The Hypocrisy: The SEP’s cheerleading for the Billionaire Tech Industry

They rail against the billionaire class out of one side of their mouth while supporting, gushing over and even promoting the billionaire class tech industry out of the other side of their mouth.

Hola a todos. One of the people in our little local group of Queers mentioned at our get together earlier this month, mayo/May 2017, that he reads the website of the Socialist Equality Party (SEP) “a couple of times a week.” Several of us groaned audibly because some of us have had bad experiences on that site. He told us that one of their very prudish writers (initials: DW) recently condemned Stephen Colbert’s jokes about El Hombre Naranja/The Orange Man and referred to them as “vulgar.” LOL. Oh lord. What prudish hick town do some of these people at the SEP live in? Calling Colbert’s joke “vulgar,” is that what you would expect to hear a genuine socialist say? To me, that’s what I expect to hear from the far-right. I can’t stand fucking prudes. DW also felt the need to sanitise the word “cock” (as in penis or dick) in his article. Apparently the poor thing can’t bring himself to write sex language. Pathetic. I was under the impression that everyone who reads the SEP website is an adult, no? Of course if DW had been using the words “cock-a-doodle-do” or referring to male chickens as “cocks,” Mr Prude DW would have printed the word cock, no? So what’s the difference? Cock is cock, even though they have different meanings. They’re all spelled the same way. But he’s written very prudishly before as if he’s stuck in perhaps the Victorian era. From experience, to avoid being annoyed I don’t read what he writes. El hombre/DW has some sexual hangups since he considers a joke as tame as what Colbert told “vulgar.” I was thinking: It would be accurate to say that DW “slandered” Stephen Colbert. I say that because with the SEP anytime anyone has a word of criticism of or for the working class, the SEP drag out the Slander CardTM and accuse one of “slandering the working class.” Well, frankly I don’t give a fuck what class someone is in. If they deserve to be criticised, I criticise them. I don’t see the working class as sacrosanct to criticism as the basura at the SEP do. So since DW was critical of Colbert, was DW not “slandering” Colbert? Hmmmmmmmmm? The hypocrisy is noted.

Mi amigo also brought to our attention the following text from one of the SEP’s articles.

One of the SEP’s extremely pro-tech writers had written:

‘Advances in technology have brought humanity to a level of world interconnectivity that would have been unthinkable even 30 years ago. Cell phones, the Internet, global supply chains, and advances in transportation mean that residents of the world’s most isolated villages can communicate with friends and loved ones in the world’s metropolises and learn of world events at the swipe of a finger. This is the new technological/political-economic reality which the World working-class — and its objectively-best leadership — must master. But the potential for human progress is restrained by the fact that a handful of exploiters control the world’s productive forces and dictate the policies of governments.”

Our group responded to that and I took notes: “At the swipe of a finger” could more accurately read “at the swipe of a finger suffering from tech-itis or tendonitis” from one’s phone addiction which the SEP never write about. Maybe that’s because they’re addicted to their phones? And include in the “handful of exploiters…” the parasitic billionaire-owned tech industry itself. I’ve written about the SEP and their blind spots and hypocrisies. They rail against the billionaire class out of one side of their mouth while supporting, gushing over and even promoting the billionaire class tech industry out of the other side of their mouth. Except for one of their writers that I know of — and I take it he’s in the minority there in his views about tech — who wrote a critical article recently about one major parasitic tech company and its “$257 billion cash hoard and parasitic accumulation,” their writers have consistently gushed over and cheerleaded for the tech industry. They have failed to address the consequences, the negative ramifications of tech. Again, could that be because they’re addicted to their electronic leash/their adult pacifier (their phones), especially their writer, el pendejo: initials EL?

Yes, they claim to despise the bourgeois elite billionaire class. But that’s what tech is. Don’t they see that or do they choose not to? Tech is elitist millionaires, billionaires and billionaire venture capitalists. They despise capitalists and capitalism, but not when it comes to sacrosanct tech. And the predatory Tech Industry is thoroughly capitalistic. And these techie billionaires are why the San Francisco Bay Area is now referred to as “Billionaire Bay.: They don’t call it Billionaire’s Bay for nothing! Maps show dramatic spike in million-dollar homes in San Francisco with the MAJORITY of properties now worth seven figures or more.” The SEP have never written about Silicon Valley and the tech corporate parasites who have raped San Francisco and turned it into a lobotomised, jock-bro-mentality corporate-sports obsessed, culture-less city of economic inequality where the haves and the have-nots live right next to each other. Poverty living right next to pure Luxury (Dahling). The wealthy corporatist basura living in the ugliest sterile overpriced built-on-the-cheap dumps with their colourless boring blindly white interiors that only a !Conform, Obey, Wear Black and Gray! vapid Millennial with no taste in anything would buy. And the same for their overpriced big hearse-black SUVs.

Who has pushed for increasing anti-homeless laws in San Francisco? The billionaire class of the parasitic tech industry because when these elitist basura walk to work they feel that their pretentious and elitist ass is too good to see homeless people. Fuck off all of you! You corporatist elitist trash. And who are the homeless? Former working-class people mostly.

Tech and their complicit Real Estate Industrial Complex and their Corrupt Liars have both caused working class people — whom the SEP claim to speak for — to be forced out of San Francisco, including much of San Francisco’s Queer community.

