, whether in or out of the closet. One of these organisations is the same corporate trash who threw trans people under the bus a number of years ago. They have these bougi, outrageously expensive-per-plate annual Gala Dinners (Dahling), again, for those of a wealthier income bracket. In recent years, guess who these corporatist Queer assholes honoured? A billionaire of the misogynistic Tech Industrial Complex, while there were likely homeless Queer people with nothing to eat lying on the sidewalks within the parameters of this fucking bougi/elitist dinner. Wasn’t it $500.00 a plate and up? Again, the fact is that Queers were already mixed throughout society so there was no need for these corporatist Queer basura to order Queers to “assimilate,” which most Queers seem to have interpreted to mean: 1) abandon your public “out” Queer personae of the Gay Mecca decades. 2) Try to “act” like and emulate the breeders at all times; 3) warmly welcome the breeders in and welcome them to take over your Queer neighbourhoods with their mandatory hand-holding and their in-your-face breeder make-out sessions (while nearly fucking on the sidewalk) and their fleets of black baby strollers. 4) Support corporate sports teams, corporations and of course the misogynistic Tech Industrial Complex and their billionaire-owned companies. Stay completely addicted to that phone glued to your hand. Never take your eyes off that screen. In other words, be a corporatist and be the opposite of the person you were during the Gay Mecca decades. 5) Ashamedly apologise to the breeders for your protests and “radical” behaviour during the Gay Mecca decades that may have inconvenienced and offended these precious and delicate breeders who are so easily put-off and made uncomfortable by Queers, and even by the word “Queer.” The Queer community has essentially done all of that in their own way, and in part, through the Jock Bro persona.

I can hear the Jock Bros say: “Come on, breeder guys, you have to accept me now. I’m a macho, real man Jock Bro just like you. I have a beer in my hand, a baseball cap on — that alone makes me a jock bro — and I watch the game and scream at televisions showing the game just like you breeder guys. I’m not like those gay faggots (that you don’t like?). I fuck pussy (or lie and say I do) while I’m looking for another (closeted) jock bro guy on CL to have sex with.”

That’s about the extent of it.

So where are all the gay guys?

From what I’m seeing in the men-for-men sex ads, most gay guys are no longer calling themselves gay. I swear we are going backwards quickly; shaking my head in disgust. Sad. The language “straight-acting” is not used in the majority of the ads I’ve seen, but nevertheless, that’s the intent I and others get from observing the Queer community today.

The Queer Community’s Straight-Superiority Mentality

These days (Fall of 2017), I usually can’t tell who is straight and who is gay in San Francisco’s Castro and because no one cruises anyone anymore in the now-thoroughly-sanitised Castro, so it makes it even more difficult to tell who is gay, despite what one’s reliable gaydar tells one. I’ve heard some lesbians say the same thing; that they can’t tell who is a lesbian because today’s lesbians are trying to look like straight women. For example, lesbians have mostly abandoned the “butch cut” in favour of now having long flowing blond — out of a bottle? — hair. Plus, depending upon the day, most gay guys are not looking at anything but their phones, while the guy they’re desperately searching for on their phone could have just walked by them as they scroll through 1,000s of lying copy-and-paste sex profiles/pics). During the Gay Mecca decades, one assumed that nearly every guy in The Castro was gay, so unlike today, there was never any question about it. On occasion, I’ve seen a guy who looks gay to me and he’s standing at the bus stop making out with a female and being Mr Straight-Superiority. Mi amigo/My friend has seen many guys he always thought were gay from his former gym (which was unofficially known as the gay gym in The Castro) walking arm-in-arm or hand-in-hand with females down Market Street. This would have been unheard of during the “Out and Proud” Gay Mecca decades. But that was then. These days are no longer “Out and Proud.” The gay guys today are nearly always “discreet” “extremely discreet” “down low,” — all code words for closeted — while some others don’t use code language but specifically say they’re closeted and write “no one needs to know what we do behind closed doors; this will stay between you and me.” Los chicos: I doubt there would be a news crew outside your door waiting to hear all about what you’re doing in there. In fact, I suspect no one would care, other than someone you’re possibly cheating on, so what’s up with all this hush-hush “discreet” and “down-low” bull shit? But nearly every guy uses that in their ads; copying each other’s ads so all ads pretty much sound alike. They make it sound as if it’s a crime for two consenting gay guys to have sex in private.

While researching for this article, this is what I found as of septiembre 2017/September 2017 on ClosetList for the San Francisco Bay Area in the Men-for-Men category:

334 ads contain the keyword gay
78 ads contain the abbreviation GWM (that’s all?)
207 ads contain the abbreviation WM (deliberately omitting the word gay?)
881 ads contain the keyword bi (see what I mean?)
625 ads contain the keyword straight
279 ads contain the keyword/abbreviation str8

For San Francisco:

Only 124 ads contain the keyword gay (is that what one would expect for the former Gay Mecca?)
Only 49 ads contain the abbreviation GWM (again, is that what one would expect for the former Gay Mecca?)
69 ads contain the abbreviation WM (deliberately omitting the word gay?)
309 ads contain the keyword word bi
191 ads contain the keyword straight
113 ads contain the keyword/abbreviation str8

So, does any sane, reasonable, rationale and thinking person honestly believe that San Francisco’s Queer Community — what’s remains of it due to rampant gentrification — has suddenly become bi and is no longer gay? I don’t believe that, neither does my straight neighbour and neither does my good amigo who is a psychologist. I guess the Gay Community nationwide all miraculously “turned bi” overnight — yeah, right! that’s the way human sexuality works with thousands of gay guys all at once — with their sudden interest in females and pussy and rack when someone announced this new silly “bi” fad? Maybe that was around the same time as that other ridiculous fad where everyone is to wear all black or black and grey. If one can “turn bi” or “turn gay” or “turn straight” as the absurd “sexuality is fluid” crowd likes to say, then that means that the vehemently anti-gay/far-right ultra-conservative agenda crowd has always been correct when they have said that “gay people choose to be gay.” Has the “sexuality is fluid” crowd never thought of this? Scientific evidence does not show that, but scientific evidence no longer seems to matter to many people, especially the basura currently holding residence en la casa blanca.

