The Gay Straight Couple

Hola a todos. One of my readers, District Resident, who lives in the District of Columbia (the capital of the US) and where I lived years ago, e-mailed me asking if I planned to write about the trans/gay couple up in the City of Portland in the US state of Oregon who made news recently. I hadn’t planned to, but here you are:

I’m not going to tip-toe around this topic as other articles that I’ve read seemed to being trying to do. One of the guys (who is transgender) of this gay couple had a baby with his gay partner, who only fucks pussy. Let’s pause there for a moment. A gay guy that only fucks pussy? WTF? Other than on twisted gay conversion sites, I’ve never heard of a gay guy fucking pussy — and I suspect the reader hasn’t either — other than the thousands and thousands of gay closet cases with gay shame who are married to a female in a heterosexual relationship worldwide. There are millions of breeder relationships world-wide like that. Which is what this gay couple reminds me of. They are a gay couple living a heterosexual relationship when it comes right down to it: Him (the gay guy) fucking her (the trans person).

It took me awhile to figure out what was going on with this couple. The trans guy was obvious. But it was his gay partner that confused me (see second picture down the page).  (“A gay couple from Portland, Oregon, have revealed that they will be having child – but the difference with this couple is that one of them is pregnant.”)  I saw the picture of the trans guy — who was female at birth — who is taking male hormones which gives him a beard, although from what I can tell from that picture it looks like he still has his boobs. His exposed pregnant stomach was obvious from the picture. His gay partner was standing with him. But he looks like a lesbian to me (second picture down the page at that link) and that led to my confusion about him. The article I originally saw about this couple only had that picture in it. So I kept wondering: Who is that person standing with the trans guys? Where’s his gay partner? After realising that person was/is his gay partner, I said to mi amigo/my friend: I’ve seen lesbians around San Francisco who look just like the gay guy who fucks pussy.

The trans guy still has his pussy so his gay partner only fucks pussy and that’s how their child came about. Ooooooooooooooooooookay. I thought gay guys were only into dick and nutts, no? That’s what defines a guy as gay:  He’s into dick, not pussy.  I’ve never known any gay guys into pussy.  If anything, gay guys run from pussy.  The rank smell of pussy alone causes gay guys to run away in a brisk sprint with them asking, “What is that stench?”

This gay guy has no contact with dick (that we know of), which is really no different than a closeted gay guy in a breeder/straight relationship. From the article I linked to above:

“Phillip [interviewer] then asked Biff, as a gay man, if Trystan’s female anatomy was a barrier, to which he replied: ‘I think the truth is, for all of us in relationships, when we meet someone we are attracted to we are not attracted to every part of them necessarily.”

That’s your answer/rationale? We’re not talking about a double-chin here or some other unattractive physical feature such as a spot of dermatitis on Trystan’s cheek or some personality trait that could turn someone off. We’re talking about pussy — that thing in between Trystan’s legs which supposedly has no other purpose other than for breeding — and which is a major part to try to ignore or to not be sexually attracted to. (Yes I know there are some people who are not sexually attracted to any genitalia which is hard for me to understand, but anyway.  That’s just me.) But all the gay guys I’ve personally ever known and know today — 100% of them, no exceptions — were/are very sexually attracted to dick and scrotum. It’s a major/critical part of their being gay. Just like most straight guys are majorly attracted to pussy, although not necessarily eating pussy.  Some straight guys refuse to go down on a chick because of the stench, the smell and they say “it’s like eating a toilet seat.”  My straight neighbour has made similar comments about pussy and the females he’s been with in his dating experiences.

This gay couple in Portland had a baby recently (earlier in 2017), rather than adopting a child because they said they could not afford an adoption. From my research, adoption is comparable in cost ($25,000 to $35,000.00USD) to a biological birth. So, was this more of a head-trip for them thinking that they would get in the news (as they did) by having a biological baby rather than adopting? They already have two adopted children and the trans guy previously had a miscarriage.

After receiving the e-mail about this, our little group of local Queers here in San Francisco talked about this couple when we got together recently. After some discussion, we agreed that this gay couple is emulating a heterosexual/breeder couple relationship. That’s why I called them the gay straight couple in the title. Let’s tell it like it is, which I haven’t seen anybody else do. Everybody else seems to be skating around this: The bottom line is that Biff is fucking a female. Biff is a gay guy fucking pussy. That’s what straight or genuine bi guys do.