Why does the SEP never talk about what I’m writing here when they’re gushing over the billionaire-owned tech industry? To them it’s all about how people can “learn of world events at the swipe of a finger.” Ugh. (roll eyes). So shallow and superficial.

Mi amigo told our group that some of the SEP writers have written articles about the building of Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling) in Manhattan for the super-wealthy instead of affordable housing for the working class. But they’ve written nothing about how the billionaire-owned parasitic tech industry has raped San Francisco and how the techies with their big heads and their billionaire venture capitalists have bought up the overpriced Luxury Designer Condos (Dahling), some of which sell for millions of dollars to wealthy/gullible suckers in and around San Francisco.

As for this that they wrote:

“This is the new technological/political-economic reality which the World working-class — and its objectively-best leadership — must master.”

What does “must master” translate as? Does it mean that the working class should use as much tech as possible so that the working-class helps billionaires make even more billions? Isn’t that’s essentially what they’re saying here? That’s how I interpret that. Is that why the SEP is promoting billionaire-owned F***Book now more than ever? (Related: BBC News: How F***book’s tentacles reach further than you think, “Vladan Joler says that all F***book users are effectively working on behalf of the company.”)

One of their other writers wrote:

“But for all the money [Ed. name of major tech company deleted, but I'll write it en español: Manzana] and others lay out, they essentially obtain these services for next to nothing. This is because the capacities of the mathematics, engineering and computer programming graduates they hire are a pittance compared to the outlays by society as a whole, on schools, universities and other educational facilities, without which these undoubtedly talented and gifted individuals could not have developed their expertise.”

Sigh. Ugh. You know, I wish idiot writers would stop eating the upper colon of techies and putting them up on this fucking pedestal that they don’t deserve to be put on. As if techies are somehow superior to the rest of us when they’re not. Having taught a few techies in piano classes, they were no more intelligent than anybody else I taught. Like with any other field, they have knowledge in a certain area per their training but they’re no smarter than anyone else in many other areas — and some of the techies I taught made some stupid decisions in other areas of their life — yet idiots continue to worship them and tell them what fucking “geniuses” they are. Ha! The techies I taught told me that piano study was more difficult than their training for their tech field — yet writers rarely gush over how “undoubtedly talented and gifted” well-trained classical musicians are. I didn’t find the techies any brighter, talented or gifted than anyone one else I taught. Most of my students were very intelligent. One techie I taught came to me with his superiority complex and he didn’t stay with me long because I didn’t put up with his big head. He thought he was better at the piano than he really was. Also, medical doctors (MDs) receive more years of training than techies and most MDs are not referred to as “geniuses” and “the gift to the world” as these arrogant techie assholes are. (Related: Asshole: The #1 Requirement For Being A Techie).

One person in our group whom I spoke with after writing this article asked if I was going to post this article on the SEP site in a comment. Hell no. I wouldn’t think of it! To begin with, they wouldn’t allow this on their site. But if it happened to slip through somehow in the moderation of comments — since they moderate every damn comment on their site which I find loco — I’d be rabidly attacked by the SEP cult members. They are the regulars who see their god-writers as sacrosanct and above reproach and how dare anyone speak a word of criticism about their writers or their articles, which is one reason I can’t stand their site, along with their hypocrisy.

The SEP Promotes The Billionaire Class:

Mi amigo has also noticed that they’re now more heavily promoting what Julian Assange called “the biggest data-mining spy machine on the internet.” I’m talking about F***Book. (WTF is a F***Book?) The SEP are now putting their videos on F***Book and asking readers to “Like and Follow us” on F***Book. I won’t be doing that obviously. They could be uploading their videos to (currently) non-corporate vid-me. That’s what I would expect genuine socialists to do. But the SEP brand are more like corporatist fake-socialists. (Many of them, if not all of them, eat dead animals/”meat” and don’t give a fuck about the environmental consequences.) Being corporatist fake-socialists would explain why their site is littered with corporate tech icons. They were uploading their videos to YT. By their latest actions, one has to assume that the SEP thoroughly enjoy helping a billionaire (F***Book CEO MZ) and other billionaires connected with that billionaire-owned corporation make even more billions, while the SEP complain about the billionaire class when it’s not the precious parasitic tech industry that they worship and heavily promote. Their glaring hypocrisy is noted. Chau.—el barrio rosa


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2 comments on “The Hypocrisy: The SEP’s cheerleading for the Billionaire Tech Industry

  1. D8

    Too many snarky people over there for my taste. I think it was better before they started allowing comments. They’re all about class over there. Whoever did their wikpedia page described them as “left wing” which is really way off base. When I was on there some of the regulars would correct people anytime anyone called them on the left. They didn’t like that. What are they? They didn’t say. I think of them as definitely more on the conservative side. It’s a weird bunch. Pointing out their hypocrisy re the billionaire class & tech tells me more about them than I already knew. :(

    1. el barrio rosa Post author

      Hola D8, there’s this illusion, this impression that they’re on the left but that is not at all the case. They’re definitely conservatives and it took me years to figure that out about them. They’re anti-imperialist which fools some people into thinking they’re on the left. But they’re quite conservative, and their writing style is very conservative. They love using the word “America” (and I explain at that link why that is offensive to some) when US is just two letters and so much easier to type, although they’re used interchangeably on their site. They’re sexist and chauvinistic which I’ve previously written about. And you can’t tell them anything. They think they’re omnipotent. Quite smug. Gracias for your comment. Chau.

Fin. The End.