It seems that the latest heteronormative fad which has been going on for some time, is for gay guys to say that they’re bi — even though they’re not bi — according to what the majority of gay guys are writing in their personal sex ads. That answers my question, “Where did all the gay guys go?” They didn’t go anywhere, they’re still there. They’re just lying about their sexuality and calling themselves “bi” to conform/fit in with all the other fake bi guys. I think there’s very little truth involved in many, if not most, personal sex ads, so this fits right in with that dishonesty and lying about oneself. Reminds me of the ads that read, “blond hair” and then the image shows a guy with black hair. Some people don’t even know what colour hair they have!

I don’t see most gay guys — according to my gaydar — walking around with females and mi amigo said there was no indication that the majority Queer population is bi at the recent Dore Alley Street Fair. So where are all of these supposed bi guys? They’re nonexistent, just like the fictional/nonexistent “GF” they claim to have. Again, I think what most gay guys are doing is simply copying each other’s ads to “fit in” and to conform. Just like they’re wearing black and gray every day of the week to conform. The gay community has become such a bunch of conformist, corporatised sheeple.

It’s really too bad that what’s left of the gay community in San Francisco can’t find themselves to be real and genuinely honest as individuals, rather than trying to be like everybody else.

From reading the many ads from the jock bros, one gets the impression little has been accomplished by the Queer community despite our decades of work. And the jock bros certainly aren’t helping matters with their closeted behaviour and internalised homophobia.

I see ads on CL from gay guys in former gay meccas such as San Francisco’s Castro/Upper Market, West Hollywood, The Village in Manhattan (as three examples) all with the same closeted language “discreet” and “down low.” Some guys even using the word “closeted.” It seems so strange to me and Orwellian that these gay guys are in the closet in a former out-and-proud gay mecca. As mi amigo said to me while I was writing this article: It’s as if many gay guys are voluntarily going back in the closet. No one is forcing them to do that; they’re going back in the closet on their own.

Yes they are.

Another article would be about gay guys going back in the closet and dating/marrying females, which I’ve previously written about. That too is Orwellian. After Queers work decades to get the right to marry other Queers, I read that gay guys are marrying females in droves (see link above). WTF? Loco./Crazy. If they wanted to ultimately marry females in the end and stay in that unhealthy closet, why the fuck did they work for gay marriage? Insanity. Whenever mi amigo and I see Queer boys on television, we point them out to each other and then say: “Oh he’s probably in the closet and married to a female the way things are going these days.” Then moments later we hear the guy say to the host, “my wife, kids and I…” Yes of course, he had to let the viewers know that he’s a (closet case) breeder. He didn’t want to leave any doubt in anyone’s mind that he might be Queer. No, can’t have that! Even though in some cases, the guy is more feminine than the female host he’s talking with.

Despite being repeatedly reassured by wishful-thinking idiots in the Queer community that “gay is now mainstream,” there is no sign of that in advertising or programming that we see. All I see is him and her. Him-tall and her-short. Breeders can never be the same damn height. That’s her chauvinistic head trip from my research. They’re usually holding hands and/or engaged in the usual in-your-face make-out scene. Breeders love to put on a make-out show for people. I’ve come to the point where I think what they really meant by “gay is now mainstream” is that the word “gay” is occasionally spoken in the corporate media/mainstream media. And on the odd occasion, some celebrity will announce that he’s gay, while at the same time thousands more gay guys go back in the closet. It would be interesting to know the ratio of how many Queers/GTQBLs simultaneously go back in the closet when one celebrity comes out of the closet. That’s about the extent of “gay being mainstream.” And what was that that I read the other day while writing this about some people trying to counter the word “gay” being used more frequently as a pejorative slur? If that’s another reason that gay guys are avoiding the word “gay” and instead lying and mislabeling themselves as “bi,” then they’re feeding directly into the word “gay” being used only as a pejorative.

Is that also why they’re avoiding the Rainbow Flag? The only place I see Rainbow Flags today is on most Queer bars in The Castro, and a couple of other businesses, and a few homes/apartments. The supposedly gay sports bar on Market Street refuses to fly the Rainbow Flag except on Corporate Pride Sunday, and they do so then just to exploit the tourists. Then back in the closet that flag goes on Lunes/Monday. During the Gay Mecca days, I saw little Rainbow Flag pins on guy’s backpacks and shoulder bags. Today? Gone. Did they remove their Rainbow Flag pins to the closet — along with themselves — when they were given the order to “assimilate” with the breeders, realising that breeders are not into Rainbow Flags? And of course a Rainbow Flag clashes with the “bi, straight-acting” façade of most gay guys today, especially the obnoxious Jock Bros. Chau.—el barrio rosa


1Millennial trash-assholes. I’m not referring to all Millennials here, but from what I’ve seen, observed and experienced in San Francisco, I am talking about pretty much the majority of Millennials. WTF happened to this generation to make them the way they turned out? They are some of the most unattractive (I’m referring to their snotty personality; no genuine social skills whatsoever) on the planet. jesus! I’ve heard other people say the same. While writing this article, in a video a guy from Canada was talking about how the Millennials stink. I’ve not noticed that about them. Maybe up there they don’t wash their all-black cultist-looking clothing that often.