At this point, someone may say to me: “You need to forget about these labels.” Well, we have the labels for a reason; for people to tell us their sexuality.  I didn’t create the labels.  I’m merely using them according to their definition. Someone may also say to me: But you don’t understand, “sexuality is fluid.” Oh here we go again with that rubbish. I wrote about that recently. I’ve been seeing this quite a bit online lately: “Sexuality is fluid.” And I’ve been reading “sexuality is fluid” used in comments from some Queers/GTQBL’s as well as on some sites that have a gay conversion agenda — “sexuality is fluid” is their theme — of trying to turn gay guys straight with the thinking being: “Just try pussy once and you’ll be hooked; you’ll realise what you’re missing, and you’ll go straight and never turn back. You’ll be cured of your homosexuality.” Sigh. (roll eyes). Ugh. “Sexuality is fluid” caters to the thinking that one chooses or can choose one’s sexuality. Well that feeds directly into the far-right/anti-gay agenda that we have heard for decades that “gay people choose to be gay.” Utter rubbish. Have no Queers thought about this who mindlessly repeat that “sexuality is fluid” nonsense? My sexuality is not fluid. It’s been the same for decades. Asking around, the Queers I know said the same about their sexuality. My straight neighbour says that his sexuality has been unchanged for decades.

As I’ve said many times before, unlike the days of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, many heteronormative Queers today seem absolutely adamant about being just like the breeders/straights whenever possible and as much as possible, as if these heteronormative Queers see straight sexuality as the preferred sexuality, the end-all, and the ultimate sexuality to be modeled. Breeders were not looked up to and worshiped as “the ultimate sexuality” during the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement, but they sure as hell are today. Loco./Crazy. WTF has happened to the Queer Community? (Answer: Flipped out; I read recently that the Queer Community is “fractured.”) Which also explains the predominantly “str8” and (fake) “bi” language used in “men seeking men” sex ads that one sees saturated throughout Closetlist ads that I wrote about in this article.

As mi amigo/my friend sarcastically said: Any straight guy who gets dick for the first time will instantly be gay, no? I said: Well that’s what gay conversion sites say about any gay guy who gets pussy for the first time. Of course these gay conversion sites conveniently omit the fact that many, if not most, gay guys start(ed) out with pussy as early as high school while they were/are still in the closet. Pussy didn’t/hasn’t “convert(ed)” them to pussy at all. In fact, pussy and the smell of it drove them to dick! They reported their very negative experience with pussy after coming out of the closet. Queer amigos of mine told me about it: “Pugh! It’s like dead fish! Rotten snapper. Ugh. Do they ever wash that thing out? Phew! Good lord!

And then there’s the endless emotional flips — which according to my straight neighbour — most females are completely in denial about or are oblivious of when you bring it to their attention. They have no idea at all what you’re talking about. They can be fine one minute and in a complete emotional meltdown the next. Do you know what it’s like being with an emotional train wreck 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?”

And honestly, a guy having sex with another guy is quite invigorating and can be quite a workout, compared to a female who — according to my straight neighbour — often just lays there like a sack of potatoes waiting to get her pussy pounded and contributing little to the experience, other than those high-pitched and annoying porn-programmed squeals she lets out every second to let you know she’s still awake. Chau.—el barrio rosa

3 comments on “The Gay Straight Couple

  1. District Resident

    Hola pb, greetings from the District. It’s raining here at the moment. Thanks for responding to my e-mail and for mentioning me. I didn’t have all the details about this couple when I wrote you. All good points made.
    Thanks. 🙂

  2. D8

    Don’t know what to say about this couple in Portland.

    Some of this is definitely fad stuff. When the SF Bay Guardian was around they ran a cover story on a gay couple that had adopted children. Right after that it was like gay couples had to rush out and adopt children. I knew a gay couple that did that and they didn’t really seem to think it through. “The latest thing to do.” THey ended up getting two kids and that was so long ago that I don’t remember the details but legal problems with the kids followed afterwards. At one stage the kids were taken away from them for some loop-hole in the paperwork. It was a very difficult experience. Rushing out to get kids because of a cover story in a local paper and “everybody’s doing it” ain’t too bright. Although most gay couples don’t have children or adopt.

    Not to beat this to death but I’ve told you many times about my former gay friend who went back in the closet after being out for some 30 years. He’s now crazy in the head. It all came back to haunt him when the people at his new job where he says he’s straight with a girlfriend heard that he was gay at his former job. Untrustworthy S.O.B. is how they see him at his new job. He tells them about his girlfriend but there’s no GF he told me before I ended our friendship because he’s become very anti-gay. Needs some head work. He told me that he and his friends from the gym have gone back in the closet and are working on getting girlfriends to be straight. I asked him the final time I saw him – So that’s the newest fad?

  3. Queer boi

    Since we’re telling it like it is here, allow me to do so.

    From what I’ve seen “sexuality is fluid” is only being used as the reason for going from gay to straight. The thinking of sexuality is fluid is being used to promote and anti-gay agenda. A gay guy can talk himself into liking pussy if he thinks about it enough, and the same with lesbians – can talk herself into squatting over dick and liking it.

Fin. The End.